Claire's Caravan

Claire's Oddities


One of the many stands in Claire's magical caravan.

A rather strange occurrence in the world today is the arrival of Claire's merchant caravan. Traveling the world for all eternity, Claire Hollypotes is a supposed 'Patron Goddess' of music, that travels all over the world, trading odds and ends for services and entertainment.

Claire's caravan sells a seemingly endless supply of random goodies, from trinkets and necklaces to antique swords from the 16th century and before! Towards the lead of the caravan are the more simple things, like incense and books and the like. Here, you'll find her playing an acoustic guitar, and singing gentle tunes as people shop and browse! Just what she does with the money she makes isn't quite known, though she's always willing to barter and haggle.

Her caravan appears at observably random intervals, but sightings have been more common in the past year, as the Veil's shattering has made her business much more open and honest. A friendly spirit, Claire herself appears as a young woman, between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five, with no real discernible age-markers.

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