Date in a Waking Dream

<Kioku> ~Claire? Can I ask you something?~ Akemi is sitting in, oddly, her own room. Like, the one she was assigned. She's had an idea, but wants to run something else by the girl she's contacting first.
<UltimixRed> Claire's Bluetooth lights up and it's at least a pleasant voice. She's in her room reading up on medicine. "You… Can ask… Away."
<Kioku> ~Am I bothering you? When I want to contact you like this? Does it… add stress?~
<UltimixRed> "No it's fine…. This is the reason….we made the contract…. In the first place."
<Kioku> ~I just wanted to make sure. Not pester you, not be too… clingy or something. I /do/ love being able to though. Do you like it better this way, than the other?~ Akemi is talking about the kami/miko bond as compared to the demon/familiar bond.
<Kioku> (And is using the latter)
<UltimixRed> "I'm just more… Used to talking out loud…. Maybe when later when.. I'm not bound to… Master we can use…. The miko bond more often. So… What are you asking?"
<Kioku> ~I just wondered, you answered it. One more thing. Could we… go on another date?~
<UltimixRed> "Of course…. Though weren't you the one….in charge of planning it this time?"
<Kioku> Akemi giggles. ~Well, I was hoping if you said yes, if maybe we could right now! It might not be conventional at all…~
<UltimixRed> Claire pauses as she finishes up her work for the day. "Ok…. Where do I…. Meet you?"
<Kioku> Akemi's left her room and is walking down the hall as they 'speak.' ~That depends on where you are. Can you hear this?~ She knocks on Claire's door a couple of times.
<UltimixRed> Claire cuts the link after she opens the door. "Hello…. Akemi." she says sheepishly, a bit of a mess. Her hair tangled
<UltimixRed> And clothes wrinkled
<Kioku> Akemi stoops forward to touch noses with Claire. "Hi~!" She giggles and goes to take both of her hands.
<UltimixRed> "So where… Are we going?" /I really hope Master doesn't make a mess of this…/
<Kioku> Akemi squeezes both hands and stands fully again. "Wherever we want to go. But first, my room. You'll understand soon~"
<UltimixRed> "Uh… Alright?" Claire says tilting her head as she follows Akemi
<Kioku> Akemi brings Claire to her assigned room. It's much as it has been before, with a sewing machine on the desk, boxes of fabric along a wall, and dresser. The bed is back though, sitting in the corner, and there's somewhat of a heap of fabrics on it. "You trust me, right?"
<UltimixRed> Claire looks over the room, she's neve really took a good look at the entire room. /I wonder what her plan is./ "I trust you…. Yes. Why?"
<Kioku> Akemi smiles and leads Claire over to the fabric-laden bed. "Because I need you to, for what I have in mind~" She tries to guide Claire to lay down. "Get comfortable, relax." She brushes her fingers through her hair.
<UltimixRed> Claire has to lay on her side due to the wings but she tries her best to relax on the bed "Are we….doing something…. I can't even start…. To guess where this is going." Claire mumbles as her tail lays flat on the bed
<Kioku> Akemi lays down facing Claire, still smiling, and one can /feel/ the energy and focus she's collecting as she stares into her eyes. "Just let me guide you. Close your eyes?"
<UltimixRed> Claire slowly closes her eyes and holds Akemi's arms. /this is certainly strange…though normal dates don't seem to be in store for us/
<Kioku> Akemi reaches around Claire to hold her, petting her head softly and putting her other hand to her cheek, closes her eyes, and enacts her plan. She rests their foreheads against each other, and if Claire doesn't freak out or fight it, supplants reality in her mind with a waking dream. One moment she's laying on the bed, the next all of her senses tell her that she's laying atop a tall building in the middle of a large city. The sun
<Kioku> is rising, and Akemi is right there with her. "Don't move normally. Will yourself into a different position, or your body will move in realtiy."
<UltimixRed> Claire struggles to sit up in the illusion space. She's never had much of a solid will nor experience in illusion magic. "this is.. Really hard… I can barely move my…. Regular body the way…. I want it to. Help me… Up" Claire sqeaks
<Kioku> "You'll get the hang of it. I'll try to see if shifting your perspective has the right effect. I don't think I could if you didn't let me 'bring you here', but… this is why I needed your trust~ I'd like to do all sorts of things together that we can't do really."
