General Overview

Welcome to Sanctum

The when is 2019 (exact date in the sidebar).

The where is Haven, British Columbia. A place hard to find on maps and requiring some knowledge of anomalies to locate. A small community tucked into the west coast of Canada which has a long and storied history of it's 'supernatural-accepting' status.

The how is the rise of the anomalous. Which happened about twenty-five years ago, although it has always existed, and has just become more prevalent in the last two or three years. Teenagers who are anomalous are drawn, taken willingly by friends and family, or referred to Sanctum. As it is known as a sanctuary for them, and learning about their powers.

The what is a school set up to help "Different" Teens learn about themselves and their lives. Growing with one another and experiencing all that life has to offer in a safe place. Monitored by caring staff, and left to their own devices to grow and learn.

The who is… the students! The characters our players play, they're the main cast.

Academic Calendar, remainder of 2019 and 2020 (School year starts with Spring term to match calendar year.)
15 week term with a 1 week break in the middle, with 2-3 week breaks between terms.

Fall Term: September 2 - December 13 (Break Week October 19-27)
Break: December 14 - January 5

Spring Term: January 6 - April 17 (Break week February 22-29)
Break: April 18 - May 3
Summer Term: May 4 - August 14 (Break week June 20-28)
Break: August 15-30
Fall Term: August 31 - December 11 (Break Week October 17-25)
Break: December 12 - January 3

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