Veron Aetheleas

Basic Info:

Player: Cezar

Demeanor: Veron is a very nice and outgoing boy. He enjoys the company of others in any form. Veron is very gallant and can be very loyal to his closest friends, as this is primarily how he was brought up in early youth. When angry, he tries his hardest to think rationally, but his short fuse might sometimes be a problem around people. He is easily impressed and very excitable. Anything new takes his interest quickly, even if he can never truly understand it. Veron always meets depression with his own optimism and sympathy. Seeing someone so down would cause him to do his best to cheer them up in any way he possibly can.

Nature: True to form, he is friendly and optimistic. This will never change. Although sometimes he can fall short due to the short fuse on his anger, he can be just as quick to calm down in a situation and will almost always apologize for his outbursts. Veron will always try and correct the things that make other people dislike him, whether he actually can or not. When faced with a challenge, he is greatly determined to achieve it. Rarely does he ever give up and will ask for help without shame. If he does give up, he simply moves on to another task and doesn't dwell on his mistakes. What should be most notable would be his selflessness and sympathy towards others. When faced with a problem or situation, he thinks of the others around him first and what he can do to benefit them. Veron will never do anything that would harm another if he can help it.

Description: The first thing that anyone would notice about him is how he dresses. Being in a society and living in a completely different culture would affect how he dresses. According to the general public? He does not, in any way, dress normally. Veron might usually be seen in loose clothing made of some sort of silk-like material with a green and white color palate. When hunting or fighting, he can be seen in one layer of silken clothing with a layer of light leather armor. On occasion, one might also see him donned with an elegant bow and quiver of arrows and a curved sword sheathed on his back. As soon as he speaks, anyone would know that he is different. Because of his culture, Veron speaks in an archaic dialect of English. It's not overly heavy or difficult to understand, but it's frequent and undeniably there. As for his physical appearance, he stands at around 6'2" and has solid white hair that hangs down to his collarbone, usually a little wavy, but can be straight on some good days. His eyes are a red color although he doesn't give off a brooding atmosphere. Veron's skin is a little pale, but not deathly so.


HP: 10

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 5

Brains: 1


  • Herbal Medicine - (3) Brains As a hunter, Veron has been trained how to treat wounds caused from arrows and swords and use certain herbs to heal those injured. It isn't extensive medical knowledge and is in no way as efficient as modern medicine. (Wound treatment and basic healing.)
  • Free-Running - (4) Agility As another trait picked up by his life in a forest environment, he is able to easily jump over obstacles, climb, or otherwise traverse through extremely difficult environments by use of acrobatic ability and agile prowess. (Climbing, parkour, some acrobatics.)
  • Archery - (6) Agility or Brains At a very young age, Veron was taught how to assemble a recursive bow and fire it with accuracy. This talent requires a trained focus and precognition of the target's path. Of course, this could also be used to repair his damaged weapons, as hunters are trained also to maintain them. (Using a bow, focus on an object or target.)
  • Asher-dei toranu - (6) Brawn Much like archery, elven men are taught at a very young age to use a melee weapon with grace. There are different styles for different weapons. He has only been taught how to use a Ashar-dei, a form of elven blade designed for hunters and warriors to use their strength and dexterity to fight. Of course, this can be translated into almost any other weapon that allows balance. (Swordfighting with light weapons.)

Supernatural Abilities:

The Path of Azariah— (4) Azariah was an elven goddess of nature. It is said when she walked the earth, flowers bloomed in her wake, even on the coldest of nights. Animals would follow her lead and the trees would bend to her beauty. This inherited elven charm grant a natural affinity to subduing/tracking animals or spotting herbs.. This could allow Veron to calm an angered animal, sooth them while they are in pain or turn them on their own masters. Animals enjoy the company of elves and become more attached and more loyal to them. He may also be able to heighten their senses for an hour, possibly even detecting any presence in a room or area. Additionally, Veron may also have the ability to heal minor wounds like cuts or scrapes, although, any major wounds require more trained practices. Another major ability for elves on this path is the ability to summon vines to ensnare a target.

  • Azariac Aura— Veron will emit an aura of purity, kindness and an affinity with nature. This aura can be felt by anyone whenever he uses magic from this Path. It gives off a presence of virtue, beauty and benevolence. (This has no mechanic and is, instead, a bit of flavor given to the power. It may not affect anything mechanically.)