<UltimixRed> Claire manages to see the sun rising, but her limbs feel like lead though she gasps a bit at the sight. "How…did you come up….with such a beautiful sight." /Though I prefer night time. /
<Kioku> "A… memory. This is probably as close to Naha as I'll come again for a long time." Akemi cuddles Claire in both worlds, still working to tweak the illusion to be better with the sensory input for her, and more responsive to her output. \One of these days I'll figure out how to make it cut off signals to the body, like sleep paralysis…<UltimixRed> Claire sits back down, moving in here was hard work, so she leans on Akemi "Naha…. Tell me more…. About it."
<Kioku> "I lived closer to Itoman and Tomigusuku, but Naha was… the big city, I always thought of it. Over a million people living out there, in our view from up here… It was only about a 25 minute train ride to get near the center, so I went whenever I had the chance… usually just to go running or explore. I got really good at sneaking out of my parents' house at night to do just that." Akemi smiles at Claire, still trying to work
<Kioku> on making it easier for her as she just lets the words flow out.
<UltimixRed> Claire simply relaxes with Akemi as she talks /getting to know each other is really important if we want this to work. / "I wonder how….. I would have turned out…. With loving parents…. It's almost impossible for…. Me to. Imagine…. But it makes… Me curious." the thought of family making her not the sharpest
<Kioku> Akemi glances away. "So do I…" she whispers. "We can wonder together." She squeezes Claire and rests a cheek on her head.
<UltimixRed> Claire thinks long and hard but it doesn't get her anywhere. "Could we…. See something different." her head wings drooping at her inability to think of a loving family
<Kioku> Akemi nods shallowly. The scene doesn't ripple or shift, it just changes during the next time Claire blinks from one scene to the next. The city and sunrise are traded for indoors, a library that's half-lit, though lamps sit next to chairs and couches - and it's upon one of these couches the two are sitting, or so it feels. "I kind of… made this up. Do you like it?"
<Kioku> \I wish I could see thoughts or memories, to bring her somewhere she'd like to go or be that I haven't seen before…<UltimixRed> Claire looks around. "I don't…. Mind libraries. I just…. Don't have very many opinions…. On them. It looks… Nice though." Claire says as she gets a bit more dexterity this time around and can manage to walk around a bit
<UltimixRed> Albeit quite shakily, and leaning on Akemi for support
<Kioku> Akemi walks with Claire. \Once she gets used to it more, I'll make sure she gets to have the real treat of all this~\ "What sorts of places do you like? To go to, or to imagine, maybe that you'd like to visit or live?" Akemi's mind wanders to the dreams she's had the couple of days since their bond formed, and the day she used that Soothing Sense ofuda before then.
<UltimixRed> "I like…. Really high places…. The sorts of views…. You can only get by climbing or…. Flying. I've also…. Never been to the beach.." /I should take Akemi to that Island they talked about… /
<Kioku> Akemi hums and smiles a little more. "I like heights too, I think maybe it's part of why I decided to go running so much. Erm… besides evading stalkers." She giggles and kisses Claire on the cheek. \Maintaining this is hard, but so worth it if she enjoys it. I need more practice! And I'm on the right track~<UltimixRed> Claire giggles and blushes at the kiss before trying her best to return with a kiss on the lips, this time they were soft and inviting to the girl.
<Kioku> Akemi takes a small breath of surprise, but leans in to accept the kiss. \So soft and nice… she's going to get me liking this a little too much if it's how it always is…\ A flash goes through her mind from one of her dreams and she blushes too.
<UltimixRed> Claire wraps her hands as best she can around Akemi to better kiss, though the height difference still annoyed her a bit /if I could fly it wouldn't be as bad. / she makes a mental note to figure out how to become a flying miko
<Kioku> Akemi seems to have similar thoughts, and puts her hands on Claire's hips to lift her slightly… and within the illusion, Claire feels herself become essentially weightless, able to just float in place or fly at will. Akemi pulls back and winks, giggles, and goes to resume the kiss.
<UltimixRed> Claire laughs as she wiggles her legs in the air, finishing the kiss before reveling in the feelings for a bit. "I'm glad… You shared this….with me Akemi."
