Claudia Aeris

Player: Lena

Demeanor: Claudia is real easy going. She's a drama free kind of girl who avoids confrontation at all costs. Like her mother, she looks for the good in everyone and is very forgiving. "Never forget that everyone makes mistakes and it's always best to see the good in them no matter what happens." Though she's not above being sneaky and manipulative to get what she wants…sometimes resorting to lying, manipulating emotions or even using her own pretty looks to get what she wants.

Nature: Like her father, Claudia is loyal. Sometimes stupidly loyal even when she's been hurt repeatedly. In her time, she's always the one being dumped by the boys mostly because she refuses to compromise her morals for just a "bit of fun". She does get angry, though she'll rarely let anyone see that happen. Guarding her emotions very closely, it's hard to get her to fully open up….just like both her parents.

Description: Claudia got her height from her mother, a whopping 5 foot tall. Slender, yet curvy build and natural platinum blonde hair. She also has a tattoo of a lotus flower on her left wrist, the tattoo in vivid pinks, oranges and mauve tones…covering her wrist. It's not a small tattoo.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Brains: 3


"Yoga Queen" - (4) Agility: Having done yoga with her mother since she was a child, Claudia sees this as a way of life. Always pushing herself to the next level of contorting her body.

Charisma/Deception - (4) Brains: Accustomed to getting what she wants, Claudia has learned to hone her skills in deception. Utilizing her natural born charisma in conjunction with it, she can hardly go wrong with it.

Perception - (4) Brains: Just like her father, Claudia can do well with keeping her eyes on her surroundings. Paying attention to the environment could open new paths or show hidden ways or objects.

Self-Defense - (2) Brawn: Claudia was enrolled in a self-defense class. ex: If someone grabs you from behind…just SING (solar plexus, instep, nose, groin). This is purely to get herself away from her attacker in any situation.


“She’s Mama’s Girl….” (2)

  • Chameleon - Like her mother, Claudia has developed a way to change her body. Though it’s not into other people like her mother can do. No, instead she can blend in with her surroundings. Her skin will change color and take on patterns to whatever her surroundings she’s in. Ideal for hiding and sneaking.

”And Daddy’s World…” (2)

  • Girl of the Mists: - Claudia can form into a cloud of mist at will. This allows her to get out of deadly situations, dodge attacks or go to normally inaccessible areas by turning into mist. Any items on her person change into mist as well. Claudia may also spontaneously create mist from her body, allowing her to disappear within it or confuse her enemies.

“But Girls Grow Up and Find Their Own Way…”

  • ”The Lotus”(2) - Claudia can create, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers. Claudia can cause plants to grow, move, and revive withered or dead plants.
  • Water Lily(1) - Claudia can create, shape and manipulate water, inorganic compound with liquid, gas (steam, water vapour), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to other.
  • Claudia will be forced back into her human form if exposed to temperatures at or below the freezing point of water. (0° C or 32° F) Contrarily, Claudia will be forced into a mist form if she is exposed to temperatures at or above the boiling point of water. (100°C or 212° F).
  • Claudia is harmed by chemicals like weed killer. She can be severely hurt or killed by things that are created to kill plants.

Backpack containing:

  • Wallet w/ID, about 300 dollars in cash, coupons and punch cards and a few family photos (wallet sized duh)
  • One change of clothing.
  • Cellphone
  • Makeup bag w/makeup duh
  • Hair brush, extra ponytail holders cause you never know.
  • Bottle of expensive perfume (is there any other kind?)
  • A really worn out brown jacket.

In Her Dorm:

Basic bedroom type stuff. Clothing, personal items she's seemed to collect since her arrival. Photos in frames of her parents and her other siblings. Also picture collages of her and her friends from her own time/universe. Her sister's jacket is draped around a dress mannequin along with the outfit she was wearing when her and her brother first arrived.


