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List of Characters

Know the setting: This takes place roughly two and a half years in the future; characters must have been born after Jan. 1, 2001, and must be at least 14 when introduced - this is for the sake of having them be in high school, so exceptions can be made for characters who are still mentally and physically in the 14-18 year old range and would be generally thought of as such on a maturity level basis even if they were in stasis for a time or something similar. Read the lore page, setting info page, and be sure you understand at least the basics of the mechanics before starting!

If you have a question, ask! Want something to happen with your character? Ask. Need something about the lore or history of the world cleared up? Ask. Need help making a character in the first place? Ask! We're glad to answer questions, and while it may take some time to make character plots happen, we want this to be fun for everyone.

If you want to RP, be specific! Just saying "does anyone want a scene" is not the way to get RP started. A post by our own LT put it best, reposted here for convenience:

Remember too that ic1 has been made a continuous open scene in the Andromeda dorm common room, that anyone can join at any time - just try to make sure you have a grasp of what's going on in there first. And don't monologue or ignore the other characters present! (Unless your character has a grudge against one of them or something and is deliberately pretending they don't exist, which is its own sort of whacky fun if there's a third person in the room.)

All of that said, let's get on with it!
When you have a new character made, post on (forum link) and we'll either reply or contact you in irc - we want the character approval process to be as easy and painless as possible, but you've got to remember that the GMs have lives and schedules too, and everything takes time! But on the off chance we don't give any sort of reply within 2 days, please do poke one of us about it.

If you want to make a character in another document and then move it to a page here all at once instead of just using the template, or if you're having trouble with the template on the site for some reason, here's the full code for it:

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