Kawajira, Lisa Ayame. Black Rose.

Please see your Student Adviser.

<LipstickThespian> "Do you prefer Lisa, or Kawajiri?" The researcher who had introduced herself as Levi smiled at Lisa as she closed the door behind her. The small little office was in the Library basement, with stacks on one side and tables filled with research on the other. Really, for such a well funded school this office seems out of the way and without much thought put into it. Like they
<LipstickThespian> converted an old archives room. Levi herself is a short woman, with simple brown hair to her shoulders, and dim green eyes. Wearing a simple skirt and top, really fashion wise she is about as plain as someone who shops at the Gap can be. The white research coat seems like an afterthought to look professional. She motions Lisa to the side of the room where there's a less busy
<LipstickThespian> desk and two chairs to sit at by it. Oddest thing about the room? The old schooldesk and chair in the middle of it. Sitting atop a very large pentagram burned into the floor. Intricate designs and lyrics that seem carefully crafted.

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<gumbal1> Lisa and Kawajiri, to her, held equal weight in regards to identity. Still, Lisa was less awkward and less syllables. "Lisa will be fine." In contrast, Lisa's various excursions into thrift stores have left her with a variety of clothes, such as the pale green button-up with plastic roses for buttons, a blue-green gradiant skirt, and navy blue tights. The pentagram is eyed, but weirder things have happened in this school, Lisa had
<gumbal1> to admit.
<LipstickThespian> "Alright Lisa," Levi says with a smile as she takes a tablet off the table. "I'm going to start by having you sign some forms for legal reasons. If that's alright." She turns the tablet to Lisa. On it were a few electronic forms to flip through and sign. She offered him a stylus to do so. First form was simple, a release from the school grounds for the duration of the events,
<LipstickThespian> field trip style. The next few talk about legality, how the school isn't held liable if things happen. From personal injuries to end of the world scenarios. The final form is an agreement to take part in the Outreach Program for the entire duration of the work.
<gumbal1> Legal forms were binding in ways Lisa didn't exactly like, but she'd done worse. Indeed, she half expected to be spirited away one night, to embark on some vampiric political bullshit. It'd mesh well with the current mess her life was at that moment. Still, she signs, because absolutely, she'd regret not taking this opportunity as it presented itself. "Of course it is." Her signature is particularly nice, as it should be, given how
<gumbal1> long she'd practiced wiritng it.
<LipstickThespian> "Alright, now." Levi says as she sets the tablet aside and puts her hands in her lap. "This program will involve sending you to the other side of the Shade. From there, you'll be- well it's different for everyone we've sent. So I can't tell you what to expect over there. Just know that you'll probably find something that will uh. Look it's hard to really explain but you're a
<LipstickThespian> smart girl! I've seen your grades. Do you have any questions?"
<gumbal1> Which Shade? That name seemed all to common in occultism. Would it hurt an unkillable, nightmarish demon to embrace pastel pinks and warm lights? "Of course." Given everything that's happened so far, this couldn't be so bad, could it? "Is there much risk of death?" Not that Lisa was too worried. Athene had yet to seriously hurt her, for all the effort she put in durning sparring. Might've been the fact that she was basically dead a
<gumbal1> t this point.
<LipstickThespian> Occultism and their love of the darkness and the shadows, they really should try something else. "Again- it depends. Our last Volunteer didn't face much beyond one hostile, as his report states. Knowing your history, I don't feel comfortable promising you it will be safe. So, most likely some risk. Is that okay?"
<gumbal1> As long as there was no water, she should be fine. "I think it's fairly likely I'll survive this." After all, her birthday wasn't for another nine months! "I'm assuming this place is rather personalized."
<LipstickThespian> "So we've heard." Levi says with a laugh as she stands and walks over to the edge of the circle, staying just outside of it. "I'll need you to sit at the desk and get the flower out of it, if you don't mind?" She watches Lisa with anticipation. Inside the old schooldesk is a black rose, made of stone.
<gumbal1> Lisa's mother traveled a lot. Being an MD with a heavy involvement in teaching programs did that to you. Back when her and Lisa's father were…stable, Lisa remembers her bringing back something from that one Turkish village she stayed at for a few days. A beautiful, black rose. It was likely what instigated Lisa's interest in flowers in the first place. Also maybe the goth tendencies, but eh. So, it almost doesn't surprise her as
<gumbal1> she sits down that the flower is as such. Fate had a rather weird way of making her ways knowns.
<LipstickThespian> Oh those pesky world traveling flowers, and the goth tendencies. "Now. Lisa. This next part is important and key to this. I'm going to need you to start describing your last nightmare to me. Be concise, but give it breath. Alright?" Levi kneels down next to the circle and places her hands on it's edge and begins to chant in a forgotten tongue under her breath. Rituals were