Claudia Aeris was one of three children. Triplets. Her two other siblings were Adison and Kyle Aeris. Her fourth sibling, Athene Aeris came later. Claudia was born in the year 2023 in another similar timeline. She was one of the triplets born to Jonathan and Cindaria Aeris. Their life was simple. Jonathan was a chemistry teacher and Cindaria was an established fashion designer. They did very well with keeping up the children. While Adison would often either pick on Kyle or play with his mother when she wasn't busy, Claudia always hogged the attention of their father and kept a lot to her and her fathers’ affairs. Unfortunately, years later, Cindaria died in an accident Jonathan was unable to save her from. This resulted in a month of depression among the four siblings. But, one day, Kyle, Claudia and Adison came up with the bright idea to travel back in time to save their mother from death! But… Kyle miscalculated and… they got transported somewhere else. Now, they are stuck in the year 2018 in Fifth Sanctum– in another timeline altogether. Claudia and Adison were found in the basement, where the machine would have been in their timeline. Unless they can figure a way back… they're stuck forever.

Necklace from Sebastian Church for her birthday
Prize won by Theoedore on their first date to arcade <3


Adison: My brother whom I love most in this world. If I have to be stuck in this place, I'm glad he's with me. My bestfriend….

Jonathan: The teenage version of my dad. As great as it is to kinda have my dad here, it's not the same. Every time I look at him I see my actual dad and it makes me sad. My heart aches and I miss home so much…

Cindaria: The teenage version of my mom. She's the reason we made this trip in the first place. If only she hadn't gone out that day, then she wouldn't have died and we wouldn't be stuck here. Part of me hates her for that.

Theodore: I met him and he was cool. We hit it off and hung out. He even asked me to be a drummer for his band, even though I can't play the drums. He took me on a date to the arcade and won me a huge teddy bear playing a game. And because of him I know now what cheese fries taste like. It was a good week, for what it was. But then it just stopped. I don't know what happened. I'm used to it though…this world isn't any different from mine.

Nora: Pretty cool chick for sure. Easy to be around and super fun. She makes me laugh and has a way of just making bad days not so bad. I like her…but I'm confused at the same time. The fact that she dropped the L bomb on me a little over a week of hanging out and stuff just really freaked me out and I don't know what to do about it. I kinda just don't think about it. Lately I distanced myself from her…as awesome as she is, a relationship with her doesn't feel right to me.

Zita: She's the same as she is back home. Nothing is different about her except maybe the fact that she's mentally younger and a little flakey at best. I don't hang out with her, which isn't any different from the way it was back home.

Athene: She's a little less…hard…here. Back home she was more straight to the point but fun…but here she's just a confused teenager that's trying to figure out it out like the rest of us. It's weird seeing her this way. I don't see her much at all here, nor do I talk to her. That kinda really just sucks because she's one of my favorite people to be around back home…

Wilhem: It's really neat to see how he and mom were like together as teenagers. I'm so glad that we didn't get here while they were still dating. That would have been super awkward for sure. But he's awesome here just like he is back home, and super fashionable. His confidence isn't the same as it is back home but I'm guessing that it'll be something he grows into or something. Who knows?

Andrey: All of these things that started back in high school…all the stories I only got to hear about now I'm getting to actually see happen. It's surreal like a movie or something. And Andrey is exactly like mom described him. Not to mention he and Wilhem are super adorable together just like they are back home. I hope this universe has the same future for them that mine does.

Church: Where do I start? He's an unexpected friend. And he talks to me like a person, not just some dumb blonde without a brain. I could spend hours and hours just talking to him about anything and never get bored. At least I haven't yet. Taking late night walks and just talking about whatever comes up is a lot of the times the highlight of my days. He's quickly turning into someone I trust and a best friend type of person. There's no one like him back home, and I'm starting to think that this world isn't so sucky after all. I'd definitely miss him if I ever got to go home…

Gungnir He hurt someone I love just because some stupid girl told him to. But he's so gullible…He reminds me of that dumb kid that's so desperate for friends he'll do anything. I wonder if he knows that him binding himself to that stupid girl is the same thing as the brand that girl got from Church? It's the same principle.

Earned Money:
((Started job on February 15, 2019))
Work Week Reason Amount
- Approval $300
2/15-2/21 Secretary Job $39
2/22-2/28 Secretary Job $39
2/29-3/4 Secretary Job $39
3/5-3/11 Secretary Job $39
3/12-3/18 Secretary Job $39
3/19-3/25 Secretary Job $39
3/26-4/1 Secretary Job $39
4/2-4/8 Secretary Job $39

Total: $612

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