Wendy Strauss

Player: SavanahHolland

Demeanor: Confusion, as if she doesn't know what she's doing, where she is half the time, switching personalities often, but not because of anything as crazy as two different personalities or anything.. just her one conflicted personality, unsure which way it plans to go or even stay.

Nature: An absolute ball of emotional fire, whether rage, sadness, or the most joy she can manage, control of her own emotions is something she certainly lacks. Constantly split between two versions of herself, a spunky young girl that was absolutely questionable morals all for the sake of good in the end, or a dim tender flame of depression, of obsession and compulsion. Those who come close to her would understand that quickly, perhaps considered toxic. A sick twisted obsession and possessiveness to those around her she can't seem to control.

Description: Fifteen teen years of age, height 5'4. A slender body build, that certainly doesn't look fit for fighting, though thanks to her training she's learned how to fight in a way that takes advantage of that. She has usually pale skin, almost white but not quite and pronouncing even more the times when she does blush. Much like her body having slender and pale, doll like fingers with nails that are sometimes done with just a natural peach color. Extremely long raven black hair that goes past her waist, often held up by pigtails, curled at the end into that tornado style you probably see in all anime. Wendy has grayish blue eyes with dark eye makeup, however her left eye no longer completely blue, now tainted with half of her iris a deep red, mellowing in with the blue, appearing as an obvious case of Heterochromia iridum despite not being born with it. She usually wears a faded blue sweater, cherry red sweater, or a dark green sweater, black skinny jeans, black flats and a necklace adorning her neck with her cat "Tinkles" ashes. She wears a small black fanny pack around her waist to carry objects, usually wears it a little slanted to the side to keep up with 'fashion'. Wendy Strauss


HP: 14/14 +1 from Reinforced leather jacket

Psyche: 12/12

Brawn: 5

Agility: 3

Brains: 5


Things you're character is good at, things normal people can do

Brute Strength: (6) Brawn
Accuracy (4) Agility
Parkour: (4) Agility
Reflexes: (6) Agility
Perception: (3) Brains
Persuasion: (1) Brains
Acuity: (3) Brains (Mental defense)

Supernatural abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power

Blaze Vein - 7 - Wendy can produce intense heat or a flame of any color on any part of her body at will. The flames do not produce smoke on their own, but can set other things on fire that may. She can move, levitate, maintain, control and manipulate fire freely, both what she produces and otherwise, and can change other fires as if they were her own. She can, of course, throw fire in this way, making it a useful attack. To Wendy, this power feels calming, and using it always comes with a pleasant feeling for her.

Liberation - 4 - With a touch, Wendy can bring the body temperature of another person or object back to normal. This works with both heating and cooling, and grants the subject immunity to heat and cold for fifteen minutes, as well as ill effects of electromagnetic radiation (aka light), such as sunburn. Due to the nature of Wendy's power, it brings with it a soothing warmth that can help calm others, and instill a sense of warm security.

Out from Embers - 5 - Wendy summons a familiar of flames, based on and tied to her emotional state. She cannot choose which familiar is summoned, only the one that reflects her true emotions in that moment is called / created. The familiars cannot permanently die unless Wendy does, but will be dissipated upon taking lethal damage (and can later be re-summoned). If this happens, Wendy takes 1 point of unresisted Psyche damage. The familiar's attack ability, all defenses, and health are all based on this power and her roll; they have a base rating in the first two categories equal to this power's rank and health equal to rank+tier, and Wendy can assign additional points upon summoning equal to 1/2 of the roll result (but no category may go above twice its base rating).
Wendy's familiars are physical manifestations of her emotions, and can drain her of their opposite emotion if out for too long.

Neci, Up in Flames Base Attack: 5 Defense: 5 Health: 6
Neci's main and only attack, it circles a enemy quickly, almost something it cannot even see happen. Once this happens there will be a circles of flames surrounding it, cornering it. The enemy will have to roll Agility Defense to get out of the circle.
A fennec fox like creature made of pure violet flames, it responds to being summoned if Wendy feels joy or passion, usually summoned with positive emotions.

Neru, Never Ending Cold Base Attack: 5 Defense: 5 Health: 6
Neru's main and only attack, summons a cold that can only hit and be felt by a single targeted enemy, that said cold will lower a targets physical defense by one for two rounds, then the cold wears off from the target.
A fennec fox like creature made of white flames with a blue tint, though as the emotion of anger comes out, Neru has a red tint instead of blue in that case. Ir responds to being summoned if Wendy feels sadness, anger or fear, usually summoned with negative emotions.

Living Flame - 2 - When Wendy is put in a situation where her life seems to be in danger and she fears for her life, or when she's angry enough. Neci and Neru take over, engulfing her body in pure unadulterated blue and violet hued flames, a silhouette of a human made completely of the blaze. She must roll a 6 or higher for it to activate, then 1/2 of said roll is the amount or rounds she has this power, rounding up.
Due to the nature of this power, and Wendy being unwilling when it happens, she loses all control, being used by Neci and Neru, filled and controlled by raw emotion and an animalistic instinct to survive; She takes 1 psyche per every two rounds while this power active. The same reason applies to why she has a -3 psyche defense modifier. She's made of completely of fire so of course that makes fighting her unarmed rather painful. An unarmed attacker that tries to attack her has to take 1 physical damage per attack on her and she has +1/2 rating physical defense rolls against non-elemental. It can also be applied for her attacking someone hand to hand, getting 1/3 of this power's rating as a bonus to unarmed damage. Her being completely on fire makes her Blaze Vein power much more powerful, 1/3 of this power's rating adds a bonus to it's roll.

