Pia Kellogg

Player: Uracilo

Demeanor: Pia is softspoken, and purposefully makes herself look slightly awkward, but very unassuming. She's quick to defuse any kind of confrontation that includes her, and wishes to stay under the radar. She's tired of the suspicion and the assumed blame.

Nature: Pia is a lot more free-spirited than she gives people reason to think. She wishes she could go all out, and tries to put herself in situations where her talents are useful. Sadly, her talents aren't very constructive, and she values the opinions of others more than her own wishes or desires.

Description: Pia looks like a tall kid more than like a teenager, all button nose and mousy hair and round cheeks. She's got some muscle definition, but she tries to hide that with baggy clothing and wishes she could get rid of it faster.


HP: 7/7 (6 + 1 from Brawn)

Psyche: 5/6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 3

  • Say Yes - (3) Brains (Pia is better at this than she is at its counterpart. People can tell she's easy to lead around by the nose, and she's only gotten as far as she has by accidentally making use of the pity she generates in them. [Social])
  • The Means - (2) Brawn (Pia's been trained from early childhood to represent her aspect. Her physicality was once prodigious, even though she's been purposefully sabotaging herself in that regard for a while now. [Melee Defense and Physical Strength])
  • The Method - (4) Agility (Pia's connection to her aspect has imprinted some of the knowledge held at the core of everything her ratio intersects. Her muscles know how the weapons she calls to her were used, and if she doesn't think very hard about it she can copy those movements easily. Her training only helps her in this regard, and allows her to have the same innate understanding of weapons other people use who were once used to kill. [Melee and Ranged Attack])
  • The Motive - (3) Brains (Pia's weapons hold imprints of both their holders and their respective victims. She was made to hone this empathy as part of her training, and can use it to predict the actions and mindset of perpetrators, and draw on their perceptual tricks and tools. [Criminal Investigation and Perception])
  • Scrutinous Scholarship - (2) Brains (Pia's training was based around memorizing a large index set apart at the cult's gigantic library. All books within it were magically labeled by her aspect. Even the most childish of novels within had at least one death in it, at the very least that of an animal. [Research and Knowledge])
  • Special Skepticism - (1) Brains ("The justifications of men who kill should always be heard with skepticism, said the monster." [Willpower])
  • Reflexive Reactions - (1) Agility ("“Strange how paranoia can link up with reality now and then.” [Reflex])


Ingrained Aspect - 5 - Pia has been vested in an aspect from birth. Using rituals and such, her very being was made to intersect with a basic concept of reality. Hers is the concept of the "Murder Weapon", and for that reason she has a supernatural connection to tools used to kill. She was taught to stretch out her metaphysical shape and reach into the aspect itself, from which she can withdraw items "labeled" by it. Using this power she can make copies of anything that has ever been used to kill someone or something with, and have it intersect with her physical body. She can use her metaphysical shape to work the weapons within what would theoretically be another spatial dimension, or fully extrude them into reality.

Pia has difficulty with even the basic knowledge of what her power means for her and her choices in any situation, and her own conceptual limitations get in the way of her drawing anything she can't really think of. When imagining murder weapons, her mind turns to the weird and unusual, because it's what sticks, and her personality makes her shy away from bombs and other large scale weapons, like artillery or sniper rifles.

The act of finding a specific weapon is often a matter of focus, and those don't mesh well with the fast pace of combat. Pia is more likely than not to draw something useless, like a blunt knife, or an empty gun, or even a bit of poisoned steak. She has to carefully concentrate to see whether a weapon is loaded, or a food poisoned, and she has to go out of her way to find the appropriate bullets, or sharpen specific knives. Her natural disinclination toward this kind of thinking has her woefully unprepared for real fighting.

Intersected Skin - 2 - Pia's skin serves as her preferred anchor point from where she manifests her power as an aspected individual. She instintively draws hardened implements to the surface when she feels endangered, and this protects her skin from most forms of physical harm, but she doesn't have the control to do much about the impact itself.

She can consciously will it to to the surface to gain a larger degree of protection, at the expense of other actions she might carry out. This reduces most forms of damage by at least some, though it's not a particularly optimized effect (Pia reduces damage taken by 1 for as many round as 1/2 of the number rolled, with a minimum of 1 round).

Calling Card Rolodex - 2 - Pia can feel when a murder is purposefully carried out in her vicinity. She can also preternaturally tell if two killings were committed by the same person or not, and knows which of the weapons within her intersected space was used to kill whoever she's looking at. She gets a bonus to drawing that specific weapon out using her other abilities.

  • Eldritch Gates (Mild) - Pia can never learn to heal other people. It is impossible for her. Any medical text becomes impossible to read to her eyes, and if people try to explain a procedure to her all she hears is muted, garbled noise. Her aspect is fickle and jealous, and will not allow it. There may be other areas of knowledge she's disallowed from learning from, but she never had access to much until recently.

- Can never learn about medicine
- Can never find her way to places of healing without strict guidance, and will feel a strong compulsion to leave, that grows into sickness as time goes on.
- Can never learn a number of specific facts about biology.
- Can never learn specific bits of other languages, for example words used as a way to apologize or defuse conflict.
- Can never survive on a vegan diet.

More effects will be added as time goes on.

  • Backpack with a hole cut in at the height of her neck.

Pia doesn't really need anything else… which has unfortunate implications.

  • Pixie Crystals:
    • Good Sleep: This blue crystal will help anyone within about half a meter who is asleep have a deeper, more restful sleep. It's an approximate rectangular prism, the short end of the long side being about palm-sized
    • Bright Light: This white crystal glows about the same brightness as a desk lamp, in all directions. It's an approximate rectangular prism, the short end of the long side being about palm-sized
    • Warm One: This red crystal exudes a warmth into the room. It's big enough to make the regular dorm room nice and cozy, enough to not need blankets. It's an approximate rectangular prism, the short end of the long side being about palm-sized


Pia was born to what are essentially cultists. The cult was large and powerful, but surprisingly well-hidden. They carried out rituals with which to commune with what they consider maddeningly knowledgeable specters and monsters from outside of time. Pia was a rare success in those "experiments", and she was taken under the wing of the cult's leadership.

They trained her to exemplify her aspect, especially once they divined what it turned out to be. When allowed to meet her parents, she chose not to as in their rare meetings they would do nothing but worship her; nothing like what the novels she managed to accrue made family sound like.

She escaped one day, having spent years wallowing in the knowledge that her aspect was a murderous, evil one and wanting to put an end to whatever the cult had planned for her.

Surprisingly, the cult allowed her to leave and even gave her the means. it ate at her much more than any attempt at stopping her could ever have, and she fears that was their intent.


Money Collected: $510
Money Spent:

  • $120 in run


  • Power Boost (+1 to Ingrained Aspect and +1 to Calling Card Rolodex)
  • Moving to Perfection (+1 to Brains)
  • Learning New Tricks (+1 to Willpower and +1 to Reflexes)

Exp Acquired: 16
Exp Spent: 16

XP Tracking: T1/U4/XP0

  • +1 weekly
  • +1 for 10 journal entries June 2016
  • +2 for creative writing June 2016
  • +2 for going on Special Delivery (Run)
  • +1 for running a run (The Melancholy of Claudia de Villanueva)
  • +1 for running a run (Book-Hunting)
  • +1 weekly
  • +1 weekly
  • +2 For going on Pixie Panic (Run)
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