All characters must be original: No imports, sorry. Similar characters are alright but no copies of characters who already exist.

Know the setting: This takes place in the year 2018 2019. No one really knows about supernatural beings thanks to the efforts of the GWU and other factions. Having failed to keep things quiet after a series of major events in the space of a single night, the existence of the anomalous is now widely known, and has been since Oct. 31, 2018. Remember you're all teens your story should reflect that. Player characters should start the game at the age of at least 14, and up to (16 as of November 30, 2017, so currently possible to be up to 18 with a birthday in the 'right' part of the year). Note that this is done for the sake of having them be in high school, and assumes a human age and maturity level; if age happens to be different for some supernatural reason, talk to a GM - as long as maturity level is still in about that range, it should be fine.

What's too much and what's too little power-wise: There are two check you need to make. Can this ability be hidden via plastic surgery? being a neko is not enough to count as supernatural. Is this ability manageable without super special treatment? So, nothing on the level of blowing up buildings or reality warping. If you fail either check: try again.

Birth Dates (Player Maintained)

Active Character List

Please use the formatting given on this table. To link a character, please use [[[character:Character Name]]] as syntax.
Character Name Player Brief Description Old GWU Class and Rating
Abby Abraham Abby
Adison Aeris Cezar Air Surfer
Aiko Minami Kioku Blind Technopath AH2-AM45-Sixth Grey Roko
Aile Nemi Golden Maiden AH3-AM26-Crash Siberia
Akemi Kimura Kioku Charming Fox Spirit AE3-AK99-Pink Casper Freud
Albert "Merlin" Francis Karaoke Young Magician
Aleksa Crnčević SavanahHolland
Ally Frost Defined
Alden Baroque dragonwielder
Ambrose Syl-Falaren Duno666
Annora Defined
Anthiel Nemi Tear Drinker AO3-A099-Grey Plague
Aoi Ryoukai tripl3_
Aryn and Alys Nemi and LT Bloodbound Twins
Aramie Aridi Defined
Asmara mrs_padri
Athene Antichthon Half-Snake, All Heart AO3-A174-Orangekin Freud _ C-II-12-33
Austin Silver Knave Smooth Operator
Ben Trayson DarnellJermaine Metal Man
Bob Mazzetti ImpKitsu Ultimate City Boy AO1-JM22-Casper
Bobby Dobes mrs_padri
Brett Fion ImpKitsu Actually-Immortal Asshole Teen AH1-BF69-Pale Red
Callum Ellis Knave Totally Normal Farmboy
Caspian Cezar
Cass Walker-Handal Antichthon Asshole Gamer Extraordinaire AH2-CW14-Roko _ C-II-33
Casta Azis Arcega Silvors Biomechanical Cyborg
Catriona Stewart SarahH
Champi Machaca Antichthon Repentant Mathematician AH1-CM77-Sixth Grey Sue _ B-II-34
Chloe Gass mrs_padri
Cindaria Cyaneidae Lena Just a Jelly Girl AO1-CC88-Georgia
Claudia Aeris Lena Flower Child
Credo Bhekisisa Cezar Lighting Bird AO2-CB72-Candle Georgia
Daniel Vitan Silvors Unwilling Lich AO3-DV19-Pale Blue
Davis Bantra Karaoke Metal Muncher AH1-DB21-Helix
Desoph Dechain Desoph
Dracaz WetBeard
Dorothy mrs_padri
Elissia Crysalli TrisSebell Our Lady of Supernal Fancy
Elizabeth Winogrodzki LipstickThespian Sorceress Huntress
Eloise Marlyn WetBeard
Elspeth Sullivan SavanahHolland Paramour's Profile
Emmett Epstein Knave
Eponnie Endorb Doll-Controlling Doll
Ettain Balthazaar
Excalibur WetBeard
Gabriella Ortiz Karaoke
Gheidjin TrisSebell
Gloria Gale Knave Blonde Gargoyle
Gungnir BobaFettucine Part-Time Spear
