They say time heals all wounds, but that presumes the source of the grief is finite
― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince

Basic Info:

Player: SavanahHolland Not the name of your character

Demeanor: She comes off rather cold if you were to just notice her, her slightly squinted eyes due to never really getting used to the light, choppily cut hair, and the appearance that well, she doesn't really care about her appearance at all. Which is only half true anyways.

Nature: She's just as cold inside as she is out, well usually at least, under all that bitterness she can be.. normal, maybe? There's probably a layer of stoic sweetness under all that hatred and irritation, right?

Description: Short caramel blonde hair, choppily cut seeing as she had always done it herself her entire life, she's no hairdresser but it works. Bright yellow eyes that don't seem to be human in the slightest, having been originally born with natural light brown eyes, over time with constantly having to be exposed to Tilen has left her eyes to slowly fade to a bright yellow color.
She wears a dark green velvet dress with a cotton color and lacing at the very end of the seam of the dress that ends just above her knees, complete with black stockings and black converse shoes. Pale skin that easily tans.. or burns rather, a splatter of brown freckles on her cheeks that contrast against her skin rather harshly. Standing at a somewhat reasonable height for her age, 5'2 at fifteen years old, you'd never guess, due to her usual confident yet cold demeanor she'd never really strike you as being short unless you directly thought of it.



HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


Dexterity: {4} Agility
Some call it slight of hand, she never needed a name for it besides purely an aspect of survival. You learn rather quickly, pick a pocket, grab a phone, wallet, gum that seems unnecessary but is kept anyways. These are aspects of life, sell phone, cash in the wallet, chew gum. When it's your only option you get smart fast or die.
Initiative: {4} Agility
Who is going to do that for you, darling? Who will make choices for you, who will defend you in this world? Who will step up and protect when you are left to your fears. Exactly, you know who is left to it in the end. By the time you realize it, you will be alone, no one ever stays as much as you wish it, you have to know, you must always be ready, you must always be selfish, be selfish or die.
Aim: {3} Agility
Where did you get the gun? Tell me, now. Where did you get it, where did you get it even? Shut up, I was going to teach you anyways. In life you have to learn how do do many things, and perhaps perfecting your aim will help in this, now remember, if you use it wrong, you die.
Brawling: {1} Brawn
Fight your own battles, that's what you must do, however- it doesn't matter if you have the will if you do not have the strength. Stop whining, stop screaming, it doesn't help when you're being beaten to death and having your money stolen. It doesn't matter if it hurts, if your body aches, if your body is on fire, you must fight, fight or die.
Perception: {3} Brains
It's a skill you must learn no matter your circumstances, whether the rich girl having to be perceptive of her environment in fear of being smothered in her sleep by a jealous cousin, to the child out on the streets, rotting away but having to constantly watch herself for fear of being dragged away by the others; Even with all these skills to protect yourself, you still die in the end.

Supernatural Abilities:

Heart Beat: {4} Reanimation and Life Manipulation
Working with life itself is the kind of thing often described by others as a gift, something amazing, perhaps even divine. Something that can make a difference, save lives in a time period where the world seems bleak- even if the world in this moment the world is better than ever. However, that is entirely based on the person wielding it. To be able to manipulate life, stop the beating of another's heart, to be able to take it out and give it to another, restart it and bring back that life. It's disgusting.
Humans aren't meant to do that, human's shouldn't be allowed to decide if someone lives their life or dies. If someone dies from old age.. why is it her job to decide if to bring them back or otherwise? It shouldn't be.

The Cure: {3} Healing
It's not the same, to breathe life into another is something so much different than simple healing, to heal bruises in seconds, to numb the pain in others, as selfish as she had always been taught to be, she developed a power that seemed quite different from that. Where she cannot heal her own body, she can heal others and give them a better chance at survival due to her not having the strength to bring them back when it's already too late for them.

Among her other powers, Theca is also a walking cure, within a 20 foot radius she nullifies certain diseases, plagues included, however this quickly wears off, within 2 hours of no longer being in her radius, the disease will return until you are naturally or unnaturally cured by means other than Theca, or are near her once more.


With manipulation of life force comes weakness of her own, she has no understanding of her powers and never has, it doesn't help much that she has no interest learning either. She loses 1 HP for every heal she does with her powers on another. With that issue, her powers act defective in this way, not understanding the difference between her healing someone and getting hurt, and her just getting hurt without healing someone. Her powers react in a way where they believe that she just healed someone due to taking damage, but it knows that it has not taken away any of her life itself, so it does it again. An example if if she were to lose 1 HP, she would lose another due to this weakness.


