Yukihime Fujishima

Classroom 2-C, the row furthest to the right, second seat back. Yuki is a good student who always volunteers for cleaning duty when someone can’t do it. She likes to eat lunch with her friends who crowd around her desk, they talk about the newest fashion trends and make sure to discuss the upcoming festival. While she is a friend to many students, she has only been approached once with an admission of love. It wasn’t reciprocated, but they parted as good friends.

Most days she helps her Mother cook dinner, and sometimes she stays out a little too late with her friends at the Karaoke club. She is aiming to enter one of Tokyo’s most premiere universities, if her grades are good enough. Hopefully the tennis club she is a part of will help her get an edge over others when applying, at least that’s her hope. To everyone else, Yuki is a normal highschool girl who is doing her best. In fact, that’s all she wants people to think of her, because…


…Yuki is an Otaku. From her collection of dating sim games to her many figurines of magical anime girls, she is a drawn to kawaii and loves all of her girls to be two dimensional. Well, except her body pillow, which she hides under her bed until she needs it. Of course she still feels the need to be a productive student, but sometimes she just wants to sit back and lose herself in a world of manga.

While she might come across as distant sometimes, or like she has everything under control. She’s really just one panty shot away from a bleeding nose and a melting heart. It’s her dream to be able to live in a world that’s just like her favorite shows, and to spend her nights experiencing things just like her favorite hentai. Of course, she doesn’t want to show that to others, they’d think she was weird. So instead she’ll just sit in her room and play another rhythm game with a particularly enchanting lead singer.


She still looks like she did back home, the productive student Yuki. From her strawberry blonde hair, to her pale blue eyes. Her Mother was Japanese, and her Father was American. So she had been blessed with some European features on her otherwise Japanese form.

A small nose, soft skin, and a body that seemed to be stuck in last grade. It was something that always made her a little irritated, how she sometimes looked childish despite her age. She was short too, by her standards, 1.6 meters tall. At seventeen she probably wasn’t going to get any taller either. Still, she was happy, the small stature and frame made costumes easy to find. Even if she sometimes had to wear a padded bra to act like she had a bust.

Most days, she would wear one of her old uniforms from school. The seifuku, with it’s navy blue pleated skirt. It’s white blouse with simple sailors color and red ribbon. It was unusual to wear an old uniform at a new school but she honestly had a love of it. Maybe it was all the shows she watched, but she sort of liked to look like the typical anime girl.


Health Points: 6/6

Psyche Points 6/6

Brawn 1

Agility 4

Brains 3


Student Council Vice President - (4) - As a dedicated student, Yuki keeps up with her studies and as such is trained in Knowledge Checks.
Tennis Club All Star - (4) - She is trying her hardest to get a scholarship for her Tennis play, which means she has excellent Reflexes.
Video Game Pastime (3) - Most of the time, she plays dance and rhythm games, but her real skill is in Shooting games.
Doujinshi Collector (3) - She has a library of carefully selected doujinshi, which she believes really gives her some great tips for Persuasion.


Ever since she found that phone charm, in that little shop in Akihabara, she’s been an Otaku. More than just someone who collects figurines and doujinshi; she is a living avatar of the spirit of Japanese Anime.



Yuki sometimes gets attached to characters in the shows she watches, the games she plays, or the manga she reads. It’s a little bit like she’s falling in love with these characters, well, she is really. This love of these drawn characters makes their relationship real in her mind and that’s why she can make her two-dimensional partners manifest.

All Waifus are given a defense rating and health rating equal to the power rating. However, they can not attack and only stand by and encourage Yuki, they are targetable however. Only one can be manifested at a time.

Character List
Miya Endo My Highschool’s Girlfriend Club
The plucky and energetic childhood friend of the Main Character, always there for him and never seen as someone he could feel romantic feelings for. Until the end of the first season when she declares his love to him, only after he’s gone through all the other characters in the cast and found them to not be the girl for him.
When Miya is with Yuki, she not only provides friendship and home made lunches, but also grants a +2 to Mental Defense while manifested.
Ame Satsuki Magical Girl Ame
The Main Character, and eponimous, magical girl. She has to balance her life at school and with friends, and the battles she must face against the evil lord Ju! It doesn’t help that the skirt of her outfit is just a little too short, but how else would she get her powers?
When Ame is with Yuki, she not only trips and acts embarrassed a lot, but she also grants the ability to cast Magical Star Power, a powerful beam of energy meant to cut into the enemy. Rolls as a Shooting attack.
Kaori Ochibana Maid Cafe
The, argueably to anyone but Yuki, cutest character of the show. She's a cute, flat chested girl who later turns out to be a trap. Which is perfectly fine with Yuki, especially the maid uniform she always seems to wear!
When Kaori is with Yuki, she not only provides the services of a good maid cafe girl including great tea and inappropriate touching, but she also gives Yuki +2 to Persuasion
Yuri Sekine Ko-koto!
Okay, she might have started loving the girl because she looked almost exactly like her. Then Yuki found out that she was an amazing pop idol! The cutest one, actually!
When Yuri is with Yuki, she not only provides entertainment and jokes, but she also gives Yuki a chance for people to confuse the two on a coin flip. This might just cause them to hit on the wrong one!
Hatsune Iwasawa Maid Cafe
The, arguably to anyone but Yuki, second cutest character of the show. This slightly chesty girl has an amazing attitude, is kind of shy, has twintails. Oh and the best part? She is also a cat girl.
When Hatsune is with Yuki, not only does she give her a pet to play with, but she also gives Yuki +2 to reflexes. That's the neko rubbing off of her!
Misaki Satou Get a Job!
The younger sister of the Main Character, Misaki is just another boring highschool girl who tends to find herself getting into embarrassing situations with her brother. Of course, Yuki just likes her because she's cute, right?
When Misaki is with Yuki, not only is she fun to go shopping with and hang out with, but she also gives Yuki a free use of Baka once per encounter. Usually at Misaki's expense.


