Vladimira Petrovic

Basic Info:

Player: Taveena

Demeanor: Apart from her somewhat deathly appearance, Mira is, for the most part, very much nervous and jumpy around people, especially those associated with the G.W.U.

Nature: Mira is shy, confused, and nervous. Despite her near-fluency in English, she is ashamed of her mistakes and leans towards formality. She's also mourning for the second family she's lost, but is too afraid to openly grieve. Lacking little practical or social experience, she focuses on her engineering, hoping to find a way to alleviate her problem.

Description: Vladimira is a petite Romanian girl of 14 years old, though her wide-eyed fear and shrinking nature means she's easy to mistake as younger. Stringy black hair covers her face much of the time, though piercing red eyes and oversized vestigial fangs mark her as not entirely human. Were it not for her visible breathing, and faint pulse, she might be reasonably branded as undead - her skin has large, welling areas of necrotic flesh barely under the skin, and she moves with an awkward stiffness. Whenever she is not sleeping, she wears a bulky full-body suit, connected by tubes to a fibreglass gauntlet on her right hand, and a large container on her back. When she speaks, it is usually quietly, somewhat slowly, and with a strong accent.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Engineering: 4
  • Science: 3
  • Mathematics: 2
  • Medicine: 3

Supernatural Abilities:

  • Conditional Resurrection: Mira's sole supernatural ability that doesn't involve spontaneous combustion is her ability to resurrect from the dead upon contact with blood, or being exposed to moonlight. Provided her suit has not been damaged (or remotely deactivated), her body reassembles around whichever speck of ash was exposed to the stimulus within 10 seconds. While resurrecting, she does not take damage from exposure, but is otherwise vulnerable. (4)
  • Desmodu Device: Mira's keen intellect has resulted in her creation of a device connected to her life support suit nicknamed the Desmodu Device, which allows her to painlessly drain blood from anyone she can firmly grip, giving her another 300 millilitres of blood (or 75 minutes of daytime exposure). Of course, she's still sorting out the bugs… (4)
  • Reserve point from creation. Nothing to spend it on at the moment. (1)


  • Mira has an extreme vulnerability to any, and all, Vampire vulnerabilities. Her response to this is usually spontaneous combustion, disintegrating her body to a fine ash. However, this is mitigated by a suit which constantly keeps human blood flowing over her body. Since her capture by the G.W.U., her suit now has the ability to be shut off remotely, and is automatically shut off if she ever leaves the school grounds. Being without her suit causes her to immediately die if she is if she is not in direct contact with blood. Her suit consumes 1 millilitre of blood every 15 seconds to counteract her constant deaths. At night, this is reduced to one millilitre per 30 seconds. (Severe)
  • Due to her reliance on her suit, damage to it causes both loss of circulation and blood, decimating her defenses against her myriad weaknesses. Attacks targeted at the machinery or tank of her suit deal twice normal damage. (Severe)
  • Mira is forced to supplement her human dietary requirements with at least 100 millilitres of blood every 24 hours. For every 24 hours she goes without blood, she loses 1 HP which cannot be regained until she's fed. A full death and resurrection counts as a feeding, but the constant flow of blood from the suit does not. (Mild)
  • While, for the most part, Mira's weaknesses are negated by the suit, she still feels each death and suffers from chronic pain as a result. This has mostly become background noise, but certain particularly powerful or famous vampiric weaknesses cause her to be briefly overwhelmed with the pain. Whenever someone actively exposes Mira to something they earnestly believe is a vampire weakness, she takes a -2 penalty on all rolls and loses 40 millilitres (10 minutes) of blood for each round she is exposed. (Mild)
  • Mira constantly suffers from rigor mortis, though her suit, at this point, alleviates matters to some extent. However, without it, her Brawn and Agility are reduced to 1. (Mild)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Life Support Suit, including Desmodu Device and Blood Tank (containing up to 10 litres of blood, human or animal)

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Blood surplus and recharge equipment, stolen from the Project Eternity facilities.