<LipstickThespian> always that, even when done by poorly paid research assistants.
<gumbal1> "The last one I remember?" These things bleed into each other. Content, intent, extent, after a while the similar ones satart to amass into something more than a series. More, a sort of reality. And to Lisa, that made the somewhat mundane ones somewhat more frightening. "I was walking through the school. The old school, not this one, heading for the cafe, which is something I never do. As I sit down, someone sits next to me. Our ap
<gumbal1> pearances are rather similar, though our fashion is much different. For some reason, I get the sudden urge to converse with her. However, she fails to respond, merely smiling at me in a rather uncomfortable manner. Still, I keep trying to get her to break her silence, and as she refuses to do so, I get more and more worried. Eventually, I get up to leave, and suddenly a voice makes itself heard in my head. It was feminine, and spok
<gumbal1> e in a South London accent. I don't remember what it said, only that it made me very worried. However, I do remember its last words. 'You're my favorite one, Ayame.' I woke up soon after."
<LipstickThespian> As Lisa talks Levi continues her work. It's really an odd nightmare, Lisa wasn't against horror elements. They were after all, all that she was. So something as simple as someone ignoring her is revealing to her nature. That's not the point of this excercise however. The point is the shade. When she sits down in her story, the world starts to blur and the shadows creep. When
<LipstickThespian> the girl walks away from her things unfocus and she finds herself plunged into darkness. Then, she wakes up. Both in the story, and here. But where is here? Here is different from there. Here, as it turns out, is a small ramen shop. A man is behind the counter, tall and stocky, cooking while he hums an old war song. The ramen house is tiny, very tiny, about five seats. One
<LipstickThespian> of which is being sat in by Lisa.
<gumbal1> Oh dear. Lisa hoped this was an American one, or at least one located in a touristy part of Japan. Her Japanese was shit, given only her father spoke it and he didn't speak it often. Still, Lisa takes her time examining the shop, trying to take in the little details that could provide some clue as to where she was.
<LipstickThespian> The shop is small, there's some photos of an old G.I. with his bugs tacked to the wall. As well as some very, very tacky decorations. Including paper lanterns, and some kanji for friendship written on the wall. The machinery the man is using looks well worm, the building seems old, but it's love. Very deeply loved, the counter is cared for and clean and the place setting in front
<LipstickThespian> of Lisa is perfect. Chopsticks, napkin, spoon, all very deliberately placed.
<gumbal1> Ah. Probably somewhat less authentic, and therefore accessible. Failing that, she could have Isamu, Hiro, or GLisa order for her. "Er, excuse me sir."
<LipstickThespian> The man turns around. If you had to describe ex-soldier living in Middle America, this was the guy. Crew cut, going grey, stocky, and with a smile that says he wants to make friends with the world. "Ya? What can I help you with, little Lady?" He turns and sets the knife he was using to chop scallions down, and turns to face her. Under his authentic bought on the internet
<LipstickThespian> uniform, you can see a tshirt poking out slightly. He uses a towel on his hands.
<gumbal1> "Do you have a menu? I think I might like to order." Japan had quite a few military bases involved with the US, in any case. At least, it did after that one incident in 2017. This could go either way, geography wise. The middle America aesthetic is appreciated, at least. San Morgan, for its Souther origins, always seemed a bit like a slice of the midwest, transplanted into Texas.
<LipstickThespian> "Menu? Well uh, Ramen. And More Ramen!" The Old Man laughs heartily at his own joke and sets the towel he was using down, putting his hands on his hips. "I admit, one trick stores don't usually do to well. But I know Ramen, and my Ramen is the best this side of the Mississppi! I'll tell ya what, you seem like you could use some cheering up. Let me make one special for ya, and
<LipstickThespian> you can judge." He turns back to the counter behind him and turns on a pot.
<gumbal1> Thankfully, for all the allergies she'd been cursed with, food allergy wasn't one of them. A surprise me, therefore, was always welcome. Speaking of, she really needed to have mystery burgers with Samantha again. Where was she, anyways. "Thank you." Mississippi. Well, at least she knew where she was.
<LipstickThespian> "I was talking to a friend from Ottawa recently," The Old GI says as he cooks. He turns to look at her every now and then but seems to be focused on his work. "Told me about you, said you might come by. Glad ya did, not everyday we get someone like you in here. Most people think you stick to the states in that old town, don't get out much. Anyway, I'm ramblin' to you again. So
<LipstickThespian> I gotta ask, what brings you all the way down here?"
<gumbal1> That she might come by? Oh dear, this trip had lore to it. "I don't really know. Call it nostalgia for the quiet side of America." She figured she could get information as this thing went on.

