Debts Repaid

<Lena> Claudia moves through the courtyard with a bag on her shoulder. She stands at a whopping 5 foot tall and looks anything but intimidating. She's gorgeous, hard to ignore with the long blonde hair, vivid eyes and pouting lips. She's dressed in a floral skirt with a silken blouse, flats on her feet. Accessories of course to compliment her outfit (it's Cin's daughter you expect less?). Passing by Gungnir, she stopped a few steps away and turned, looking at him curiously.

<BobaFettuccine> Noticing the movement Gungnir says "Hello." in an absent minded sort of way, it takes him a moment to turn his piercing gray eyes from the sky to this new person, when he does he gives her a friendly smile.

<Lena> Claudia turns around fully and seems to study Gungnir. It may seem as if she's checking him out. "Hey" a slight smile "I don't think I've actually met you but I've seen you somewhere before."

<BobaFettuccine> Gungnir wouldn't notice even if she /was/ checking him out. He extends his hand to her in the offer of a handshake. "I am Gungnir, it is good to meet you. We do live in the same area, it is likely that you have seen me before."

<Lena> Claudia tilts her head "Oh, Gungnir….right…." her pleasantness faded along with her smile. "You're the guy that likes to go around cutting people up." a frown touching her lips.

<BobaFettuccine> Aaaand Gungnir begins frowning as well, not really frowning at Claudia, just frowning. "I do not like to. I took his blood because it was necessary to reverse something that he had done to one that I consider my sister. I took no pleasure from it." He glances down at his hands and his frown deepens a bit when he does.

<Lena> "Are you sorry that you did what you did?" she asked with obvious innocence. "I know what happened with them, you know. And I know that he didn't do anything to her that she didn't want him to do. I also know that they would still be together if she had kept a promise and not betrayed him. Are you going to persecute her for being dishonoest and disloyal too?"

<BobaFettuccine> "You know one side of the story. I know a different side. Both sides are skewed to paint the one that told them in a better light. I am sorry that it came to violence, but I will never apologize for aiding my loved ones." He looks her straight in the eye, there is no malice, or anger in his eyes and he seems completely guileless.

<Lena> "Understandable." she looked thoughtful. As she speaks, Gungnir would feel something coming up his throat…vines with thick sharp thorns and a mixture of poison oak, ivy and sumac leaves. She just continued to speak as if nothing were happening "So if I knew one side of the story and went to solve the issue with violence, that would be perfectly acceptable right? Especially for someone I love. Yeah?"

<BobaFettuccine> Gungnir speaks, ignoring the plants in his throat, the sound is oddly muffled. "My first attempt was not violence, I asked politely and was met with anger and insults." At this point the plants are in his mouth and he pulls them out, setting them on the bench beside him as he continues speaking. "The blood was needed, and he would not be injured for more than a few moments, so I did what was necessary and took it. Whatever she might have done to him, she left no permanent scars. He did leave a permanent mark on her. I did what I had to do in order to remove it." He seems completely unaffected by the poisonous plants that were just in his throat.

<Lena> Claudia was confused. Why didn't that bother him? Was he immune to the poison? "How do you know she didn't leave any permanent scars? Have you thoroughly checked his entire body for anything? And why are you defending someone who's clearly mentally unstable? If she tried to kill herself then your first reaction should be to get her some mental help with a therapist. You didn't have to attack him. He did tell you that she could will the mark away and instead of going to find out of she could actually do that, you resorted to violence. I guess dishonor hangs with dishonor."

<BobaFettuccine> Gungnir blinks, he has no idea what a therapist is. He thinks about what to say for a few long moments, words are not his strong suit. "She may be unstable, does that mean that she does not deserve defending? She is my family. I have never had a family before, I just want to do it right. People are supposed to do everything in their power to protect their family and keep them safe and happy." He frowns softly, "There can never be dishonor in that." He obviously has no problem with violence. "Also, what is a Therapist?"

<Lena> "At what cost though? At the expense of physically harming someone else? Attacking them and literally cutting their flesh out? No. That's wrong. Very wrong. You don't go flying off the handle to hurt someone just because you think that means it's defending someone else. I have 2 brothers and a little sister, and if someone ever hurt them, my first reaction wouldn't be violence. My first reaction would be to talk it out. What you did /is/ dishonorable. What you did was rash and wrong and just so you're aware I took it to the deans. You physically attacked someone else without a good reason. What you should have done was tried exactly what he told you before demanding blood. You demanded blood from him. You didn't ask him nicely. There was no consent, not even a hint of consent being offered. What you did was wrong. Shameful, dishonorable and honestly really really stupid. Think about how you're defending your whatever that chick is to you….don't you think he has people that would do the same? He has friends. His friends have friends. And I'm pretty sure that some of the people I know wouldn't take time to sit and talk to you like I am now." she watched him "A therapist is someone who helps people who have emotional and mental problems. Church's ex is obviously mentally unstable if she's attempting suicide. And she needs help. Help that doens't come from you cutting people up." she reached over and picked up the poisonous plant and held it in her hands. It grew down right into a seed in her hands. "If I were you, I'd be careful who I piss off. I might not be able to hurt you, but that doens't mean he nor I don't know people that could and would. Especially after what you did."

