Let It Go

<RosyBud> Izzy creeped towards the direction of what she realized was the gym, worried about what the hell could be making all that noise.. or electrical noise, being able to sense it after all. This was just real weird. She waits a few seconds before dashing in, saying "I sensed a disturbance in the force!"
<Kioku> Following the discharges will eventually lead her to one of the side rooms in the building, where a red haired girl of medium height seems to be holding an epee. She would see (and feel) a short lived jolt of electricity jump off the end of the fencing sword as the girl makes a jab as Izzy was coming in. The girl spins around at the voice, revelaing a black blindfold covering her eyes. "I have felt it. We have a new enemy, the young rebel who destroyed the Death Star." She tilts her head sharply, tiny smile on her face.
<RosyBud> "…nice, nice. Anyway, what's with the electric fencing sword and the blindfold? Could feel that thing from like a mile away. Maybe, I dunno, but yeah, answer my questions. I have crippling curiosity."
<Kioku> "Practice. Friend liked fencing. Got me started. Not good at it yet. Not effective defense. Compensation." A few lines of electricity dance along the blade again - well, not blade so much since it's not at all sharp. "And blindfold is because I'm blind. Don't need others seeing the evidence."
<RosyBud> "Oh. Sorry, didn't mean to be rude? There's a word for it, but I can't remember. Anyway, why the compensation though? You could probably like stop their heart or something unless I remembered how everyone in this school has powers and basically ignore my stupidity."
<Kioku> "That's the idea. If someone's trying to kill you, you try and kill them right back." Aiko bites her lip. "… Sorry. Just ended up in too many deadly situations during time here. Or rather, at Sunnybrook. Trying to regulate flow to be definitely nonlethal. Difficult. Always either too much or too little."
<RosyBud> "Or you could just know, run or something. Anyway, what the hell you talking about? Thought this school was safe, didn't get the memo I could die here.. you're joking, right? I can't take that seriously or without a grain of salt if ya even know what that means."
<Kioku> "/This/ school. Not previous one." Aiko sways slightly on her feet. "Don't know how safe this will be. Better record than Sunnybrook so far. …There was reasonably safe too, if you didn't take jobs from them." She deosn't address the suggestion of running. It's never been an option for her before, why would she assume it would be in the future?
<RosyBud> "So lets say I believed this, um what exactly would I be getting into by taking these jobs? I'm not like gonna take out some political leaders or something, am I? Not to mention, can't I simply just go to class and just hang out around?"
<Kioku> "You can choose to. No need to do anything more than class." Aiko shakes her head. "But second 'mission' I went on involved sheep in wolves' clothing, a magic terrorist group, an artifact that turned whoever it touched into a cannibal until they got it off, Arachne itself, and a giant statue that stabbed me with a stone spear."
<RosyBud> "Why? Why the hell are they're missions or whatever? Don't think I've heard of more stupid idea than.. heh, google glasses."
<Kioku> "Sometimes artifact retrieval. Or saving a student from other organizations. Or investigating mysterious events." Aiko shrugs. "Teenagers or not, those with extranormal abilities are best suited to such tasks."
<RosyBud> "..how the hell does a student get kidnapped and aren't there like adults with powers that can do shit?"
<Kioku> "Prospective student," Aiko corrects herself. "Not many. Extremely rare until very recently. Now slightly less extremely rare. Estimate over 90% of empowered individuals currently under age 25."
<RosyBud> "Still sounds pretty, pretty dumb."
<Kioku> "Necessary. Voluntary. Good pay. Good learning experience, sometimes. Access to study materials." Aiko finally starts returning to imagined battle with her body… while her head stays faced generally toward Izzy.
<RosyBud> "But you could also die so yeah, real good learning experience I'd say."
<Kioku> Aiko slows down to a stop again, and her shoulders slump, head turning down. "Just living at all is a risk," she murmurs quietly. "Every single day death or something worse could come. Maybe even without warning."
<RosyBud> "Didn't take you for a philosophical type of girl.. yeah, I know, I could die at any time, but there's a difference between regular life and signing up for the army. There's a waaay higher risk of death. Mind you, this is just assuming that you're not exaggerating and this place it relatively normal or somewhat close to."
<Kioku> Aiko lets out a small, sad laugh. "Not entirely sure what's 'normal'. Think this is much closer to regular life though. Safer. The only risk greater than the rest of the world is what we put ourselves in. Unless the bigots get more support and find us."
<RosyBud> "Yeah, but what can you do? Mind you, could probably pass for normal if I just didn't use like.. cars or electronics.. hmm probably be hard."
<Kioku> "Many can't. Safer together. And much safer than if someone found out about an individual and found their home…"
<RosyBud> "That's true, anyway, I didn't catch your name.."
<Kioku> "Minami." She moves to the side of the room, going to put the epee away in a large bag that's there.
<RosyBud> "…neat name. So you gonna leave now or are you just packing up to do some sweet FA."
<Kioku> \What?\ Aiko looks confused for just a moment, but it clears soon enough. Yay for internet searches. "Just lost the mood to practice. Haven't decided what to do next."
