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<Kioku> Aiko is out of her room! Yes, it happens occasionally, and in this case it's for a learning opportunity… she hopes. She's heard about Claire's knowledge, they've met a few times, but never /really/ seemed to talk. \Hopefully, we can find a mutually beneficial arrangement.\ So it's for this reason that she stands in front of the girl in question's dorm room door, and knocks. Of course she knows which room it is! Don't insult her
<Kioku> data gathering abilities!
<FakemixRed> Claire's headwings flap at the sudden knocking, hoping it wasn't Liz again. "Ummm hello? Who's….there?" she says as she closes her medical textbook to stand next to the door
<Kioku> "Minami Aiko. We haven't spoken much, but I hoped you might have some time."
<FakemixRed> Claire opens the door and ushers her in "Can I help you with something?" \I've seen her during breakfast but\
<Kioku> "I hope so. Naturally, I'll offer my help in exchange if you can. What would you prefer I call you…?"
<Kioku> Aiko steps in, tapping the wall a couple of times to get a general idea of the room. Not that she expects it to be any different from the other dorm rooms in terms of scope…
<FakemixRed> It's rather empty, and the computer for some reason is on the ground rather than on her desk. "Ummm Claire…at your service. What is it…that you're looking for….or need from me?" Claire says taking a seat on her bed, and patting a spot beside her \Akemi seems to trust her so it should be fine right?<Kioku> Aiko's ear pricks at the sound of the patting, and she smiles slightly and nods, going to sit. "If you don't mind my being direct? The common word is that you possess a skillset regarding the examination, comprehension, and alteration of anomalous artifacts and magical formulae. I wish to learn to do as you do. Should you require an exchange, I have the ability to thoroughly understand what I… see. In a manner of speaking. It
<Kioku> may quicken things, should you need an assistant analyist." Unholy science, Aiko, you don't need to act like you're 20 years older and in a business meeting.
<FakemixRed> Claire blinks a bit though clicks her pen to get into a business mood. "So you want…me to teach you magic….and in exchange you'll…do what?"
<Kioku> "I can find you information or do technical support if you want, but… I could also do a full analysis of a spell immediately from seeing it, if I knew what I was looking for, same for artifacts or powers. Wouldn't even have to activate the latter two, so in short I could help you research and offer a safer way to."
<FakemixRed> Claire thinks for a moment "Could you possibly….analze your own spell…the one that lets you…see things in such a way. I'd like…to borrow that…perhaps in glasses…or something."
<Kioku> "It's not a spell… but I could try to isolate parts of it until it's something workable. As it is, it would give /way/ too much information for most anyone to handle, even a computer designed for it specifically might have some trouble. Hardware limitations, not software." Aiko nods thoughtfully. "If I could make it /only/ look at the supernatural and feed only relevant data… perhaps?"
<FakemixRed> "Maybe? I mean…that part is the important one…since it's hard…to do so with any…normal means. Supernatural to defeat…the supernatural after all." Claire says as she moves to get one of her magic tomes
<Kioku> "Yeah, I'm sure you don't want a flood of information on human biology just from examining someone with it." Aiko shudders. \I swear I know more about cotton and silk than anyone in the world by now.\ "I don't want just anyone to have this, of course. Some people would try to invade the privacy of others with it, so I'd like to know that it'd be used for research and threat analysis only…"
<FakemixRed> Claire twiddles her thumbs "I just…want to help…Akemi with it…and do things….of that nature to a better….degree. I don't have much…ambition as a magician…after all. Just…loyalty." Claire mumbles
<Kioku> Aiko smiles and hums. "We've talked a good bit, kinda hard /not/ to with her. Well. I don't know how long it'll take to figure out how to replicate the power with a spell, or copy part of it into an artifact, but alright; I'll try to once I understand how."
<FakemixRed> "Well I guess…that's why you're here….to learn." Claire says as she hands Aiko a book, and one of her soothing sense charms for her to look at, and get an analysis of them going. "This should be…simple enough for now."
<Kioku> Aiko tilts her head and takes out a phone, opening the book and paging through it while moving the camera over closely, scanning each page to make sure she doesn't miss anything. "Only way I can read something on paper," she comments. Picking up the charm between page flips, a few pages in, she holds it in front of her blindfold and Looks at it for an extended period to make sure she registers everything that comes in. Good thing it
<Kioku> fill sher field of vision fully and isn't being moved around.
<FakemixRed> "So…did you get a good…look at the….formula…that's the….original version and this…" she says as she hands Aiko another tome "Are the…compressed versions….they're very similar to….coding…at least my school is."
<Kioku> Aiko sets down the charm. "You're right… I could probably write a programming language that goes by exactly this, even. Maybe I should, it would be great for working to adapt or write new formulae…" She's still paging through the book, looking interested and contemplative.
<FakemixRed> When Aiko says that, something lights up in her brain "If…that's possible…it'd save us time since…couldn't you run simulations..on what a spell does…and so we can have a guess…before devoting time to making it?"
<Kioku> Aiko hums. "I.. think so? If it were programmed well enough yeah, I feel like I could set up something like that. Actually it would tie in /really/ well with another idea I've been toying with. If everything pans out, in a few months I may be able to bring people into VR, and we could create a realistic environment to run the simulations in, rather than just watching it on a screen."