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<LipstickThespian> "You headed there next?" The Old GI asks as he looks back at her with a raised eyebrow. Then he was back to his work, cooking as fast as an old man who wants to talk can. "You want an egg on this, little Lady?"
<gumbal1> "Probably. I've been too long without North Texas night skies." All things considered, that was one thing she really missed. "And please, if you would." What an odd little place. Perhaps it might do better as a food truck, but Lisa respected ingenuity.
<LipstickThespian> Old GI nods his head and continues his work. It seems he really does take pride in taking things slow, or at least, he wanted to talk to her longer. "I want you to know, I don't follow the gossip columns. So I don't know what anyone means when they're talking about you. I think it's garbage anyway, people digging into each other's lives like that. 'Course you're in the limelight,
<LipstickThespian> center of some attention, doesn't mean people from your past have any right to come out and smear ya. Don't worry about me bein' against you, Little Lady."
<gumbal1> Hahahahahahahahahafuck. That could mean a lot of things for Lisa. "I don't either. I don't really have all too much time, and most of my friends are too afraid to tell me anything. Though…sometimes I do wonder." 'Sometimes' was a lie and Lisa knew it. Her public image was one of the most stressful things she's ever had to maintain.

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<LipstickThespian> "You've got good friends, if they're insulating you about all of this. That's good of them, good people are hard to find these days." Old GI turns and set a bowl in front of her, it was Ramen as Ramen was meant to be. With little garnishes, steaming hot, delicious broth and an egg perfectly placed on top. Really, the man made one dish. But he made it well. "You know what I'm
<LipstickThespian> wondering? How come I never heard of you until 'bout last year? You seem too likeable to just, fly under the radar your whole life."
<gumbal1> And, definitely, better than the instant ramen she was used to for much of her time at the school. Sometimes she wondered if she even needed to eat, given how little of anything else she had consumed at one point. "To be quite honest, I don't know either. I've been doing a bit of networking for some time now, with my bandmate." It was mostly her; Andrey worked better with the technical side of things.

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<LipstickThespian> "Your bandmate?" Old GI laughs a little as he stands behind the counter and talks to her. "You're a solo act, far as I can tell. Unless the parts of the news I watch are uh- well what I mean to say is. Look, this is getting muddy here Little Lady. How's the food tasting for you?"
<gumbal1> Hrm. This was getting muddy, indeed. "It's really good. I don't think I've had ramen this good before." Noodles, well, there was that one yakisoba she ate with Kat back in June…hrm. "I can tell you make it a lot." There's a sort of grin on her face at the comment.

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<LipstickThespian> "Glad ya like it, and ya, I guess I really do make it a lot." The Old GI laughs at her grin, and then laughs more. A hearty, full laugh that doesn't seem to want to end. Then, in an instant, he slams his large hand down onto the counter next to her bowl. Causing the silverware she isn't using to bounce slightly, even the bowl itself. His eyes, deep and red, stare at her intently
<LipstickThespian> .
<gumbal1> Hahahahaholyfuckwhathappened. Lisa's flow stops in its tracks, as her glint suddenly dims out of surprise. "Is…something wrong?" It's a weird thing to ask to someone who just went Happy Mask Salesman on her, but Lisa, by now, needs a bit more surreality for a good kick of horror.
<LipstickThespian> "You gonna talk to her, or what?" Old GI says as he stares at her, and then nods his head to the side. Lisa looked around early, who could he be talking ab- oh. Sitting two chairs down is… Levi. Only not so much. Hair is a little longer and she seems to be wearing a yukata, but it's far from festival time isn't it? Except for the fireworks in the nightsky that sometimes go off,
<LipstickThespian> visible from the small windows in the sides of the Ramen shop. The yukata is pink floral pattenered, cherry blossoms actually. She's eating her own Ramen bowl slowly. The sounds of the fair outside are distant.

