Teresa Nikolaides
No machine can do evil; that takes a person.

Basic Info:

Player: Kadmus
Name: Emma Teresa Nikolaides-Wilson
Aliases: Tessa

XP Unspent/Total: 1.5/89.5 XP

Brief Description: Tessa is an unnaturally attractive young woman, despite the numerous inhuman features she sports. She's friendly and teasing, with an angry edge hidden not far beneath. She always seems to be looking at something you can't see. Her left leg is missing below the knee.

Appearance: Tessa is a petite young woman with impressively toned arms, looking around 16 years old. She has skin the colour of honey, and her hair is cut short, shaved on the back and sides, with the top left long enough to display her white-blonde curls, revealing a long scar along the side of her skull. Her face is perfectly symmetrical – eerily so, but she's pretty enough that it doesn't matter. Pretty enough to draw attention away from her faintly-glowing orange eyes, with their cross-shaped pupils. And the two fangs that dimple her lower lip so adorably. And the sharp bronze claws she has instead of fingernails. And the two small, green-scaled wings that twitch on her shoulderblades. Her hands are almost always stained with grease. Her left leg is missing below the knee.

She typically dresses in casual old t-shirts and ratty jumpers and jeans, which she doesn't mind wiping grease onto while she's dismantling or rebuilding things. For more formal occasions, she'll don a button-down shirt and waist-high pencil skirt, with a suit jacket if it's cold. Her wheelchair is collapsible and minimal, with black cushions and wheels, and red struts.

Personality: Tessa is a friendly young woman, caring and teasing in equal measure with those she considers friends. While she pretends to be the same as she was before the accident, Tessa is incredibly insecure and incredibly angry with the world and how unfair it has been to her in the past year. She's only been in the wheelchair for a matter of months, and isn't used to it yet. Anything that hints to it being a disadvantage will quickly rouse her fury, and she'll lash out. Any talk about it in purely technical/mechanical terms will quickly get her drawn in. She hates being alone.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes:
Tessa loves:
- Mechanical things
- Making things
- Basketball
- Being fed stuff her friends have cooked
- Working out
- Her bass
- Friends

Tessa hates:
- People who only see the chair
- Pity
- Her father
- Betrayal
- Being alone


Brawn: 1

Finesse: 3

Acuity: 4

Resolve: 4

Charisma: 3


Initiative: 7

Health: 8

Psyche: 10

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 3
Reflex Total: 3
Willpower Total: 4
Parry Roll: 3

Dodge: 4
Mundane DR: 1
Ability DR: 1
Equipped: 0


  • Academics - (9) Acuity
  • Analysis - (5) Acuity
  • Computers - (5) Acuity
  • Craft - (9) Acuity
  • Fitness - (6) Brawn
  • Mechanics - (9) Acuity
  • Inventing - (9) Acuity
  • Performance - (3) Charisma
  • Perception - (3) Acuity


Gorgon's Gaze - 9 (Gift) Gets you stoned
Tessa's eyes always glow a subtly unnerving orange, but by concentrating her will she can emit pure fear from them. The ability has changed and improved with use; any enemy struck down by it turns instantly to stone.

Fire in the Blood - 3 (Gift) Hot outside and in
Tessa's blood is quite literally fire, a legacy from one of the anomalous creatures in her twisted, non-euclidean family tree.


  • Genius Familia (5) - Tessa has been blessed – cursed? - with the presence of a shimmering, iridescent jay that only she can see. She's come to believe it's the spirit of her brother, helping her from beyond, but this is unlikely. It points out shiny things and points of interest, and warns her of danger. / Grants Transhuman Senses (+3 to resist sensory impairment, ignore most ambient or environmental penalties), identify the supernatural on sight
  • Paraplegic (-5) - Tessa is completely immobile from the waist down. She is confined to a wheelchair and in constant pain from the injuries sustained in the car crash. / When separated from her chair, Tessa can use no dice for physical rolls that depend on mobility, including dodge rolls.
  • Furiosa (4/5) - This suit is a work in progress. Currently, the blueprints have been designed and work has begun on the superstructure. The majority of the work is now finished; only the computing system needs to be installed, and it should be ready to go.


Total Currency: $1000 CAD

On Hand
Heavily modified tablet
Handbag (Black and red; matches her wheelchair, contains miscellaneous stuffs)
Bottle of prescription painkillers
Small toolkit hidden under the wheelchair

Wheelchair repair kit
Engineering books
5-string bass guitar (black with a red neck)
Harrier Jump Jet blueprint poster

Miscellaneous 'Inventions'

XP and Advancement

XP History:
Initial Details:

Additional Information

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Interpersonal Relationships:

Zita is gone. She may as well be dead. She's been replaced with someone who looks the same and sounds the same but who isn't her. I don't know how to handle this.

We texted the other day, and it's easier that way. She's- she's just like her, but she isn't. She left me cookies. (Tears stain the pages)

Elspeth is still here, still almost the same. Something happened to her and she hasn't told me what, but that's what you get when you disappear for a year. Everything changes and you don't get a say in it.

I might be moving into a shared suite with her and her boyfriend. Eric? Eddy? E-something, anyway. I'll have to meet him first. And probably threaten him with bodily harm. NOTE TO SELF: Buy soundproofing.

Kayla might be able to hook me up with something for the pain. She keeps looking at my teeth like they turn her on, though, which is a bit unsettling.

Athene gets it.

Cass is some sort of cyborg. He's also great fun and has a fancy chair.

I met a dragon girl the other day. She scares the shit out of me, and she eats people. I'm going to try and avoid her.

Scorch is quite possibly the most awesome person I've ever met. She's my Firewatch - mentor, maybe? She's a fucking amazing engineer and she let me work on her giant mech and (the writing continues for about fifteen pages, devolving into mechanical diagrams and equations)

Joshua has a problem. I don't know what it is; I think he was about to tell me, but then he shut down. Found out from Ellie by accident. Jay's a woman. No wonder she freaked so hard.

Emmett is actually worth a damn. He's interesting.

Ellie is a smoking hottie with a great taste in women. Sadly taken, but clever and educated.

Kira is a… I think she's a digital translation of a person. Like a soul that's been made into a computer program. She's funny and cool and has an /amazing/ robot body; I've stolen a few ideas for the Furiosa from it. She can also make me blush like nothing else, which is a novel experience.

Cin is still one of my best friends. She's been having a tough time, and I'm just glad I can be there for her. She's also still the best girl in the business with makeup, and the things she can do with hair are downright divine. Yes, I'm jealous.

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