Constantina Strand

Basic Info:

Player: Zagatorado


Constantina seems to exist on another plane, where things make sense to her. Sadly that doesn't translate well to the real world we all inhabit, and so her actions constantly confuse people.

Tina is all about setting people up. Moving them around so they meet each other, laying traps so they talk to each other and building Rube Goldberg-like chains of happenstance that end with them maybe sorta kissing… probably.

Much of her life is planning, and the rest is performance. She doesn't give herself a lot of time to sit down and think about her own life.

She loves the idea of secretly knowing other people owe her for the good things that happen to them. She'd hate it if something she did went badly. She'd overcompensate, and then overcompensate again, ad infinitum.


Tina is an african-american girl; she's five feet, plus ten inches, and she dresses like a Marceau-style mime. The black and white suits her, on an airy blouse and yoga pants held up by cosmetic suspenders; but people are weirded out by the face-paint. She usually has an enigmatic smile hanging off her face, sometimes so big she has to close her eyes.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Brains: 2


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  • Silent Disco:
  • (The only one there is…)

She dances to laugh more, she dances to cry less; she dances when the world lifts her to the clouds and when it drops her down to the real.

But nobody else can hear the music.

  • Eye Contact:
  • (To see what's really there.)

People call it intuition, but it's a proper skill. Tina knows when and how to look, when to let them know she's watching, when to close her eyes and just smile.

And if she roots out a secret on the fly, that's just par for this course.

  • **


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  • Awesome


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  • My weakness is cupcakes


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