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<gumbal1> Lisa wasn't up to date on January festivals or anything like that, so she wasn't sure what was going on. Still…"…hi. I didn't expect to find you here."
<LipstickThespian> Levi turns to look at Lisa, and gave her a smile in answer, before going back to her noodles. The Old GI straightened up and went back to his work chopping veggies.
<gumbal1> "Seriously, did you enter as well?" A quick glance is spared at Lisa's own dress, to see fi anything's changed. Whatever the shade was, it was clear something wasn't going the way it c ould go.
<LipstickThespian> Levi glances up again and shakes her head, then goes back to messing with her egg and trying to stir the yoke into the broth to ass some flavor. Lisa's dress? Why, it's black and white, black rose patterns all over the white yukata that she's wearing. It seems tight, she really does look thin in it. No shoes, either.
<gumbal1> 110 pounds and counting. She was hoping she at least had her normal cothes underneath. Being around in a yukata…Lisa wasn't used to japanese clothing. "Levi? Is something wrong?" Why wasn't she talking? What happened?

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<LipstickThespian> Well, normal underwear maybe. At least Lisa can enjoy that. Levi doesn't answer, and continues with her ramen. She isn't eating much, but she seems to enjoy the broth more than anything in the dish. The Old GI glances back. "Well? Are you going to talk to her or not, Little Lady? Don't you have manners?"

