On the Warping of Spells

<Silvors> There a boy by the name of Daniel was, sitting in his room and idly juggling five balls made of ice. Well, he wasn't actually juggling them, he doesn't know how to juggle. Rather, he had little wisps inside them and they were floating the ice orbs in sync. That was probably why they were slower than they probably should've been. He was dressed in a blue t-shirt and grey sweatpants. His room was decorated with a few pictures and
<Silvors> a poster of the Tower tarot card, bits of frost clung to his desk, the room set to a chilly 40 degrees fahrenheit.
<Kioku> Suddenly, a sound! From… the window? Yes, a rapping at the third story window, accompanied by, at the same time, a knocking at the door. Oh dear.
<Silvors> Daniel snagged one of the ice balls out of the air, the wisp floating out of it to go and open the door, one ball of ice falling and shattering before he himself rises to the go and open the window. The three remaining spheres were still spinning in their circle. "Who is it?"
<Kioku> "Take a guess~" a sweet voice rings from the center of the room, followed by a giggle. The space outside the window is empty, nobody is there, but an Akemi stands beyond the door, bent over slightly in her laughter.
<Silvors> Daniel looks at her, shaking his head as the wisp floats from the doorknob to the sphere of ice, floating to join the others in the syncronized rotation. Daniel smiles and sits back down on his chair, hunched forward a bit so his wings wouldn't be disturbed… he should get a new chair. "What's up?"
<Kioku> Akemi raises an eyebrow. "Well can I come in, first?" She glances across the room and suppresses another bout of laughter. "I'm surprised you chose the Tower instead of the Hermit, from how you've been lately."
<Silvors> Daniel shakes his head. "It was a gift, not a choice." Daniel says, looking at the poster and then at Akemi. "People give me gifts, sometimes, you know?" Daniel says with a smile, sending a blast of cold air at the girl, as if the room wasn't chilled enough.
<Kioku> "Oh, I know how that is~" Akemi winks, only shivering a little. She's not really used to the cold, still, but it won't bother her for a short while. \Good thing I wore a bra today though.\ She enters the room and shuts the door behind her. "Well, at least you seem happy." She sticks out her tongue and dances over to take a seat on the edge of the bed.
<Silvors> Daniel nods his head. "Yeah? You know what it's like to get gifts? I never would've guessed." Daniel was more than a little sarcastic when he said that. And, hey! Thanks to how close by his phylactery is, Akemi probably has a way easier time feeling his emotions. "I am happy." Daniel nods his agreement. "But, not too busy. I was just playing around with my Wisps and stuff. What do you need?"
<Kioku> Akemi hums, glad that her friend is happy - even if they only really see each other for business, it feels like. "Straight to that, hmm? I can't just drop by to see my friend~? I suppose you're right, I talk enough about things like that at the shrine…"
<Silvors> Daniel shrugs. "You certainly can drop by to see me, well, any time really. It's not like there's a rush." Hooray for long life spans. "Like I said, I'm not busy." Daniel says, the orbs of ice floating together to make a large, roughly basketball sized one. "Though, if you're going to be here for a while, feel free to turn up the AC."
<Kioku> "I'll manage. I wouldn't want to inconvenience my host, after all~" Akemi grins. "Really though… I did want to ask your help with something. A spell modification that is being… elusive. I've managed to do enough to alter the others I know in the ways I'd hoped to, but not this one…"
<Silvors> Daniel shakes his head, sending over a little wisp from the ice ball to turn the AC up to a more normal sixty fahrenheit. Not normal, certainly, not comfortable either for most people. But, hey, it was better than this. "I see. So, you came to Daniel the Great and Powerful for assistance?" Daniel asks, a faint, sarcastic smile appearing on his face.
<Kioku> "Naturally, oh grand conjurer of magic and master of unlife. There… may be elements of 'soul magic' involved in the re-working of this spell, and I wanted your input."
<Silvors> Daniel nods his head. Interesting. Nice. Cool. "Alright? What does the spell do, exactly?" Daniel asks, the big ball of ice slowly reshaping itself.
