Strict Memento of Character Archive

Following the severance from the GWU, one Isaiah Mallouk happened upon an old, seemingly forgotten document. It seemed…somewhat out of date, so they decided to make their own.

This document contains a list of students they know about, how dangerous they think the student is (from F to A), red flags, green flags, and general thoughts. Isaiah knows jack shit about serious anomalous issues, having now more knowledge than your average WARD guard, so it might not be too accurate.

Character Danger Level Red Flags Green Flags Notes
Aiko Minami B(?) Worryingly reclusive for someone who knows that much about murder; didn't she graduate already? Has at least some modicum of self control Weird errors regarding files on her? Talk to database management later.
Akemi and Asame Kimura A Whenever I look at them I think I'm hallucinating; might be abusing that Suzy kid Killer baking skills! I don't want to touch this issue with a 10 meter stick. I am legitimately scared in their presence. I don't want to think what will happen the moment they turn on the school.
Andrey Maijala A F Directly responsible for me getting caught impersonating the Eric Andre Show intro Doesn't seem to come up often in records, for some reason Seriously, there's like a several month long stretch where he just isn't there in records
Aoi Ryoukai C Literal catgirl. Stiff wind could knock her over. Why is there such an influx of these things? Something's wrong. Really wrong.
Athene B Could probably eat me if she wanted to As long as the cafeteria doesn't run out of meat, it might not come to that I'm not exactly sure how something like her's alive from a metaphysical, biological, and ethical perspective, but at least she seems nice.
Cass Walker-Handal A Who the fuck raised this kid?! If they go rogue they'll be easy to take out, at least. They are testing me. This has to be a test. No kid can be this…urgh. Why do my files on them keep disappearing, anyways?
Champi Machaca C I heard he has an eight-pack. I heard he's shredded. I legitimately have no memory of writing this.
Cindaria Cyaneidae E ow I don't see a situation that involves bumping into her in the near future so Killer skills with hair
Daniel Vitan D Surprisingly powerful for such a boring kid Surprisingly boring for such a powerful kid He beat up Max Allen so he at least gets my respect
Ellie LaCroix A Every "good" thing she does carries an ominous air to it. So far, "good" things are the only things she does. There is something very, very wrong here.
Eponnie A People don't move like that. People don't move like that. The stalking case got closed after Zita poofed, so more sleep for me. On my own, pretending he's beside me…
Hyacinth DuBois C Allegedly the secret 4th member of Death Grips, McIntosh Plus' ghostwriter, the #1 ranked Firewatch member, and the secret 4th Mcelroy sibling, if the rumors are true (and let's face it this world has gotten a whole lot more absurd since 2018) See the red flag section Everything aside, she's pretty nice. Fozia should learn from her
Jane Doe(?) Need more info She just suddenly appeared today, no fanfare I don't remember many bad things from her When did I write this?
Johnny "The Blob" C I want to get off Mrs. Fox's Wild Ride I want to get off Mrs. Fox's Wild Ride I want to get off Mrs. Fox's Wild Ride
Katlyn LeBlanc A We have an entire section in the employee handbook dedicated to this fucker Most students seem wise to her by now I wish they'd let us directly refer people to psychiatrists
Kiefer Spirkowski ;~;7 Did nothing wrong Died for our sins A real human bean and a real hero I leave for five fucking minutes to get coffee and someone fucks with my page. Great. Typical. I hate this job.
Leah Nasser D Pretty sure she's responsible for baking at least half of the confiscated brownies they're good brownies Raid her apartment later? Dunno, worried about that girlfriend of her's…
Lilith Al'Khoury F Haven't seen them yet Everyone seems to love her? I don't know Why is everyone so obsessed with this girl? I haven't seen hide nor hair of her and yet nobody can stop talking about her.
Lisa Kawajiri A The fact that she looks like a ghoul is actually the least scary thing about her She's got too much going for her to throw everything away? I think? I don't know whether to feel sorry for something like that or quit my job to join the circus like Dad before me
Madeline Maddox A++ Who let the emotionally unstable reality-warper granddaughter of the headmistress take up the art of assassination, anyways? If I'm nice enough to her, not only will she probably spare me the moment she goes postal, but Mrs. Fox might promote me out of Andromeda. Why is she dating Katlyn. No. Holy fuck no.