  • Wendy is constantly at the same body temperature, she cannot casually become cold unless brought to extremes, once brought to extremes she is extremely susceptible to sickness and can possibly die from too much exposure to the cold, or inside a large body of water, which will give the same effect.
  • She is completely and constantly immune to fire.
  • Overuse of Liberation or Blaze Vein gives Wendy chest pains.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

Living Flame - 2 - Wendy cannot swim in a large body of water, she can drink or shower in water, but her entire body being submerged in it can weaken her to the point of possible death. Physical and supernatural elements are at play if this were to happen, her body can't swim, she can't learn to swim. And Wendy is somewhat of a living flame, though still completely human, and can go out like a candle. Going out can happen if she is in a large body of water, outside for far too long in the cold, or extreme situations of stress. Physically some people could call when this happens, a stroke, which takes a toll on her body and mind. Mild


And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Fluffy Blanket
  • Slightly faded midnight blue, dark green and cherry red sweaters. She also has a short red and blue dress, both the same brand and design, just different colors.
  • First aid kit
  • A trunk of assorted candles and pieces of blank paper
  • Polaroid Land Camera 1000
  • Awesome patch and ribbon
  • Fake felt reindeer antlers
  • Wind up music device
  • Wendy's Scrapbook filled with childhood pictures, is also slightly too large Jan
  • Locket Lilith
  • Computer Built by Aiko
  • Pillow with flame on it Rose
  • Red Fox plushie, Six tails Stella
  • Worn out Punching Bag with cute stickers Eira
  • Cute formal Cape Lucette
  • A polished onyx knight chess piece Jace

Personal History:

The truth of the matter is that fourteen year old Wendy Strauss was abnormal. She never talked or
gossiped with other girls, she was just seen as backround character to the interesting teenage lives of
her peers. No one noticed her, and why should they? Every single day she would just
stay in her bedroom from dawn till dusk basking in the warm glow of a single flame. However she never
had the need for a match stick or a candle. Wendy could produce a flame anywhere she desired and the
even stranger thing is that the flame could rest on the tip of her finger or anywhere else. No one could ever
explain how her body never scorched, how it never were black and burnt.But Wendy
did not seem to mind. She loved the gentle flame surrounding her, the soft glow of
something other than the morning light peeking through her curtains.

Wendy did not care much for the world or people that surrounded her, she only cared for the
darkness of her room and warmness of a single flame. She never wanted that to be shattered,
but when two men in dark onyx suits tried to pry her from the only reality she truly
adored and cherished she kicked and screamed while her parents told her it was
for her own safety, and theirs. Wendy knew her efforts to escape free were fruitless. So she just
became silent as her 'mother' and step-father said their hollow goodbyes with no remorse. Wendy knew this was now her reality.


Money - $100.00

XP - 10

Tier - 5

Upgrades -

Toughen up - Increase HP by 2
Clear Mind- Increase Psyche by 2
Moving to Perfection- Increase any stat by 1
Power Boost- Increase supernatural abilities by 2 (must split between two powers, you can add new ones)
Learning New Tricks- increase skill points by 2 (you can add new skills)
Anomalous Generation- (special) create an artifact with the permission of the GM



Aiko Minami -

Akemi Kimura -

Jackie Legs -

Malissa Maguire -

Important Logs:

Training -
Lucette and Wendy +1 monthly XP -> May
Akemi and Wendy +1 monthly XP -> June
Aiko and Wendy +1 monthly XP -> July
Chris and Wendy +1 monthly XP -> September

Lilith and Wendy +1 Power Tier 0 -> Blaze Vein
Ju and Wendy +1 Skill Tier 0 -> Acuity
Lilith, Akemi and Wendy +1 Power Tier 1 -> Out of Embers
Bryce and Wendy +1 Skill Tier 1 -> Accuracy
Akemi and Wendy +1 Skill Tier 2 -> Persuasion
Akemi and Wendy +1 Power Tier 2 -> Out of Embers

Just because <3 -
Lilith and Wendy "Enta Hayati."
Akemi, Lilith and Wendy Sealed with a Kiss
Akemi, Jackie and Wendy Tease
Akemi and Wendy Sweet Mirror Shards
Akemi, Jan, and Wendy The nightmare's return
Jan and Wendy My Lilly
Eira, Twelve, Jace and Wendy The birdies and the birds
Akemi and Wendy Enough
Katlyn and Wendy And it breaks my Heart
Sariel, Jace and Wendy Frozen Wasteland
Jace and Wendy Daybreak
James and Wendy What Nightmares are made of
Conn, Jonathan, Quinten, Katlyn, Mads, Julia, Samantha and Wendy French Braid

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