Gm, I have something I want to say about what's going on in character. Where do I do?

Always Unless otherwise stated (such as by the gm for a run), in the in character chat with parenthesis surrounding the the question or correction or PM the GM. The GMs are not responsible for seeing every message in OOC because we are often entrenched in other activities. Do not act as if we are.

You forgot X about my character which means X is invalid and should not have happened.

Sorry good fellow. I'll correct it as long as you make the correction in IC or PM.

I want something to happen to my character!

Pm a Gm. We'll talk about getting it to happen.

What do different tags around text mean?

"Quotation marks" are something I think you can figure out on your own.
/Slashes/ and *asterisks* mean emphasis, as do italics and bold.
\Backslashes\ are the main way to indicate private thought, although…
~Tildes~ can also mean that a character is thinking, but are more often used for telepathy. Telepathy also could simply be a combination of \"backslash and quote"\ as literal 'thought-speak.'
<Single arrows> refer to dialogue broadcasted over a loudspeaker or similar device, or communication using devices like a phone, radios, or texting.
[Square brackets] are used in conjunction with other punctuation, and indicate a language other than English. Please be clear about what language is being used if it isn't inherently obvious from contest.

Can I have like a step by step for character creation?

There's one at the top of the mechanics page, on the first tab.

Are we allowed to RP in paused rooms?

Yes you may! As long as there are no other open un-paused rooms, and you don't know the people using that paused room are gonna be back soon. If you're not sure, ask a GM.

Run vs Event vs Plot

There may be a bit of confusion between these terms, so here's a brief example or explanation of them:

A Run is a one-session thing, they typically reward XP and are announced and put on the run schedule a few days before they occur. They're missions, essentially, with a group of Player Characters going to do something in exchange for XP, hard cash, and (rarely) other things.

An Event is something that happens in the city. They'll typically appear in the news section of the site and multiple characters can participate in them. Things like an undead dance party appearing in the graveyard or animals around the city gaining the ability to talk would be events. They'll only occur for a few days and players can choose to avoid them or participate in them. They'll give XP, cash or items, or even just memorable character moments!

Finally, a Plot is essentially a specialized form of a run. Where runs are planned in advance and made for a group, plots are tailor made for specific people. Things like your character (and maybe a few of your charater's friends) going to search for a legendary weapon or meeting with an ancient guru in the jungle would be plots. They're like mini-runs made specifically for a character or a group of characters. They'll typically give XP (such as from a sages wisdom on how to truly use their power), or money (like from stopping a gang or robbing a bank), or maybe something more unique (like a new trait or access to +3 damage upgrades for a weapon!), or just character development!

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