  • Silver Zippo Lighter
  • Military Canvas Messenger Bag
  • White and Brown Hair Bands
  • Plethora of Multicolored Sharpies
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Pocket Knife
  • Pack of Cigarettes (20 Left)

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A Deluge of old Stuffed Animals, mostly from Good Will
  • Handfuls upon Handfuls of Stolen Hotel Soaps and Towels

Personal History:

"Dad please, please stop talking about that, stop talking about death so much. The world isn't such a bad place. I know it's my fault, I know I'm the reason everything is like this, I know, just stop saying it, please."
One day you're born, the next, you're dead. That's the first thing she seemed to learn, born in 2004 on November 4th to both of her parents. Her father a gruff older man and mother a much younger woman that never expected her life to take a turn this way. By her second birthday, her mother left her alone with her father, leaving him to care for her alone. He was the kind of man that never should have had any children, often teaching her at a rather young age things kids shouldn't learn yet. Eight years old and taught how to use a gun after stealing it from his safe that was never closed. She learned things she never really wanted to.

Time passed, nine years old, she was done. Done with everything, constantly blamed for her mother leaving, constantly blamed for being alive, a mistake. She was so often forgotten by her father, weeks she wouldn't go to school because he was too busy to take her, teachers that didn't care or do a think when she begged for help. No one cared, she was alone. That's why she had to take initiative, like he taught her, she had to start a new life. She didn't know where, but she had to. She packed her bag, whatever food she could find, barely any in the house, a few bottles of soda, couple bags of chips as well. She of course couldn't leave behind her stuffed animals or the sharpies she stole from a classmate because they were pretty. On her way out the door, her father sprawled out on the couch, passed out drunk, looking down at the floor, old stains that probably came from alcohol spills, or her father's vomit she had to clean herself due to it stinking so horribly after being left alone for days. The stench of cigarettes and puke.. in the corner of her eyes, the glint of a silver zippo lighter, so shiny and new. She took it, she read about camping before, having to make fires is important for survival isn't it? She needed light and warmth didn't she? It wasn't an excuse to keep a reminder of her father, she'd just keep lying to herself about that, wouldn't she?

It was morning, he wouldn't have noticed if she left, he wouldn't wake up for hours, the teachers wouldn't notice. The awful girl who lies about her father, the awful girl who steals from other children, the awful girl who skips class any chance she can get. She takes that to heart, the awful girl, that's what she was? She believes it, bitterness takes over childish awe and wonder. Hatred takes over the love you have for a family member, for your fellow peers and your teachers. It takes over what you feel for your father who speaks so much about you dying, it takes over what you feel for a mother you never knew, who left you at such a early age in a way that only she could be blamed. What was she? A mistake, she must have been, that's all she's ever been told.

Days on end spent walking, to the city of course, living in a much crappier slum type area, constantly walking, getting lost so easily, circling the same area for hours on end. She gave up, nine years old, curling up in the back alley, people stared sure, but everyone just assumed someone else, someone better than them would take care of it. Every person that saw her thought that, so no one ever cared, no one ever called child services, or the police, or even texted it as a passing thought to a friend. She just laid there, tired, hungry. Her legs ached, couldn't move, eyes closed, passing out to be left to her thoughts and nightmares of what could have been if she stayed home.

She woke up, covered in old blankets with a older woman sitting next to her in some dirty looking clothing, smoking a cigarette. Staring at her with bright brown eyes, the woman explaining that she was only doing that out of the kindness of her heart, and no, she didn't steal her stuff, yet. She asked her name, the small girl nearly responding with her real one, and after pausing, the old woman understood, and told her that she would just refer to her as Theca, because she recently discovered the wonders of the word apothecary, she had no idea what that word meant, but it was really fun to say so she didn't care about being ignorant about it.

Time passed, days turned into months, and months turned into a year. The woman at her side, teaching her, picking pockets never seemed more fun really. A mentor of sorts, memories together, maybe as a replacement mother. On her next birthday, when she turned ten, somehow the old woman managed to save up, bought the girl a handful of stuffed animals, some that looked brand new, the kind that belonged in those cute preteen girl boutiques, a few others looking older and worn, as if they came from Good Will or the Salvation Army. She didn't care, she loved them all, finally told the woman that she loved her too, it was a strange moment for both of them. In a sea of bitterness perhaps love could still exist. That never seemed to last long enough, did it?