Yuki, well, she wants so much for her anime to become real that she sometimes likes to dress like some of her favorite characters. Of course she started by having a seamstress sew her a few iconic costumes, but it was during a marathon of one of her favorite shows that she thought aloud about how cool it would be to dress like her favorite character. That’s when she noticed, through a colorful magical transformation, that she could do just that.

Costume List
North Prefectural High School Uniform 5 Seconds to Impact
A uniform from one of her favorite shows, and sometimes what she wished her school uniform had looked like. So what if it’s short? It’s really kawaii! Plus, have you see how cute the thigh hi socks are?
When Yuki wears this uniform, she gains +1 to Knowledge checks.
Battle Mage Hime’s Dress Hiyate’s Little Problem
A beatiful and way too overly lacey outfit that her favorite character wore in a little known series about a war torn magical realm. The highheels kind of suck to wear though.
When Yuki wears this dress, she gains the power of flight. Althought it’s limited to ten meters in the air, and it’s more like a lazy floating than flying.
The Cafe's Maid Uniform Maid Cafe
It's a maid cafe uniform! It's short, it's cute, it bounces and it has way too many frills. Still, it kind of looks cute on her when she's serving tea.
When Yuki wears this uniform, she gains the ability to cook and clean. Really, it comes in handy sometimes.
Idol Girl Costume One, Two, Three, Dance!
The costume the Main Character wears for her perfomances, complete with microphone. It's short, it's alluring, and it's really really great to dance in.
When Yuki wears this costume, she gains +2 to Performing. Come on and Dance!


Yuki sometimes forgets that she’s the protagonist of her own life, watching some of her favorite shows she often gets jealous of the awesome things the characters can do. After she found that charm in Akihabara, and a few awkward moments where she managed to destroy a local park, she figured out that she now had the ability to use some of those abilities that make the main characters of her favorite shows so special.

Special Abilities
Staff of Ikon .loic/sign
Something of a relic item in the show, wielded by a quiet protagonist who doesn’t seem to want to get involved with anything. It appeared in the accompanying game as a developer only item, and much like the show, was rarely used except for big events.
Type - Ranged Staff Focus - Healing
Guiding Light - A small orb of light appears above the top of the staff, illuminating the location.
Healing Aura - On any single character in view, casts a beam of light on them to heal them for 2 Health. However, it can only be casted on a character once per encounter.
Energy Shield - Puts an invisible aura around Yuki, absorbing 2 damage before breaking. Lasts until end of combat or breaking.
Silica’s Rifle Battle Luster Online
Although it was only used for a small arc in the show that focused on a side character, who soon became a small sometimes recurring character, this rifle was critical in the arc. A high powered sniper rifle, the shots that it managed to make were clutch and critical to victory in the show’s game battleground.
Type - Ranged Gun Focus - Battle
Scoping In - Using the weapons powerful thermal scope, Yuki can spot heat signatures at a distance or in darkness.
Bolt Action - Fires an armour piercing round at the target, using the shooting skill
Trick Shot - Taking one round to aim before, Yuki can fire a round off that is difficult but disables the target for ½ difference rounds With a minimum of one round disabled.


Yuki gets embarrassed often. It's just what happens when your biggest heroes are cute anime girls. Finding herself in a compromising and embarrassing situation, she gets a sudden rush of spiritual power. As well as a burning blush on her cheeks and a losing a bit of social grace. This could be something like tripping and showing her pantsu, accidentally finding herself without a top on, or becoming so scared she can't help but bury her head into her friend's chest.

If she finds herself in an embarrassing situation and it is directed towards an ally, she gains +2 to Defence until the embarrassing situation ends.

If she finds herself in an embarrassing situation and it is directed towards an enemy, she gains +2 to Attack for one round.



Yuki loves things that are cute, it’s her favorite part of Anime when something is just so adorable she has to squeal in excitement. Which means for her, who always wishes to be a part of an Anime, she is just as kawaii as the things in her shows. Whenever she walks it’s like she’s a well designed character in a beautifully animated movie. Her laugh always seems to come with a smile that could melt any nerds heart. Even when she’s angry there’s just something that makes her eye catching and remarkable.

Her hair never seems to need work to look styled, her face always looks cute even when she doesn’t put makeup on. Even when she passes out in the middle of class it’s in a way that is as cute as a still image taken from someone’s favorite manga. It just sort of happens, she’s just naturally kawaii.


It’s n-n-not like she l-likes them or anything!

Yuki sometimes finds herself with a crush on her classmates, it’s all a side effect of being an Otaku. If she ever finds herself in a room or space with other people, she will select one as her Onii-chan. From here and until she is distanced from her Onii-chan, she will treat them specially depending on what triggers are in place between the two of them.

In a scene where a Game Master is present, they will be asked to roll a dice based on how many other characters are there. This will then become Yuki’s onii-chan until they are separated by a distance that is defined as one that can’t be overcome through a short run.

She will interact and treat her Onii-chan under power of a -dere type. It can change once per Yuki’s turn based on actions of her Onii-chan.

