Aiko-Zita Tutor Comprehension

<Silvors> Zita was chilling out with Aiko! Ellie had just left after talking a bit and, well, Zita may or may not have dozed off while snuggled up to Aiko. Now though, the girl was starting to stir again, arms around Aiko's shoulders and legs around her waist as Zita nuzzled her neck, hugging her from the side. "Hnnh? Where?" Zita asks, starting to wake up and blinking at Aiko.
<Kioku> Aiko snickers as Zita wakes. She was a little uncomfortable being wrapped up so much and squirmed a lot at first, but had eventually sighed and resigned to it, getting coursework out of the way before going back to a bit of programming as she lay there trapped. "Finally getting up, are you? You're still in my room, you fell asleep."
<Silvors> Zita looks up at Aiko and giggles. "Sorry! Sorry. I didn't mean to." Zita says, moving her head to rest it on Aiko's shoulder and nuzzle it more, eyes still looking at the girl's blindfold. "You're comfy." Not as comfy as Ellie, mind you, but that girl had unfair advantages! "I may take another nap… kay?" Zita grins happily before giggling some more. "Or we could play games! Like two player thingies!"
<Kioku> Aiko sighs and shrugs against Zita. "It's alright." She smiles. "Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing that some more!"
<Silvors> "Awesome! I think you just like me for my pro-gaming skills!" Zita was not a pro-gamer. She wasn't horrible, but she was the worst of the group.
<Kioku> Aiko laughs. "Are you sure you don't just like me for the homework help? Or is it maybe the excuse to snuggle Ellie?" She wouldn't blame her. Warm and soft rules!
<Silvors> Zita shakes her head. "Nope! I like you cuz you're awesome! You're like… top five most awesome people at the school!" Zita says with a nod and more giggles before falling to the side and pulling Aiko on top of her for more hugs and nuzzles. "You have fancy awesome like… magic seeing eyes and go all robo! It's soooo coool!"
<Kioku> "That's just about /all/ they see," Aiko murmurs. "H-hey, it's not that special though, since you can do the same, right? Remember, I Saw you that time…"
<Silvors> Zita shakes her head. "I can just like… sense artifacts." Zita says, with more snuggles and nuzzles. "And I think they're awesome and pretty. I like your eyes." Zita says with a nod. "That one time I saw them I did, anyways." Zita decides happily, resting beneath her Aiko blanket.
<Kioku> Aiko swallows and bites her lip. "You did?" she whispers, shrinking in on herself a little.
<Silvors> Zita hugs Aiko a bit more and nuzzles her. "Yup. You're one of the awesomest people!" Then Zita notices the shrinking in and her eyes go wide. Did she say the wrong thing? Was Aiko going to hate her now!?
<Kioku> "I don't think so…" Aiko says after a pause. "I don't think they're pretty… how could they be, now?"
<Silvors> "I don't care about the stuff around them. I got scars and stuff, but who cares? You gotta look past that!" Zita says with a nod and a giggle nuzzling Aiko's cheek. "I like your eyes. They're pretty."
<Kioku> Aiko sighs and shakes her head. "Shoganai…"
<Silvors> Zita tilts her head. "Shogan is that one game! The one in Japan!" Zita says with a nod. That's what Aiko said, right? That's what they're playing.
<Kioku> Aiko crinkles her nose, then boops Zita's with surprising accuracy. "Anyway, I doubt just sensing artifacts is the limit for what you can do. It's probably more like the first step. Have you ever /tried/ telling what they'd do after you found them?"
<Silvors> "Nope! I just copy them and then I use them then I know." Zita says with a nod. That's how easy it is. Just find, touch, use. Zita takes the boop with a glare. "Don't start a boop war with me, Miss Minami!"
<Kioku> Aiko smiles. "What if there were one that…" She shudders. "… You shouldn't just go touching every artifact you see. You might pick up something you don't want. Or it might hurt you…"
<Silvors> "What if there was one that gave me super powers!" Zita, you already have super powers. What are you talking about. "I could be like… uh… the chick with the lasso! I'd be lasso-girl." Zita that's wonderwoman. "Well how else am I supposed to know?"
