Ethan Rivera

asic Info:

Ethan Rivera

Demeanor: While it’s difficult to pin down how Ethan is like from his Amorphous appearance, as one might think that he’s completely mysterious or even creepy considering his design. One can actually denote that he’s quite carefree due to the way he walks in his gelatin-like form. In his original form, Ethan showed signs of a chauvinistic and cocky youth, mostly given to his usual style of clothing and other mannerisms.

Nature: Before being involved in gangs and what not, Ethan was a bit of a wimp and would even be considered a dork. Doing stuff that would be considered dorky or whatever such as, playing video games, taking martial arts classes and even some pretty bad social skills.
Becoming a street punk might have actually been a good thing for him, that along with his powers surfacing, it really woke something up inside of Ethan, and he’d even take up more physical activities, most notably soccer.
Ethan changed into a plucky, cocky, street-savvy wisecracker, with a bit of hot-headedness. One of his positive traits being kindness and bouts of heroism, stemming from the crookedness that started coming about as he got more involved with his gang and the struggle he had in saving his brother. He’s even shown to have a playful and loyal attitude at times, caring for his close ones.
A trait he also gained from his exposure to the city is becoming quite the people’s person, while every other street punk went along with intimidation and what not, Ethan remained well-classed and would resort to violence as a final option.
His negative traits can include being overly-confident, and quite the daredevil, even when taking the risks into consideration. Ethan can also have bouts of being a smart mouth and rather surly.
He does hold respect towards the authorities, although he doesn’t really rely on them, instead, he takes it upon himself to solve some situations.
His original dorky personality hasn’t left his side however! Ethan can be goofy or even a spazz in moments of nervousness or when he’s being waaaay too carefree.
Overall, Ethan is a humble and courageous teenager, passively looking out for those in trouble.

Description: Ethan is a roguish-looking and fit 15 year old teenager with a light-Olive skin tone, and also standing at around 5’8. He has black hair that he always keeps in an undercut style.. He seems to always be taking good care of it, messing with it is one of his peeves.

Power appearance inspiration:


HP: 8

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 2

Brains: 2


Street Fight Expertise Brawn (3) - Ethan is a brown belt at Chinese Martial Arts, mixing this with some rough, street brawling makes him quite the experienced fighter! Applies to Melee Combat rolls.

Goopy Elasticity Agility (3) - Ethans martial arts trained him to make him pretty good in combat. As stated above he has combat experience, but his Amorphous form gives him some good opportunities at avoiding hits, such as stretching out in order to create a hole to make a punch go through it, or just thinning away or bending around. Applies to Reflex Rolls.

Street Etiquette? Brains (3) - Ethan isn’t all about brute force, unlike his old gang members.. Ethan is surprisingly well-mannered, and wasn’t turned into a complete jerk.. He still has surly moments. Applies to Social Rolls

Savvy and Practical Brains (3) - Ethan’s a pretty smart lad with unshakable confidence in himself! Applies to Perception Rolls

Supernatural Abilities:
Blobology 101 - (3)
Ethan's body is composed of a flexible, amorphous substance that can he can manipulate in various ways such as:.
Elasticity- Ethan’s quite flexible… Literally. Ethan can stretch out to twice his height! (12~feet). However, going beyond that limit would make whatever limb or… part of his body that he’s stretching thin out and eventually be vulnerable. He’s able to also distribute goop around his body too, creating holes for example.
Matter State Shift- Ethan can shift between being solid, oobleck and liquid! His liquid form being quite tractionless!
Master Imitation/Malleable Anatomy- Ethan theoretically can take on any form, right down to it’s color, features and what not. He can even grow tendrils/tentacles from his body! Controlling each individually. Examples can be a computer, a blunt weapon, and even living beings (However, intelligent beings such as humans are limited to his power Imposter written below.)
Regenerative Healing Factor- Ethan can regrow missing limbs that have been detached from flubber-like body, He is generally in very good physical shape as his body is constantly reverting to healthy state. Ethan can even regenerate not just his cellular tissues, but also their DNA
Unsupported Motion- Ethan The user can move and attack normally, even when their body is loose and unsupported, for example not having bones to support one's body/is much like jelly.
Imposter! - (3)
Ethan can turn into sentient beings! Mimicking everything, from his appearance. Every. Single. Detail. As a bonus, Ethan mimics one of the target’s powers, being able to cast a weakened version of the ROLLED power. Using this ability uses up 1 of his HP points however.

