Sophia J. Emerson

Basic Info:

Player: Roosevelt

Demeanor: Curious and ambitious, Sophia is the sort of person who views the pursuit of knowledge as paramount, and most of the time views others as a means to an end. Occasionally descends into a condescending/sarcastic attitude towards people, but most of the time maintains a air of politeness. Can be very trustworthy, once you get to know her.

Nature: Sophia is extremely fascinated with the supernatural and, more importantly to her, how she can bend it to her own ends. While this pursuit is not inherently malicious, she does tend to ignore anything she sees as a 'distraction' to this goal, such as the wellbeing of others and her own health. Despite all of this, she's a girl of her word and doesn't make promises she can't keep or share secrets she's sworn to protect.

Description: A 4"11' girl with dark brown hair and dull green eyes, with one eye duller than the other. Has a very pale complexion with unobtrusive facial features. Always wears a pair of small, round glasses on a librarian's chain, for reading. Never goes anywhere without the Kosm'n Exaleh, a medium-sized black featureless book with a usually locked latch on the front.


HP: 6/6

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Lord of the Files [4: Brains]: Sophia's a dedicated reader of ancient tomes, texts, and scrolls. So much so that she's obtained a plethora of useless information that she keeps tied up tight in the back of her mind. Occasionally, however, this knowledge comes in handy. Knowledge: General Occult & History
  • Catch-22 1/2 [4: Brains]: An eager solver of puzzles, Sophia finds solace in situations that make her think. She can sometimes apply this knowledge in real world applications, to solve puzzles that the average person can't. Complex Puzzle Solving
  • Running Girl [4: Agility]: Sophia's used to running; she's done it all her life. When the time comes to run urgently in the other direction, she'll be ready. Running + Hiding

Supernatural Abilities:

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  • Kosm'n Exaleh (4): The Kosm'n Exaleh is an ancient tome, passed down in the family for generations since the dark ages. Every subsequent owner has written their knowledge and experiences in the book in the Forbidden Language, and Sophia is the only person capable of reading, understanding, and using it without going insane. The main purpose of the tome is to gather knowledge, and to this end it retains the ability to absorb and send information from books remotely, as well as transfer it. To a certain extent, this works on people as well, as Sophia can transfer skills and knowledge from herself to others and vice versa temporarily.
  • Libromancy (3): Sophia maintains the ability to manipulate paper, ink, and glue together to create structures that greatly aid her pursuit of knowledge. The structures built are only as strong as the materials that make them up, which is to say they're mostly made of paper and glue. Specific powers are:
    • Direct Libromancy: Manipulating books and paper wholly, to create stacked/folded structures or shields. Most of the time this isn't very effective as a defensive tactic, and is mostly used to distract others.
    • Atramancy: Sophia can combine the glue, ink, and paper to create a sort of organic paper mache that can be shaped and moved freely. She usually uses this to create limbs for herself to better perform a task.
  • Keeper's Blessing (2): As part of becoming a Keeper, Sophia's soul was bound to the ancient book she carries, and her body and mind has been partially converted to facilitate this connection. While this comes with a few drawbacks, it also comes with it's benefits. Her blood is composed a sort of ink, making her less susceptible to poison; Her mind is connected with literature, making her less susceptible to mental attacks; and her glass eye can read almost any language, with some concentration.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • Keeper's Curse (Severe): As the Keeper of the Kosm'n Exaleh and it's sole interpreter, Sophia was bestowed the Keeper's Curse; the ability to understand the Forbidden Language without going mad at the price of her ability to lie or share secrets. Outright lies cause her become violently ill, while half-truths cause nausea and dizziness. Revealing a secret or breaking a promise she's made will have the same effects. As part of the same curse, Sophia's soul becomes a part of the book; meaning if it becomes damaged, she does as well and vice versa. She's also especially susceptible to fire as well.
  • Cacancophy of Whispers (Mild): In the presence of books, Sophia can hear them whisper to her constantly, as a soldier might experience tinnitus. In the case that the books are burning, she can hear them screaming. This disrupts her concentration greatly, as one might expect.


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  • Satchel
  • Glasses
  • Pens & Pencils
  • Laser pointer
  • Latex gloves
  • Cell phone

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  • Telescope
  • Star charts
  • Books. Lots of books
  • Writing materials
  • Spare glasses

Personal History:

Most records of the Emerson family have been lost, shuffled off to obscure relatives, or otherwise subjected to various accidents that caused entire buildings and servers of familial records being destroyed, usually in some way involving fire.

Enter Sophia Emerson, the only child of Edward and Selina Emerson, living in the small coastal New England town of Oak Bluffs. The girl was born at a local hospital on October 21st, 2004 without much fanfare. She was a small, quiet girl in school; content with spending her recess and spare time reading. Everyone in the town expected as much, as the family pretty much kept to itself, only occasionally going out for dinner on evenings or coming out to buy groceries. The neighbors also observed that the family often kept strange hours, sometimes keeping their lights on the entire night, or not turning them on at all for days, and the strangeness of Edward always carrying around a mysterious black book. In the end, however, nobody really raised a fuss about it. Gossip and rumors is as far as the concern went. Most people left them alone, either way.

That was, until the evening of October 21st, 2014.

Both Edward and Selina were killed in a serious car accident that sent their vehicle into the Tiasquam River. Sophia was taken by Social Services and sent to an orphanage near Plymouth, where she remained for three years, until a mysterious package was delivered to the building, addressed to her. She disappeared afterwards, and the next morning most of the books in the building were found to be completely blank.

A string of library and bookstore break-ins were recorded that year, with the supposed thief never taking anything. These seemed to coincide with convenience store thefts, where the clerks reported that a 'storm of papers flying everywhere' distracted them while a short figure ran in and stole food.

The authorities eventually caught up with Sophia in the weeks following, trapping her in the local 711. She was transferred into GWU custody soon afterwards, and shuttled off to Sunnybrook, where she hoped they would at least have something interesting to read…


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