<RosyBud> "Mind if I join ya with whatever you're gonna do? Kinda really bored at the moment."
<Kioku> Aiko shrugs. "Probably end up a solo activity. But if it isn't, fine." She sits down on a stack of mats just to clear her head for a minute while pressing her hands together and stretching her fingers. Electricity again crackles over said fingers as she does.
<RosyBud> "…wait, is your thing controlling electricity too? Or am just assuming things?"
<RosyBud> *am I
<Kioku> \Too? Ah. She did mention she sensed it.\ "Was me. Not the sword." Aiko nods. "Imperfect control though. Thus desire to practice."
<RosyBud> "Could help, although its kinda come easily to me. Its just like pushing a muscle that gets tired, though.. if I can't control it if it gets near electricity. And.. water is now my weakness for some reason. I electrocute myself."
<Kioku> "Gotten good at small amounts. And large amounts. Trouble is the middle range. Mostly only have used to recharge laptop or phone, or else ground out a car battery."
<RosyBud> "..at dispelling it? Can't do it… in small amounts. Not to mention, I'll just drain it. Useful for fighting though and I can kinda magnitize like me and can create this wall.."
<Kioku> Aiko nods. "Can't magnetize self. Not 'set up' for it. Haven't tried magnetizing other things. Don't believe I could very well. … May have to try."
<RosyBud> "Yeah, it'd be really cool to try.. anyway, still clueless over doing something?"
<Kioku> "Just… regulation. Fine tuning when not small amount. Control. Easier when not enough to stun. Or too much. Troublesome getting just right. Do you know how?"
<RosyBud> "You could try using it up on me? Even though I've stored as much I can. Anything else will heal me.. but yeah, try to control it on me."
<Kioku> Aiko grimaces. "Safe, I suppose." \If you can do what you've been implying this whole time. I'll assume so.\ "Better able to tell too. Okay." She hops down to the floor.
<RosyBud> "Come on, no worries. There's literally nothing bad that can come from this."
<Kioku> \There's always something bad that could come from… anything.\ Aiko takes a deep breath, then her fingers twitch, and a light trickle of electricity flows from one hand into Izzy's chest. Aiko visibly grimaces, already knowing it'd be far too little to do much more than set the nerves buzzing on a normal person.
<RosyBud> "Mmm yeah, that's just gonna make a person feel funny. Seriously, that's not gonna be enough even if said person was a baby and you know, babies are fragile. Try harder."
<Kioku> Aiko swallows and pushes her hand forward. This time there's a crack like a full on lightning strike that leaps forth, and one that would surely lead to some severe burns and probably death for many people.
<RosyBud> Besides the amount, does it just flow into her or is it like a punch?
<Kioku> There's kinetic force behind it on about the same level as someone would feel an actual lightning strike - if that hit, say, a tree, it would be just the same except for the angle.
<RosyBud> Izzy slams against the matted wall, blinking. "Fucking.. shit.. doesn't hurt, but I can't even muster that up on a good day.. you don't feel the least bit tired, do ya?"
<RosyBud> "Try again?"
<Kioku> Aiko rubs her arm and gives an apologetic look combined with a wince. "A little tingly. Usually happens if I channel too much without resting. Not a problem if it doesn't go through my body." Aiko lets out another long breath. "I know the right feel. I know how much I need to put into it. I can set the right output, the right rate, everything, but… it just doesn't cooperate… Try again? Are you sure?"
<RosyBud> "Yes of course, any damage you do to me will literally heal me up right after so.. although I might be up a little later than usual cause of all the energy going into me. So pull a DJ Khaled and try anothah one."
<Kioku> Aiko snorts and brings a hand forward again, this time with a rather quieter crack and less force. It might be barely enough to make someone twitch badly for half a second. "… Again. Coming out wrong. Why…" \It's differnet because I keep trying to self regulate, do it differently. That time I only reduced it a little, because much more would burn through someone, so how…<RosyBud> "Maybe.. don't try so hard? Its like trying to hold something really still, the more you try, the more you move it so… don't try at all this time."
<Kioku> "It… wouldn't hurt to try." \But I like to keep things focused, controlled. It feels weird to just… let it go.\ Regardless of her thoughts, Aiko twitches her hand toward Izzy and, like before, a thick stream of electricity arcs out. Unlike before, it spreads out a little instead of staying in a compact area, hitting in a wider area while delivering the same amount of energy - and, in fact, the 'right' amount, the amount that usually ends up
<Kioku> burning into people when Aiko tries to focus it.
<RosyBud> "I'm not quite sure, but I think you just did. Correct me if I'm wrong." She says as she stretches, blinking. "If not, we can keep going, have all night after all and.."
<Kioku> "I'd… like to keep going." Aiko bites her lip. "That felt strange. I don't know if I can make myself… /not/ focus it together reliably. Would like the practice."
<RosyBud> "Well, have at me!" She outstretches her arm to show that she's ready for whatever Aiko wants to throw at her.. even though she can't see that.
<Kioku> -And So She Did-
<Kioku> -Scene-

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