Vinnia Key Cohldurn

Basic Info:

Player: SolongStarbird

Demeanor: Anyone who meets Vinnia is immediately going to notice her lack of subtlety. She is very extreme in her mannerisms and actions and yells… a lot. Despite this, she seems pretty chill, if not a little sassy.

Nature: Vinnia is happy-go-lucky girl. Not much will upset her, and most events will be shrugged off with a chill, "Whatever" perhaps followed with, "It's all cool." If somethng does manage to bother her though, it is expressed through anger and moodiness. Despite this, Vinnia is a social butterfly and enjoys company. Only when she is enjoying music will she ever want to be alone. She enjoys parties, especially since she can play music and be with people at the same time.

Vinnia only recently turned 16 (that was when she arrived; she's 17 now), so being immature is something that comes naturally. A dirty joke always evokes a snicker or guffaw, and she never shys away from such humor and innuendo herself. Once again, subtlety is not her cup of tea. Expertly combining both chill and a bit of attitude is.

Despite what all of this would lead you to believe, Vinnia is actually decently smart. Music is obviously her favorite subject.

Description: Vinnia is African American in both descent and race, and wears her hair in short dreads just long enough to put into a short ponytail. The few that aren't long enough to be pulled back fall onto her forehead. One of the longer strands has been dyed an electric blue. Reference Image

Vinnia's figure of the more full and voluptuous nature, reflected not only by her thicker/wider body type, but also by her chest and rear. She wears it well though, and many would consider it an attractive full figure. She stands at 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs somewhere around 150 pounds. Body type is similar to this.

Her wardrobe usually consists of things like acid wash jeans with a tear here or there, and t-shirts or tanktops with various band logos on them, though her favorite is a well-fitting black tee with the Monstercat logo on it. Also, around her neck, what seems to be 24/7, are a pair of the new wireless edition Sol Republic headphones. She swears that no other brand can come close to Sol Republic.


HP: 9

Psyche: 8

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


  • Marksmanship (Agility) 2
  • Close combat (Brawn) 3
  • Persuasion/Manipulation (Brains) 3
  • Running/Parkour (Agility) 3
  • Electronics: Repair and use (Brains) 5

Supernatural Abilities:

  • Livewire - Vinnia can allow electricity to travel through her body without the normal damages it causes, essentially making her immune to electricity. This can be used to handle live electrical mechanisms, connect a broken circut, or absorb electrcty and store it for later use. Stored electricity can be released in a variety of ways. Vinnia can either cause her entire body to crackle with electricity, shocking all that contacts her, shoot the electricity out in spherical blasts, or release stored electricity directly into wires or other conductors. (6)
  • Magneto - Another use for the electricity is magnetism. Vinnia can use the electromagnetic forces to move, and in some cases, alter metals and other magnetic substances. Since this is a facet of her abilities Vinnia hasn't delved into as much, she still has a bit to work on. (5)
  • NOTE: Vinnia's body will gradually amplify the electricity stored in her body over time. Perhaps this is part of her abilities, or she is just gradually recieving small amounts of electricity from the air? Either one is a possibility.




List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • 200 gig MP3 player with wireless Sol Republic headphones
  • Wallet
  • Smartphone (Andriod, of course) w/ charging cord and spare set of earbuds
  • Battery pack (For use with powers)
  • Brown rabbit headband

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A various assortment of DJ equipment, including mixers, speakers, lights, a turntable, and the ever-so-important aux cord (She left around half of it at home so her brother could continue her work.)
  • A decent laptop loaded with music softwares and some Steam games
  • A few spare sets of earbuds
  • A box of wires, batteries, soldering equipment, and other electrician essentials
  • Comic books (a few of which are manga)
  • bluetooth speaker (because a room should never be without music)
  • Another box, this one filled with clothes
  • An Ibanez electric guitar with small amp

Personal History:

Vinnia's mother died giving birth to her, leaving her with her dad and her 6 year old brother, Marcus, in the big city of Detroit. Vinnia and her brother attended school and the likes while their father worked jobs to support. At around the age of 11, she discovered her love of music. She started off with a guitar, playing hits from people like Lenny Kravitz, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin.

She then went on to discover EDM, and aspired to become a DJ. Using the leftover profits from both her dad and now her brother's jobs, she began to amass both musical knowledge and musical equipment, as well as the knowledge of electrical maintenance to accompany it. Then, at the age of 14, she somehow managed to get the role of DJing her school's dance. It was a major success, and as soon as Marcus decided to quit his job and accompany Vinnia, her number of options expanded, since Marcus could use his age to get her gigs at clubs and the likes, all while accompanying her as a bodyguard. She donned the professional name of DJ Cauldron, a play-on-words of her last name.