Malissa Maguire B The uptick in STDs reported to the infirmary? I have a few suspects. Worst comes to worst I keep a bug net in the broom closet. It's weird how the fae seem to lack any semblance of a decent person among their roster but that's none of my business.
Mary MacLeigh C F Fire hazard Whoops Seems…cheery? Sometimes? I really feel sorry for this kid
Max Allen D Abusive shitstain I think that one kid beat some sense into him Can't stand kids like this. Calling themselves the victim as they hurt others.
Moby White F A fuck you C I will kill that motherfucker myself I think he's gone now Fuck the GWU for not putting this mad dog down sooner
Nora Haltz D I don't trust anything with horns that dresses like that Surprisingly nonviolent for a 5S student I wish they'd let me dye my hair like that
"Remnant 451" A Who the fuck let a remnant become a student It hasn't tried to eat me yet so there's that Pull yourself together, Isaiah. Your cousin needs you.
Rin Fubuki C No, no, you're right, the weird cyborg girl who seems way too close to the problem students and gives me the same pang in my gut people like Sebastian and Malissa do isn't someone I should be concerned about. Powers seem too weak to be much of a problem worst case. Katlyn never worked this fast.
Sandra "Skix" Brown D I have a sneaking suspicion that she's eventually going to lead a Kobold raid on the school Holy fuck has the cafeteria improved with her as chef Might be running a knife roomba fighting ring, will check that shit out stop it like a reasonable adult would
Sebastian Church C How do you manage to outcreep Cass? Considering what my life has become I've already started carrying holy water everywhere I go. Note to self: watch closely. Might become bigger problem later.
Tabitha Kraemer F Every report I read on, I inevitably begin reading in Cosmo Kramer's voice The fact that I have to put that down if I want to have a red flag says a lot Jerryyyyyy, can I borrow your mattress?
Tsubaki Kuroki B Not only a catgirl, but she has the face of someone that, at a cocktail party, would out of nowhere excuse herself from her date, find the nearest bottle of a rare, vintage wine, and smash it over the head of a random tramp. Also that thing she does with blood is super scary. If worst comes to worst I could probably run down an escalator. Her absurdly long hair would probably get caught, buying me more time to run. Why the fuck is she dating the Silent Hill Sisters? I don't need more uncanny valley Japanese Stepford-Perfectionism.
Twelve D She talks incredibly strangely…are teens supposed to talk like that? Have I suddenly lost relatability to the youth? Are my days as a youthful human, full of vigor and vitality, gone? Or, perhaps, have I just lost what it means to be human, to be alive?…maybe the problem is my upbringing. My mom could have raised me better, I suppose, but she just did what she thought was right. Indeed, I think she struggled with the abuse she suffered from her own mother. I suppose, all in all, I just need to live a life that breaks the cycle of suffering that plagues my family like a dark, depressive cloud…yeah. I think I'll do good with my life, knowing this. In fact, I'll do better. I'll start new. I'll make you proud, Mom, just you wait! One of the students might've tricked her into eating paint, so I think the problem isn't her. Why is she called Twelve, anyways? Is that how old she is?
Tyler White E Pretty sure he's whatever the pansexual equivalent of a dudebro is. I think he also adopted one of the students. No willpower whatsoever. Seems like a good father so far, if this is an actual father-daughter situation. Or…fuck it, I refuse to speculate any more of this. Does he have an older brother?
Violet Song A Moody, controlling, abusive, manipulative, and time powers don't ease swallowing those pills Enough students hate her that if she did go postal she might not even get to me before croaking Note to self: Keep her and Cecile from ever meeting
Wendy Strauss ??? Is this some sort of joke? It feels like I'm observing two people. No, seriously. Someone's pulling a goof and I want to know who. This isn't funny.
Yukihime Fujishima S D Normal kids should not be reading that sort of thing. Seems to scare Cass (maybe threaten him with her if he gets too rowdy?) Just being around her makes me feel weird. I get localized patches of sweat and end up falling on my face far too often to be a coincidence
Zita Jasper Cecile C E C You don't trust kids with that much power The fact that the universe hasn't collapsible as a result of a vacuum metastability event is reassuring, at least I hope this one doesn't form another harem. Side note, I am not moving this entry up alphabetically.
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