Vincent Bale

Basic Info:

Player: SolongStarbird

Demeanor: Vincent is a content person for the most part. He always seems to be at ease. He will talk with just about anyone who initiates, and overall, he comes across as just a friendly person.

Nature: The outside matches the inside. Vincent is a content individual. Really his only sorrow is that he can't be close to Wendy anymore. When he found that out though, she told him not to worry, and that he could move on if he needed to. He trusts her, so maybe he should?.. Or maybe he will hang on through a long-distance relationship? Either way, Vincent is a content person, who manages to be happy-go-lucky, yet conscientious at the same time. He likes to sing to himself, and hey, it isn't the worst thing ever if other people hear. He gets really animated and loud when excited, and if he ever gets sad, he'll be quiet. His volume knob really is attached to his mood…

Description: Aged 15, and with a standard, perhaps slight build and a height of 5' 9", Vincent looks like your normal white boy… well, he's got a bleach blond undercut of sorts and several piercings, but hey, can't be too conformist, right? His standard dress is jeans and a pink hoodie. He loves his pink hoodie. Around his neck is a glass amulet ringed with gold (actually brass), a treasured gift from Wendy. He also has a canvas satchel covered in buttons from various bands and shows he will occasionally use.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


  • Good Acting - (3) Brains Being in theatre classes since 7th grade is an excellent way to practice the arts of deceptive acting and persuasion.
  • Running - (2) Agility When you basically have a new body, you find out what it is good for. It's good for running.
  • Perception - (3) Brains You start to get really good at hiding things and being alert when raised by disapproving parents.
  • Stealth - (2) Agility You gotta be quick and sneaky to slip a few extra pounds onto those bitches at school.
  • Endurance - (2) Brawn Of course this is an important trait to hone in your new self.

Supernatural Abilities:

Transfer Shapes - 4 - Vincent can shapeshift, but he can't do it on his own. Another person must be involved. Vincent can then trade physical traits with that person, giving them his trait in exchange for theirs. Examples include the transfer of body fat, hair, organs, facial features, and musculature. Vincent can then trade swapped characteristics to other people, effectively allowing him to swap the physical traits between other people with himself as the intermediary. If the partner does not consent and resist, it becomes harder or even impossible for Vincent to transfer. This is done by rolling a brawn roll to counter his power roll. Vincent must be touching the other people involved, and cannot transfer brains.

Mimic Repertoire - 3 - If Vincent finds a trait he likes, he can make contact with the person, and instead of swapping, copy the trait and store it away. He can swap out his current traits for stored ones without the need of another person. He can drop traits from the repertoire at any time. His storage limit for traits is the power's level raised to the power of 2. An entire body takes up 10 slots. Current limit: 9 traits.

List of stored traits:


-nothing really….


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Wendy's gift amulet
  • Wallet
  • Phone
  • A pen
  • Some gum

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Clothes
  • Hygiene products
  • Laptop
  • Soccer ball
  • Butterfly knife trainer
  • Stereo, mp3 player, and headphones

Personal History:

Vincent was born Vivian Bale, the middle daughter of an upper middle class family in Spokane, Washington. As Vivian grew up, she never quite felt right, and she would soon find her life changed when she met Wendy Watson in her freshman year of highschool.

Wendy was the one who put a name to Vivian's plight: gender dysphoria. Vivian immediately identified. She had always felt to be more of a guy. Wendy admitted a similar condition. Her given name was actually Walter. The two instantly became the closest friends.

Wendy eventually persuaded Vivian to come out as trans to her parents. She told them that her his name was Vincent, and that he was really a boy inside. His parents did not take this well, and Vincent sought refuge with Wendy's parents, who openly accepted him.

Vincent and Wendy became something more, and Vincent's powers came to light during their first kiss, in which Vincent left the kiss heavier than he should have been, and Wendy lighter. Upon further experimentation, Vincent gained the hang of his ability, and he and Wendy used it to subtly retaliate against their enemies at school.

Vincent devised a plan for their six month anniversary. It was the farthest he had ever pushed his powers, but by the time it was over, he had successfully ended their dysphoria problems. He now had the things she didn't want, and had in exchange given her those things he didn't want. They ended the best night of their lives by exchanging clothes. Vincent's clothes fit on Wendy's new curves, and Wendy's old underwear actually fit him. They were the happiest couple in the world that night.

But of course, it wasn't very long until both sets of parents found out. When Vincent was ordered to undo what he had done by his his parents. Wendy and her family stepped up for him. Guess who else stepped up? Fifth Sanctum, that's who.


  • Birthday is April 30th. He's a Taurus.
  • Favorite music: RWBY OST (Jeff and Casey Lee Williams) and some similar artists, also a Monstercat fan.
  • Vincent isn't quite sure of his sexual orientation. "I just like what I like."
  • Can pick out the best fruit at the supermarket.
  • Would be happy to offer his services to those who ask, especially other trans people.
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