Onii-chan has shown affection to Yuki or given Yuki a gift. Yuki will act mean, hostile, and violent on the outside towards Onii-chan, though the sweetness and kindness she feels towards Onii-chan on the inside will not allow bad things to happen to Onii-chan.
Onii-chan has asked something of Yuki or gotten in mild trouble. Yuki will be cool, calm, unmentionable and aloof towards Onii-chan. She will be serious, but her soft side will make that serious dedication apparent towards Onii-chan.
Onii-chan has said Yuki’s name or praised Yuki for her actions. Yuki will become extremely quiet and shy, and antisocial to those around her. Shy, shy, shy. Her confidence only shows when her Onii-chan needs her.
Onii-chan has shown affection to someone else or gotten seriously hurt. Yuki will act sweet and gentle until Onii-chan makes her feel love-struck. Then she will become angry, and sometimes violent, in her defence of Onii-chan.
Noriko RGBV
A Goddess, hundreds of years old, whose only purpose is causing mischief and pain. With her sinister smile and piercing looks, she's trouble. Lots of trouble, actually. It doesn't help that Yuki doesn't know she exists.
Moriko only appears when Yuki is unconscious. Noriko is a manifestation of her inner feelings but also, sometimes, just wants to cause problems. If Yuki is knocked unconscious, or asleep, Noriko will usually appear. She can use Yuki as a puppet and control her, but Yuki never remembers these moments and Noriko is in complete control.


A lot of Anime


More Anime



A simple gold band that means a lot to Yuki. It signifies her betrothment to her future husband, who she is set to marry once she goes to University. Truthfully, she doesn’t know where it came from, it appeared on her finger after a small incident with a cunning trickster. Now she can’t really get herself to take it off, not that she would ever want to.

This ring is bound to Yuki, and can’t be taken off by anyone but her fiancé or her. If lost, or stolen somehow, the ring will return to her after a night of sleep. In fact, it will always be on her finger after waking up, despite where she left it. When wearing it, she’s granted many benefits of a good future wife. Her baking tastes sweeter, her cooking is tastier, housework is done quicker, and her chest grows a cup size. It makes her smile, and reminds her that she’s loved. While also providing her with a +1 to mental defense, as well as +1 to persuasion.


Yukihime Fujishima wasn’t always an Otaku. Her Mother was a young nurse from the United States Military Base at Okinawa. And her Father was a hard working business Analyst working at his Company’s headquarters there. They met in a noodle house one night and fell for each other. Yuki was the youngest child of three, born after the family had moved to Kawasaki and settled there.

Her oldest sibling, her brother, was the family’s mediocre child. He never did more than he was asked and often times slid by doing just what was needed. Her sister was popular and a star track athlete, she had gotten entrance into a private school for her hard work. So for Yuki, she had a life set out for her of living in her sister’s shadow while casting one over her brother.

Life was simple for her, her brother and her would walk to school until they ran into Yuki’s friends and she would abandon him on the walk. She would go to class, and do her best to life up to her parent’s expectations for her. Then she would head home, or off to the shops with her friends. Of course, every night ended with study until she went to sleep. The home was always quiet, Father was always on business elsewhere, and with her sister at academy. Mother and her would cook dinner, and then the three would retreat to their own activities.

Yuki never really had hobbies, she had nothing that really kept her time. Some pictures of her friends in her room, but that was about it. Nothing ever seemed to interest her completely, not even being a star student was something to get her excited. It always felt like she was missing something.

It was a mild summer day when she found herself in Akihabara, her friends having left for the day but she felt no need to go home. The shop had no name, the door was old and propped open with a brick. Inside were everything an Otaku might desire. Rare figurines, out of print doujinshi, wonderful treasures. To her? They were nothing but trash that creeps collected.

Then she saw it, on a small display in the back corner. A phone charm that seemed to call out to her. It, well, looked like her. The small little figurine that almost looked exactly like her. There was only one of them, with no price marked anywhere, and it was too oddly accurate to be a mistake. So she picked it up. That was when she became an Otaku.

At first she didn’t know why she spent her entire savings in that shop, but it all just made her feel fantastic. She stashed it in her room, stayed up all night reading and watching. The next day at school she fell asleep in class. This continued for months, she got a part time job to buy more collectibles and figures. Her family said nothing about her new found interest, her brother made a joke or two but he had no room to chastise her. Luckily, her sister was gone and couldn’t harass her.

Then things started to change, they started to get more real. Cosplay was one thing, but she started taking it to new levels. Magic is what they called it in her anime, so that’s what she thought it was. It slipped under the radar for a while, because her little past times were nothing odd for Japan. Where it became an issue was when she was in a Tennis match at school, and one of her Waifu’s appeared out of thin air in a shower of magic effects to stop a ball from hitting her.

That’s when her little hobby because public knowledge, and it’s also when she was noticed by the world. A week later, she was at Sunnybrook.

Lisa Kawajiri Crush crush4.png Tsundere tsundere0.png Kuudere kuudere4.png
Quiet, Cute, Sweet! Dandere dandere3.png Yandere yandere0.png
Love friendship0.png Hate hatred0.png

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki met Lisa on her first day of school, and became enthralled with her because of their shared heritage and seifuku. While they didn't have much chance to talk, she was sure that the two would become great friends!
2. Yuki went to talk to the Kawajiri sisters, and talked with the two a bit about her interest in clubs before leaving Ayame to go spend time with Lisa.

