Tabitha Kuro Neko

Basic Info:

Player: Shaeir
Demeanor: Shy, Niave, Innocent, Friendly. Tabitha is a loyal companion who will always tell you how she feels despite her social shyness.

Nature: Caring and compassionate

Description: Blue hair, Blue eyes, 120 lbs, 5'6", Caucasian, blue tail. Moves with grace and agility. Her voice is soft and gentle.


HP: 6/6

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4

Brains: 3


  • Kitty Claws - (4) Agility (Tabitha is quite capable of defending herself, she uses her speed and retractable claws to deal damage.)
  • Cat Burglar - (4) Agility (Tabitha is quite skilled when it comes to scaling buildings and always landing on her feet - Parkour)
  • Cat Sense - (4) Brains (Not only does Tabitha have great perceptional senses, but additionally she can see in the dark, heightened smell, and above average hearing.)
  • Catlike Reflexes - (3) Agility Whether it be tumbling out of the way or dodging skill shots Tabitha always finds herself barely getting out of danger! {skill replacement: Catastrophe}

Supernatural Abilities:

Kitty Cannon - 3 - Tabitha sends cat projectiles at her enemy, summoning cats from her fists to aid her in combat. Kitty Cannon fires two cats (one for each fist) dealing 4d3-8+X where X is equal to this power's rank for each cat. The cats will then disappear after damage back to wherever she pulled them from. [Alternative Use:] Instead of firing them Tabitha can instead choose to summon 2 cats to be used with Catastrophe.

Catastrophe - 3 - Tabitha calls upon felines in the area to aid her. Any creature with a feline background is susceptible to her call and will come to her aid (mental defense if they wish to resist). Tabitha does not control these creatures and merely sends them back to their previous location once they have dispatched her foes (or whenever she no longer requires their services.)

  • Catlike Reflexes - Whether it be tumbling out of the way or dodging skill shots Tabitha always finds herself barely getting out of danger! {SKILL REPLACEMENT}

Nine Lives -3 - Tabitha has nine lives it would seem, or she is just really lucky. When Tabitha would reach 0 HP, she can instead roll to avoid damage and/or heal herself instead using On the Catwalk. If she were to die Tabitha can revive using Black Cat.

  • On the Catwalk - Tabitha is purrfectly balanced, her ability to stay on her feet allows her to constantly stay in the fray of battle while avoiding Damage. Avoid all damage or roll to heal for 1/3 the power roll's result.
  • Black Cat - Tabitha will revive upon after 9 hours.


  • Catnip * - Needs no explanation.
  • Laser Pointer * - Tabitha is easily distracted, often times occur when Tabitha loses track of time, in cases of combat Tabitha can easily miss a turn (up to gm discretion.)
  • Cynophobia * - Fear of dogs to point of panic attacks.
  • Hydrophobia * -Fear of water/swimming.
  • Run Kitty Run! * [Major] Tabitha is easily scared- In combat if she sees blood, or takes damage, she may be unable to attack for a turn if she fails a roll. Additionally sight of blood on failure of roll will cause psyche damage that lasts for 3 rounds.
  • Color blind * Tabitha is able to distinguish between higher frequency colors, meaning she respond to the colors purple, blue, green and possibly yellow range. Red, orange and brown colors appear to fall outside cats color range and are most likely seen as shades of grey or purple. To make matters worse she can barely read.


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  • Yarn

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  • Yarn

Personal History:

Always wanting a daughter, Tabitha's family decided to do what no family should ever do; they made one. Except in their case they did not do so as parent's might normally do such. Tabitha's parents created her with alchemy. Taking their cat Tabitha they conducted an experiment which would turn her into a human child. Unfortunately, her parent's were not quite that good at alchemy and unwittingly messed up. Tabitha kept certain aspects of her feline appearance and maintained the ability to communicate with cats as well as humans. She even maintained the very traits of a cat as well. One year after Tabitha's creation, her parents were blessed with another child…a human child. As a result, her parents chose to rid themselves of their creation and send her away to Sanctum.


Often goes by Tabby

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