<Kioku> "This was the part I hoped you'd like. It's basically like a lucid dream, so anything you can do in a dream, you can do here, right? I thought you might enjoy flying in particular…"
<UltimixRed> "I don't mean…. To be ungrateful but I… Wish you were a wind deity…. Then flying would be easier." Claire giggles
<Kioku> Akemi giggles with Claire and nods. "Sometimes I'm not really sure whether I'd rather wind or water. I kind of feel like they'd both be appropriate somehow. Maybe it's just in my head though." Or maybe it's the way she moves… yeah, probably that. "I wonder if you'll be able to fly in the material world some day…"
<UltimixRed> "if I learn how… To fly I'll be sure… To take you with me. I would have…. Preferred that over the…. Power I do… Have." Claire says floating up and down a bit still kicking her legs in the air
<Kioku> "I'd like that…" Akemi hugs Claire close, nuzzling her cheek and resting her chin on her shoulder. \I wish I got full feedback from this… the downsides of giving someone an illusion rather than being a telepath or something, I guess…<UltimixRed> Claire closes her eyes even in the dream and relaxes. "yeah…" /I wonder if there was some spell we could make…. Though to fuel it would be a nightmare. /
<Kioku> Akemi snuggles Claire close in the real world and matches the position as well as she can in the 'dream' so that she can feel it fully instead of just an echo. "Sorry I didn't plan out much more to our date besides cuddling and hopefully-flying… I'm still not great at this, and I haven't been enough places to make many settings convincing."
<UltimixRed> Claire rubs Akemi's back and sends soothing sense into her mind. "It's ok…. We can figure this out…. Together."
<Kioku> Akemi instantly relaxes and makes a small pleased hum, squeezing Claire. "We will… together… I just want it to be nice for you, give you a memorable and wonderful time, every time we do this…"
<UltimixRed> Claire just stays silent and lets the moment speak for itself. When the Bluetooth lights up which gives Claire a look of dread until it passes.
<Kioku> Akemi only notices because she has to monitor incoming sensory information from the outside world as well as the illusion to let it through instead of having it be totally replaced. It wouldn't do to act in bad faith at this point… since Paimon could probably get around it by speaking into her head instead, and she certainly wouldn't want that. "What is it?"
<UltimixRed> Claire sighs. At least these orders didn't ruin her life too badly. "Come with? I… Need to go…. Steal some…. Underwear. At least it's…. A stupid order this time."
<Kioku> "I… see? Well, I'm not letting you out of our date so easily~" The illusion falls away, and Claire finds herself being held close on Akemi's bed again in the cloth nest. A lot closer than before, really. "So of course I'll come with you."
<UltimixRed> Claire smiles as she gets up "Let's… Get something to eat…. Once we manage to steal…. Some underwear. Do you…. Know anyone who won't mind…. Missing a couple for… A few days?"
<Kioku> "Well, the most convenient would be from the room you're already in…" Akemi winks and kisses Claire on the lips, letting it go several seconds before slipping away.
<UltimixRed> Claire frowns "would that…. Count as stealing though? I mean… You typically own whatever…. Your familiar does."
<Kioku> "Mmm? Well, I don't have that much, and I'd share with you anyway, so I suppose that's okay~ In that case, we'll come up with something. Malissa would probably be flattered rather than annoyed or mad, Twelve probably wouldn't care since you're a girl, Lilith… isn't here anymore, but I don't know if they've removed her things from her room yet…"
<Kioku> "It's a shame that Jackie signed that contract with the other demon, she probably would have taken yours if you offered first…"
<UltimixRed> Claire's eyes widen "there's…. Another demon on campus…. Oh no…. I hope it won't try eating me…. Is this when you met the card?"
<Kioku> Akemi nabs Claire by the shoulders and stares into her eyes. "There's nothing to worry about. We're stronger than it is, I'm sure of it. But yes, it was from that same time; I told you about him before. The feline-form, snake-voiced one? Nival, I think?"
<UltimixRed> Claire nods /I'll deal with that later, for now/ "Well… Let's go find someone to…. Take their underwear." Claire says walking out the door holding Akemi's hand
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and shakes her head at the silliness of the antics they're about to get up to, and follows. Maybe the date will get some unexpected entertainment!
<UltimixRed> -SCENE DATE-

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