Despite having her brother as a bodyguard, Vinnia still took her aptitude for learning and used it to learn a few other defensive skills, such as firearm use, freerunning, and close-quarters brawling. Her experiences also resulted in her learning how to sweet talk her way into and out of things.

Her gigs with her brother continued on until around her 16th birthday, when ultimately, Vinnia shocked herself whilst reparing equipment and a ball of electricity erupted from her hand and set a curtain on fire shortly after. It only took the GWU a week or so to catch wind of this. Vinnia then left a good half of her equipment with her brother so that he could continue in her absense, and went on her way to Sunnybrook….

(Quite the crappy birthday present if you ask me.)


  • Birthday is February 1st, making her an Aquarius
  • DJ Cauldron has officially produced 2 songs: 'Chase a Cloud' and 'Terminal C' Too bad Sunnybrook's policy will prevent her from giving the general public more…. she'll have to stick with her newer, smaller audience… unless…

Character Logs

T:2 S:0 XP:1

Total XP: 33

- Received 1 XP for activity
- Received 1 XP for activity
- Received 1 XP for activity
- Received 1 XP for activity (x14)
- Upgrade: +1 to Livewire and Magneto
- Upgrade: +2 HP
- Upgrade: +1 to Electronics and Close Combat
- Upgrade: +1 to Brawn
- Advance to Tier 1
- Upgrade: +1 to Marksmanship and Electronics
- Received XP from various sources (x13)
- Upgrade: +1 to Livewire and Magneto
- Upgrade: +2 Psyche
- Upgrade: +1 to Agility
- Advance to Tier 2

Relationship Logs

- Malissa: We came to Sunnybrook on the same bus. She's a pixie, and pretty much my best friend here. She's very attractive, and I can tell everyone will be fighting for her. She's horny as hell.

- Katlyn: At first I thought she was shy. It turns out she's mute and shy. Really good at drawing, and she has a guitar too! Saw her and Akemi kiss on the roof. No biggie though. Whatever floats her boat. She did seem pretty upset that we saw though…

- Akemi: The first time I met her was when she was singing on the roof along to the tune of Katlyn's guitar. I thought she might have been mad after Katlyn ran off, but she wasn't, which is a relief. I'm gonna have to borrow her for her voice sometime.

- DJ G: Apparently there is another DJ here, and he's both mysterious and inactive. Time to find and join him, or perhaps even take over!

- James: He's a bit of a downer, but he is a gentleman. He's sweet. I don't mind spending time around him… and he has cute eyes.

James is my boyfriend now, and he is the best! (even if he has the whole nightmare issue)

- Alice: She was doing parkour, She's cool, I guess. Haven't talked to her since .

- Dan: He's pretty chill. That's all.

- Wendy: She's awesome.

- Jace: Pretty cool guy.

- Reynard: I have to go through this guy to make James an invincible guitar. He's kinda shady, but whatever.

- Tessa: She plays the bass! Pretty cool if you ask me.

(Relationships log is slightly fragmented, and now discontinued, due to lack of maintenance.)

Events Log

  • I came to this stupid place on a bus. I was missing my fam, but I then made a friend out of a pixie girl named Malissa. She's cool. Hopefully this new school crap works out….
  • Met a girl named Katlyn. She's mute, and talks by writing. She also has a guitar. Anyway, I was upset about the school's upload policy, and Kat tried to help give me some help. I'm gonna have to talk to the administration or something.
  • Finally finished reading that welcome packet, and I decided to use the map to explore a little. Malissa came along. We went to the roof, nad ran into Akemi and Katlyn, who were singing and playing a guitar in a duet of sorts. It ended in a kiss, and Katlyn got upset and ran off, probably because me and Malissa walked in on it. Akemi wasn't mad though. I learned that there is another DJ here who broadcasts to the school, and that he hasn't been heard from for awhile. I might just have to take his place….
  • I met James. He saved me when I fell off a ladder, and he likes my music. Apparently he is haunted by monsters… He offered to sing for the track too, which is nice. He was blushing a bit too…. I think?
  • NOTE: Events log is fragmented due to lack of maintenance. Synopsis of events in fragmented period of time: Vinnia and James become an item. Vinnia buys him a guitar. Meets Alice and Dan. James has nightmares. He gets Vinnia an indestructible guitar. Vinnia and James have movie nights and sleep together. James' guitar gets destroyed by nightmare. Vinnia talks to Reynard about invincibility charms. Rabbit headband. Vinnia meets Tessa.
  • NOTE: SS is lazy so events log is discontinued.
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