Player: Lena

Demeanor: In a world that changes so quickly, the one thing she can rely on is tradition. She respects history and the traditional way of doing things is clearly the best. If it wasn't why would it have lasted so long? It's important to maintain traditional ways and values, and she's against changing them unless it's absolutely necessary. Tradition equals comfort, predictability, and stability.

Nature: Some see the way the world is and ask, "why?" Zophiel see the way the world might be and ask, "Why not?"She have a vision of something more, something greater than what already exists. She challenges the limits of Creation in hope of finding something better, rarely satisfied with the status quo. Naturally, those interested in keeping things the way they are find her threatening, but she doesn't care about the opinions of others. She follows her vision with the conviction that she can do more, that there's always hope.

Description: Zophiel has 3 different forms that she takes on. She has an Angelic form, a human form and a demonic form.

Zophiel-Angelic.png Zophiel's angelic form is simply breath taking. She stands regal and proud, heavenly and magestic. With wings of gold, white and black….a gown made of heavenly gold. Her beauty intensifies in this form. And her aura is commanding. Her voice, an angelic sound, echoing beautifully with each word. Inspiring serene emotions and peaceful feelings.
2a51832ad6c230c4b151183b740abdb9.jpg Zophiel's human form is nothing major to speak of. She's a pretty girl of short stature and an athletic build. 5'1, long brown hair and vivid heavenly blue eyes.
Demonic%20form.jpg Zophiel's demonic form is that of a large half girl half spider. She's very large and imposing at 9 feet tall with a leg span of 18 feet. She has spiked fingers filled with venom. Her body is a mixture of golds, black, maroon, and burgundy/purple. Golden web that's nearly indestructible (it can be destroyed, but it's hard). Her voice is spindly and scratchy, a wicked fear-inducing sound. Each word she speaks, venomous drool comes from her mouth.

HP: 8

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


Kickboxing/Melee Weapons - (4) Brawn

Reflexes - (3) Agility

Occult Knowledge - (3) Brains

Academics - (2) Brains


"The world is like an enormous set of scales. When evil begins to outweigh good, angels cram themselves in on the lighter side. You can't see them, but there they are, restoring the balance."

  • Weather Manipulation:(3) Zophiel can sense, create, shape and manipulate weather, i.e. the meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (inside room) or vastly extended (continental) areas.
  • Emotional Absorption/Manipulation:(3) Zophiel can fully or partially absorb emotions, though only bad ones (i.e. anger, disgust, hate, loathing, depression, sadness, lonliness, etc.). This does nothing for her in terms of personal gain. Though she can take any absorbed emotions and project them into someone (person or animal) else. As an extension of that, Zophiel can sense and manipulate the emotions, including feelings, moods, and their effects, of themselves, people, animals, and other creatures, whether by increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling emotions, even manifesting the emotional energy to a physical level. Any manifestations are small and can cause no damage(yet).


  • Web Projection: The ability to project webbing from her hands and create spiderwebs. Zophiel's webs are colored gold, glittering under the light. She can make her webs invisible to the naked eye, though it's rare to see her do this. The webbing is powerful enough to trap and contain most beings, including people, animals, and other demons. She can also use her webbing to project her voice through.
  • Toxic Venom: Zophiel has venom just like any other poisonous spider would. Not only can the venom come from her bite, but it also comes from the needle like fingers of her demonic spider hands. This venom paralyzes her victims, leaving them fully aware and feeling but unable to move. Depending on the dose given, the venom can kill a victim.
  • Hoards: Zophiel can bring forth hoards of spiders, various types, seemingly from nowhere. She can command and communicate with the spiders. She can call one or millions depending on the situation she needs them for.
  • Her human form is very vulnerable just as any other human is. She is susceptible to illness, and injuries, but simply doesn't die. Even with sicknesses or injury that should kill her, she only suffers. Healing from any other supernatural being only works partially. This is her punishment as handed down from an archangel when she was thrown from heaven.
  • She cannot use any of her powers unless she's in that form. She must be in her angelic form to use her angelic powers, and her demon form to use her demonic powers. The powers are not interchangeable between forms.
  • Zophiel is prone to hearing voices in her mind. These voices she is used to, angelic telepathy of sorts. She can hear the speak between the angels, but cannot communicate with them as she's locked out of heaven.
  • In her demonic form, fire can break her webs without issue. Though the flame must burn very hot to melt it.The further away she is from her webs, the easier they are to destroy.
  • Zophiel's angel wings are very sensitive and easily damaged. Thick layered feathers will molt and regrow, turning to ash when they fall out or are plucked. Should her wings be damaged in any way, her human form will carry the damage on her back. This damage cannot be partially healed, it must heal naturally and with time.
  • Zophiel has a tendency to forget things from time to time. These are minor things…things like where she placed a book. What someone was wearing. What exactly a person looked like. Names. Etc. With everything going on in her head, she loses things sometimes.
  • In her demonic form, her belly is very soft and vulnerable. It's the most vulnerable part of her demonic body. If this is damaged, she will carry the damage in her human form and is unhealable at all. It must heal naturally and with time.
  • Zophiel cannot take medications. Her body rejects them violently. Sometimes through vomiting, other times through bleeding of the eyes, ears, and nose. In severe cases her skin will rip open and she'll bleed profusely until her body rids itself of whatever medication is in her system.