Personal History:

In early 2004, under the new moon in a remote Romanian village, a woman gave birth out of wedlock to a 'demon child'. Deathly from birth and fanged, born with a full head of hair, accusations were made of its heritage, which only seemed to be proven when the infant burst into flames at sunrise. The woman, ashamed and fearful, fled the village.
At nightfall, however, the child rose from the ashes.

After several weeks in which the villagers attempted to rid themselves of the infant, the organization known as Kindergarten took the child off their hands. In lieu of a loving parent, they contacted the South American group known as Project Eternity, telling them of the baby's miraculous abilities. After a meeting with Project Eternity's Dr. Dominika Petrovic, custody - inasmuch as it existed - was given to Project Eternity, under conditions the baby would not be mistreated, and would be given as much of an education as possible under her unique conditions.

The baby was taken to Project Eternity's laboratories, and it was there that Project: Sanguine began, attempting to replicate - or at least source - the child's powers. As promised by the legal agreements, Project Eternity did its best not to mistreat the child. Dr. Petrovic, in particular, took on a role as the girl's surrogate mother, nicknaming her Vladimira after the legendary Romanian king as a reference to the early discovery her resurrection could additionally be triggered by hemoglobin. At some point, the name stuck, though it was never formally recognized. Vladimira grew close to Dr. Petrovic, viewing her as a parental figure. It was only a few weeks after the first instance of the nickname that Vladimira began to require hemoglobin in her diet alongside traditional foods.

As Vladimira grew older, the number of triggers for her spontaneous combustion seemed to grow. The cause was isolated when she was 4 years old, when it was isolated that in a bizarre cultural response, her auto-immolation was triggered by external beliefs relating to vampires. There was speculation as to whether Petrovic's vampire references had caused some kind of psychic attachment to the concept of vampirism, but removal of all potential subjects failed to stem her increasingly frequent immolation. After several months in which she spent nearly as much time dead as alive, Project Eternity was able to create a suit which would allow Vladimira to function relatively normally, and research continued into her resurrective abilities. Project Eternity was able to make a great deal of progress, even eventually discovering that her ashes contained the pattern by which she reassembled herself. There were landmark discoveries made on many fronts, which - had they been public - could have revolutionized modern understandings of quantum entanglement and conservation of energy. Vladimira, for her part, was eager to please, and Dr. Petrovic began schooling her as she grew older. She learned very quickly, through lack of distractions and a desire to make her surrogate mother proud. While she wasn't able to assist with the research in any major detail, she designed - and, with the aid of other members of Project Eternity, built - a gauntlet which would allow her to refill her supply of hemoglobin without violent extraction, based on reverse-engineered cutting-edge vaccine delivery systems.

The attempts to isolate the cause, however, were overwhelmingly failures. While some of her traits seemed to be traceable biologically, in every other subject in which these sequences were replicated, neither the auto-immolation nor the resurrection were displayed. Some attempts to genetically engineer rats to have the same odd variations Mira did were dangerous failures - the rats were aggressive hematophages, and displayed physical abilities far beyond expected without any noticible signs. A security breach caused by a genetically modified Chimpanzee resulted in the deaths of four researchers and the escape of the subject. Nonetheless, even as Vladimira's immolations got more and more frequent, necessitating several litres of blood be consumed each day. However, Project Eternity's discoveries had drawn the attention of the G.W.U.

In late 2017, a BOPE raid in Rio de Janero found what was referred to as "an illicit bioweaponry laboratory" operating out of an underground base underneath the sewers. Secretly incited by the G.W.U., the operation against the Project Eternity lab had resulted in the G.W.U. acquisition of several anomalous subjects, including Vladimira. Twenty-three researchers were apprehended, and 8 were killed, among them Dr. Petrovic. Vladimira was, in fact, killed in the raid, and she remained in her death-state for several months.

In March, 2018, she awakened from her death-state in a small dorm on the SunnyBrook campus. Instructed of the basics of the school, and of the consequences of leaving, she is preparing - for the first time ever - to interact with the world at large.


She speaks with a strong Romanian accent, which her player does not always remember to type of phonetically.

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