Third Grade Math - (3)
Ethan can divide himself up to 3 times, each that can be controlled individually!
Casting this spell splits his health evenly between each Ethan (Ex. if Ethan divides himself by half, both blob-men will have 4/4 as his health as a whole is 8/8.)
He can fuse back with each bloblet by mushing together.
Each can cast Imposter! and of course, benefit from Blobology 101

A touchscreen phone

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve
A touchscreen phone
A gaming system, with a game or two
A martial arts red belt?
Laptop mostly for schoolwork

Personal History:

Ethan’s early life wasn’t so interesting. His family, of Puerto Rican descent, moved up into one of the slums of NYC to be closer to family and to avoid the ensuing economic plummet that their beloved homeland would face. The dangers of the slums made the family go through sleepless nights, and concern over the future of the family’s children leading the mother to be a bit overprotective of her children. They lead a normal life thankfully, not being sheltered and kept in their homes like a crazy and extremely overprotective parent would do. Ethan was an average boy albeit dorky, attending school, hanging out with friends, yet he was never one to truly be involved in school activities. His main interests involved martial arts, which he’s taken since he was a small child and other at-home activities.. He DID have an interest in football and basketball, but was ridiculed by the other kids, killing his self-esteem. These events pretty much caused him to spend more time at home.. Kids are jerks, he’d realize. However, his older brother eventually caught wind of his brother’s rejection for such stupid reasons, making him stand up for his younger brother and gaining a new admirer. Ethan would really look up to his brother, wanting to live recklessly and have people respect him.. Though his brother’s respect was gained through fear and other forceful methods. Juan Rivera was a street punk, and part of a major one at that.. So it was only natural that people would start respecting Ethan.

The slums grew more and more dangerous as Ethan entered his teen years and to his mother’s dismay, his brother Juan allowed him to join the gang he was a part of, helping Ethan gain a bit more confidence and a chance to hang out with the big kids. The young boy would go on many reckless journeys of loitering in a nearby alleyway and beating up opposing gang members whom dared enter his turf. Ethan’s demeanor completely changed, being more outgoing and getting more involved in school activities.. Albeit at the cost of getting into more trouble than usual.

Things turned sour in Ethan’s new life, as the gang got into some serious trouble with a larger, more grizzled gang.. It was no ordinary gang either, these guys were actual crooks. Big imposing men dragged Ethan’s mates caught them in their usual turf, beating them up, stealing their possessions and what not. Juan wasn’t one to give up so easily, but his pride would get the best of him as he’d get shot in the stomach multiple times. Ethan bared witness to this, punching the armed thug and eventually getting gangbanged by many members. Overwhelming indeed, but something inside Ethan woke up… As the men kept on hitting Ethan, they’d soon start to feel as if they were beating a giant sack of jelly.. Ethan extended his arms and stood his ground, letting out a yell as his whole body started turning a milky-white colour. He’d soon enough undergo a strange transformation! His appearance changing and his entire molecular structure being just… Flubber?
The bullets that one of the thugs retaliated with proved ineffective, as the amorphous Ethan simply stopped their force with his new body.

The blob-boy would take on the three thugs that were on him, and when he finished, he’d see his fellow street punks and brother being dragged into the back of a van, forcing Ethan to go on a city-wide quest of beating up the local terrorists.. His efforts would prove successful thanks to the aid of his newfound powers! Ethan would tear up uncontrollably as he approached and hugged his brother and each and every single one of his gang members… Well, he could with this new power of his, he could stretch out a loooong distance. The gooey embrace of Ethan was nevertheless warm and welcomed.

Shocking news came to Ethan’s household, his story was the hottest news story of the month! His powers AND the fact that he single-handedly took down one of the biggest crime syndicates in the country. Police were thankful for this, and to repay him they offered to help enroll Ethan into a very -special- school.. A school where his powers wouldn’t go to waste and a school where he can get an excellent education.. Ethan soon enough found himself in Fifth Sanctum, pumped up for what’s to come in his new school-life.


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