Tenshi Darren

Basic Info:

Player: tripl3dogdare/tripl3_
Name: Tenshi Darren
Aliases: Angel

XP Unspent/Total: 10/10

Brief Description: A small, scrawny boy with messy, jet-black hair and often seen wearing a pair of thick glasses, especially in the mornings when contacts are too much of a bother. A total smartass who responds to almost everything with sass, which likely explains the fact that he's always covered in scrapes and bruises, and his glasses are bound up with more duct tape than your crazy uncle's truck.

Appearance: Tenshi tends to dress dark to match his hair and help him hide better from bullies, usually seen wearing the same dark gray hoodie with 「天使」 plastered across the front (his name and the Japanese for Angel). He's small in stature and nothing impressive to look at, usually standing slouched or leaning against a wall to stay out of the way and unnoticed. When he gets serious, though, a pair of angel wings appear on his back, and he proves himself stronger than he lets on by far.

Personality: Tenshi is the absolute master of puns, sarcasm, and sass. Almost every word that comes out of his mouth is a quip of some kind, which tends to get him in trouble. Underneath that, however, he's actually quite vulnerable, using his tongue as a shield against the abuse that has marked the majority of his life. Once you get past his sharp wit, he is caring, reliable, and always there for his friends, even if he complains the entire way there.

Hobbies: Video games, getting the snot beat out of him for saying something dumb.
Likes: Video games, pizza, being left alone, sassing literally anyone who comes within earshot.
Dislikes: Bullies, being helpless, people interrupting his gaming sessions, demons.


Brawn: 3 (Mass, Muscle, Endurance and Resilience)

Finesse: 2 (Coordination, Agility, Quickness and Grace)

Acuity: 3 (Comprehension, Clarity, Perceptiveness and Reasoning)

Resolve: 4 (Willpower, Concentration, Determination and Focus)

Charisma: 1 (Charm, Presence, Confidence and Poise)


Initiative: 4

Health: 10

Psyche: 8

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total:
Reflex Total:
Willpower Total:
Parry Roll:

Mundane DR:
Ability DR:


  • Bladework - (4) Brawn Tenshi's main weapon is a large straightsword, and he knows how to use it.
  • Computers/Electronics - (3) Acuity Tenshi spends most of his free time in front of a screen, which has resulted in him having a basic knowledge of programming and the ability to navigate computers with ease.
  • Parkour - (4) Finesse Tenshi is quite the monkey, able to run, jump, and climb his way out of danger.
  • Persuasion - (3) Charisma Tenshi will sass the ears off anyone who comes close, occasionally getting him out of a sticky situation but more often getting him into them.


Holy Blaze - 5 (Power, Finesse) He makes winds his messengers, flames of fire his servants. (Psalms 104:4)
Tenshi can create and control fire, and is largely immune to it due to subconscious control. Mundane fire he is controlling turns a bright, unusual yellow, as does fire he has created; fire created by other pyromancers/pyrokinetics with it's own properties will often retain it's own properties and color. He has also found that flames of different colors or created by different people have different personalities that affect his ability to control them - blue flames are especially nasty, and nearly impossible for him to control or defend against.

Gates of Heaven - 3 (Gift, Acuity) I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 16:9)
Tenshi can open portals in the air. This usually manifests itself as a sort of "void storage" achieved by using a small portal to retrieve items from his dorm room at will, allowing him to travel quickly between areas, or even teleporting his or an enemy's attacks (why are you hitting yourself?).


  • Flight (6) - Tenshi can fly by revealing his wings, but prefers not to do so around normal humans. But those who hope in the Lord… will soar on wings like eagles. (Isaiah 40:31)
  • Everyone's Shield (3) - One extra intercept attempt per turn without spending an action; this attempt has no penalty (+0 vs normal -6). In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. (Ephesians 6:16)
  • Natural Armor (9) - 3 extra points of standard armor. I can do all this through him who gives me strength. (Phillipians 4:13)
  • Divine Intervention (3) - +1 boost to initiative. But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. (2 Thessalonians 3:3)


Total Currency: $200 CAD

On Hand
Contacts or glasses (worn).
His smartphone and wallet.

Stored (note that when not under time pressure, these can be retrieved at will with Gates of Heaven)
His straightsword (explained below).
A gaming PC.
Spare clothes.
A few pocketknives of varying sizes.
An ample amount of gag items such as rubber chickens, whoopie cushions, and the like.
About 9 billion empty soda cans and pizza boxes that he keeps forgetting to clean up.
Other random stuff that he doesn't remember is in there but might come in handy some day if he can find it under the pizza boxes.

A note on straightswords:
A straightsword is a type of sword similar to a broadsword, but generally slightly smaller and lighter. The defining point of a straightsword is it's hilt; it is small and designed more for decoration and keeping the user's hand off the blade than for blocking other weapons. Contrast this to a broadsword or longsword, which typically have wide hilts designed to be used for blocking staves or even as sword breakers. Tenshi's particular blade has a hand-and-a-half pommel as well, meaning that it can be wielded relatively easily with either one or two hands, rather than only one or the other.

XP and Advancement

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XP History:
- Monthly for Feb 2017: 10xp

Initial Details:

Additional Information

Bibliography / History:

Interpersonal Relationships:

  • Ditz (acquaintance)
    • Some weird goblin thing that got dropped off at Sanctum in the same police van as me. Seems to have a penchant for dismantling anything she can get her hands on.
  • Cecile (acquaintance)
    • Seems niceish. Can shrink. Clueless about everything.
  • Mads (acquaintance)
    • Seems cool. Asked about why I got dumped at Sanctum, but didn't seem mean, just curious.
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