Valentin Avdeev

Basic Info:

Player: SolongStarbird

Demeanor: Valentin is usually quiet, and his neutral expression is stern and makes him appear almost cold and unapproachable. He is getting better at smiling.

Nature: Despite all appearances, he is actually rather kind and understanding. He is quiet often due to the fact that he is very thoughtful, and is often pondering various topics, most often recent events and experiences, or that he is afraid to say something that will have a negative effect. He always tries his best to be understanding of others, and keeps a level head.

When he speaks, what is said will usually be well thought out. This does not happen if Valentin is in a situation which involves something he is insecure about. His comments will then usually be frequent and rash. He is constantly working on fixing that negative aspect of himself. This is part of the reason that Val keeps so quiet.

As stated earlier, Val fears offending people, and doing so sends him into a state of somberness that it best remedied by resolving the offense. It could be said that Val's biggest flaw is that even though he is good at not being critical of others, he often judges himself too harshly. He is quite the selfless person.

Sunnybrook isn't exactly a relaxing place, and it turns out that Val is very sensitive. His level head game only lasts so long, and eventually there will tears… lots of tears… To be honest, Val lets it all out in private… usually. Number of times Val has snapped in public since coming to Sunnybrook: 3.

Description: Valentin is half Russian, half Persian, and can speak both Russian and English fluently. He is 17 and stands at exactly 6 feet tall. He keeps his brown hair in a buzzcut, and has similarly short chin whiskers. Another notable feature is that his right eye is blue, while his left is brown.
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As far as body structure, Val is mildy muscular and of normal width, neither fat nor skinny. His left arm from the elbow down is discolored (discussed in the weaknesses section). His standard dress consists of brown jeans with a black belt, and either a gray or navy blue long-sleeved tshirt, as well as standard black sneakers. Val will also wear his gray three-quarter coat in colder weather. Though only the observant notice, Val also wears pink socks.


HP: 9

Psyche: 10

Brawn: 3

Agility: 4

Brains: 4


  • Martial arts (brawn) 4
  • Persuasion (brains) 3
  • Medicine (brains) 2
  • Dodging/Reflexes (agility) 4
  • Sprinting (agility) 3
  • Stealth (agility) 3
  • Perception (brains) 1

Supernatural Abilities:

  • Aura blast: pretty self-explanatory; can be manifest as either blast of aura energy (think hadoken) or a beam (kamehameha) of it; energy can also be held in the hand for use as either a light source or an amplifier to physical attacks (punches) this ability is affected by aura tapping (4)
  • Aura-mail: Val can concentrate his aura into a suit of translucent armor. Defends against energy-related attacks (fireballs, etc.) amazingly well, and so-so against physical attacks this ability is also affected by aura tapping (3)
  • Transfer: Val can use his aura to either transfer health from himself to someone else, or the other way around (3)
  • Aura perception: Val can sense the presence of anything that emits an aura (living things). This ability begins to work at about 500 feet, and the closer the being gets, the more Val can learn from their aura, such as skills, powers, and, if close enough, even basic emotions and personality traits. Recently, this power underwent an accidental modification: If Val uses this power with his right eye, it is considered overdrive, and the penalty damage is always to psyche in the from of a headache (3)
  • NOTE: Aura tapping- Val can tap into the aura of anyone close to him (15 ft radius) and use it as if it were his own. The effect of tapping is that Val's abilities acquire a portion of the effect that the one being tapped has (i.e. fire effect if tapping a pyromancer or extra damage to anomalies when tapping a summoner) and that the one being tapped will feel a mild weakness. Both the added effect and the weakness go away as soon as either Val stops tapping or moves out of tapping range. To simply tap requires no roll unless the power is unfamiliar or complicated, but if used in an attack, it counts as part of the attack roll, and is rolled altogether in one roll. Whatever attack boost the tap provides to the aura blast, it will provide a similar defense effect to the aura mail (i.e. instead of fire damage, fire resistance).


  • Left arm from the elbow down is a greyish mauve color. (It is considered to be a birthmark.) For some reason, any injury sustained to this area will not heal by natural means and must be surgically or supernaturally remedied. For this reason, it is often bandaged (and covered with long sleeves). As of late, Val has been having it regularly healed by Alexei, so bandages are less common now.



List everything your character carries on their person here.

