Basic Info:

Player: Charlotte

Demeanor: Most people seem to form the opinion that Tamiko is annoyingly arrogant, virtually drowning in her own ego. She's often boasting about or displaying her powers. It's clear she expects respect, even though she refuses to reciprocate it, and she clearly won't make light of a perceived insult.

Nature: Tamiko is rather brash and moody. She's completely intolerant towards insults, particularly "brat" and "runt", or even just mild disrespect or ignoring, even though that's often how she approaches others. Her great power and confidence make her suffers from massive superior complex that causes her to believe that she can beat any opponent, ignoring any disadvantages she has, and considering any loss a fluke.1

Description: Tamiko has a young face which, along with her petite form, often convinces people she's younger than she really is, along with wide emerald green eyes and emerald hair that curls up on the ends. She is often wearing a form-fitting black dress, which contrasts her pale skin. The dress splits off high on her legs, to four segments spaced far enough to see her legs. She stands at 5'6.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


  • Willpower - (4) Brains: Anything that affects the mind, from subconcious influence, to domination, to assault for psyche damage.
  • Academics - (4) Brains: Having or being able to find information quickly about various topics.
  • Perception - (4) Brains: Use of the senses to notice things, make out what that distant voice is saying, spot an unusual detail, find someone who's hiding. Also used to sense deception.

Supernatural Abilities:

Psychokinesis - 4 - As an Esper, Tamiko possesses the incredible ability to move objects with as little effort as a thought. She can lift and throw large objects with ease, and currently she's working on safely levitating other living beings, though she's able to levitate herself with the same ease as any other object.

Durability and Reflex - 2 Tamiko has shown countless times that her body is capable of superhuman type reflexes, able to respond quick enough to dodge or even stop a bullet using her psychokinesis, although this is isn't always the case. Along with that, her body is surprisingly able to handle a considerable amount of damage, even if she's knocked unconscious. (Skill replacement for Toughness and Reflexes)

Cyberpathy - 1 Along with being able to move objects with her mind, Tamiko has the ability to mentally interact with computers and software. However, this ability has only recently appeared for her along with not being very strong yet. She currently has a circular range of 50 feet in diameter and able to mentally type at 220 wpm. (Skill replacement for Computers along with being able to interact expertly with software.)



  • Lint?
  • A big ass ego

Dorm Room

  • Various school supplies
  • Photos of her and family

Personal History:

Tamiko was born June 13, 2003 in Baltimore, Maryland. Right from the beginning, Tamiko showed signs of being a powerful Esper in the making, able to levitate herself and other things with relative ease, her power only growing as she grew. At the age of 6, she was already powerful enough to defeat an armed human, something she found out when she was forced to stop robbers at her house. Because of her strength, she began to see herself as someone who could easily overpower other people, especially adults who were much older and larger than her. As her parents gave birth to two other siblings, she saw herself as the protector of them all. She felt obligated to protect them and then after some time, the public too because of this strength she was blessed with. Beating petty criminals, she helped clean up the crime with ease around the age of 13. Eventually, her parents found her school that would allow her to interact with those with powers as well while also stopping her from fighting crime which was an ordeal that they feared could lead her to injury and even death.


She likes coffee.

XP Tracking: T0/U0/XP3

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Tier 0 N/A 9/4/16
Weekly XP +1XP 8/21/16
Weekly XP +1XP 8/28/16
Weekly XP +1XP 9/4/16
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