A month after this, snow falling, bundled up together to try to keep body heat, promises of in the morning she'd try to make as much money as she can so that tomorrow they could afford to spend the night in the shitty hotel down the block, promising it would be fine, they'd be fine. Sneezing that soon developed into a fever, the woman knew she couldn't leave Theca alone, but she had no choice.. she promised she wouldn't be long, she'd just go to the drug store across the street, buy some medicine. Watching it all happen through the burred vision of fever. Someone she loved just refused service due to no shoes, begging only to be kicked out, a group of three men walking down the street only to chuckle among themselves. Druggie they said, probably kicked out by her husband for being a whore, disgusting things they made up on the spot. The old woman.. Maggie was it? Is that what she told Theca her name was? She couldn't remember, she was a disgusting failure, she couldn't even remember the name of someone who took care of her for so long, who she loved. She watched the match of yelling, the screaming of words she always seemed to hear but never understand besides them being insults. She watched Maggie beaten down, she watched when a pocket knife was brought out, how the blade glimmered in the light so much like her father's lighter did. She watched as red blood soaked into the snow, as they all seemed disgusted but laughed it off, kicking her to the side, one commenting about the blood on his shoe, how he'd have to burn it. Burning with fever, angry, sadness, pain, she stood up. She didn't want to be a mistake, if she had to do anything in her life it was this, she had to do something. Theca walked slowly towards them, men seeming annoyed, they didn't want to deal with this any longer, legal trouble over some bums would suck wouldn't it? A kick in the face, a kick in the stomach and the finishing blow of a brick thrown at her head as she fell down to the ground, a black eye forming, writhing as she finally passed out, the scent of fresh blood and melted snow making her stomach turn, the men left, perhaps to a bar to brag about defending themselves from this crazy druggie bum outside the store. That's how it always went, the innocent were never believed. Theca was never believed.

Awakening, her fever higher than ever she dragged herself through the snow, feeling her body shivering to the core.. terrified that it wasn't a dream. She looked over the old woman's body- no, Maggie's body, curling up beside her despite the blood, crying her eyes out. Begging for her to please come back, begging over and over and over. She felt so odd, so light headed, like her chest and stomach was filled with such a pleasant air, so disgusting that felt, why on earth did she feel something so nice now- why now of all times? The woman slowly sitting up, Theca looking up while clinging to her coat. The woman staring into Theca's young brown eyes, a smile across the tiny girl's face.. she was alive? No, that wasn't right, there was so much blood. It felt so terribly wrong. She just sat up there like that, no expression, dead fish eyes. It wasn't her, and that terrified her so very badly. She was strong, but she panicked, standing to her feet in a fever induced daze, she grabbed the brick that had been thrown at her head the night before.. she smashed it into the woman's head, over and over and over again. Till her face was a mush of gore and blood, until she was no longer writhing. Theca stood up, letting the brick fall onto Maggie's face with a disgusting noise. Theca wobbled to back where she was left originally when the woman left for medication. She disappeared into herself, and internally, she let herself die.

Time passed, maybe a year or two, she didn't keep count. She had to survive somehow, Theca had to do stupid things, what the hell did she have left anyways? It wouldn't be so terribly sad if it all ended with a knife through her guts over a can of sliced peaches.
Staying to the shadows, watching as a boy hide his stuff.. this was her chance. Another chance at food and more supplies to last her through at least November and December. once he left she skittered over, spending far too long moving the dumpster and digging with her bare callused fingers till she found it. Looting what she could before she heard the sound of a bat smacking across the ground. Standing up with all the supplies she had just taken falling from her makeshift basket out of the front of her shirt. Trying to make the first move, punching him in the chest.. only for her to be hit with a wooden baseball bat by him, falling to the ground and passing out.

Waking up, having been drug god knows where, he acted strange, gave her food, it made her feel weird, angry and helpless. This boy pitied her, but why should she even care, she's getting fed, a safe place to sleep, finding herself growing rather fond of him..
Maybe a week, maybe hell, even a month? She didn't keep track of time, he said if she would stay, she had to pitch in, a fight breaking out between them.. before she left and said she'd never come back ever again.
She came back before nightfall.
A strange team, a fourteen year old boy who she thought was kinda a asshole, and her, the weird bitch that was kinda short and like, twelve, probably anyways. Working together to survive; and with that relationship, things got strange, a teen girl and a teen boy- because that always works out where the two of them are the best of friends, right? No, turns out, when a male teen dude and a female teen gal, the latter being lonely as hell, are constantly around each other, stuff happens, and stuff has seemed to stay that way.

Multiple reports of a fifteen year old girl and a seventeen year old guy on the streets spread fast, supernatural they said, evil others said. But the consensus was that the people of the city and even other homeless wanted them gone- that's how Fifth Sanctum found them, Theca being so much more than suspicious.. but why not, a new home.


Experience: {000}
Tier: {000}
Income: {$200.00}

  • Favorite Color Is White
  • Favorite Flowers are Dandelions
  • Birth Date is November Fourth, however no records of this exist
  • Is a Scorpio

Important Logs:



And Others:


Toughen Up: Increase HP by 2
Clear Mind: Increase Psyche by 2
Moving to Perfection: Increase any Attribute by 1
Power Boost: Increase Supernatural Powers by 2 {Must split between two powers, you can add new ones. New powers being brought up from are an exception to splitting, and may have both points invested in them.}
Learning New Tricks: increase Skill Points by 2 {You can add new skills}
Anomalous Generation: {Special} create an artifact with the permission of the GM. This can be taken without counting toward the next tier {And probably should be if you want to maximize your potential}.

Tier O :
U1: N/A
U2: N/A
U3: N/A
U4: N/A

Tier 1 :
U1: N/A
U2: N/A
U3: N/A
U4: N/A

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