Ayame Kawajiri Crush crush2.png Tsundere tsundere1.png Kuudere kuudere3.png
Quiet, Cute, Sweet! Dandere dandere2.png Yandere yandere0.png
Love friendship0.png Hate hatred0.png

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki met Lisa on her first day of school, and became enthralled with her because of their shared heritage and seifuku. While they didn't have much chance to talk, she was sure that the two would become great friends!
2. Yuki went to talk to the Kawajiri sisters, and talked with the two a bit about her interest in clubs before leaving Ayame to go spend time with Lisa.

Ellie LaCroix Crush crush4.png Tsundere tsundere3.png Kuudere kuudere4.png
Funny, Cute, Nice! Dandere dandere0.png Yandere yandere0.png
Love friendship1.png Hate hatred0.png "Really? I mean, oppa-huge boobs are…"

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki and Ellie met on her first day of school, and Yuki was excited to find out that Ellie was a magical girl just like from her favorite show Magical Girl Ame! After a unfortunate incident where she saw Ellie's pantsu, the two parted as friends. At least, Yuki hopes they'll be friends!
2. Yuki found Ellie in the courtyard and the two had a quick talk in the sunny afternoon. Yuki was concerned about how Ellie's shrine might be creating negative feelings towards Akemi, and she wanted to make sure the girl was putting a stop to any mean things being said about the Kami. They then made plans for a movie date.
3. Yuki invited Ellie over, and the two sat on her bed and watched a movie while talking. They talked about love, and each other, Ellie told her about Leah and how the two were perfect for each other. Yuki lamented the fact that she wouldn't have a chance with Ellie. Ellie left as the night died down, and the two parted with an agreement to hang out more.
"She's.. Cute. Sweet. Earnest. In a way, I almost wish I could be like her. At the very least I can do my best to be her friend." CnUTyRQ.gif

6. Yuki was asleep when Ellie came to visit. Instead, Noriko, one of her friends was there to meet Ellie. The two talked, and Noriko explained that she only appeared when Yuki was asleep but saw everything that happened to her. Or at least experienced it. She asked Ellie in a not so nice way to help Yuki find someone to date, and Ellie cool as ever, agreed and put Noriko in her place. Though, she did agree to get Yuki to try twintails.

Pandora Crush crush3.png Tsundere tsundere4.png Kuudere kuudere3.png
Caring, Cute, Mean! Dandere dandere0.png Yandere yandere1.png
Love friendship0.png Hate hatred0.png

Looks like… The Gatekeeper from Adventurer's Guild


1. Yuki sat with Pandora one morning after a long night of sleep. The two shared Pandora's small breakfast and talked about their lives as they woke up. Yuki learned about Pandora's life and death cycle, and that the girl was very crass. Pandora also kept called her Yuckie! But maybe it's just a friendly nickname?

Athene Crush crush5.png Tsundere tsundere0.png Kuudere kuudere1.png
Awkward, Cute, Fun! Dandere dandere3.png Yandere yandere3.png
Love friendship1.png Hate hatred0.png "Are you going to tell me you're
secretly a magical girl?"

Looks like… Battle Archer Keiko from Monster Girls Unite!

1. Yuki met Athene while watching anime with Leah. The two talked for quite a while, and she seems to really like just how nice Athene is. Plus, the fact that she's a real monster girl gets her lots of bonus points!
2. Yuki and Athene met and talked about how both of them were sorry for insulting the other. But they realized they could become friends instead. So, happy new beginnings?
3. Yuki caught Athene running across campus and asked the girl to talk. She explained her relationship troubles and Athene helped talk her through them. Despite Athene's careful gloved hands, Yuki seems to think the girl has feelings for her of a romantic nature.
4. Yuki had Athene meet her in the gym to help practice their skills. It devolved quickly into a bickering match between them on the level of siblings. Both of them made a few mistakes, but they both understood and were all smiles by the end. Promising to be better next time for each other.

Zita Jasper Crush crush2.png Tsundere tsundere3.png Kuudere kuudere1.png
Energetic, Cute, Funny! Dandere dandere1.png Yandere yandere2.png
Love friendship1.png Hate hatred0.png

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki was jumped by Zita while trying to play a game on her Vita. The two went for a walk and ended up teasing each other a little too much. Still, it was sudden and it was fun. They also decided on a nickname for Zita. Zita-senpai!
2. Yuki was busy playing her new game on the roof, dressed as a neko maid, when Zita came to bug her! She had cat ears and a tail, and they were super cute! Neko Zita-chan was really fun to play with, her teasing tail was funny. Best of all, she fell asleep in Yuki's lap! What a cute cat nap. :3
3. Yuki and Zita went on a mission to go bring back a reality bender. It was pretty scary, and the team kept fighting a lot but eventually they managed to get her to come out. Only to have her taken away. Everyone was kind of sad about it. Though, Yuki did fall asleep for the last half of it. Zita grabbed her ass under her skirt and Yuki might have said some things in her dreams.
4. Yuki and Zita met to talk about homework and school in the library. The two discussed and debated if what they did on the mission was the right thing to do. In the end, they both had different opinions. Yuki used this also as a chance to tell Zita to stop being so flirty and touching, unless they were going to date.
5. Yuki and Zita, during one of their times together, decided to play some baseball. Or at least enjoy Zita trying to hit the balls Yuki was pitching. Yuki asked her for relationship advice, and got the idea that she just needs to go ahead and ask the people she likes.

Andrey Maijala Crush crush2.png Tsundere tsundere4.png Kuudere kuudere0.png
Sporty, Cute, Nice! Dandere dandere2.png Yandere yandere3.png
Love friendship1.png Hate hatred0.png ".. Just, you know, being me."