With her:

  • Backpack with basics: Notebooks, paper, pens, highlighters.
  • Cellphone

In her Room:

  • Soul-bound sword that can only be called upon and weilded while in her angelic form.
  • Armor inlaid with gold. Can only be worn/called upon while in her angelic form.
  • Kickboxing gear
  • Book of Demons - This book is very large and very old. It catalogues every demon she's ever come into contact with along with as much information as she could get about it. This book can only be read by her, otherwise the pages just look blank unless she gives permission to someone to read it. After permission is granted, the person can see the words burn into the pages.
  • Basic essentials: Clothes, shoes, personal hygiene supplies. Hair essentials, makeup essentials.
  • Many journals kept locked in a trunk, the key is kept hidden where only she can get to it. (fashioned to the black layer of her angel wings, hidden between the feathers of the top and bottom layers of her wings).
  • A stuffed spider named Miss Leggy.

Created along with the other angels, Zophiel was given purpose in being. But as with all of her Master's creations she was given free will…

Her true age is unknown, even to her. To tell you how old she is would be a feat in and of itself. Though she can tell you some monumental things in history as if she were there to witness it all first hand, it's hard to say if she was or wasn't…maybe she just loves history that much. Zophiel spent her entire existence just inside the gates of her Master's vast created paradise, assisting the herald Gabriel to deliver his messages. She would travel to the people of earth along with Gabriel, filling them with appropriated emotion for whatever news the Herald Angel brought forth. In some cases, Zophiel was sent to the people alone to take away their emotional pain and despair. Often times when she did this, she brought serenity and peace to those she took the emotions from and then projected those negative emotions to the enemies of her Master's people. An act that was not sanctioned, nor allowed.

Zophiel watched as Lucifer was cast out of heaven. Her eternal heart ached for him. He once stood so beautiful and powerful but his need to be equal to their Master led him to be unclean and cursed. Cast down to the depths of the demonic realm along with any angel who followed him..

Seeking forgiveness for Lucifer and his followers, Zophiel was warned…but her insistence only proved to get her kicked out of that beloved paradise…but not sent to be with her beloved brother Lucifer. No. Instead she was allowed only in front of the gates of of her Master's utopia so that she may see what she once had…and eternally tasked with guarding the boarder between the demonic realm and earth so that she may see where her beloved brother dwells because of his rebellious actions. And with this task she was given a demonic form of her own so that she may remain unknown to those demons who seek to come to cause chaos with humans. Her demonic form allows her into the depth of the demonic world, giving her a chance to see her once majestic brother. Though she never lingers for long.

She roams earth, moving constantly as humans age and she doesn't. She can hear the angels speaking, but cannot communicate with them. She can hear their laughter and their joy, but she can't feel it or partake. Every now an then she goes to the gates of heaven to beg for forgiveness if only to be let in. But they know he heart is no longer pure. Despite how good she is, how honorable…she's lingered near that boarder for so long, taken far too many steps into the demonic realm that her heart isn't pure enough for heaven, the black taint on it forever staining her.

No amount of good deeds will fix that. Nothing can take it away. And so she exists between heaven and hell, in the place she's decided is limbo…purgatory.

Fighting a demon in death valley, she was found by the GWU and brought to Sunnybrook as they explained they were afraid she would be found and killed due to the new revelation of the supernatural. Only agreeing to go if for nothing else than to see if she'd find any demons hiding among their supernatural ranks.



  • Guardianship: Zophiel was sent to earth long long long ago to guard the borders between the demonic realm and the 'human' realm. She takes on the ability to sense a tear in the boarders, or anything crossing the boarder (be it in or out of the demonic realm). Thie ability effects all of her senses, heightening them for their intended purposes.

$$Money Made$$

  • $300 - Little shop of horrors demons (LT run)

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