Entities and Realms

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Embodiments of Natural Law

Often colloquially referred to as gods, though 'god' is a rather inaccurate term for these beings, these are the closest things to it that exist. They can't truly be considered anomalous, as these are the embodiments of the very laws of nature, the rules that reality exists with. They aren't so much individuals or beings as concepts, and are impossible to kill, though uniquely Demons can defy them. Despite all this, and their being more ideas than beings, they do on occasion take a form - whatever form they wish - to interact with the world. This is extremely rare however, in the same way that a star that has a planet containing life orbiting it going supernova is rare. In any case though, nothing resembling any human concept of a god from any religion could actually be considered one.

Death and Afterlife

In short, it's unknowable. No evidence exists in favor of an afterlife, and if there is one then it certainly isn't attended to by any known beings, but at the same time nothing is out there to disprove it either. Nobody can say for sure, they can only hold to their own opinions and beliefs, and it can't possibly become known either. What is known is that reincarnation is not a normal or common thing, but only occurs in cases where an individual's power causes it.

Time Travel

It can't be done. Outright. Time travel into the past is impossible by all beings and all means. Even Demons can't change or defy this. Time can be paused for an individual, perception and body can be accelerated or slowed, and some powers can allow for someone to view the past, but nobody can ever actually go there - likewise, it can't be frozen on a large scale, effects that appear to do so are actually just the user being massively accelerated.

The Future

Fate and Destiny are inherently impossible concepts, and the future is unknowable by any means. The future doesn't exist until it becomes the present. One can make excellent predictions if they have a wide enough pool of information to draw on and make conclusions from, but choice is always a factor that can't be known for certain.

Realms, Planes and Domains


A realm mostly parallel to our own, Faerie is slightly unstable, shifting and sometimes 'brushing up against' the 'mortal world' at different points. A map could be created, but the shifting nature of the realm would render it useful only as a generalized guideline in time. Relative locations mostly stay similar, or shift back to where they 'want' to be given enough time, and distances are meaningful, but less so than the ideas attached to them. The brushes against our world aren't entirely random, but appear that way to the average observer - they can be predicted much like the weather, never with total accuracy, but with a decent idea if it's to occur not too long from the the present.
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Faerie Politics
The short version is that there is no overall governing society to Faerie, most individuals or communities either have their own sets of rules (though a few are pretty universal), but don't answer to anything higher. Better hospitality between them due to attitudes about host/guest relations maybe, but for the most part there's no leadership above something akin to a mayor or perhaps baron level. A few species have governments that many of their members answer to, and there may be a coalition or two. Diplomatic relations vary widely between both communities and the occasional larger state, but the main point remains there are definitely no courts, no queens recognized by all Fae, nothing like that.


Demons. (Seriously work in progress. :P)

The Shade

Occurring in realms of Occult Worship, the Shade is a realm made of energy formed by the collective consciousness of living entities. An undercurrent of the overarching thoughts of life, that seems to ebb and flow like a dark sea. While it rarely latches onto entities, it can take hold of them and corrupt them. Access to the shade requires ritual, and it sometimes can be used by living entities, but they chance corruption.

(Usually) Physical Entities


Though some might argue otherwise, anomalous humans - humans who were born with or else later gained abilities beyond those that should be normally possible - are, in fact, still human. Still comprises most known individuals!


Demons are defined by the trait, unique to them, of being able to defy 'gods' - or rather, to defy a concept of reality. Only the most powerful of demons can defy truly major laws, and most demons have some minor variant or instead defy or have dominion over a concept that isn't truly a law of nature, but still represents something commonly understood or accepted. Demons live in their own plane called Underworld, which is generally difficult to access. Their appearance can vary as wildly as the concepts they defy, from a bladed witch with a burning infinity sign for a head, to nearly human with perhaps some abnormal features like horns or bat-like wings. Most demons are predisposed to be good at magic, though it's unrelated to their main power - usually.

The Cards
The Cards are a particular set of Demons who each fit with one of the major arcana of tarot. Each of them is rather powerful, though not individually of the strongest level among Demons (or other beings), and their names are heard by most beings in a language they know, as something matching both the first letter and number of letters as their arcana in that same language. For example, an English speaker would hear The Magician's name as Mimalgos (starts with M, 8 letters).


The Fae inhabit both our world and their realm, Faerie (or less commonly, Fairy), and are a wide classification of supernatural beings. Individual species among them can vary, but some few things tend to remain constant; the Fae take promises very seriously, and their innate magic can make them binding. To accept food or drink while in Faerie is to be indebted to them, however outside that realm many will still offer for the sake of being a good host. On that note, most species have either traditions or a natural inclination to do their best to be good guests, and won't cause trouble while in another's home.

Contrary to popular belief, they can lie, but much of their magic works through misdirection and they tend to strongly favor half truths and manipulation as a cultural thing. As well, it's rather easy to exact a promise of no outright lies for the duration of a conversation; they'll see it as a game or a challenge if they intend to be dishonest.

Fae do not have 'courts' as popularized in some stories, or 'queens.' As a general rule they are, however, more closely tied to the natural world, both ours and theirs, than most types of beings; as such they may take on traits that were the fuel for this misconception. As well, Fae can be as social or solitary as humanity - species can lead them to lean heavily in favor of one or the other, but it is on an individual basis, so don't assume too much.

Aos Si / Sidhe
The closest things that Fae overall have to 'nobility' or an 'upper class' that's recognized across cultures and species are the aos si. Sidhe are by far the most beautiful of the Fae by human standards - and in some cases by all standards, due to the innate magic of some sub-classifications or individuals. They have the strongest magic affinity of the Fae, but are less connected to nature than the average, and tend to be very 'detached' from human concerns or ideals, having a totally different morality, with few exceptions.