Looks like… Midori Endoui from Deadline!

1. Yuki was in the middle of practicing her tennis serve when she ran into Andrey. She challenged the tall girl to a game and, despite her skill in the game she fell flat on her face. And once on her back! It might have been the fact that Andrey wasn't wearing a sports bra. Andrey helped her with her nosebleed and the two talked, deciding to spend time together and get a rematch!
2. Yuki and Andrey sat on the couch and talked about cartoons while snaking. A very lazy, and very relaxing late morning for the two of them.
3. Yuki was in the middle of trying, and failing, to bake chocolate. Andrey came in because of the smell and then spent some time guiding her along to make it actually taste good and not just look good. It took a while, and the two talked about cosplay and motivation, before they ended up going their separate ways to enjoy the day.
4. Yuki was blowing off steam practicing her serve again at night when Andrey came across her. The two got in a small friendly match that ended when Yuki ended up falling to the ground and hurting herself. Andrey helped pick her up and got her inside, and the two agreed to talk another day when she wasn't so tired.
AdlSLkb.gif "Andrey-chan really is fun to be around, and I'm still impressed by how much he manages to do. He also seems to like me as a friend, so I'll have to do my best to be as happy as he is!"

5. Yuki came upon Andrey practicing in the music room, and dragged him away to spend time together. She rode on his shoulders around campus and had fun, and asked Andrey to take her to his favorite place. Which, through one of the school's teleport pads, was the nice beach front. They played in the water a bit and then sat on the beach, Andrey hummed a tune and Yuki fell asleep. She woke up being carried back by him, and then helped him get his things back to the dorms. She joked about having another date, and Andrey said it probably wouldn't be a date, but he'd spend time with her.

Callum Ellis Crush crush1.png Tsundere tsundere2.png Kuudere kuudere4.png
Tall, Cute, Sweet! yukigift.pngfriendromance.png Dandere dandere2.png Yandere yandere1.png
Love friendship2.png Hate hatred2.png

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki was sitting at lunch when Callum asked to sit next to her. The two of them talked for a while over their food and discovered they both were new to the school. Then, Cass came up, and caused a bit of a embarrassing situation. They all parted ways once lunch was over.
2. Yuki went to go find Callum to ask about joining her baseball club. He agreed after a bit of talking, and the two then had a series of misspoken words that were rather embarrassing. Callum had her agree to not get embarrassed with him, and then they agreed to go walk around campus that night and talk.
3. Yuki and Callum went on a mission to go bring back a reality bender. It was pretty scary, and the team kept fighting a lot but eventually they managed to get her to come out. Only to have her taken away. Everyone was kind of sad about it. Though, Yuki did fall asleep for the last half of it.
4. Yuki went to talk to Callum, and found the boy exhausted. They skirted around talking about the mission and Callum started crying when Yuki told him to be strong. She gave him her handkerchief, and the two came to terms with it a little on their own terms. They then agreed to go on another walk.
5. Yuki and Callum went on another walk, it was a simple walk where the two learned a lot more about each other. Not only about their own lives before school, but how they were dealing with the differences. At some point, Yuki presented Callum with a box of chocolates and a letter thanking him for protecting her on the mission. Then, the two watched the sunset.
yukigift.png Yuki gave Callum a gift - Chocolates
6. Yuki was called by Cass to meet her at the Gazebo. Callum was there as well, silent and dressed up. Cass proposed to Yuki that the three of them join in a relationship together, that it would beneficial to all of them. Yuki, however, declined. She always wanted a more traditional dating life than an odd proposal by that. Callum was upset, and Yuki got irritated with him. Cass left to rest, and Yuki talked with Callum about his emotions and the anger he felt. It was only after talking, that Yuki explained she had a fiance, and that was why she was so unsure about relationships. Callum took her by her word, and kissed her right then and there.
friendromance.png Yuki and Callum shared a romantic moment - Kiss!
7. Yuki opened her door to a Callum knocking. He came by just to talk with her, and apologize for kissing her the week before. She said it was, and that she was happy for Callum and Cass. Letting him go after a short conversation to take a nap.
8. Yuki was taken by Callum to go and do some batting practice. The two spent time talking in between playing and it became apparent that they weren't really flirting anymore. Callum say her as a little sister, and maybe she was starting to see him as a big brother. He gave her advice, and she opened up a bit to him. Still, they were friends, so she was happy.
9. Yuki had Callum come look at her new pop-star outfit, and the two talked. She ended up breaking down from emotional stress. Whining about how her life hadn't turned out how she wanted it to. Eventually they talked it out, not completely, but to a conclusion point and she fell asleep from exhaustion.
10. Yuki talked with Callum and thanked him for being so caring the night before. They talked it over and she explained that she wanted a fresh start.
11. Yuki broke into Callum's room to talk with him, while in her pajamas. He was obviously off put by this and she started to argue with him about Cass. Saying some very mean, very pointed things. Callum went to stay with Cass and told Yuki in no uncertain terms to get out of his life.
Q6nSLJd.gif "I guess I shouldn't be surprised by Callum-chan, but sometimes he says things and I don't know why but they make me feel all these weird emotions. Why can't I understand him? Why won't he be my friend? Or more?"
Cass Walker-Handal Crush crush5.png Tsundere tsundere4.png Kuudere kuudere2.png
Small, Cute, Loli! yukigift.pngfriendromance.png Dandere dandere4.png Yandere yandere2.png
Love friendship1.png Hate hatred1.png "I'll let you be, Yukes."