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<gumbal1> That didn't help. All this confusion, and Lisa's somewhat frazzled. Glances are spared to the GI, to Levi, to Lisa, back and forth in no particular order. Words form on her tongue, only to be shoved away by other words. All in all, it's unpleasant and twisted. Still, she has to do something. Lisa moves seats, taking her bowl with her, to sit right next to Levi. "Come on, Levi. Something's going on. We need to work together to find
<gumbal1> out what."
<LipstickThespian> A crack of fireworks outside, and then another. It sounds like there's music as well, festivals are always such formal affairs with all their pieces in place. Most people would eat out on an occasion like this, but this Ramen shop is dead. It's always been dead, even since it flooded. There's marks on the wall, down by their feet. Making where the water came when the last
<LipstickThespian> Tsunami came through. Levi gives her another glance and sets her chopsticks down. Pushing back her chair every so gently, and standing up. She doesn't make eye contact, and instead she heads for the door. The Old GI gives a resounding Hrmph, as he hears the door open.
<gumbal1> So much washed away, taken with the flood. Lisa's glad the watermarks are just that: marks. Still, Levi is, right now, her anchor, and she can't just abandon her here and now. Of course Lisa follows her out of the door, ramen half-finished. She might've forgotten to pay the bill, who knows. That's not important.
<LipstickThespian> Outside the Ramen House is a festival of lights. Lanterns everywhere, shops covering the public park and fireworks going off in the dark void above. The only stars are those made by explosions, that fall back down as ash. Levi slips into the crowd of hundreds, past the happy families trying to win prizes and enjoy good snacks. The small town has some out in full force, and it
<LipstickThespian> really does feel like a slice of Australian Culture. Yukatans, fresh food, good Ichiban flowing freely. Somehow, they've brought it all here, to their small town north of the alps. But Levi is gone, lost in the crowd, headed towards the stage on the otherside of the game booths.
<gumbal1> First the Mississippi, then Japan, then Austria, then…Switzerland? Something had gone terribly, terribly wrong. Lisa's insistence on passing through the crowd to find Levi gave way to simple wandering, once she resigned herself to all this bullshit. Still, she lets her hand brush against the air, in a sort of subdued manner similar to how she does while rending space. Perhaps not to actually rend. Just…feel the fabric of realit
<gumbal1> y. See if anything's different here.
<LipstickThespian> Most of the people don't seem to notice Lisa. After all, a washed out star going through a small hometown festival is nothing to care about. It makes the journey a ltitle slow for the small and thin girl. The lack of shoes makes walking on the grass feel, not the best feeling, more like a soft wash on the beach than grash. Reality? The Reality here is a very dim room with five
<LipstickThespian> people sitting in it, tied down by leather straps, as a soft melody plays. They tug at their binds, and their captor watches them with a mischief filled grin. But for Lisa? There's a stage coming up, and Levi is standing at the front of the crowd waiting for the show to start.
<gumbal1> Oh. Oh dear. Lisa will…make a mental note to go deal with that problem later. Right now, she has a stage to watch, and potentially attend to. Still, a hand is kept to check for any bullshit, which Lisa will attend to at the slightest provocation.
<LipstickThespian> The Man is working with something, a book in his hand and some small laughing. Reality is bent, and torn, the Shade is there. Reality is filled with shadows that hide dark things after all. Levi looks over at Lisa as she approaches, and then looks back to the stage. The lights dim, and the music starts. The first girl runs out in her little pop idol costume, then another, and
<LipstickThespian> another, and another, and another. A full five girl pop idol group! They start into a song that the crowd knows all the lyrics too, spoken in perfect Russian. Everyone is really getting into it. Short skirts, stockings, they all have cute hairstyles and colors. Really, for such a small show, it's enthralling. Like they're putting their whole life into this performance. The Man
<LipstickThespian> laughs.
<gumbal1> Ah, a pop group, like the one Yuki once suggested and never really got around to getting off the ground. Still, Lisa keeps an eye on the performers, mostly to check for any resemblence to people she might've known back in her original reality.
<LipstickThespian> Which reality? These aren't girl Lisa knows at all, she doesn't follow the Russian news does she? Up and coming stars don't really get known outside of their little area of influence. Levi turns to Lisa and reaches over, tugging on her Yukata and leaning over to try and say something to her under the noise.
<gumbal1> It's hell, practically, to pick apart realities. Perhaps hell is part of the reality, here. But in all instability, there is an underlying string you pull for the pattern somewhere, and as far as Lisa was concerned, that string was Levi. So, of course she leans in to hear what she has to say.
<LipstickThespian> Picking apart realities is difficult because reality is something the Shade loves to mess around with. Levi was a constant, right? She existed in the realities that Lisa knew. Both this one, and the one she was once in. "Save them," Levi whispers into Lisa's ear before she leans back and glances to the stage. One of the perfomers, a blonde girl bouncing around on the side of
<LipstickThespian> the stage suddenly starts to jolt, turning back and forth until she falls to her knees. The Man has a knife, and she can't run from it as it cuts into her flesh.
<gumbal1> HahahahahahahahahahahahahahaREND FOR THE NEW GOD
<gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
<GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 3
<gumbal1> Lisa is tearing a hole from here to the room with the man.
<LipstickThespian> Reality is a hard thing to tear, and sometimes the seams burst in oddways. The festival seems to go on, the fireworks and the cheering people. The stage however, is a different sort. One light, far above shining down. Five women, of various ethnicities and sorts, bound to metal chairs with firm rope. Next to one of them, a man in an old Soviet Paratrooper jacket and oil stained
<LipstickThespian> jeans. Slicing a knife slowly across the thigh of one of the girls. The shadows reach towards them, and they, and the three feet lift up onto the stage, keep Lisa at bay for a moment.
<gumbal1> See, that’s the problem. Lisa doesn't need to be on the stage to do anything. Another thing Lisa doesn't need: her small intestine. She stopped needing food ages ago, and right now, the material is better used as fuel for an extending tendril, heading straight over to wrap around the neck of the man on stage and squeez.
<gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
<GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 4
<LipstickThespian> The crowd seems to enjoy the display, as the man’s throat is grabbed by the tendril and he notices the distraction. He reaches the knife up, and swings at the tendril around his neck.
<LipstickThespian> `calc 4d3-8+7
<GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 7

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<gumbal1> Oh no no no, you will not be hitting that, Ivansky. It is far too fast for the likes of you.
<gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
<GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
<LipstickThespian> Apparently, it isn’t. As Ivansky slices the thing off and drops down, pulling the tendril from his throat and now focusing on the little Lady in her black rose Yukatan. He's coming for her.
<gumbal1> HaaaaaaLisa's not getting that back any time soon unless she eats it. Which means things are probably going to be a lot more painful if she eatsholy shit she had ramen she needs that back. As the rotten form of Hiro Kawajiri appears between her and the Man, Lisa takes the time to try getting onto the stage.
<gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
<GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 7
<gumbal1> (ATTACK 7, BRAWN 3, AGILITY 1)
<LipstickThespian> Well, the Man isn’t going to deal with Hiro. Boys weren't his targets after all, still, he needed to get past Hiro to get to Levi. A scuffle ensues, oddly in Hiro's favor despite the serial killer's strength. Lisa finds herself on the stage in no time, as Hiro finds himself overpowering the murderer.
<gumbal1> JAPANESE SELF DEFENSE FORCE, MOTHERFUCKER (shut up Hiro knows it wasn't called that back when he died). While Lisa goes about slurping down the severed tendril and proceeding to attempt to untie the girls, Hiro puts the Man in a chokehold. Nobody is allowed to be better than the girl who bested him 8000 meters under the sea.

