Creative titles given to the students. To get yours added to the character page, just send your newly created classification code to a member of the staff to be put up.

Three letter code

Anomalous Human + Threat level system (AH#)
Anomalous Organism + Threat level system (AO#)
Anomalous Entity + Threat level System (AE#)

Unique four symbol code

If human, use first two initials for first two parts of code

Code name

Common Code words

Pertaining to god like entities: White
Regenerating: Red
(Magic) Thaumatology: Blue
Reality bending: Sue
Life Force Manipulation: Pale
Telepathic: Grey
Shape shifting: Foxglove
Relating to Dreams: Fantast
Spiritual in nature: Casper
Occult in nature: Black

Infectious hazard: Plague
Extraterrestrial: Roswell
Human created life form: Waclaw
From another universe: Dandelion
Related to the fae realm: Whimsy

Technological anomaly: Roko
Genetic anomaly: Helix
Animal related anomaly: Orange
Sound based: Crash
Elemental Manipulation: Siberia
Energy based: Candle
Sensory based anomaly: Sixth, Sixer, six

Temporal Alteration(s): Clockwork
Higher Dimensional: Euclid
Space Time anomaly: Fracture

From or relating to the American government: Cowboy
From or relating the Russian government: Scarlet
From or relating to British Government: Rook

Subconscious effecting: Freud
Memory effecting: Jung
Emotional effecting: Pink
Ecological threat: China
Kinetic threat: Cradle

From or relating to The Bureau: Backfire
From or relating to the Merchants: Gold/golden
From or relating to Project Eternity: Promethean


Created by another para organism/object: -child
Abilities passed down familial lines: -kin
Abilities granted by another supernatural force -morph
Part of the Misters line of anomalies Mister- ???


AH2-SR70-Pale Waclaw (Sam)
AH2-KL69-Sue (Kat)
AH1-CO91-Red (Conn)
AE5-1648-Scarlet Rupture (LT's new thing.)

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