Thea Stroud

Basic Info:

Player: Neon

Demeanor: Thea is, in a word, wild. It’s apparent from the very moment you meet her, from her loud, brash manner of speaking to her perpetual, mischievous grin. Her temperament seems tempestuous at best, prone to fits of passion. Although she’s generally genial and upbeat, Thea can become furious at a moment’s notice. It’s not hard to set her off.

Nature: At her core, Thea’s a hedonist. It’s more than pleasure to her — it’s a source of enlightenment. New experiences and new sources of thrills and pleasure, are, to Thea, a means to broaden one’s own perceptions. As a convivial spirit, however, she’s not content to just experience for herself. Others must join her. Thus, she’s exceedingly friendly and welcoming to anyone who wants to join her in the endless revel. Those that don't, however, are likely to experience her utmost ire and disgust. After all, who doesn't want to have fun?

Description: Standing at a middling 5’5’’, Thea is an explosion of hyperactivity wrapped in sinew. Even when at her most relaxed, she seems like she might burst into a fit of hysterics at a moment’s notice. She may even come off as vaguely intimidating. Long and lean, she has the build of a distance runner, sturdy and strong. Thea’s features are distinctively Mediterranean — wavy black hair that runs down to her chin serves to frame a face of olive complexion. A sprinkle of small, dark brown freckles dot her cheeks and aquiline nose. Her eyes are a mercurial hazel, never quite green or brown, and always have a mischievous glint. In terms of dress, she generally prefers the casual; she’s not averse to formal-wear, but she simply doesn’t see the need for it on a daily basis. Her closet is full of earthy tones, and whatever she happens to wear is usually accentuated by some small pieces of floral jewelry.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


  • Fight Dirty - (3) Brawn Thea’s no stranger to fights, and she has no pretensions of honor in combat. She fights solely to win, and if that means biting, scratching, and kicking an opponent when they’re down, she’ll do it with pleasure. Applies to Brawl rolls.
  • Hair-Trigger Reflexes - (4) Agility Much like a high-tension coil, Thea’s ever ready to spring away (or towards) danger at a moment's notice. Applies to Reflex rolls.
  • Apothecary - (3) Brains Hours in the woods and a general love of botany have afforded Thea some general knowledge on various herbs and natural remedies, as well as their effects. She’s also experimented with making some remedies herself. Applies to certain Survival and Crafts rolls.
  • Iron Stomach - (4) Brawn As someone who poisons her liver with alcohol on an almost daily basis, Thea’s developed quite the strong constitution. Applies to Endurance rolls.

Supernatural Abilities:

Touch of the Thyrsus (3) - Thea can imbue plants with a mystic energy, causing them to grow rapidly and animate them to a small degree. Grasses grow and ensnare enemies, grape vines become long, green lashes, and flowers bloom beneath her feet. On plants that have a natural food product, (i.e, grapes, honey) the food also gains a magical sweetness — driving those that consume it to euphoria, tipsiness, and if enough is consumed, tranquilization. Food consumed from a Touched plant gives the eater back 1 HP and 1 Psyche, at the temporary cost of 1 Agility while under its sedative effects. The agility penalty stacks, eventually leading to an incap. once Agility reaches 0.

Bacchanalia (4) - Thea projects her mystical energy into her immediate surroundings, manifesting as a vaporous cloud of the sickly-sweet stench of fresh pine needles, incense, and wine.She can imbue these clouds of vaporous energy with various effects that alter the minds and bodies of those in the nearby vicinity.


A good glass of wine.

Fury of the Maenad: The culmination of Dionysian rituals in Ancient Greece and Rome was rumored to have concluded with great feats of strength, and the rituals of Sparagmos and Omophagia — the maenads were said to have torn apart bulls with their bare hands (Sparagmos), and consumed their flesh raw (Omophagia). Moreover, the Thracian Maenads are credited with the death of the Prophet Orpheus, who they tore apart for his betrayal of their patron, Dionysus. The blood of these furious ecstatics runs through the veins of Thea, providing her with the passion that marks her personality and her magical capabilities.

This same passion, however, is a source of weakness. All Mental Defense rolls Thea makes to avoid Psyche based attacks take a -2 penalty — she’s just too emotionally volatile to resist them. To boot, once enraged, Thea is nigh impossible to calm down. It becomes all consuming, and generally, nothing short of knocking her unconscious will be enough to drag her away. She doesn’t consider self-preservation at all when in this state. And generally, the target of her rage would be lucky to end up like the Maenads’ bull-sacrifices. (Minor)



Pocket Guide to Forest Flora


Leica M9 Camera

Plant Press

A packet of grape seeds

Dorm at Fifth Sanctum:

A stash of homemade spiced wine — I mean, “Grape juice”.

Old Softball Bat

Record Player and Collection of Records

Various Potted Plants


Bag of Glow-Sticks

Bookshelf filled with books on botany, brewery, and Classical civilization.


Personal History:

Thea’s story begins not in the city of her birth, Glasgow, Scotland, but rather in Greece, where her parents would meet. Her father, a Professor of Classics at the University of Glasgow, would meet and fall in love with her mother, a passionate Greek archaeologist, while doing research abroad in Thessaloniki. It didn’t take long for these like minds to get married, and after a brief honeymoon in Santorini, the pair left the warm, Mediterranean climes of Greece to head back to rainy Glasgow.

It would be just a year later that Thea is born, after they get resettled near the university center. Although Thea was most certainly different, her parents did not notice at first — of course, most children were temperamental, and although she threw temper tantrums a bit more than the average child and often did a fair deal more damage than a toddler really should when she did, they assumed it would just be a phase. It wasn’t until her primary school years, when this ‘phase’ showed no signs of stopping, that her parents began to grow worried. One summer, her parents send her to begin seeing a child therapist, in hopes that it might help her mature a bit. The therapist was helpless, and after an incident in which Thea robbed him of a patch of hair, her parents withdrew her from therapy.

Worries about Thea were driving a wedge between her parents — her father, constantly on the move and stressed about school, often found that these matters were interrupting his ability to do his job. Her mother, a veritable fireball of her own right, fiercely defended the young child. What started as hushed arguments soon grew into explosive debacles at the dinner table after Thea’s first few months of secondary school had landed her in detention on more than one occasion. These issues, combined with other broiling issues of financials, drove the final nail into the relationship’s coffin. Thea’s parents would split after a harried divorce, and her mother would retain her custody.

These events only deepened Thea’s troublemaking attitude. As she entered her high school years, she began paying less and less attention to schoolwork, and more towards the party. Her mother recognized her own passion in Thea, manifested two-fold. Her mother had come from a family of practitioners of Hellenismos, and while she had not had any abilities herself, it was said that generations ago, her family had served as healers and mystics in Greece. Thus, when Thea’s actual abilities began to show (often triggered by accident, or stress at first), her mother had her sent off to Fifth Sanctum, in hopes that it would do her good.


Thea is fluent in Greek, Latin, and Glaswegian.

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