<Kioku> "Zita…" Aiko sighs. "Let me tell you about something that happened and… see if it might get you motivated. Way back in December, two or three weeks after I got here, there was a mission to Rome. During that mission, we encountered an artifact… a harmless-seeming ribbon. Rose, one of my… companions, was always too impulsive for her own good, always rushing into things. She picked up the ribbon with her bare hands before I made it to the
<Kioku> room or could check on it, and… it was bad. It wrapped around her and /made her try to eat us./"
<Silvors> Zita blinks a few times. That's… that's no good. "W-Well… I-I could copy it and then it'd cancel out? That's how math works, right?"
<Kioku> Aiko shakes her head. "If anything, I expect you'd be able to control that effect for using it yourself… but you'd probably still be affected by the artifact too as long as it was on you. No canceling out. Actually, that… that would be a good thing for you to pick up, if you can find it. Something that cancels out the effects of other artifacts."
<Silvors> "But I can stop using ones I have copied. Otherwise I'd be… I dunno. Something! I'd be a big ball of floating Zita magnets." Zita says with a giggle before booping Aiko's nose with her own. Her hands were behind Aiko's back, this wasn't fair! "I know, I know. But learning how to be a radar is hard!"
<Kioku> Aiko grimaces a little. "I know. Trust me, I know… I'm still getting a handle on trying to passively sense things more, rather than getting all the details in a narrower field."
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. "I'll just give you details in one field! And that field is your room. And the details are cuddles… So how to I… analyze? I dunno."
<Kioku> "That's… that isn't… I don't… what are you even…" Aiko is thoroughly confused, but that's what happens when logical people hang around Zita.
<Silvors> Zita tilts her head in confusion. Zita's silliness is directly proportional with how awake Silvors is. Woah. Someone, quick, rebuild the fourth wall! "I was using a metaphor! I dunno. I need to like… see what artifacts do before I touch them, right?"
<Kioku> "It would be better…" Aiko gives a | |-\ face. "Who knows, maybe we can help each other out, if our powers are capable of what we want to do… I've managed to sense things ambiently a little before, even early on. I just need to focus that, do it voluntarily instead of having it happen at random. You… I don't know, but it makes sense with your powers, right? I don't see why it shouldn't be in there somewhere, locked away…"
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. It makes sense. "I just have to be like a satellite and zoom in! I gotcha." Zita understands. Her brain is a satellite that detects artifacts and Aiko is… alright Zita doesn't have an analogy for Aiko yet. "So I just need to learn to focus on one of them and you need to do that too? Sounds super easy!" It wouldn't be. It never is.
<Kioku> "Well, I need to learn to use a more general sense, not focus in, but… maybe be more aware of that sense? Come to think of it, I probably wouldn't be able to if I could see… I'd be too distracted by…" A small smile comes over Aiko's face. "Oh, Zita~" It turns into a grin and she reaches under her pillow for the spare blindfold she keeps there. "Wear this, okay?"
<Silvors> Zita takes the blindfold and looks at it. "We're gonna match! Awesome." Zita seems to giggle happily at that process and ties it on! Only for it to slide down her face. And she tries again! Only for the same result.
<Silvors> Blindfolds are hard, okay? How was she supposed to blindfold without being blind? IT'S IN THE NAME!
<Kioku> Aiko snorts as she watches through the cameras. "Let me." She takes the blindfold, unties it, and awkwardly faces away from Zita, pressing her back against her so that she can tie it behind Zita's head the same way she puts them on herself. It's easier than facing her, okay?
<Silvors> Zita looks around at everything… except it's all black because she has a blindfold on. Zita has to use her hands to guide herself, putting one on Aiko's cheek to turn and face the girl. "Aiko! We're blindfold buddies."
<Kioku> Aiko snickers. "I guess so! Now… there are four artifacts in this room! Can you find them?"
<Silvors> Zita can find them just fine! She points them out one by one. "There, there, there, aaand there!"
<Kioku> Aiko smirks, watching her on the camera. "Indeed. Now… no touching… but do you think you can tell me what the second one does? Forget everything else for a moment, just put all of your focus right on it, on where you detect that presence." \Come on, come on, please work… even if it's not this easy, get something…<Silvors> Zita nods her head, closing her eyes tight and focusing despite the blindfold. "Um. um. Uuuumm… Is it… something movey? It moves stuff!" Yeah. That had to be it. No, Zita wasn't guessing! It was totally for moving something or another.
