Veronica Marcoeli

Basic Info:

Player: SolongStarbird

Demeanor: Veronica is quiet, and tends to avoid interaction as much as possible, though, she often follows people around from a distance, fleeing when they spot her.

Nature: Veronica's personality has become incredibly timid. She rarely speaks, and is genuinely scared of opening herself up to others. If you manage to break through all of her fears and timid nature, though, she basically attaches herself to you, getting very clingy. As of late, Veronica has found that the friendly nature of many of the students is causing her to talk and open up a little easier.

Description: Veronica is of greek heritage and complexion, and of a small staure, even for a 16 year old. She stands at 4'10". She is slightly lighter than she looks, considering she has hollow bones and is technically made of feathers. She weighs 65 pounds.

Her standard dress consists of a long burgundy hooded sweatshirt, the kind that comes down to just above the knees, and brown hiking boots. It may look like she isn't wearing pants, due to the length of the sweatshirt, but if she were to take off the sweatshirt (like she would ever do that), you would see she is wearing mid-thigh length black yoga shorts and a white tank top, pink bra barely visible through it. On her left ring finger is a tungsten ring with the Marcoeli family symbol etched into it. Lately she has swapped out the shorts for some light blue tights, which don't match the sweatshirt too well, but she wears them together anyway. She's starting to develop her own sense of fashion, and likes to experiment, though an oversized top is almost always a part of whatever she wears.

The hood is almost always up, but if it isn't you would see that her short hair is actually white and brown striped feathers, often with some of it put in a very short ponytail, the rest hanging normally, at a length akin to a bob cut (ending at around the jaw). A few stick up in front, often poking out of her hoodie.

Her face has a scar of some sort, running from the left temple, over the eye, and ending near the center of her forehead. Her left eye has a slight squint. Her eyes have yellow irises. It is hard not to think of bird eyes. Also, her nose is slightly discolored, a hard, thin beak like layer of keratin covering the top of it. Her cheeks are slightly rosy.

Full Body Picture
Uncovered Head Picture


HP: 9

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 5

Brains: 3


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Parkour - (4) Agility
  • Stealth - (4) Agility
  • Perception - (4) Brains
  • Reflexes - (4) Agility

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power.

Spirit of wind - 4 - Harpies are regarded as the spirits of gusts of wind, leading to some abilities, such as wind manipulation, innate sense of direction, and increased lung capacity.

Feathers - 5 - Harpies can summon their feathers at will, and even turn their bodies into feathers. A harpy's feathers are completely subject to their will, even when not in contact with the body, meaning they can be controlled and moved around as if by telekinesis. Feathers can be used to form wings either on the back or arms, shield oneself for protection, be launched as dart-like weapons, or even to transform into feathers completely to slip into small spaces.

NOTE - Harpy anatomy Veronica is a harpy, and a member of the Marcoelis, the osprey harpy family. Much of her anatomy is akin to a bird, such as feather hair, hollow bones, a layer of beak on her nose, and bird eyes, which allow for keen eyesight and partial night vision. Additional physiological/psychological advantages include retractable claws on the feet, and altered foot shape which allows for grasping, and adaptations for aerial and atmospheric conditions. Veronica is also adept at communicating in chirps and birdsong.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • Aphasia - Veronica suffered brain damage in a flying accident back home. It has left her not only with a change to her prior personality, but also with a difficulty to speak. Speaking is labored, and full of stuttering and pauses. (She has no problem with her native tongue, birdsong, though)(mild+flavor)
  • Fragile Bird Build - given that Veronica is a harpy, her anatomy is akin to birds in many ways, one of which is hollow bones. Though is makes her naturally light, it also leaves her susceptible to extra damage, mainly from blunt crushing forces. (mild)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • A small doodle pad with pencil in case spoken words fail her.
  • A small rock named Dot.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • One of Dennis' feathers. He uses it to commnicate with her. Likewise, she left a feather with him.
  • An inkwell and some scrap paper. Used with feather for communication.
  • wooden stool and small desk
  • box of clothes
  • Framed Marcoeli family portrait
  • Framed picture of Veronica and Dennis
  • Chest full of precious memories
  • Other important everyday items, like toiletries, under the bed.

Personal History:

Veronica was born into the Marcoeli family, one of the great harpy families of Greece. Growing up, Veronica was trained to be a hunter. Many harpy families are families of hunters, others warriors, and others still messengers. The Marcoelis were friends with the Solaeris family, a family of dove harpies.

Her best friend was (and still is) Dennis Solaeris, who was training to be a messenger. Despite their difference in assigned profession, they often flew, practiced, and did things in general together. Dennis even began to teach her English, a language the Solaeris family had inherited through many years of message delivery.

One day, during a flight togehter, a storm appeared out of nowhere, ultimately resulting in a nearly deadly crash for both of them. Through miracle of magic medicines, they were both saved. Veronica and Dennis suffered many broken bones, all of which were healed with little to no trace, however, Veronica sustained permanent injuries: brain damages in the form of a personality shift and aphasia, as well as a large scar and nerve damage to her left eye.
Dennis escaped with only many scars along his back from doing his best the shield her from the plummet. Shame they hit a tree first…

After the incident, Veronica spent even more time around her best friend. She and Dennis even exchanged a feather each in case they ever got seperated as a means of communication via writing. A year or so later, Veronica was spotted by fishermen, and the GWU got a hold of her location. You know what happens next…


  • English is Veronica's fourth language, behind Birdsong, Greek, and Latin.
  • She enjoys singing, but is extremely self-conscious about it.
  • Her birthday is October 5th. (This makes her a libra.)

XP and other logged stuff

T:1 S:1 XP:2

Upgrades Tier 0:
- +1 to Spirit of Wind & Feathers
- +1 to Brains
- +1 to Perception and Reflexes
- +2 to HP
Upgrades Tier 1:
- +1 to Agility

Total XP: 22

Characters that are important to Veronica:

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