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki was sitting at lunch when Callum asked to sit next to her. The two of them talked for a while over their food and discovered they both were new to the school. Then, Cass came up, and caused a bit of a embarrassing situation. They all parted ways once lunch was over.
2. Yuki went to go find Cass to talk to her about the baseball club. They met in the library, and Yuki learned a lot about Cass and might have agreed to make her chocolates. Cass signed up for the team and explained a lot about herself, and her feelings on the school. Hex, as always, was useful and a little rude!
3. Yuki and Cass went on a mission to go bring back a reality bender. It was pretty scary, and the team kept fighting a lot but eventually they managed to get her to come out. Only to have her taken away. Everyone was kind of sad about it. Though, Yuki did fall asleep for the last half of it. Cass snapped more than a few times at Yuki, it made her a little sad.
4. Yuki found Cass in the common room late at night and tried to talk to her about how mean she was to her. However, Cass began insulting Yuki and talking down to her. Yuki raised her voice and said she was sorry she ever had feelings for Cass. This seemed to get through to Cass, and the girl apologized in her own way. Still cussing and with a few self depreciating insults. At the end, Yuki even had Cass touch her thigh, then the two went to their rooms and played Guardians of the Light together!
5. Yuki was called by Cass to meet her at the Gazebo. Callum was there as well, silent and dressed up. Cass proposed to Yuki that the three of them join in a relationship together, that it would beneficial to all of them. Yuki, however, declined. She always wanted a more traditional dating life than an odd proposal by that. Callum was upset, and Yuki got irritated with him. Cass left to rest after the long conversation.
6. Yuki was texted by Cass to go for a walk. They walked around for a while, Yuki pushing her wheelchair and talking. Cass learned of Yuki's fiance and explained her discontent with that. The two then went to a small clearing in the grove on campus and Yuki assisted Cass with walking for a bit. The two then sat down, and Yuki gave Cass her hoodie to keep warm. Cass joked about being a dress up doll, and the two talked about their lives. When they walked back to the dorm, Yuki carrying Cass, Yuki explains how she didn't expect Cass to make any moves. Ever the contrarian, the small girl gave her a quick peck on the kiss. They walked off in the dying sunlight together.
yukigift.png Yuki gave Cass a gift - Her Hoodie!
friendromance.png Yuki and Cass shared a romantic moment - Kiss!
7. Yuki was visited by Cass to talk about a few things. Most importantly, Cass and Callum had agreed to date each other. Yuki seemed distraught, and Cass tried to talk to her about it, but the wounded dove seemed best to be left alone. It was a rough week.
8. Yuki was practicing in a field when she saw Cass come by. She flagged him down so the two could talk and catch up. They talking about her staff, and his earmuffs and eventually Yuki tried to speak some of her mind. It came out all wrong, and ended up with her saying something she regretted, causing Cass to be mad with her. She was scared, and so she ran away.
KpMWJIZ.gif "I don't know why Cass-chan and I have had so much happen between us since we met at lunch that one day. Sometimes I think that Cass-chan might be too mean, or that she isn't being fair to me. Then I catch them staring at me and I feel butterflies all over again."
9. Yuki was studying, when Cass came to talk to her. Using a little dragonfly robot to harass her, she came to apologize. The two talked for a while and they both seemed to have gotten over their little hold ups about it all. Then they left with a challenge to each other that was, well, embarrassing.
"Never thought I'd be into an otaku chick, but I am. Someday I'll fuck the Zettai right out of her Ryouiki. For now she's a good friend, even when I'm not. But I'm pretty damn sure there's a lot of calculation going on behind those eyes, and not all of it is benevolent." UDYAdXJ.gif

10. Yuki and Cass had a sleepover! Yuki ate way too much, and Cass got a little loud. It was a fun night.
11. Yuki talked to Cass about their new school and informed Cass that she was going to pursue Callum. Cass had her robot dump tea on Yuki and the two got in a fight which led to Yuki having Kaori dump tea on her. They argued a bit but talked about leaving as friends.
12. Yuki broke into Cass' room and started to chop Hex apart with a butcher's knife. Her not often scene Waifu Noriko was there to talk to Cass and tell the girl to stay calm. They talked, and Cass agreed to go along with the lie that her and Yuki could be friends. For fear of things happening to her. Yuki left, still sleep walking, and that was that.

Eponnie Crush crush0.png Tsundere tsundere0.png Kuudere kuudere2.png
Quiet, Cute, Doll! Dandere dandere1.png Yandere yandere0.png
Love friendship0.png Hate hatred0.png

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki met Eponnie on a mission to go bring back a reality bender. It was pretty scary, and the team kept fighting a lot but eventually they managed to get her to come out. Only to have her taken away. Everyone was kind of sad about it. Though, Yuki did fall asleep for the last half of it. Cass snapped more than a few times at Yuki, it made her a little sad. Eponnie's doll help to save Yuki from a spell!

Minami Aiko Crush crush6.png Tsundere tsundere4.png Kuudere kuudere1.png
Tsundere, Cute, Pretty! Dandere dandere0.png Yandere yandere2.png
Love friendship1.png Hate hatred0.png

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki met Aiko when she tripped in the hallway and fell into her noodle bowl. Minami-chan came out to check on her, and invited her into her room for fresh noodles. Well, as fresh as she can make them with dorm equipment! The two talked for a while, and Yuki learned exactly why Minami-chan is silent and reserved, as well as getting her to blush more than once!
2. Yuki went to meet Aiko at her room. They talked, and Yuki asked her to join her pop idol group. Aiko was against the idea, but Yuki was persistent and Aiko agreed to at least try to make it work. Then the two sat down, and Aiko asked Yuki to help warm her up. So the two laid down and sort of friend style cuddled. Then, they played video games in VR with Aiko's powers. It was pretty fun, one otaku meeting another and becoming close.

