Sunnybrook Student Orginizations

As the administration will always tell you, Sunnybrook is a community. What better way to promote community of it's students than with academy sponsored clubs and organizations. Students must talk to the sponsor of a club or it's president to join, each club may outline their own rules for participation and membership.

These clubs may request funding from the school for events, time off of class or off campus for their activities, and any other request they may need to make. Every club may request an unused classroom in Montreal hall to use as it's clubroom, staff reserve the right to inspect rooms and reclaim them for school needs. Please see a member of the staff if you need any help with clubs and organizations.

Please understand not all members are noted, just noteworthy ones.

Clubs and Teams

Title Description Details
Fencing Club Fencing enthusiasts come here to not only further student's skills in the art of fencing, but also compete in fencing tournaments Perseus 105
President - Sara Green - Sponsor - Mrs. Winthrope Mr. Grey
Members - Jacob Gray, Aiko Minami, Elizabeth Winogrodzki
Art Club Young aspiring artists come here to enjoy their time challenging their artistic ability with new styles and other mediums to express their creativity and passion. Pavo 122
President - None - Sponsor - Mrs. Leurgans
Members - Robin Klaus, Katlyn Leblanc, Charlotte Florence Roskowick, Leah Nasser
Gardening Club Helping to make the school a little more beautiful. Those with a green thumb are encouraged to join and held practice the relaxing art of gardening. From potting to planting, growing and harvesting. Grab a tool and jump in. Lyra 215 or Greenhouse (under const.)
President - Alexei Oksana - Sponsor - Dr. Taylor
Members - Charlie Small, Finn Bloom, Twelve, Athene, Ambrose S-F
Mystery and News Club Originally a club for detective work, now also for discussing current events and noir fiction. Fomalhaut B103 A
President - No Leadership - Sponsor - Ms.De Luca
Members - Aiko Minami, Jackie Legs, Ashlean Greyson
LGBT+ Society Promoting the understanding and growth of Sexuality and Gender liberation in Sunnybrook. A safe space for students to discuss their identities, explore themselves, and grow as a different kind of normal. Activist actions and fundraisers, as well as awareness events and education are the society's directive. However, the main point of the club is to offer a spot in the school without judgement and for the promotion of healthy alternative relationships. Allies welcome! Drinks provided. Meetings on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Room open during afternoons and evenings for free use. Columba 420
President - Katlyn LeBlanc - Sponsor - Mrs. Leurgans
Members - Akemi, Madeline Maddox, Viktor Chernoff, Austin Silver, Wendy Strauss, Kiefer Spirkowski, Leah Nasser, Morgan Faust, Cass Walker-Handal
Literature and Poetry Club A reading club where students can discuss their favorite literature, share poetry and stories that they've wrote, and just generally hang out. Sometimes meets with the Mystery and News club when mystery novels or historical fiction comes up. Fomalhaut Library
President - Sophia Emerson Sponsor - Ms. Adrian
Members - Samantha Roswick, Lisa Kawajiri
Welcome to Sunnybrook Club A club dedicated to trying to help new people get settled. Uses a buddy system of new people and old people to help and has a question box in the living room for stupid or embarrassing questions. ?
President - Bob Mazzetti - Sponsor - Don't use my Npc without permission -_-
Members - TBD
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