Theodore Grundlewood

Basic Info: DEAD

Player: DarnellJermaine

Demeanor: Just generally fun and optimistic guy.

Nature: He's generally pretty light-hearted and doesn't stress about stuff. If the going gets rough though, he can get serious.

Description: Theodore is a 17 year old male, short brown hair and a height of about 5'7". He's got hazel eyes and a fairly round face. He's about average weight, 140 lbs. give or take. He's fairly muscular too from all his time working out and playing sports growing up. He normally just wears a simple T-shirt and jeans or shorts, but whenever he goes to any kind of gathering from just meeting up with friends to full on parties he always wears a fancy suit.



HP: 0/8

Psyche: 8/8

Brawn: 5

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


  • Yes, I do lift bro - (5) Brawn Using physical means to hurt someone/something. (Brawling)
  • Muscles on muscles - (5) Brawn Defending from any kind of physical attack (Endurance)
  • GET OUT - (2) Brains Resist mental attacks (Mental Defense)
  • Acrobatics - (3) Agility Any kind of parkour, climbing, running, flipping, or jumping
  • Persuasion - (2) Brains Attempt to sway someone's opinion
  • Reflexes - (2) Agility How quickly Theodore reacts to something.

Supernatural Abilities:

Grip - (5 + 1) - A slow moving arm that only other people who have powers can see. Although it moves at a slow rate, it has an incredibly high gripping capability, getting above the pressure and force of even a hydraulic press. Can't use Grip for more than an hour or 2 a day max without putting incredible physical strain on his heart and lungs. It moves very slowly, but he can make it shoot out or move fast at the risk of severely damaging his heart and/or lungs. Theo does not take any damage or feel pain if this arm is attacked, although the arm itself causes him a lot of strain and struggle.

Stalwart - (5 + 1) - Can root himself in place, increasing his defensive capabilities and becoming much harder to knock down or move from where he is. In other words, he roots himself to where he is so he can't be moved without incredible force.

Resting Regeneration - (2 + 1) - While awake, Theo regenerates from small cuts and bruises rather quickly. For more serious wounds, however, Theodore can go into a comatose state to slowly regenerate his injuries, taking anywhere from an hour to an entire day or two depending on how severe the injuries are. Anyone touching his body while he's regenerating will benefit from half of the healing effects.


  • Mental attacks freak him out. If people start messing with his mind, he'll lose his calm and immediately begin to panic and lose all sense of rationality, rendering him useless. (severe)
  • Theodore doesn't have very good eyes and any form of laser or bright light will easily incapacitate him for a brief amount of time.
  • Is a sucker for a pretty face. (Fluff)
  • When some foreign influence attempts to better his natural stats, something just goes wrong. Any time an external source attempts to increase his rolls (excluding helping hand and overdrive) he instead takes -1 on all rolls the effect would apply to (mild)


  • Clothes on my back.
  • A magic 8-ball (not actually magic, it's the toy)
  • Regular school supplies (notebooks, pencils, binders, erasers)
  • A flashlight (likes to go on walks at night)
  • Cell Phone
  • $1030
  • Healing bath salts
  • 45 bottles of Distilled Joy (Holy Shit, Theodore!)
  • 3 Emergency Capsules (Heal 1 HP, take a turn to use)

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Board Games
  • Gaming Console
  • Labtop
  • A replica doll set of himself, his little brother, his mom, and his dad made by Eponnie.

Personal History:

Growing up in the U.K in the town of Oxford, Theo, for the most part, has just led a fairly normal life living with his parents. He grew up hanging out with friends, playing some soccer and basketball here and there, until he discovered his abilities at around the age of 14. After that, his family thought it would be best for him to discover the full extent of his powers and how he can use them, so they decided to send him to Fifth Sanctum.

XP Tracking: T1/U2/XP0


Has a big interest in history
Likes all forms of games, from sports to board games to video games.
Is a part of the "New Kid Club" (consisting of himself, Naomi, Gungnir, William, Bob, Desoph, Floyd, and Seiko)
Can sort of play guitar (is getting better over time with Desoph)
Works as a dishwasher
Currently in the process of learning Latin from Thea (1/5)
Is part of the band "Light the Night" with Mary
Theo's Theme Song:


Acquaintances: Annora, Eponnie, Kali, William Walker, Wilhelm (has number), Bob, Sam, Elissia, Maria, Catriona, Moby, Simon, Kiria (has number), Izzy, Samuel, Andrey, Sara, Raven, Horst

Fei: (has number) she seems kinda strange, but still cool overall.