<BobaFettuccine> As she speaks something seems to click in Gungnir's head and he realizes some things that he hadn't before. He thinks about what she says and stands up before nodding, "I apologize. I am not from here and the customs of this world are very different from those of Asgard, I have not learned them well enough it seems." He kneels, bowing his head. "What may I do in recompense?" He doesn't seem to take notice of her threatening comment about people that could hurt him.

<Lena> "Asgard? As in Odin and all that jazz?" woah he's kneeling "No no no get up creepy guy" she tries to lift him to his feet but she's little and weak "Someone should teach you the right and wrong about things. Give me back what you took from Church and never hurt anyone again. That's all I'm gonna ask you."

<BobaFettuccine> Gungnir stands, slightly confused now. "Yes, I was made as a weapon for Odin. I have only had this form for the eleven weeks that I have been in Midgard." He blinks a few times. Jazz, what does that have to do with anything? And was he really creepy? "As for what I took from Church, I do not have it anymore and I am unable to get it back. I am fairly certain that it has already been used."

<Lena> "Then you should give me a piece of her flesh in return." she said simply. "Tit for tat."

<BobaFettuccine> Gungnir shakes his head, "I cannot harm her, I am bonded to her in a way that prevents me from doing so. I can however provide my own flesh, as I am the one that took his."

<Lena> "How are you bound to her?" now she was just curious "I'll accept that…" she held her hand out and waited. "The same size as what you took from him"

<BobaFettuccine> Gungnir turns his arm over to show two small tattoos of runes on it's underside, Ansuz, and Algiz, he points to Algiz. "This is the rune of protection, it allows me to form a mental bond with some people that I care about. Among other things it allows them to call me to their side when they are in danger and it prevents me from harming them in any way. As for the flesh that you are owed." his right hand shifts and ripples, turning into a silver spearhead that gleams more than it should in the pale, overcast light. The blade is heavily lined with golden runes. He extends his left forearm in front of himself and hacks down with the spearhead that is his right hand, hitting the exact same spot that he had hit on Church, he has to put quite a bit of effort in to pierce the skin and once he does, a dark, silvery liquid begins to pour out, after a couple more hacks his hand turns into a hand again and he takes a chunk of some steel-like substance roughly the size of his fist from the wound, it's smeared in some kind of liquid metal that must be Gungnir's blood. He grimaces in pain as he holds it out to her.

<Lena> "That really lends to a dependant relationship" she mutters to herself. Watching him cut out his own skin made her stomach church but she did her best to keep it together "Uh…" she pulled her sweater from around her waist and took the chunk of metallic flesh and wrapped it up. "Hurts doesn't it?" she asked him curiously "You did that with consent…imagine what it feels like if someone takes it from you forcefully like that" she frowned at him. "Here…." she produced some medicinal leaves from an unknown plant an dput it on his fresh wound. It should soothe his pain and stop the bleeding but for him who knows if it works or not. But the gesture is there…she is being nice and it shows.

<BobaFettuccine> Gungnir nods, of course it hurts. He sits back down and puts the leaves on the wound, they don't help at all but he recognizes the gesture for what it is. The 'bleeding' from his wound quickly stops as the liquid metal becomes solid metal at the edges of the new crater in his arm. "You have your repayment and my sincere apologies for my mistake."

<Lena> Claudia sat down next to him, wrapping up what he gave her and putting it in her bag. "Thank you. I think that while you want to defend and protect your friend or whatever she is to you, your heart was in the right place its just that the actions that you took weren't. It could have turned out differently if you'd talked to him and heard his side of things first. Just remember there's always three sides to every story. In this case…His side, her side and the truth. If you wanna help her then just be there for her and encourage her to get help for her suicidal tendencies and whatnot. That's not healthy."

<BobaFettuccine> Gungnir nods slowly, "I will not make the same mistake twice, though I do not know how to help Elspeth with her mind, I have never been able to handle issues of the human mind very well. I am still learning to understand my own."

<Lena> "Take her to the school therapist. Or urge her to talk to someone with the means to handle that kind of stuff. She shouldn't depend on you if you're still learning."

<BobaFettuccine> Gungnir nods, "I will speak to her about it. Thank you." He then looks up at the sky, "I believe that I wish to be alone now. I must think about what we have said today."

<Lena> Claudia nodded and stood up "I hope that she gets help. Or that you're able to help her." she moved away from him without another word. Feeling terrible that someone just hurt themselves because she asked them to. That actually made her cry as she walked away. She was going to be sick….

<BobaFettuccine> Gun doesn't respond as she leaves and just stares at the sky. The clouds were lovely today.

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