  • Cheap day planner from an office supply store; has a pictue of a kitten on it.
  • Blue ballpoint pen with a sticker on it that reads: "Valentin's"
  • Wallet with a few giftcards and a basic driver's license inside, a poem that Val wrote a long time ago, and a small, collapsed carboard Valentine's chocolate box
  • Binder that contains around 100 sheets of college-ruled notebook paper; has a sticker on it similar to the one on the pen
  • Stainless steel pocketwatch
  • 2 Stim Packs… for emergencies
  • A phone given to him by Fony
  • Satchel that holds all of the above items, except for the wallet, which goes in Val's back pocket

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A small bookshelf that has about 20 books on it, most of which are children's books
  • On top of the shelf is a digital clock that also serves as a radio; it has an mp3 player plugged into it via auxiliary cable. Next to it is a compact electric water heater and Val's ever-so-precious kitten mug (to be allowed to handle the kitten mug would be the highest level of trust Val could offer)
  • Also on the shelf, Val's collection of cool bottlecaps he finds, as well as 2 BIC lighters
  • An old style wood chest; in it are stacks of paper Val has written or drawn on and can't find the heart to throw away
  • Some papers have not found their way to the chest yet and lay on the shelf
  • An extra change of clothes hangs from a hook on the wall, along with Val's gray three-quarter coat; the rest of his clothes are under the bed.
  • Under the bed are a few containers of instant coffee and instant cider and some milk jugs full of water (for the water heater), as well as a few old magazines, and a first-aid kit
  • A new laptop now sits on the shelf for occasional use.
  • Magic cat headband that Val calls 'the Sloyka headband'

(Needless to say, Val's 10x10 dorm is cramped beyond all reason)

Personal History:

At the age of 7, Valentin and his Persian mother immigrated to America from Russia. Valetin's father would stay behind and come a few months later. However, Mr. Avdeev became a victim of the ever-so-rare airline accident, and died on his flight over. Val's mother became progressingly weak after the incident until she became sick and finally died, exactly a year after her husband.

Val lived in an orphanage for about a year until his Aunt Natalia had earned enough money to come to America and become Valentin's official guardian. During his time in the orphanage, Val had done much thinking and had learned from watching other people in the orphanage that those who speak less are less likely to be ignored. From people watching Val also learned how to be persuasive, along with a few other life skills.

For the next 7 years he lived with his aunt (who started to grow progressively weaker, similar to Mrs. Avdeev). Val took up hobbies such as martial arts, music, poetry, and later on, sprinting. One day, the G.W.U knocked on the door and informed Natalia that Val had the ability to weild and tap aura energy, and had been unknowingly tapping others' auras for the past 9 years, and that they were here to take him to a special school in order to utilize his gift. Aunt Natalia was reluctant, but keeping Val with her was not an option.

The strange thing was, as soon as Val learned he had his ability, the automatic tapping stopped. It seemed that the only thing that had been stopping him from controlling it was the lack of awareness to its existence. Control of the ability now seemed innate.

Val now knew that he had been unknowingly tapping those around him since his father's death, the event that seemed to subconciously awoken his ability. Upon learning this, Val worried that he may have been a part of the cause of his mother's death (and the weakness of his aunt). He felt, deep down, that the reason his mother had fallen deathly ill was in part due to prolonged aura tapping. Though he has come to terms with it, the topic remains one of his biggest insecurities.


Though he identifies as an Orthodox Christian (the main religion of Russia), Val has been inactive since the death of his mom.

Val's favorite genres of music include ambient, instrumental, and basically anything calming. His favorite music group: Oh Wonder.

His main coping mechanism for insecurity is to find comfort in calm music and pictures of kittens, which remind him of his mother (hence the mug and planner).

Judging from the color of his blasts and mail, Val's aura is reddish-pink in color. However, when tapping others, the color will shift more to that of the one being tapped's aura color.

Val can also play the piano, and very well at that.

Val won the middle school poetry contest in 7th grade for writing a poem about how love is like a potato. The paper that the poem is on is folded up in his wallet.

His birthday is March 19th, making him a Pisces.


The Kitten Planner

The Kitten Planner serves as Val's character log. It contains records of Val's statistics and statistical history, as well as his thoughts on other people, himself, and his experiences at Sunnybrook. It can be opened below. As of late he has not written in it. (Only XP is up to date.)


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