The Path of Oberon— (4) Oberon was the elven god of time, light, heroes and power. He is said to be the father of the elven pantheon. When he met the earth with his grace, the very mountains would bend to his will and time itself would bow to his majesty. Very rarely to elves inherit this gods’ gifts. With this unique trait, Veron might be able to utilize an ancient and powerful type of magic, one lost to the elves for over two-thousand years, since the time of Arletha. Veron has the ability to nullify supernatural effects, nullify anti-magical attacks and curses or even reflect powers back at the user. This is a difficult path to walk on, and thus, control over it may be limited.

  • Oberonic Aura— Veron will emit an aura of power, righteousness and honor. This aura can be felt by anyone whenever he uses magic from this Path. It gives off a presence of might, ancientness and formidableness. (This has no mechanic and is, instead, a bit of flavor given to the power. It may not affect anything mechanically.)

The Path of Galaeron— (3) Galaeron was an elven god of the craft. It is said he was able to imbue magic into the materials of the earth and of nature itself. He is said to be the first elf to ever make a bow. An ancient and legendary artifact known as the Bow of Galaeron. The inherited skill to create artifacts with enchantments would allow an elf to make temporary enchantments for a specific use or permanent enchantments for gifts, utility or even as a way of art. It could provide protection within a necklace, allow hunters to shoot arrows of white fire or use the various materials of the earth, such as crystals, to hold magic for use. With this ability, Veron will be able to coat his weapons in elemental magical energy for a one-time use. While there is no cooldown for this ability, he can only have one item enchanted for a time. (It requires an action to enchant an item, and thus he cannot do anything else such as attack once he has enchanted the item until the next action.)

  • Galerionic Aura— Veron will emit an aura of intelligence, wisdom and magical prowess. This aura can be felt by anyone whenever he uses magic from this Path. It gives off a presence of wisdom, acuteness and strength of the mind. (This has no mechanic and is, instead, a bit of flavor given to the power. It may not affect anything mechanically.)


Curse of Ignorance (Severe) — Veron cannot understand any sort of advanced technology that his people haven't developed. It's impossible for him to use items such as a phone or computer or pilot vehicles such as a car or motorcycle. Some say this is because of some curse while others might think it's because he just can't figure it out.


  • Asher-dei — a short, curved elven blade that has been properly balanced and meant to be used with a balance of strength and dexterity by the wielder. It's elegant and extremely sharp, it can easily cut through leather.
  • Elven Bow — A strong recursive bow made from some unknown kind of cured wood.
  • Quiver of about 20 arrows.
  • Silk Clothes — A two-piece white and green set of loose silken clothes. The top is button-up and the bottoms tie together using a thread.
  • Leather Armor — A set of leather armor strapped and bound together. The buckles are made of some grey metal. It's very light.
  • Satchel of Supplies — A pack that Veron took with him on his journey out of the secluded glen of the elves. It has simple materials such as:
    • Flint and Steel
    • Preserved Bread and other Foodstuffs
    • Dowsing Rod… pretty much a simple stick
    • A Fishnet
    • Extra Bowstring
    • Elven Hunting Knife
    • Carving Knife
    • Wooden Flute
    • Wooden Oboe
    • Unknown Elven Musical Instrument
    • Holy Text of Oberonic Lore
    • An Unfinished Map

Personal History:

When Veron was born, the elven people sang hymns of praise and rejoice for his coming into the world. Of course, this was normal for any newborn who held the gift of life among the Oberonic Elves who lived in the land of the Faeries. They were all greeted into the world by the elder. For Veron, it was Elder Uldaron. As he recited the ancient rites and praises, Uldaron gave unto him his blessing and chose the path he was to follow. As each elf is given a path that they can follow before choosing another in life. As Uldaron smiled upon the babe, he saw his soul— the happiness and the righteousness that would come from the boy in life. And thus, he blessed him with the Path of Azariah. And the goddess did smile upon him and kiss his brow. But, the ceremony as not yet complete. For another deity favored him. And then, watching in astonishment, the village did see the boy blessed with the most holy of Paths. The Path of Oberon. And it became known then that Veron was special.

In his early childhood, Veron was segregated. Being such a 'special child' made him a threat and a pariah among the other children. He would not be invited to play, nor would he be invited to participate or join them. It was soon that he began to feel as if his greatest gift was, in fact, a curse. Veron was socially awkward for the longest time. He would keep his wits about him and not bother another soul.

