Supernatural Beings

Supernatural Beings Present in Sunnyverse

The world that Sunnybrook takes place in has many anomalous beings that are present and are active forces in the world, of course there are those that are so anomalous they have no true category, these are the ones that are able to be grouped however.

Anomalous Being

An anomalous being is any entity that doesn't comply within the normal confines of reality, this category is for those that are too bizarre or otherworldly. This is also for the unique ones that don't have any other entity like it, thus earning it's own categories.

Anomalous Human

These are people that have been given or born with anomalous properties or powers. They are varied and share few similarities in properties besides the fact their species is most definitely human. Currently the world's largest collection of anomalous humans is Sunnybrook.


There are humans that can preform magic, and they are magicians, however there is a way to become an embodiment of magic itself, though purely theoretical at this point in time. A Magician has the potential to create spells on a whim, and ignore the rules that govern normal sorcery. The only method being researched to turn a human into a Magician is in the Eye of Infinity's main laboratory


Agents of the Death god, they appear as humanoids in black cloaks carrying scythes. reapers are responsible for collecting the souls of any being that lives far too long. The main culprits are usually immortals, which are apprehended quickly to be judged for reincarnation. Their main powers are the power to collect souls and to travel as a shadow. There are rumors that some reapers are former humans Death took an interest in.


Demons are the polar opposite of gods. They live in their own plane called Underworld, which is difficult to access. They can look monstrous such as a bladed witch with a burning infinity sign for a head, or relatively human with horns or bat like wings. Demons are usually very good at magic from their constitution alone. Their main power is the ability to negate laws such as gravity or reincarnation, thought the law varies from the demon's power.


Phantoms are usually monstrous looking. They are the amalgamations of strong emotions in an area and are the physical embodiment as such. Things like passion, anger, thirst for vengeance are prime emotions for phantom creation. Phantoms when killed become a sort of a white drop of flesh with eyes, similar to a sheet ghost.


Angels are the messengers of what they think of as 'higher' beings, though every now and then they are used as the border patrol between Underworld and the natural universe. They seem to have a rivalry with the reapers due to a trouble in budget cuts.

Most Angel's possess an unnatural beauty, with either short or very long flowing white hair. Matching white skin, though a rare occurrence, some Angels may have very pale blue or purple skin color, a trait common in high ranking officials, such as ArchAngels. They happen to be extremely tall, some ranging from 7'5 to much higher. Angels do not have irises, their eyes usually seen as just a deep purple color or pure white, both being just as common as the other. Belonging to only very unique Angels, is another set of arms, when Angels have it, it's usually something they've always had as a Angel, more of a luck thing than anything else, but due to most other Angels seeing it as being one step closer to a god, when one has these they usually grow in ranking rather quickly if they bother to put effort in it. The most striking trait of an Angel, is their wings. While on Earth it's the simple downy feathered wings, however in less physically-confining realms, they have large crystalline wings, that extend out much further than you would expect, but with their height paired along it gives them an incredibly strong presence. The wings do not have a definite color, just reflecting the light gives it enough color, going from a mix of reds, pinks and oranges to blues, greens and purples.


There can be an argument that gods cannot be considered truly anomalous. They embody the rules that the universe runs on, reality itself. This contradicts the identity of anomalies as those that break the rules of reality. Gods are immortal in every sense of the word, they are near indestructible, and if they somehow get killed, they will resurrect to make sure they continue their job. They appear in whatever form they wish to be, and as such vary, though they usually have a more humanoid form for business. Almost every deity humanity has believed in is present in some form….with one exception.


The Fae inhabit both our world and their realm, Faerie (or less commonly, Fairy), and are a wide classification of supernatural beings. Individual 'species' among them can vary, but somethings tend to remain constant; the fae take promises very seriously, and their innate magic can make them binding. To accept food or drink while in Faerie is to be indebted to them, however outside that realm many will still offer for the sake of being a good host. On that note, they'll almost always do their best to be good guests, and won't cause trouble while in another's home.

Contrary to popular belief, they can lie, but much of their magic works through misdirection and they tend to strongly favor half truths and manipulation as a cultural thing. As well, it's rather easy to exact a promise of no outright lies for the duration of a conversation; they'll see it as a game or a challenge if they intend to be dishonest.

Fae do not have 'courts' as popularized in some stories, or 'queens.' They are, however, more closely tied to the natural world, both ours and theirs, than most types of beings; as such they may take on traits that were the fuel for this misconception. As well, Fae can be as social or solitary as humanity - species can lead them to lean heavily in favor of one or the other, but it is on an individual basis, so don't assume too much.