<Kioku> Aiko bites her lip. "Anything more? Maybe… maybe at least whether it's dangerous?" \That would be the best thing she could learn, whether it could hurt her…<Silvors> Zita shuts her eyes tighter, focusing as hard as she can and… "M-Maybe not? No! It doesn't. Probably. I think? It doesn't hurt people! It's not dangerous!" Zita says with a nod. It was a gut feeling! Or maybe she was cheating and using the fact that Aiko would never keep dangerous things. But she felt like it wasn't dangerous!
<Kioku> Aiko lifts an eyebrow, not that anyone around could see. "Right. Here, I'll…" Aiko gets up and pulls the object out of her backpack where it was stored, and hands it to Zita. It feels like a hand fan, the wood and paper kind that folds out. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what it is - but specifically, a Clean Air Fan.
<Silvors> Zita looks over it and flips it around in her hand. "Can I copy it? It's not dangerous I don't think! Right?" Of course it's safe! "Aiki won't give me dangerous things, cuz she's nice. So it's not dangerous." Zita says with assuredness. "What should I do?"
<Kioku> "Go ahead and copy it, that'll probably help you understand better than me just telling you."
<Silvors> Zita nods her head, holding the fan as if it was super delicate. Then, a few little white orbs float out of it and into Zita's forearm. "Copied!"
<Kioku> Aiko pats Zita and puts the fan back where it was, then comes to sit/lie down again. "So? How'd you do?"
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. "It's just a special fan! It's not dangerous." Zita says with a nod. Zita poked Aiko on the nose and explained, "That's me locking in my answer! Your nose is like the… uh… the lock in button! Yeah."
<Kioku> Dang Zita and her nose-seeking powers even while blindfolded. "Well yes, but I meant… can you correlate what you read from it, to what it does, now that you know?"
<Silvors> Well Zita had touched Aiko's cheek to face her, so Aiko's nose wasn't hard to find after that! "I knew it moved stuff and fans move air… is that what you mean? Correlate means like… connecting the dots right? So I guess?" Zita doesn't seem to understand what Aiko is asking.
<Kioku> "Right, but… did it feel any different from other things that move? Or maybe…" Aiko sighs. "Yeah, connect the dots. See how it fits together. We could try another one, it'll be different!"
<Silvors> Zita nods her head, setting the fan off to the side and getting rid of the power. "Alright! Um. So I which one? One, three, or four?" Zita says, looking around in the direction of the objects despite being blindfolded.
<Kioku> "Maybe we'll cover all of them. But for now…" Aiko bites her lip and breathes out, "four…"
<Silvors> Zita nods her head and focuses on number four. "It's a… um… it's definitely fighty? It hurts! That's right? It hurts stuff." Zita asks, tilting her head and hugging Aiko a little on tighter on instinct. "R-Right?"
<Kioku> "I wouldn't call it fighty… it couldn't be used as a weapon directly, anyway. But… it certainly hurts…"
<Kioku> Aiko is squish.
<Silvors> It was giving off some baaad juju man. Zita was hugging the squish-ko with and nuzzling. "I-I don't l-like it."
<Kioku> Bad juju is more accurate than one might think. "Neither do I," Aiko replies. "That's why it's hidden away like it is… so nobody can use it. I hear they're mass-produced by the Merchants though. I'd love to find a way to counter it…"
<Silvors> "I-I'm gonna say i-it's bad! So I'll need comfort cuddles." Zita says with a nod of assuredness before nuzzling into Aiko's shoulder. "Yup. These hugs make me feel better already!"
<Kioku> "Can you tell anything else? Would… would it hurt you if you touched it, do you think?" Aiko returns the cuddles. Comfort after sensing that? Totally reasonable.
<Silvors> Zita shakes her head, probably to nuzzle her blindfolded eyes into Aiko's shoulder just as much as it was to deny it hurting. "I-I don't th-t-think so… I-It just m-makes my stomach feel all yucky."