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<LipstickThespian> The girls are easy enough to untie, and oddly enough they disappear when they are. Like they blip out from the two current realities and disappear completely. Leaving Lisa with five empty chairs, standing on a stage. Okay, it's back to a regular stage. The chairs are gone and she's standing in front of a crowd of hundreds cheering her on. After eating her own severed tendril.
<LipstickThespian> Hiro does his best impression of giving the man the works, and just as the girls did, he disappears when he's unconcious. Leaving Lisa and Hiro in a very odd position.

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<gumbal1> It's a bit awkward, the stare they give each other once they realized what happened. The long dead sailor with a thing for South American fruit, the strange girl, somewhere between wight, shoggoth, and vampire. It's even more awkward as both of them look out onto the sea of people before them. A crowd of hundred, gathered in front of a stage where…no, just gathered in front of a stage, period. Lisa could work with this. "I ap
<gumbal1> ologize for driving the main act away. Would you all prefer if I stepped in to replace them?"
<LipstickThespian> It really is a big crowd, cheering for something they can see that Lisa can't. They seem to be excited at the prospect. A lot of them getting closer to the stage and a few fireworks going off, it's a festival after all. As long as there's an act, who cares if it's a defiled former star that people only gossip about? Levi stands where she was and watches, not joining in the
<LipstickThespian> cheering, somewhere next to Hiro in the crowd of fans. Fans of what? Lisa, maybe, but no one would ever admit it anymore.
<gumbal1> What an odd feeling, being a washed-up, used star before even reaching the stardom she sought in the first place. At least, not in the real world. At one point, perhaps, she might've had a MD; that's what she was planning for her education endgame. It'd be something to fall back on, sure. But, fame wasn't all of why she performed. After all…she liked music. "I'll start with one of the first songs I ever wrote: Static."
<gumbal1> Hiro doesn't know what's fucking going on anymore and frankly doesn't care. Whatever Ayame got herself into was her perogative.
<LipstickThespian> The show goes, well, it's Lisa's life. Performing right? It goes well, the crowd cheers. Fireworks, everything goes with a bang until the big last firework presentation. But that's not why we're here, is it? To see Lisa victorious and playing to an enraptured crowd while cinematic explosions go off in the void sky above. Once it's down, people file away and the festival starts
<LipstickThespian> to file away with them. Until it's only Levi left, and an empty park full of husks of stalls and excitement.
<gumbal1> Well, alright, this was probably a really bad idea, cause now Lisa had to firgure out whatever the hell happened while also overfed. Still, once it's all gone down, she slips gracefully off the stage, gliding over to the odd girl out. "Well, darling, that was fun, but I'm afraid I still don't know what's happening here." The monophony is gone, replaced with a sing-song tone. Such is feeding.
<LipstickThespian> The Odd Girl Out looks at Lisa, who is now done digesting the best Ramen she'll ever taste in this reality. Really, their Yukata's don't really match at all. It's weird they came to this festival together. Levi shrugs her shoulders in answer and holds her hands together in front of herself. Then she pauses, and turns, pointing to that one stupid festival game where you catch
<LipstickThespian> a goldfish with a too small net to take home in a plastic bag. The best game.
<gumbal1> Carnival games. A waste of money and only really fun if you're trying to impress someone. Which in this case, meant Lisa was perfectly happy to try and convince this girl to open up jesus christ. As such, that's where she's headed next, walk a bit too dramatic for a washed-up carnival.
<LipstickThespian> Opening up, weird? Levi follows after her and stops next to the shallow pool with the little goldfish swimming around in it. Kneeling down next to it to look. "You can go home now," she says as she looks at it, "you've saved them."
<gumbal1> "To be honest, darling, I don't know why I'm here in the first place." Lisa kneels down, in solidarity at least. "And I'm not sure I want to leave right now. Not without a few questions."
<LipstickThespian> "Oh," Levi says as she picks up a net to offer it to Lisa to use. "What questions did you have? I might be able to answer."
<gumbal1> "Well, to start," It's something she takes, even if she wasn't really the pet person of the family. Besides, years with Anna somewhat accustomed her to the idea that pets were inherently reptilian. "I know you're Levi? But are you Levi, in the sense that you're the same instance that brought me into the Shade?"
<LipstickThespian> "You were here to help those five girls. Kidnapped by the, I think it was the Chechan Slasher. A Man affected by the shade who was in the process of a string of serial killings the police couldn't solve." Levi says with a shrug of her shoulder. "I'm not the Levi you know, no."
<gumbal1> "Ha. Then what are you? A manifestation of the shade? A bit of my superego, guiding my Id?"
<LipstickThespian> "I am Levi Zero Two Two. She is Levi Four Two Seven. We are not part of the shade. Or your ego. However big your ego may be." This Levi smiles, for the first time since Lisa has arrived.
<gumbal1> "Blame the feeding. Is this the part why I ask why Levi has multiple instances of herself numbering into the hundreds, or is that just meant as self-reflection of my own situation?"
<gumbal1> *where I ask
<LipstickThespian> "Does it matter?" Levi-022 asks as she points to one of the goldwish nearby then, "catch that one. Please?" There's a bit of a pause as she considers it, "I think most of the people Levi Four Two Seven sends through the shade don't really care about the specifics. They're all very, insular people."
<gumbal1> "Perhaps I wouldn't, either, but right now I feel like I'm having an overdose so it's a rather nice way to take my mind off of it." Such is vampirism. Lisa, with skill and grace, goes for the fish. "One more question, then I leave. Is that okay?"

