Viktor Chernoff

Basic Info:

Player: SavanahHolland Not the name of your character

Demeanor: He looks kind and strangely handsome, not sure how to approach. Oh my god did he fall down?

Nature: Despite looking as solitary as a wolf he actually is very active and is a bit of a klutz.

Description: A sixteen year old with long flowing black hair tied up with a loose hair tie, his hair is pure black upon close inspection. His skin a creamy white color, completely natural despite his efforts to tan in the past. Viktor's eyes are a pale, almost inhuman blue color, most students are convinced his eyes are just colored contact lenses. The clothing he wears appears drab, he wears a gray hoodie with a fluffy material lining the inner walls of the hoodie's hood. His pants look to be faded blue jeans and his shoe look to be worn out sneakers. When he speak you can hear a Russian accent, it's not thick but you can tell.


HP: 4

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 5

Brains: 3


Medicine - (4) Brains
Knowledge on Flora - (2) Brains
Knowledge on Fauna - (3) Brains
Sneak - (2) Agility
Parkour - (1) Agility

Supernatural Abilities:

Ability to morph into a living thing -5-
Ability to morph into a inanimate object -4-

  • The time limit for being in a morphed state is ten minutes. If he is in a morphed state longer than ten minutes he quickly becomes weak only becoming weaker till he faints and his body naturally fades back to his human form.
  • If he were to transform into say a owl, he would gain say mild night vision.

Weaknesses: None


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Wedding ring
  • Lighter
  • Wallet

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A luggage bag neatly packed with clothing, assorted soaps, energy bars and a note from his mother saying that she will miss him.
  • A Picture of his father, mother, and a younger Viktor
  • First Aid kit
  • A book on Flora and Fauna
  • A small damaged Ocarina meant for a child

Personal History:

Viktor was born to a humble family, His father, Mother and himself. They all lived together
in a small province in Russia. Viktor had become accustomed to living in a rural area and
had gathered information on the plants and animals that inhabit the the surrounding area.
Around the time when Viktor was nine years of age his father has disappeared, leaving nothing behind.
Almost everything in the house was gone besides a few pictures. He was completely shocked and went
to his mother for answers. He saw her standing there, throwing away everything. Every picture, every
clothing item, every single memory he had. Looking at his mother he saw her take off her wedding
ring from his father and threw it on the ground at his feet. She had no expression, her face blank. He could
only see her eyes. Her horrible dull eyes. When she saw him she stood up as nothing had happened "Hello Viktor! We will be
leaving tomorrow pack everything up sweetie!" He stood there, picked up the wedding ring, and then left to his room to pack without a word.

Viktor took a plane ride with his mother, they were going to France. Him and his mother exchanged
no glances, no words. They arrived at a mansion. His mother saw a man. She looked happy.
They hugged and entered the house. She had forgotten about Viktor and entered the giant house
leaving him behind. He looked down at the paved ground, then made his way into the mansion.
Viktor found out this was his new father and that he was very rich. He quickly became a backdrop
his mother almost forgetting his existence completely except for few exchanged words, he learned to
stop listening to her. After a few months of living with this new distorted family, his mother
found out she was pregnant. The rich man asked for a paternity test. It wasn't his, it was
Viktors real father much to their dismay. She had the child and left the baby to one of the
mansion's maids. The maid never took care of the child, so Viktor had to take care of his
little brother. He played music for the child every night and loved him despite his mother
not. Seven months later his mother gave birth prematurely to the rich mans son. Heir to
his fortune. Viktor's younger brother became sickly, he couldn't do anything besides his final
option. He had to switch his brother and the rich mans child. Viktor awoke in the dead of night
he held his younger brother in his arms cradling him softly. The child made no sound besides
a fever warm to the touch. He walked down the hallways into the child's luxurious nursery. That
night he switched the two babies. They looked extremely similar despite his brother being a few
months older. He saw to door creep open, he didn't know what to do. Viktor set the rich man's child
down on the floor and panicked. He felt his body collapse into a soft fall. He somehow morphed into
a blanket covering the child and leaving his brother in the cradle. A nurse maid entered the room
to attend to the child's needs. She noticed the child's temperature and left worriedly to find a doctor.
Viktor's body quickly relapsed into his normal form. He had no time to ask himself questions.
Viktor took the child and ran through the hallways and left through the opening of the mansion.
He walked to a nearby orphanage and set him on the doorstep. Looking at the child knowing that it
had done nothing wrong whispered somberly "I'm sorry" He knocked on the door harshly and ran back. Leaving nothing but a painful memory.

Viktor grew into a fine young man, he had newly turned sixteen and his powers grew stronger with him
by the day. He saw his younger brother grow as well, he watched him go to classes and was hugged
and loved by his mother very much. Viktor began using his powers more often and it became a
habit to sneak around the house in the form of a bat, leaving gossip among the maids about
a bat in the mansion. He had become careless over time. He had transformed into a small cat, his mortified
mother had seen and decided her reject child must be sent somewhere where they will deal with his "Problems". He was sent away, unwary of whats to come.


XP - 1

Money - $700.00

Toughen up - Increase HP by 2
Clear Mind- Increase Psyche by 2
Moving to Perfection- Increase any stat by 1
Power Boost- Increase supernatural abilities by 2 (must split between two powers, you can add new ones)
Learning New Tricks- increase skill points by 2 (you can add new skills)
Anomalous Generation- (special) create an artifact with the permission of the GM

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