<Kioku> Aiko pets Zita's hair. "It's alright. You can ignore it now. But… see? I'm sorry you had to feel that, but did you know before that you could? What if you'd sensed something like that and got curious, so you took its power? It'd probably make you feel even more sick…"
<Silvors> Zita shakes her head. "When I break into the basement, I won't touch the yucky tasting ones!" Zita promises with a nod. That seems like a good idea. No copying yucky powers. "I could've carried a camera around and you could tell me if they were bad!"
<Kioku> "You could," Aiko replies with a nod. "But… but that won't always be an option, you know? What if you run into something on a mission and can't contact me?" \Or a million other scenarios…\ "Besides, isn't improving ourselves why we're here? Your power can protect you by telling you if an artifact is dangerous, you just have to let it!" She smiles unseen, proud of the quick progress. "Let's get that taste out with a different one, okay?
<Kioku> Nice and simple. The first one you pointed to."
<Silvors> "That one's kinda fighty? It's um… it keeps you safe! Yeah." Zita nods, liking her assessment. "It's safe and keeps you safe!" Zita smiles, wrapping her arms around Aiko to hug the girl and lay back, using her squish-ko as a blanket. "It's not yucky and it keeps you safe in fights… like armor!" It's a magic suit of armor, duh.
<Kioku> Aiko giggles. "Accurate. It /is/ armor. Well, a magically reinforced jacket. Lightweight, looks normal to wear, but gives a little extra protection against everything from knives to fireballs."
<Silvors> "That sounds awesome! I'd wear that everyday and it must be soooo cool!" ZIta says with a wide and happy smile. Zita was picturing a suit of armor and Aiko walking around in said suit, but a magic jacket sounds sooo cool! "Is it comfy? Do you have an awesome supercomfy armor jacket thing?"
<Kioku> "Mm, it's comfortable enough, even if I'd prefer my hoodies. I only usually wear it if I know I'm going into a dangerous situation, though… but with the weather right now, perhaps I should keep it on more." Aiko hugs Zita tight. "You can look at the other one if you want, but I think we've done enough… how're you feeling? Did it get easier to read them, are you getting used to it?"
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. "If they taste yucky on my fingers, don't touch them!" Zita gets the idea! Like how food that's bad for you looks gross… like spinach. "And if I'm ever in trouble, I should come in here and snuggle you while we wear blindfolds." That was lesson 2, right? That's why she had the blindfold on?
<Kioku> Aiko giggles. "That's not exactly what I had in mind. Why, do you… like wearing it? I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't be distracted by your sight. Visual perception takes up a /lot/ of the brain's processing power for sensory data interpretation." She pauses. Okay, that might have been a bit too… "… Ignoring sight makes it easier to pay attention to your other senses. Including supernatural ones."
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. She thinks she gets it! "I know that! Bat's have super hearing and I was a bat once." Zita means she wore a bat headband that started make her act like a bat. "So, today I learned how to avoid yucky artifacts, that not seeing makes me good at all my other senses, and that if I ever feel yucky or anything, I should come to your room and fall asleep to get free cuddles."
<Kioku> "That last one really wasn't the point of all this…" Aiko mutters. \I guess I did get a queen size for a reason though.\ "Would you tell me something? How does it feel for you, when you just passively sense them? I mean, do you just always know without thinking about it, or…"
<Silvors> Zita nods her head, trying to think of a good analogy. "It's like… hm… like little strings are coming to me from them and when I focus on them it's like the strings are strumming… yeah! Something like that."
<Kioku> "It's like…" The blind girl frowns. \Maybe I've been trying too hard. Or maybe I couldn't process what was around me because I was too caught up in trying to ignore what the detailed analysis was giving me…\ "Wakarimasen… strings? Like Lilith talked about?"
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. "Um… yeah! Or like when you're on one of those microscope things? And you flick the thing to zoom it out. Y'know what I mean? Just… zoom out like a sattelite!" Aiko was part computer, thus required technology analogies. Zita was starting to understand!