Harisha Deneb Uracilo
Heather Taylor Balthazaar
Hideyoshi Ikeda QtPie Fishy Frogboy
Horst Geier PioneerSlav
Hyacinth DuBois LipstickThespian Little Miss Mystic AH1-HY22-White
Ika Kealoha Charlotte_
Ilario Aldebrandi Uracilo
Isabelle Dunbar Charlotte_
Jacob Houston DarnellJermaine Cake Fan
Jae Yun Fei Silvors Bug Queen
Jane Doe BobaFettuccine Forgotten Child AH2-JD11-Jung Sue
J. "Jinx" Jacinto Endorb Bad Luck Charm C-III-00
JJ Legacy Pinky and The Brain in One AH2-JJ99-Grey Roko
Jonathan Aeris Cezar Man of the Mists AH1-JA03-FoxgloveB-III-34
Jose Marron gumbal1
Katlyn LeBlanc LipstickThespian Mute Artist AH3-KL69-Sue
Kevin Duncan Legacy Cuddlefish AO1-KD06-Georgia
Kira Robinson BobaFettucine
Kiria Tyannikova SpookyBee
Kir ImpKitsu
Leah Nasser gumbal1 Stand User AH1-LN66-CasperKin
Ledusia Sambala Ziemas Lena Icy Hot AO2-LS12-Dandelion Siberia
Lee Dae-su madness_
Lennox Dragonwielder
Lisa Kawajiri Gumbal1 Budding Abomination AH2-LK81-Casper
Lurtz dragonwielder
Madeline Maddox Nemi Dream Girl AH1-MM13-FoxgloveKin
Majala Njore SpookyBee
Malissa Maguire Endorb Powerful Pixie
Margo Dunn SpookyBee
Maria of Doran gumbal1 Prophetess B-II-00
Marissa SpookyBee Littlest Gorgon
Markus Singer DarnellJermaine Word Weaver
Mary MacLeigh BobaFettuccine Glowing Irish Musician
Milliana Dissandra SpookyBee Occult Summoner AH2-MD13-Black Dandelion
Misty Freer Nemi I'M A SHARK security rating here
Momo Endorb Cutie Kitty
Nate Nicholson BobaFettucine
Niria Tugendhat ImpKitsu Twinkle Little Star
Nora Haltz SpookyBee Thunderthighs AH2-NH23-Helix Candle
Oscura Visili Karaoke
Pandora Lena
Pia Kellogg Uracilo
Quiln Tanith Silvors The Half Solar Dragon
Richard Creeley Blackheart Friendly But Volatile Psychic
Ronald Trennigan DarnellJermaine
Samuel Jordis dragonwielder
Sandra Brown PuddleJumper
Sara Gavelis Endorb Moving To Perfection
Sebastian Church Desoph
Seiko Williams Charlotte_
Shibain Airedei "Sam" MacLeod SarahH
Simon Bolger QtPie
Simon Grey Blackheart SpiderXBouncyBall OTP
Siobhan Lynch SavanahHolland
Suzanne Williams Karaoke Siren AH2-SW14-Crash Freud
Tabitha Kuro Neko Shaeira
Tamiko Charlotte_ Annoying Esper
Theca SavanahHolland
Tilen WetBeard
Twilight Allustrial Desoph
Tyler White gumbal1 Stone Man
Valentin Avdeev SolongStarbird Quiet Aura Wielder AH2-VA23 - Sixth Pale Candle
Veron Aetheleas Cezar
Veronica Marcoeli SolongStarbird Timid Harpy Girl AO1-VM41 - Orange Siberia Foxglovekin
Vincent Bale SolongStarbird
Vinnia Key Cohldurn SolongStarbird Electromagnetic Disc Jockey AH2-VC05 - Siberia Candle
Wendy Strauss SavanahHolland Questionable Pyromancer
Westley Roan Blackheart Mad Scientist in Training
Wilhelm X Dietrich Imp Walking Magical Pantry AH1-WX14-Blue Helix
William Walker FlamingKeelan
Yukihime Fujishima LipstickThespian Kawaii~!! Otaku-chan ^.^
Zita Jasper Silvors Seeker of Freedom AH1-ZJ97-???
Zophiel Lena

By Player

Inactive Character List

GMs move characters here if they've been inactive for two weeks (roughly) when checked. There is no penalty to being moved here, and if the character is played, all you need to do to return them to the active list is ask a GM. Shelved characters are also here, and can be swapped out with active ones every two weeks.

In cases where the player has been inactive for at least a month or two, or show no signs of returning to the game, their links have been moved to the archives.

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