Of course, there was just that one child who watched him from afar. An elven girl approached him one day while he was stinging a bow. Of course, he had no idea how to interact with her and became flustered and awkward. She smiled at him and they started talking. She said her name was Adevianna… then it occurred to him. Veron was talking to the princess. Although it was a hard conversation for him, they actually became very good friends, despite his social status as an aspiring hunter. From then, they grew up together and became close friends.

Years passed and Veron was well on his way to becoming a hunter. He was the most adept among his peers and had been taught how to effectively use the Path of Azariah. Veron was one of those kids who the higher-ups watched with interest. The rate of how he improved himself was astounding to them. And soon, he would be chosen for a great task.

The Elder and the King decided that it was time to leave the glen the elves had hidden in for so long with the Faeries. They would try to reach out again as Oberon had blessed them with a child wielding the ancient power. They believed it to be a sign. Veron, his mentor and another hunter were chosen to carry out the task of exploring beyond the sanctity of the glen. And thus, they packed and were sent out. The night before, Adevianna went to Veron and gave him a hearted, personal farewell. She wished him luck and they were off. Well, of course, as soon as they left the Glen, the GWU went after them. Veron stood back, refusing to fight the humans because they had done nothing wrong. Although, the other two didn't agree. They tried to fight for their lives, this ended up killing the other hunter and Veron's mentor. When they were killed, Veron fell to his knees in surrender and was taken to SunnyBrook.


His full name is 'Veron Aetheleas ka'Toren der Alatani Vul-Deras dor Cor'Namus ei Sulanin-Gaelean'. Veron would be the name given by birth; Aetheleas is the name inherited from his family; ka'Toren means his father was named Toren; der Alatani means his mother's name was Alatani; Cor'Namus means that he was chosen to become a hunter; ei Sulanin-Gaelean is the clan he was born in— Sulanin and Gaelean are two separate clans. Thus, his parents were from two different clans. This is a rare occurrence.


My Lady Shibain

  • Sam was the first person Veron could wholeheartedly trust. Not only has she gained his friendship, but she has also earned his trust and loyalty.
    • He fell for her. She's gained a strong loyalty from him and he will follow her wherever she goes, so long as she doesn't betray him and his love.
    • Although love fades and thus, she had left him for another. What paltry Gods she believed in had not saved her. Veron wept hard for her absence - but has since found a new call of life. Love for her has since become a thing of the past.

Lady Athene

  • Athene, the girl who looks so closely to the Naga, a race of snake people elves often contend with, has earned Veron's apology. He feels bad for what he did and gave her an offering for forgiveness- a wooden carving of a snake.

Airea Corylyn

  • Cory shall be taught the ways of the hunter— or at least a small bit of it. Veron will show her no mercy in training.
    • Cory has proved to Veron she is a worthy and capable student. So far, she has a good impression going for her.

Virasath Sierra

  • Veron believes she is a messenger of Oberon himself. He has no idea what to think of her. He fears angering her and wishes to make her an ally.

Her Grace Ledusia

  • Knowing that she is royalty, Ledusia has earned his respect by miles. As for his loyalty… she has more than what would be given to any normal person at first meet. Still, only time will tell of whether those loyalties are kept.

Lord Brett

  • Okay, so…. Brett is a terrible influence on Veron. For one, he's taught him human slang words that might get him in trouble. Secondly, he's convinced the elf boy that he is royalty. He should be wary of the day Veron finds out the truth.


Tiers and Progression

Tier 0 - Completed
Toughen Up - 4XP
Moving to Perfection (Agility) - 4XP
Learning New Tricks (Asher-dei Toranu) - 4XP
Power Boost (Path of Galeron) - 4XP
Tier 1 - Current
Power Boost (Path of Galaeron/Oberon) - 4XP
Learning New Tricks (Archery) - 4XP
Moving to Perfection (Agility) - 4XP
Tier 2 - Locked
Tier 3 - Locked
Tier 4 - Locked


Current: 2

Weekly Total: 30

Soft RP Total: 0

Hard RP Total: 0

Total: 30

Spent: 28


— Veron is broke, man.

Current: 0

Job Allowance: 0

RP-Gained Allowance: 0

Total Earned: 0

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