Familiar of Nevermore

And to this Demon, I've contracted,
That be I hindered nevermore.

Familiar of Nevermore - 0
By spending 1 Focus (adds to roll as normal), the familiar may use a predetermined minor ability following the theme of rejection of failure, in a way that fits them personally (or Channel Magic). Passive or triggered abilities do not require spending Focus to let them take effect.
Additionally, Nevermore and the familiar may engage in two-way telepathy at will, and Nevermore may summon the familiar once per day.

Nevermore's Minor Ability Examples:

  • Channel Magic (Acuity) - Choose up three of Nevermore's spells - if you have the Magic skill, it is used as normal, but all of Nevermore's spells are Raw Formulaic and use Acuity as the linked attribute. Casting one of Nevermore's spells requires spending one Focus.
  • Refusal - Once per day, reroll any one roll.
  • Nothing To Chance - Twice per day, buy hits at 1 hit per 3 dice instead of per 4 dice.
  • Defy Injury (Resolve) - On a roll with 2 hits, heal all damage taken from a single attack within the last 5 seconds (round). Only can use once per target per day. On a roll of 1 it fails, but does not consume the daily use for that target. On a roll of 0, it fails and may not target the same being again that day.
  • Reject Rejection (Charisma) - Reject romantic failure; makes the target more open to flirting, easier for the user to sway, and causes suggestive thoughts to 'stick' more in their mind. May subtly cause desire in the target, directed toward the user. Opposed by Willpower, has normal flavor effect on 1 net loss or better, reduces target's Willpower against the appropriate influence and persuasion by net hits +1 on tie or better.
  • Shift Failure - Once per day, use as a minor action immediately after failing a roll. Apply your net loss as a penalty to the target's next roll.
  • Broken Chains (Resolve) - Reduce the duration of current movement impairing effects by (hits) rounds, or immediately escape a grapple without rolling. Temporarily repairs nerves and strengthens skeletal and muscular structure to give full range of motion for an average human for 15 seconds. May cast as 1 minute ritual to extend range of motion effect to last 10 minutes, or 1 hour with appropriate sacrifice (bird, lizard or rodent). Also choose one of Nevermore's spells, using it identically to Channel Magic above.

Familiar of Nevermore (Weakness) (Character Name) is bound to a Demon (Defiant really)… and must obey all orders given by it, when given the command phrase before said order. Each character's phrase is unique, but will work for anyone who knows and says it. The Demon, Nevermore, can speak into their mind as well and issue commands that way - this communication cannot be cut off, or rather in this Demon's case, it cannot 'fail'.

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