Tara G. Strong Crush crush2.png Tsundere tsundere0.png Kuudere kuudere1.png
Squirrely, Cute, Sweet! Dandere dandere4.png Yandere yandere1.png
Love friendship0.png Hate hatred0.png

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki met Tara while trying to sit in the common room to eat breakfast. The girl got scared by a show, and turned into a squirrel! Yuki talked with her for a bit, and they both agreed that becoming a squirrel was cute. The two agreed to spend more time together, and if Tara was nice, then they would try and find out if her kisses tasted like hazelnuts.

Austin Silver Crush crush7.png Tsundere tsundere0.png Kuudere kuudere3.png
Smooth, Cute, Nice! yukiromance.pngyukiromance.pngyukigift.pngfriendromance.png Dandere dandere1.png Yandere yandere0.png
Love friendship2.png Hate hatred1.png "[I]f I'm not the guy to make you happy, someone will, okay?"

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki met Austin as she was walking to class, dead tired from a long night of gaming the night before. He came up to her, gliding along the ground, and starting talking to her as they walked. Offering to carry her bag for her, and the two of them talked about a few things. Including a few statements that might have had another meaning, much to her embarrassment. As they arrived at class, she tripped (again?!) only to be saved by Austin catching her. They both apologized to each other, and then agreed to meet again. Austin having agreed to let himself be dressed up by Yuki.
2. Yuki opened her door when Austin came around, and went to work. She was quick to take him to the shower and shave his legs, and then back to her room to get him dressed. It was an old uniform of her cousin's, a cute little seifuku in grey. Then makeup, a wig, and she had a really sugoi trap in her room! The two talked for hours, shared tea, and eventually settled in to watch a movie before he left. It was, all together, a pretty sugoi date. Wait, that was a date?!
yukiromance.png Yuki and Austin shared a romantic moment - Date!
3. Yuki had Austin come over to visit again, and the two got into an argument about underwear. Eventually she gave him back the pair he had forgotten when cosplaying the day before, but hers were gone for good it seemed. They then went about getting him dressed up in a seifuku like her, and sat on the bed to take a picture. Austin tried to make a seductive pose and Yuki teased him, so he challenged her to show him how. She tried, but faltered before the kiss. So he pushed her by giving her a weak kiss on the cheek. Which she answered by giving him a real kiss. Then another, then an hour or two of making out. The two, it seemed, were both caught up in the moment.
yukiromance.png Yuki and Austin shared a romantic moment - Kiss!
6K1L34h.gif "He's way too sure of himself, b-but he is really nice. I'm not j-just saying that because he let's me put him in skirts either! O-or the fact that he k-kissed me. I just really like his stupid dumb jokes okay!"
4. Yuki found Austin hanging out on the room of the dorm. She offered him a homemade lunch as a gift for being so nice to her, as well as some chocolates she had made a bit ago. The two talked about Austin's powers and he gave her a gentle kiss on a dare. Then the two decided to skip class and go to Yuki's room, where she put cat ears and tails on the two of them. They might have ended up skipping the rest of their classes.
yukigift.png Yuki gave Austin a gift - Homemade Bento and Chocolate!
friendromance.png Yuki and Austin shared a romantic moment - Kiss on the Roof!
5. Yuki was studying on the couch when Austin sat down with her. The two talked, and Austin brought up a new game he was playing. Yuki asked to join, and agreed that it would be fun. She then asked him about something she had heard, a date he went on with Tara. He said they spend the night together, but nothing happened. She then brought out a present she had wanted to give him. A new phone, since he didn't have one. He admitted that he had gotten a phone from another girl, and didn't need it. Yuki started to feel like the little sister who couldn't win and went to leave, Austin stopped her. Miya stepped in and got in his way, and Yuki retreated to her room.
6. Yuki invited Austin to meet her in the gym after hours. There, she met him dressed nicer than she usually was. Even going so far to wear a dress. The two talked and she challenged him to fight her, but he declined saying it was his fault and if anything he would beat himself up. After talking for a bit, Yuki told him they should just move on and he should date Tara. Since Yuki already had a fiance, it made sense. The two agreed and they left as friends.
7. Yuki was baking in the dorm kitchen when Austin slid in. He noticed quickly that something was different about her, namely, her chest was a little bigger. The two talked, and she told him he needed a haircut. They talked about puns, she made him a sandwich, and then the two agreed that they could play their game of 'dress-up' with no overtones. After all, they both had people in their lives.

8. Yuki ran into Austin while looking for Ashleigh, and he was nice enough to offer to give a gift to her on Yuki's behalf. Delicious homemade chocolate! The two talked about fate and had a nice conversation about Yuki's feelings towards Ashleigh.

Ashleigh Silver Crush crush7.png Tsundere tsundere0.png Kuudere kuudere0.png
Funny, Cute, Nice! Dandere dandere4.png Yandere yandere0.png
Love friendship1.png Hate hatred0.png "Y-yuki-chan~"

Looks like… ???


1. Yuki brought the new girl, Ashleigh, back to her room. The two talked, and Yuki told her she could spend the night. Ashleigh was really nervous! But Yuki decided to be as nice as she could be to make the girl feel comfortable. They really hit it off, and Yuki thinks the two are, uhm- w-well it's not like she's having those feelings for her or anything!