Desoph [Best Friend]: (has number) an odd fellow, and certainly a bit negative, but he seems like a good guy, and at least he plays some of the games Theodore's in to. He also was willing to teach Theodore a thing or two about self defense and the nature of fighting. He seems to have grown out of his shell quite a bit recently, which is really nice to see.

Gungnir: He's a big dude, but he's also really cool. He seems nice, and he's offered to teach me all about where he came from! An alright guy in my book!

Naomi: Although she seems a bit distant, she's really nice, and came up with the idea to start a club with her, Gungnir, and I to welcome newcomers and make friends. She seems chill.

Floyd: (has number) Although Theodore has only met him recently, he seems like a really cool dude, and he can't wait to see some of that crazy blood magic!

Seiko: (has number) She doesn't seem to be too outgoing. Definitely on the shy side, but she's pretty cool. He's been through a crazy plant mission with her too, which helps. Also she's pretty damn good at PlayStation all stars, but not quite as good as him. Scratch all of that- apparently she didn't want anything to do with him anymore.

Ledusia: (has number) She's definitely a bit odd, but very charming and sweet. She even healed up his chest for him after a display of his odd power. She mentioned being from the Fae realm, and that was definitely something Theo wants to look into at some point.

Majala: She's certainly very different from most of the students he's met so far, but she's a kind person and that makes her alright in Theo's book.

Brett: He's one cool dude, and was generous enough to teach Theo a thing or two about speed!

Sierra: Now that the chain's off, she isn't so bad to hang around with. She seems pretty nice- if not a bit strange. Theo makes a mental note to watch his language around her.

Claudia: (has number) She's been a really good friend to Theo, and they've even shared a bit of a moment. Perhaps best friend material- maybe something more? Oh boy- we've gone on a date and she is awesome! Theo may just be falling for her a bit.

Elspeth: (has number) She's a funny little girl, and from the EU just like him! She's coming to Vietnam as well, so gotta watch her back. Theo seems to have gotten closer with her recently- almost like a family member. She's definitely like a little sister to me- if anything happened to her I don't know what I'd do with myself.

Quiln: The dragon girl is quite the riot- definitely someone Theo wants to be around more. She's almost like… a weird little sister.

Luna: (has number) Another new kid, and she seems pretty chill. Also- they're practically neighbors!

Adison: (has number) Claudia's brother and also a pretty cool dude. They definitely need to hang out some time!

Katherine Bhima: (has number) Oi, this girl is something else! Some kinda crazy behemoth- and one hell of a sparring partner! This is the kinda person Theo loves training with!

Azure: (has number) She seems pretty nice- and she's got quite the ear and talent for music! Patched me right up!

Madeline: (has number) From England, she sings beautifully, and is quite amicable. Top notch, that one.

Ambrose: (has number) He's a cool guy- an Elf too, just like the stories! Nice and friendly- patched my shirt right up! Also has an adorable dog!

Skix: (has number) She's the new girl- a lizard person-ish. She's super fun and nice- it seems she hasn't had the best past, but hopefully I can help cheer her right up!

Rainbow: (has number) He knows about the power of the sun! Takes things a little literally- but he seems like a good guy.

Thea: (has number) A beautiful girl- U.K. , history, different languages. This is someone Theodore needs to hang out with more.

Mary: (has number) Irish, amazing singer, likes some of the same music. And most importantly- Our new lead singer!!!

Akemi: Ah, Akemi. She's sweet, friendly, a real looker too, that one. The most important thing to note though is the fact that she probably saved my life. I should really meet up with her again to thank her- I at least owe her dinner.

Zita: Zita, Zita, Zita. You know, she's the first person I met here- and from what I'd heard around the school and from El, I didn't exactly have the best opinion of her. Hurt El, has multiple relationships- but now that I've met her- talked to her? She's sweet- she's a good girl who's just had a lot of shit happen. Hopefully, I can help her and El get along again.

Sebastian Church: Who the fuck does this bloody wanker think he is? First he acts all high and mighty- then he goes insulting Theodore and his new bud Cat! Theo'd punch his face…but Elspeth trusted him and liked him. Theo is currently holding himself back for her sake- if she trusts him then he'll do the same- reluctantly, until he proves himself otherwise.

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