Winter Fairlock

Basic Info:

Player: wackybunny

Demeanor: She seems cold hearted and is very withdrawn. She doesn't trust easily and hates crowds.

Nature: Sweet and Understanding

Description: Blonde curls fall down to her mid back. She has a pair of emeralds for eyes. She is short and petite standing at 5'2. She weighs 102 pounds. You'll never see her in a dress or a skirt but almost always in comfy clothes. Her skin is cream colored and as soft as silk. Her goal in life is to find true happiness.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


-Flexible (3) Agility (She can maneuver around any obstacle with ease, she can avoid close range attacks very swiftly.)
-Independent (4) Brains (She can do most things on her own without others. She can figure out and plan moves very efficiently. Also a mental defense.)
-Swordsmanship (4) Agility (She is very good with a blade, having started out at a young age.)
-Intuition (4) Brains (She is very instinctive having leaned on that majority of her life. Used to attack knowing when something is wrong)

Supernatural Abilities:

Telepathy -4- She can send messages to other people using uncommon senses. This ability came in handy for her quite a few times. She developed this ability shortly after her parents death. This can work on people as well as animals and other living things.

Telekinesis -3- She can move various objects depending on the mass to help her with everyday life as well as combat.


Lightning- It drains all her mental capabilities as well as all of her energy.Also includes all electrical damage. (severe weakness)


Various blades
A locket with her parents picture in it.

Things at her dorm in Sunnybrook

Magical books an learning materials
A single porcelain doll

Personal History:

She lost her parents at a young age hearing their screams at death. A vicious man bearing a spider tattoo on the lower left side of his chin was the last one seen with them before their death and is presumed to be the killer. She has no living family member and she is all alone. She survives outta what she has and what she knows. After Their death she lost trust in everybody as nobody attempted to aid her. Why they didn't she doesn't know. It might have been fear or simply selfish reasons. She has no friends and keeps to herself most often because thats when she felt most comfortable.. Her family was one known fairly throughout due to their generosity and wealth. She lived in the country most her life but resided in the city before coming to sunnybrooke. All her hardships have hardened her heart truly.She lives with endless nightmares, strange looks and a feeling like she is being drained of her soul when no one is ever really there. She was asked to come to sunnybrook to better understand and develop her abilities hoping one day to take revenge on her parents killer.


Lilly is very nosy and wheres non trustful wardrobe.
Tara Her long lost sister
Zita Her first friend


Birthday: May 7th

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