While some people think pixies are more or less Fae, they're wrong. Pixies might share an ancestor, but there's been a lot of change since then. Pixies are naturally only inches tall, but they can hide their wings or grow in height (often about 10 times their natural sizes, but some have been recorded growing as much as 15 times) to fit in with humans, when they have the need. They also are extremely magical, having it mixed into their blood, and flowing pure through their wings. They use this magic with a simple mental will to determine the 'type' of spell (this is denoted in the eye color, although they cannot cast spells associated with their natural eye color), and a corresponding gesture. Pixies are resistant to any form of drugs not made for their biology, including items like alcohol and ones attuned to anomalies, but not pixies specifically. They're also virtually immune to even being carrier to non-anomalous diseases.

Mischievous and outgoing by heart; they often engage in cruel pranks, especially on lone victims, but you can just as easily find one at a bar party. Pixies also have a self-control problem: it's literally harder for them to resist temptations.
Often, large numbers of pixies will gather in a magically constructed hideaway inside a tree in a forest, usually not far from a town. These hideaways most often have less than 50 pixies, and are peaceful enough to not need to worry about governing. It is theorized they live in forests due to an old gene that at one point allowed them to commune with nature, but has since become nothing more than an influence on their subconscious minds.

Status Pending:


Oh boy, the Mahsal. How else do you describe a collection of numerous extradimensional goo-born entities varying violently in power, form, and even compatibility with universal physics?

Though (almost all) Mahsal can be thought to be inherently asexual, magic-intuned, and born of the primordial ooze found in their home dimension (the Shade), there's too much variation between them, biologically and politically, to lump them into one big category. Generally called "demons" by humans for ease of categorization.

Notably, it is completely possible for humans to gain much of the traits common to Mahsal, and therefore "ascend".


The original generation. Refers to the entities that have been around since the primordial ooze first started creating Mahsal (and therefore had plenty of time to grow in power), though at least one (Mechatron) has been confirmed to be artificial in nature. Generally worshiped for their power by lesser Mahsal, they are considered to be one of the two significant forces influencing panmahsal politics.

Theoretically, nothing stops any singular Mahsal from rising up to their power, as the Gods can be thought to simply be normal Mahsal who have become ridiculously powerful. However, the politics of their position, combined with the amount of time they have held it, means that an establishment of sorts has been created, and any singular Mahsal who attains such power would need to wait eons to be recognized as one of them.

Known Gods: Mannus, Draki, Mechatron, Ichragi, Lucra (deceased)

Primordial Demons

The (second) original generation. Refers to the living fragments created of Lucra created by their death. Also worshiped by lesser Mahsal, Primordials consist of the second half of panmahsal politics. Generally color-coded, for some reason.

The Primordial Demons are infamous for their pettiness, culminating in numerous wars, alliances based in mutual enemies, and backstabbing. The general goal of each seems to be threefold: a) get as much territory as possible, b) gain enough power to be formally recognized as a god, and c) prevent other Primordials from doing the same.

Known Primordial Demons: Hgan, Sals, Papier, Amon, Mos, Qtor, Lror


Refers to entities created by the collaboration efforts of Ichragi (A Mahsal God) and Orvodia (An eldritch entity capable of creating primordial ooze). Inherently semi-eldritch, which means that, while in some violation of physical law, they are not automatically shunted off to pocket dimensions by reality to protect its own composition.

As most powerful Mahsal tend to default to serving either A God or a Primordial, they hold little real power in panmahsal politics.

Known Duhkzi: Larano, Caracalino, Onadi, Allfather, Din-Zoa, Rank-Sha, Marz, Delilakma, Machine


Refers to entities created by the collaboration efforts of Danfodia The Wrathful (An eldritch Arkmahsal) and Din-Zoa (A Duhkzi). Uniformly monochrome and semi-eldritch, to the point of warping the space around them.

Their space in panmahsal politics is negligible, being seen as no higher than Arkmahsal.

Known Duhkhiysal: Razekah, Azrin, Bozra, Gozrin (deceased), Mozrat, Ozkob, Salzim, Xenzen


Refers to Mahsal directly in the employ of a God or a Primordial demon (though this term is sometimes used to refer to Mahsal in the service of the Duhkzi). Generally powerful, though exactly how powerful varies greatly with each.

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