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<LipstickThespian> "You should be more careful with things such as that." Levi-022 says as she watches the goldfish get snatched up. Clapping her hands with some excitement at the sight. As much as she's shown, at least. "It's okay."
<gumbal1> "What am I, in this universe?" The net is handed over with the same sort of grace. "What's the story of this Lisa?"
<LipstickThespian> "You are a Flower. Your Flower. In this and every Reality through the Shade. That is how it functions," Levi-022 answers. "This Lisa is a Black Rose. She is rebirth, and all those other meanings."
<gumbal1> "…ha. Didn't expect an answer that made sense, but I guess that's close enough to the truth as any. Well, goodbye, darling." And with that, Lisa is pulled out of the Shade's reality. After all, The only [her] is [her]. (though she might end up reappearing a few seconds later, if the reality shift dumps her back into the Shade)
<LipstickThespian> Of course, Lisa can't exactly do that herself. There's a few steps involved with reversing Levi's procress that she has to walk through. This isn't low level stuff, this is advanced college level occultism. The fact that Lisa hops realities well is a good thing, at least. Eventually she's sitting back in the desk, holding the stone flower, and looking at Levi standing up and
<LipstickThespian> brushing her hands off. Back in the dusty office. "How'd it go?"

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<gumbal1> "…I'm going to puke come morning, and might be suffering from an anomaly-induced drug overdose."
<LipstickThespian> "Well, that's all fine and dandy. You're in one piece, and I'm sure you came back victorious. Right?" Levi seems all smiles.

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<gumbal1> "…right. I have a list of questions I'm going to ask you come tomorrow, right-" Lisa stops midsentence. "…bucket."
<LipstickThespian> "B-bucket?" Levi looks concerned as her eyes grow. "There's a trashcan in the corner?"

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<gumbal1> "…thanks." Lisa takes the trashcan, sticks her head over it, and…well, alright, that's the kind of sound you get sent to church for making. Thankfully, Levi can't see what's happening from this angle, saving her the responsiblity of knowing that no less than five shoggoth spawn have been puked into the trashcan.
<LipstickThespian> Levi covers a hand over her mouth and wonders if the janitors will even bother cleaning that, or make her clean it. After the last bodily fluid left in her room went untouched by the janitorial staff, she wonders. "Well," she says with a laugh when Lisa is done. "Was the Ramen Good, then?"
<gumbal1> Maybe. Oen shoggoth spawn at least has the decency to evacuate the trash can and crawl over to the door. It's…it'd be cute if it wasn't disgusting. "…I guess?"
<LipstickThespian> -IT REALLY WOULD BE CUTE-
<LipstickThespian> -EVENT COMPLETE, $200, 2XP-

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