Madeline Maddox Crush crush2.png Tsundere tsundere0.png Kuudere kuudere1.png
Dreamy, Cute, Goofy! Dandere dandere4.png Yandere yandere2.png
Love friendship0.png Hate hatred0.png

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki met Madeline while in the library playing a dating sim game. She was struck by how similar the girl looked to one of the characters. The two talked for a bit, and then went further into the library to talk more away from others so as not to disturb them. They talked some more, and then the two finished their homework in silence together.
tyi6ryN.gif "Madeline-chan is so quiet, but she really does smile a lot when you talk to her. I think she's just trying to be the quiet type, which is a really cool type. I bet if I befriend her, she'll really show me a whole magical world. She seems like the type to have a lot of awesome secrets."
Maria of Doran Crush crush6.png Tsundere tsundere3.png Kuudere kuudere4.png
Stern, Cute, Gentle! friendgift.png Dandere dandere0.png Yandere yandere1.png
Love friendship1.png Hate hatred1.png

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki asked Maria for the help of her services, and the two went back to her room to talk. They discussed a few things, mostly Yuki's arranged marriage. Yuki told Maria that she seemed like an young woman, and more adult than the other students. Then, they did a makeover!
2. Yuki found Maria in the common room and asked her to spend time together. The two eventually figured out they both baked, and Yuki and her made a small batch of cookies. While talking, she got Maria to tell a funny joke and admit that she didn't have any interest in a cute girl like Yuki. Maria also agreed to join the baseball club!
yxyBcWy.gif "She tells really bad jokes, but I don't think that's a bad thing. She's really adult for her age, and she doesn't seem like any of the other students here. There's something about how she is so picky and specific that makes me want to befriend her. Even if she doesn't like me because I'm cute."
3. Yuki sat down next to Maria and dropped to lay her head on the girl's shoulder. They talked about how school was exhausting them, and then shared each other's language. Then, Maria blessed Yuki with notes to share, and the two agreed to study together to help their grades out.
4. Yuki found Maria making chowder. The two talked a bit, and she got to share the chowder with Maria and keep left overs. She asked for relationship help and Maria gave it, they both were happy to find out they were friends.
friendgift.png Maria gave Yuki a gift - Non-hellbroiled Chowder!
5. Yuki found Maria in the courtyard and went to get tea with here. They sat, and Yuki asked very plainly if Maria would go out with her. Maria informed Yuki that she didn't think of her like that. The two talked about luck, and friendship, and both left a little less put together.
Moby White Crush crush4.png Tsundere tsundere1.png Kuudere kuudere2.png
Fluffy, Cute, Flirt! Dandere dandere2.png Yandere yandere3.png
Love friendship0.png Hate hatred0.png

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki was asked by her teacher to help tutor a fellow student, who turned out to be Moby. The two worked through problems and Moby admitted that he couldn't concentrate because there was a cute girl next to him. Namely, Yuki. Apparently he had to confess to this, because he couldn't keep it to himself. Yuki agreed to go on a date with him if he focused on his studies for their tutor session, and he managed to. So, they set a date for their date.
2. Yuki met outside with Moby to go on their date. The two went to sit down in the courtyard, after Yuki changed into a pleated skirt to tease Moby. As they were getting ready to eat, Moby told Yuki about all his ex-girlfriends and about his torrid past and begged her to give him a chance. She fumed, got mad, and demanded he give her a real date instead of pouring things on her. So, they agreed to that and parted.

Akemi Kimura Crush crush7.png Tsundere tsundere0.png Kuudere kuudere4.png
Sexy, Cute, Amazing! Dandere dandere1.png Yandere yandere2.png
Love friendship1.png Hate hatred0.png "[A sweet, kind girl like you certainly does. So don't
give up or think less of yourself…. you'll find someone~]"

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki met Akemi while walking to class, and she found herself enthralled with the girl's amazing personality. She had seen her before, and Akemi decided to great her then and there. Then take Yuki back to her room, make her tea, and talk very sweetly to her. Akemi got very close, even giving Yuki a kiss on the cheek and a few hugs. They shared numbers, and Akemi promised to help Yuki learn the ways of love. As Yuki left, she found herself stuck on thoughts of Akemi. How did that girl make her have these feelings just like that?

Brett Fion Crush crush0.png Tsundere tsundere1.png Kuudere kuudere2.png
Crude, Cute, Funny! Dandere dandere0.png Yandere yandere0.png
Love friendship0.png Hate hatred0.png ""Just call me Brett, addin' shit ta my name is weird"

Looks like… ???

1. Yuki was drying off from her shower when Brett walked in on her. She, of course, freaked out but he said it was normal. Apparently the school was rooming the two of them together, even though one was a boy and one was a girl. Talking to him, she found out he was quite popular with the boys. Of course, she then realized she was talking to him in nothing but a towel and the two parted ways. What an odd roommate.


The Optimist - Yuki
The Strong Willed - Lisa
The Tomboy - ???
The Shy One - ???
The Best Friend - Yuri

  • tea.gif Cups of tea Yuki has gotten from the cafeteria in scenes: 7
  • Upgrades taken: Power Boost - Main Character / Artifact Creation - Engagement Ring
  • Yuki's Stand, created with the help of Leah, is called STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION and looks more like one of her Waifus than a normal stand. A short girl in schoolgirl outfit, with a too large cardigan, and red rimmed glasses. Pink messy hair, and a constant look of unsureness about herself on her face.
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