William Walker

Player: FlamingKeelan.

Demeanor: Generally aloof, free spirited and kind. Not the brightest of the bunch Will generally makes up for it with his positive attitude and care free demeanor.

Nature: Outgoing and overwhelmingly positive Will always looks on the bright side of things, forgetting there was even a dark side. Will is eager to make friends and has barely any concept of shame, happily doing things to make people laugh.

Description: 15, 5'9", short brown hair, Lanky build, green eyes, big ears and a heartwarming smile. Had a decent tan for most of his life, spending the majority of his free time outside. Usually seen wearing loose fitting shirts and baggy shorts/pants.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


I'll race you there! (Athletics)- 4/Brawn- Living in an outback town, there wasn't much to do that wasn't physical and so over the course of his life Will has become more and more physically fit. Had he been in a bigger school/town he would have probably made the track team.

Its all in the Reflexes. (Reflexes)- 4/Agility- Though not nearly the strongest guy he knows, Will might be the quickest. Then again, from a small town the sample size isn't really good. Whether from an unconscious use of his abilities, or dumb luck Will has managed to avoid some pretty nasty stuff he probably shouldn't have.

You see that? (Perception)- 3/Brains- Though he wasn't always the brightest, he had a good eye for things and was usually the first to spot things going sour (Eg. able to spot when a storm is coming.)

Bring it on mate! (Melee Combat)- 3/Brawn - Growing up with three brothers mean a lot of play fighting…a lot of it. Will has got pretty good at locking up his brothers or getting out of holds (Currently the holder of the Kitchen Bench Championship belt) . It has helped him more than once when one of the bullies at his previous school where picking on his little brother.

Supernatural Powers

Body Double 3 - Is able to grow extra body parts, usually close to the original (Eg. an extra arm appearing out of his shoulder). These body parts usually retract unconsciously after a few seconds and Will is left with a kind of growing pain in the original limb/part. This somewhat bolsters strength of that particular limb or allows him to do things that aren't usually possible (Eg. Having eyes in the back of his head).With control over most of his bodily functions Will is able to somewhat reject toxins and gasses.

Accelerated Regeneration 2 - Able to heal quicker than the average human, Will heals from small and medium injuries in a far shorter amount of time than usual. Though not quite akin to a reptile's tail, Will is able to 'grow back' parts of him that are removed. Doing this takes time and requires nearly all of his energy, making him bedridden, even comatose depending on the injury.

Imitation 2 - Through manipulating his body structure, Will can slightly change his appearance and that of his vocal cords making him able to impersonate someone for a short amount of time.


Overgrowth (Mild) - Every now and then Will's powers activate unconsciously (Eg. growing an extra finger or toe right when he is about to hit it on a table.) While this normally just freaks people out in some cases will to take more damage than usually necessary.


  • An old, battered analogue watch
  • Wallet handmade by his youngest brother
  • Old Nokia Phone
  • A relatively new Sports bag

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

North Wing, Second Floor Room 220

  • A hand made jumper knitted for him by his grandmother (yes its ugly as hell).
  • A few extra sets of clothes (mostly loose Hawaiian shirts.)
  • A cricket bat
  • A few comics/graphic novels
  • Toiletries
  • A pair of sandals/flip flops
  • Hiking Boots
  • School Supplies (books, pencils ect.)

Personal History:

Born on December 10th 2003, William Walker is the second child to Blake and Mary Walker. Will spent most of his life in the outback town of Cloncurry, QLD, Australia. Will lived most of his life like a normal kid, with his older brother Beau and and two younger brothers Kyle and Curt. Growing up in a house of boys meant there was a lot of 'brotherly love'…in the form of fighting and trouble making. Though Will was usually the voice of reason, he couldn't help but get in trouble every now and then.

His powers first manifested slowly. An extra finger on his hand here, and extra toe on his foot every now and then. Will usually shrugged it off as him seeing double. It wasn't until one day when he was hanging out with his brothers and his friends and grew a third eye on his forehead. At that point he realized something strange was happening. Over the next two years Will tried his hardest to hide and learn about what he could do. It hurt like hell the first time he tried to grow a body part, like a growing pain that wouldn't go away. The most he could ever do was grow an extra hand from his wrist. As time went on these changes happened more rapidly and uncontrollably.

After a year he was having to concentrate on himself to make sure an extra ear didn't grow on his head in the middle of class. Being confused and actually somewhat scared William decided to tell his parents what was happening. With open arms they helped him as best they could. His father found that the more he was put to work and the more active he was, the less these outbursts happened.Will's mother helped keep everything a secret around town (Rumors spread quick in small towns). After almost another year his parents told him of an opportunity Will had. To go overseas to a special school.


Fashion sense is not one of Will's abilities.
Will is absolutely terrible with technology. Barely being able to use his Nokia.
Will is a terrible singer, that being said he almost always sings along to songs he knows.

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