Veronica Turing

Hey, you there
with that face in the mirror:
What the hell are you looking at?
No really, who are you there to judge me?
You're exactly like me, but flat!

Basic Info:

Some other me is homeless…
…some other me's a queen.

Player: gumbal1
Name: Veronica Lyra Turing
Aliases: Jay, Veronica, Vivi, Lyanna

XP Unspent/Total: 64/64

Brief Description: If a casual metalhead and the human equivalent of a defanged brown recluse had a child, it'd be this chick.

Appearance: Veronica's not the kinda person you expect to be an engineer or metalhead. She's built like a jock, complete with a strong jawline and broad shoulders. Granted, her hands are covered in the callouses that you'd expect from someone who worked with their hands all day, and her workout routine seems more inclined to give her swimmer's build than anything else.

Veronica's chestnut hair is currently shoulder length, and she doesn't seem interested in cutting it any time soon. In contrast, she keeps himself clean-shaven, nails neatly trimmed. Either for the aesthetic or just by chance (spending much of his time in dimly-lit garages), her skin's pretty pale. Her earlobes and septum are rarely spotted without black rings through them.

Sometimes she experiments with eyeliner. Sometimes she doesn't.

Personality: Veronica isn't really a people person. It's not that she's shy or anything, she just feels like he has more important things to be working on than interpersonal connection.

Much of her time is spent either developing something, working on a project, or looking through textbooks she likes to buy from secondhand book stores. She's the kind of person that gets incredibly antsy if she's not working on something, and it shows. If an idle activity can't hold her attention for long, expect her to quit it early to work on something else.

As such, she's…kinda bad with social interaction. Not a complete disaster, mind you, but don't expect her to be the life of the party, if you get her to attend one in the first place. Still, everyone needs attention of some sort, so if you can get her to be your friend, keep inviting her to things. It helps that sometimes she'll outpace himself, leaving her with nothing else to do.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes: Veronica loves building things, taking things apart, learning how to build them, learning how to salvage materials, metal on vinyl, and baking. Her ideal social interaction, when she's looking for it, is a few people sitting down for lunch, shooting the breeze and generally just chilling out. Maybe an underground venue, one of those places people just sit and listen to other play music.

Veronica likes overcast mornings, long walks on quiet roads, good speculative fiction, and ferrets. Her ideal person is someone who can keep going on, despite everything. Her guilty pleasure is greasy Italian food.

She's not a fan of being interrupted, or people who try to tell others what they can or can't do with their lives. Doesn't get why people like ice cream so much.


Brawn: 3

Finesse: 2

Acuity: 4

Resolve: 3

Charisma: 1


Initiative: 6

Health: 11

Psyche: 9

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 3
Reflex Total: 4
Willpower Total: 3
Parry Roll: 0 (no matter what his stats are, Veronica knows jack shit about parrying)

Dodge: 5
Mundane DR: 3
Ability DR: 3
Equipped: Screwdriver


  • Frozen Heart - (5) Willpower, Resolve Trauma, brainwashing, isolation, pah. Veronica's seen worse.
  • Rent - (2) Mechanics, Acuity When your dad doesn't support your lifestyle, cost-saving measures are your best option. If something needs to be done, Veronica can probably find a cheaper and more efficient way to do it. After all, jury-rigging is the mother of innovation. Or something.
  • Ain't No Man Manhattan - (5) Perception, Acuity If something's bothering someone, expect Veronica to know, even if they're only kinda reacting to it. Best to know when someone is privy to something like a gas leak before you are, in her experience.
  • Seasons of Love - (4) Social, Charisma Veronica's more confident around people significantly older or younger than her. Less likely to fumble a word when you can mentally distance yourself from them.


A Map of New York - 5 Power
If it's electrically powered, Veronica can fuck with it.

Do you wanna build a snowman? - 5 Gift
Veronica engineers machines. She fucking kicks ass engineering machines, is what she does.


  • The Moment Explodes (-2, minor elemental weakness) - If hit with an EMP attack that isn't dodged, Veronica, no matter what she rolls, will lose 2 psyche and autofail any task she's currently performing.
  • It's a Sign (3, Transhuman senses) - Enhanced senses, with emphasis on touch and deemphasis on taste.
  • You Never Know (5, Calculated) - …unless you're Veronica. Acuity replaces Finesse for dodging.


Total Currency: $300 CAD

On Hand

  • Phone
  • ID
  • (Fake) Leather handbag
  • Screwdriver w/ variable heads


  • Jury-rigged desktop setup
  • Several posters of various metal bands
  • A small 'work desk'
  • A suspicious collection of various metals, wires, and plastics
  • A variety of blueprints
  • Several textbooks
  • A few romance novels

XP and Advancement

And you're feeling adrift, alone, apart, then suddenly life will somehow start,
and a map of New York is written on your heart…

List what you've improved with XP since character creation.
_xp: +___

XP History:
4 Reefer Madness
40 Monthly (10) x 4
15 Starting Bonus

Initial Details:

Additional Information

Bibliography / History:
Extra Info:

Interpersonal Relationships:

…and we make a map of New York every day!

  • Brad was an okay guy.
  • Is something wrong with Ashley?
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