<FakemixRed> "Virtual reality huh? I…would talk to an…illusionist about that…I just do…parlor trick spells."
<Kioku> Aiko looks confused for a couple of seconds, then shakes her head. "I mean with a computer. I can interface with them in much the same way a telepath can with minds."
<FakemixRed> "I'm just…saying that I don't…know how much…I would be able to help…with that besides just…teaching you the basics."
<Kioku> "The basics are all I need for now." The small smile comes back to Aiko's face. "That's a while off, I'd probably want to watch how some spells behave in the real world while working on it, but it's still some time off. Gotta put school work first." \Well, second, after making sure Wendy is okay and just before the investigation into Jace's disappearance.<FakemixRed> Claire nods as she lets her tail rest on the bed "You can…borrow some of mine…though I'll have to ask…that you pay for them….they aren't fast to make." she says as she hands Aiko 2 coins
<Kioku> Aiko Looks at the coins, then hands them back. "No need to keep them, I don't think I'd find out more that way. I was hoping to take more of your time to… actually, do you work on this often? Would you mind if I came by to watch the next time?" \Of course if she wants me to pay for the examination, I can do that…<FakemixRed> "Not at all…though bring some pray to Akemi…just a couple cents…to empower…her kami thing. But…yeah I don't mind…if you ask her first."
<Kioku> If Aiko is confused or surprised she doesn't show it, but then, she does have a pretty good information network by now about the goings on at the school. Lots of people use her network to relay news and rumors, and Big Sister is watching. "Alright, I'll do that. I'll text her right now even. She's really got to replace that ancient phone though…" she mutters the last part and snickers. "I'll look forward to it. I'll make sure
<Kioku> to start working on a supernatural analysis spell for you once I understand enough to try converting and modifying it."
<FakemixRed> Claire nods "I'd like that…yes. We…do it pretty early though…because I have afternoon classes and all. So…if you have morning classes."
<Kioku> "Won't be a problem.
<Kioku> " Aiko stretches. "Shall we talk about it more then?"
<FakemixRed> "Well..what do you…want to know?" Claire says laying down a bit on the bed
<Kioku> Aiko pauses to process her English for a moment. "I meant 'then' as in 'when I join you in the morning'. Assuming you do it every day, that is. I'm sure I'll have a whole list of questions, but I want to see what I can pick up from observation first, it'll probably negate a lot of them."
<FakemixRed> Claire blushes "oh…sorry about the misunderstanding…..then."
<Kioku> "Don't worry about it. I'd be happy to talk more now as well… but I'm kind of excited to review all this."
<FakemixRed> "Did you have…anything particular in mind with….this?"
<Kioku> "Not quite yet… it's more a matter of wanting to understand it all, it's a new field of study for me so I'm curious. I have had a couple of thoughts, but I'm unsure how to go about them yet, and would need more confidence in my own ability before attempting to replicate it in the way I have in mind."
<FakemixRed> "What do you…wish to replicate….I think….maybe it might fall under…my area of magics."
<Kioku> "My ability to interface with electronics. Right now I think I can bridge and translate for someone if they wanted to use the VR we were talking about, but it would become taxing and I'd rather not have to stay touching them the whole time." Aiko shrugs. "It's a long way off before it'll be needed or useful, so I'll likely start smaller, perhaps build toward that goal."
<FakemixRed> "I think…we should start with the small stuff…first. You don't…even know all the symbols yet…so recreating a world would be….difficult." Claire says
<Kioku> \Recreating a world? What's she talking about? Does she still think I want to use magic for the simulation? It's just the interface in this case…\ "I'm sure I'll think of some kinds of projects to do. Maybe make something self-recharging."
<FakemixRed> "That one would be….difficult. Entropy…and all that, you'd need…a handle on some demon magic…so it's efficient enough for something…bigger than like a flashlight or….lighter."
<Kioku> "Would it be?" \All the things I think would be easy, she thinks are hard, and vice versa it seems like.\ "I can generate electricity, so the trick is just to figure out how and come up with a magic equivalent. Or just leave magic out of the picture entirely and make a direct infusion. If nothing else, it could probably result in a highly efficient battery, rather than a self-charging device."
<UltimixRed> "Self charging would… Require it absorb ambient…. Mana or some other resource… To convert to such. Something that's more…. Psionic than magic…. In this case. The issue is just how…. Fast it charges for things… Beyond normal appliances. This is not… Considering those unlimited energy… Anomalies that pop up independently of…. The laws of
<UltimixRed> magic though. "
<Kioku> "Maybe I'll find and get a Look at one of them then…" Aiko considers. \A battery would be a better idea for now anyway, it'd be much simpler and could maybe be replicated with normal science in time. It's something that wouldn't look too weird to the world at large.<UltimixRed> "Well… Good luck with that…. God knows we could use one." that sentence makes Claire blush a bit "whoops… Didn't mean to say his… Name in vain.,
<UltimixRed> "
<Kioku> Aiko tilts her head, not quite getting what Claire means by the last bit, and stands up. "I'll be sure to let you know so we can work together trying to replicate it. Now I'm just going to implode from curiosity if I don't review all of this soon," she says, tapping her head. "So I'll see you tomorrow, most likely?"
<UltimixRed> Claire nods "Alright… See you tomorrow then." with a slight bow she leads her out the door
<Kioku> -Scene Examined-

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