More species to be listed


Angels come in many forms, and are thought to be technically several different species - potentially one for each realm or domain they come from, considering how strong some of the differences are - but do tend to have some common traits. They are commonly messengers, soldiers or servants of some being they see as 'higher' - whether it be the lord of the domain they live in, a powerful spirit who's earned their loyalty, or another Angel that's gained enough power to command their respect. Sometimes they are used as a kind of 'border patrol' between Underworld and the rest of the universe. Some factions seem to have a rivalry with the Reapers. The appearance of Angels can vary widely, but most possess a preternatural beauty, and in the best of cases they are second only to the more powerful Sidhe and on-par with most Succubi or Kitsune, outside of individual cases.

Most N-Angels possess an unnatural beauty, with either short or very long flowing white hair and matching white skin, though in rare occurrences, some Angels may have very pale blue or purple skin color, a trait common in high ranking officials such as ArchAngels. They happen to be extremely tall, some ranging from 7'5 to much higher. N-Angels do not have irises, their eyes usually seen as just a deep purple color or pure white, both being just as common as the other. Belonging to only very unique indivudals is another set of arms; when Angels have it, it's usually something they've always had as a Angel, more of a luck thing than anything else, but due to most other N-Angels seeing it as being one step closer to a god, when one has these they usually grow in ranking rather quickly if they bother to put effort in it. The most striking trait of this variety of Angel is their wings. While on Earth it's the simple downy feathered wings, however in less physically-confining realms, they have large crystalline wings, that extend out much further than you would expect, but with their height paired along it gives them an incredibly strong presence. The wings do not have a definite color, just reflecting the light gives it enough color, going from a mix of reds, pinks and oranges to blues, greens and purples.



While some people think pixies are more or less Fae, they're wrong. Pixies might share an ancestor, but there's been a lot of change since then. Pixies are naturally only inches tall, but they can hide their wings or grow in height (often about 10 times their natural sizes, but some have been recorded growing as much as 15 times) to fit in with humans, when they have the need. They also are extremely magical, having it mixed into their blood, and flowing pure through their wings. They use this magic with a simple mental will to determine the 'type' of spell (this is denoted in the eye color, although they cannot cast spells associated with their natural eye color), and a corresponding gesture. Pixies are resistant to any form of drugs not made for their biology, including items like alcohol and ones attuned to anomalies, but not pixies specifically. They're also virtually immune to even being carrier to non-anomalous diseases.

Mischievous and outgoing by heart; they often engage in cruel pranks, especially on lone victims, but you can just as easily find one at a bar party. Pixies also have a self-control problem: it's literally harder for them to resist temptations.
Often, large numbers of pixies will gather in a magically constructed hideaway inside a tree in a forest, usually not far from a town. These hideaways most often have less than 50 pixies, and are peaceful enough to not need to worry about governing. It is theorized they live in forests due to an old gene that at one point allowed them to commune with nature, but has since become nothing more than an influence on their subconscious minds.


Most species - plain, normal, non-anomalous humans included - can learn magic, and use at least a little if dedicated enough. This term describes not them, but rather a being artificially infused with magic to such a degree that it becomes their plaything. Magicians can weave and alter magic without regard for the normal laws that it follows, similarly to a Demon with magical physics as its domain. The Eye of Infinity were researching a method to turn a human into a Magician before they were fractured and most of their labs were lost.


Agents of Death (as opposed to death), they appear as humanoids in black cloaks, and carry scythes. Reapers are responsible for maintaining the Law they're tied to (death), by killing those who live far too long by unnatural means. Those of a naturally immortal or long-lived species are safe, as they aren't violating the Law of death, but those who find their immortality through ritual, elixir, or other means of extending an individual's life beyond what the species should be capable of are valid targets. They are known to be able to travel as a shadow, and their scythes are made of 'death metal', a material that can rip life essence, a spirit, a soul, or whatever else from a body or object. There are rumors that some reapers are former humans Death took an interest in.


Phantoms are physically formed amalgamations of strong emotions that collect in an area, and tend to act in accordance with the emotions that created them - though their interpretation might be a bit twisted. They're usually monstrous looking, but when killed their remains become sort of a white drop of flesh with eyes, similar to a sheet ghost. Passion, anger and vengeance are prime emotions for phantom creation, though they're far from the only options.

Spirits and Non-Physical Entities


Imprints of memory from a dying person who was particularly spiritually attuned, psychically powerful, had excessive determination, went through particular rituals, or had a particularly traumatic death. There are dozens of other possible circumstances that could lead to someone leaving a ghost, and not all are known or understood, but those are the most common. A ghost is not the same person as who they came from, they are but a shade, a memory, a shadow cast by their death. Some will go through the motions of life, or a particular series of actions, while others will seem coherent and be able to respond and react to the world around them, even answer questions.


These fully sapient spirit foxes tend to be most commonly found in Japan and Korea, but may be seen throughout the rest of the world as well. They tend to have a serious talent for illusions, and those who learn magic lean toward especially tricky or complicated spells with multiple optional effects. They can possess other beings, but particularly humans, by jumping into them through the chest; having a kitsune enter you feels like an overwhelming wave of pleasure that can often be debilitating to thought and reason, and the sensation can continue as long as the spirit desires, letting them easily take over the body. More powerful kitsune are also able to fully manifest into physical form, fox or human, both being particularly beautiful.

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