<Kioku> "Zoom in on… Zita, I think what I need is more to zoom out. You need to zoom in, but my default state is focused in on things too closely. I've been trying to ignore it for so long because it's /always on/, it's always feeding me every last detail about whatever I see. That's the real reason I wear a blindfold… I could tell you more about the fibers this is made of than anyone, but it's all stuff I already know, so I can totally ignore it
<Kioku> easily. What I need is less details…"
<Silvors> "I said zoom out like a sattelite. Um… just… stop focusing so hard? Here! You're trying to do your sighty, stuff, right? So take off your blindfold and then try to… um… relax your eyes? Or stop focusing?" Zita may or may not be planning on taking off her blind fold to catch a peak at Aiko's eyes again.
<Kioku> Aiko winces. "I probably shouldn't… I don't want every detail of everything in my room, even if I /have/ Seen it all before. But… I'll try, I guess, if you don't mind."
<Silvors> Zita nods. "Course I don't mind! Just try not to focus on everything and don't take in the details? Like um… like a drawing! Don't look at the lines look at the image? Maybe… I dunno."
<Kioku> Pale hands move up behind red hair and undo the tie of black cloth, and Aiko's blindfold comes off. She takes a shuddering breath before composing herself.
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. "Like… um… don't focus on anything! Take a breath and just look around but don't look at things for specifics?" Zita was just repeating herself using different words, still wearing a black blindfold.
<Kioku> Aiko swallows and breathes, /trying/ to follow the instructions, but… it's hard to get a read on anything else when there's /so much data/ flowing into her head. She absently reaches up to undo the knot on Zita's blindfold, remembering what she said before about liking her eyes. Well, she won't get many chances to see them, so…
<Silvors> Zita felt the blindfold fall and smiled happily, leaning forward a little to look at Aiko and nodding. "Yup! I remembered right! They're super pretty and green and awesome." Zita says, moving her arms to wrap around Aiko in a hug. "So, um, yeah! Just don't think about the data maybe? Or you're computery, maybe, I dunno… make something that filters it out and deletes it?" Zita doesn't sound sure of herself, but she knows if she
<Silvors> figures this out, then she'll be able to get Aiko to not wear a blindfold during cuddles!
<Kioku> "I can't delete," Aiko murmurs. "Just like I can't forget… and I can't turn this off. Maybe once I get used to everything I'm Seeing right now though…" She hugs Zita back. She's tried filtering out the data before with some success, getting only basic, bare details rather than atomic compositions; getting general information on what something is and how it works, rather than the deepest sort of mechanics behind it; getting the bare brief
<Kioku> array of what someone can do rather than the minutae of how they do it. "I just need a level further 'zoomed out' than that…"
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. "Alright! Um… hm… maybe try closing one eye! Wait no that may give your other eye better seeing… Hm… Just try to not think about what you're seeing? I don't know… explain what it's like for you and I'll give super good advice!" Zita was still wrapping her arms around Aiko, she wanted to nuzzle but she was too busy looking at Aiko's eyes with a wide smile.
<Kioku> "My eyelids only partly block it… at least they still work though." Aiko blinks, an odd thing to see from her. It's a slow, carefree motion that only shows more scars on her eyelids themselves. "I'm trying not to think about it… but…"
<Silvors> "Stop thinking about how you're trying to not think about it. It's like your tongue! If you think about where your tongue is you'll start moving it around!" Zita nods her head happily. "You're eyes are still super pretty, by the way." Zita says, still staring into them with a smile, wanting Aiko to know that she wasn't getting tired of them.
<Kioku> Aiko blushes and pokes Zita in the side. "S-stop saying things like that… they're not…" \What's that? I feel… something?<Silvors> "Are too! They're awesome! They're pale and green and cool!" Zita says, giggling at the poke to her side and then booping Aiko's nose. "Super duper awesome. Plus they see artifacts and stuff! That's like double the coolness! They're cool and pretty." Zita says with an affirmative nod and the happiest of grins.
<Kioku> "They don't see much else," Aiko murmurs. That's not true. They don't see light at all, but the workings of things and people are another matter. "I think… there's someth- iie, someone…"
<Silvors> Zita tilts her head to one side. "Hrm? Someone?" Zita doesn't quite understand what Aiko was talking about. "But that's still awesome! They're pretty and can see artifacts! Best eyes ever." Zita says with a nod and a hug, before going back to grinning and looking at the eyes. They were green! THAT'S SO COOL!
<Kioku> Aiko squirms uncomfortably at all the talk about her eyes. "Someone. I can feel someone over there, I think." She points to the wall that separates her room from the washroom. "I can't get any details about them though… it's strange, the wall is in the way, telling me about itself, but I just… I /know/ someone is there…"
<Silvors> Zita nods. "That's the bathroom." Zita says with a nod before loosening the hug. "People go to the bathroom, right? So it's alright! If the wall is in the way and you can't get details that's good!"
<Kioku> Aiko snorts. "I wouldn't want those details in any case, you're right. Urrg, I need to put this back on…" She brings her blindfold back to her face and quickly ties it on again, then sighs. "… I think I can still… yeah, there they are… and there you are. This may take some getting used to…"
<Silvors> Zita pouts at the blindfold and stares at it, as if she could look through the fabric and see the eyes. "Yup. You need to get used to it, riiight? And as your assistant, I think we'll need daily meetings to figure this out!" Zita says with a nod, arms crossed and a grin on her face. "Yup! Daily meetings. You can pay me in cuddles! While we get you used to it! Perfect plan!"
<Kioku> "…" Aiko facepalms, then starts laughing. "Wakata, wakata… if you insist, I guess I shouldn't refuse."
<Silvors> Zita giggles along with Aiko and hugs her tight. "Yup. From now on you're Doctor Aiko and I'm Nurse Zita! I'm prescribing you at least one session of cuddles a day to help with your super awesome artifact eyes."
<Kioku> "T-they aren't…" Aiko sighs and shakes her head. Silly Zita. That's not how nurses work either.
<Silvors> Zita pulls Aiko into a tight hug and nuzzles her cheek before giggling. "Yup! This is making you feel better already!" Zita says, well, it was making Zita happy! "Riiight?"
<Kioku> Aiko lets out an 'eep' that sounds almost like a deflating baloon. "Squishing… air…"
<Silvors> Zita loosens the hug once Aiko eeped and instead went for a snug hug and nuzzles.
<Silvors> She also went, "Sorry! Sorrysorry. You're just a nice snuggle buddy."
<Kioku> Aiko pats Zita on the back and lays back down. "J-just don't do it so tight… I'm fragile…"
<Silvors> Zita nods and keeps on snuggling! Laying next to Aiko as she does so with more cheek or neck nuzzles. "Sorry. I'll keep it snug! And you can hug me as tiiiight as you wanna!" Zita says with a giggle. "But if you hug me too tight, I may accidentally doze off in your arms." Zita says with a giggle, pulling her head away to look for the nearest camera and stick her tongue out at it.
<Kioku> Aiko sighs and hugs Zita. "Fiiiine… at least you're warm…" she grumbles. Then she unties the knot behind her head, but leaves the cloth draped over her eyes. Laying on a knot is uncomfortable, but she still needs the protection.
<Silvors> Zita nuzzles into Aiko. "You're warm too." Zita agrees, laying her head down on Aiko's cheek to nuzzle the girl before moving it to rest on the futon. "And no grumbling! It says so on your little… um… medical thing. Doctors aren't allowed to grumble. Yup. That's a law."
<Kioku> "I'm fairly sure it's not…" Aiko shakes her head. Grumble though she may, she doesn't mind this too much. As long as it doesn't go too long or happen too often - she needs her personal space!
<Silvors> Well Zita doesn't like personal space! "Mhm. I'm a lawyer and a nurse." Zita says with a giggle and more nuzzles. "Yup. I'm the lawyer nurse and you're my doctor patient. And I say cuddles every day!"
<Kioku> Aiko sighs and boops Zita's nose, then squeezes her. She mumbles something about video games and puts her hand on the back of Zita's neck to link up again. "You wanted to try Undertale after the piano stuff, right? Here's your chance."
<Silvors> Zita nods her head. "Yup! We'll play some everyday at our cuddle sessions." Zita says with a nod, stopping the nuzzles and instead just keeping the hug snug when she was linked up. "Let's go and Undertale and it'll be fun!"
<Kioku> -Scene ALittleMoreUnderstood-

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