<Kioku> "As it is right now?" Akemi gets a positively wicked smirk, raises her hand, and snaps her fingers. The magic in the air from the simple gesture is palpable, and chillingly sinister. It fades after merely a moment, and the girl takes a breath, a more natural smile returning to her face, but still tained with something dark from using the spell. "It slices a person to ribbons, if they're mentally traumatized enough… it takes the pain from their
<Kioku> mind and inflicts it on their body, clearing and healing one but damaging the other."
<Silvors> Daniel nods his head. Explanations are all well and good… buuut…. "It might be a bit easier if you explain to me how it works or what you want to change about it… or test it on me?" What's the worst that could happen? Daniel has to wait for a few hours to continue the conversation? "Regardless, what do you want to change about it? It seems alright to me."
<Kioku> "Oh, it does work just fine…" Akemi frowns. "But still… I feel like there's something that could be different about it. A way it could be more than just that tool of harm that it is. And… it has an element of transferrence in it, I feel. I want to harness that, use it to perhaps… what I'd like to see, is if there's a way to utilize it the opposite direction. To heal physical wounds by turning their harm against the psyche. I know it can
<Kioku> be done - my own wounds fade quickly and simply cause me to become… disrupted, for lack of better term. Lose cohesion, lose my grasp on my physical form."
<Silvors> "Mhm. So instead of hurting people's bodies and healing their minds, you want to hurt their minds and heal their bodies… well, what do you do when you cast the spell? How do you transfer it to their bodies? "
<Kioku> Akemi calls up an illusion to display what amounts to the spell formula, the way the magic is told to act and shape itself when cast. "If only it were free-form magic rather than a strictly defined spell, right? This is what I do, though."
<Silvors> Daniel stares at the information. Alright. Okay. "Hrm. Alright. Well, you just need to break it down to it's composite parts and reverse it, right?" Daniel says that, knowing it sounded easier than it actually was. So he stares a bit more and releases some air he had been holding in, his little orb that had been shaping itself turning into a board of ice, the spell formula etching itself in and being filled with a wispy purple.
<Silvors> "So you won't have to keep that up." Daniel says, with a gesture to his little ice cheat-sheet.
<Kioku> "Not… quite. Only the parts that define certain things, I think… I'm not entirely sure what all of it does or means, to be honest, only enough to speak generally. I believe this part here is the core of it, the transferrence, but the parts that dictate the sort of target that would be valid, the way that the transferrence happens, all of that… I don't think I can turn a spell /this/ strict and solid into a variable usage spell, and I wouldn't
<Kioku> care to try keeping it distinct in my mind from another that's nearly identical. Hrm…" Akemi dismisses the illusion, but holds the formula in her mind with Asami's help once the etching is complete - it's huge and complex, and works best in three dimensions, but writeable enough.
<Silvors> Well, Daniel can always turn it into a cube or floating symbols if it gets out of hand. "Alright. So, what we need is a way to reverse it… hm." Daniel says, pouring over the formula as if it would suddenly reveal itself. "How does it feel when you cast it?"
<Kioku> Akemi shudders. "In truth it feels… something between awesome and aweful. I feel the power fill me, and it's wonderful, I can't wait to unleash it. And the release just… it gives me glee to see its effects, terrible as they can be. It's probably for the better that I don't use it too much, it truly draws on some dark side, I feel…" \Perhaps that's part of what I like about it.<Silvors> Daniel knows the feeling, nodding his head. "Alright. So. You just showed me what happens when you cast, now tell me how. What do you target? Their mind or their body?"
<Kioku> "Mmm… it feels like it targets the body more than the mind. Like the mental healing is more of a side effect than intent. Or that the intent behind it is to force the victim to clearly see and understand what's happened. … That, and I've cut objects with it before, with an alteration slight enough to perform on the fly."
<Silvors> Daniel nods his head. Makes sense. "Alright. Do you think you could try targetting the person's mind? What happens when you target things like ghosts with them?"
<Kioku> "If they have a physical form, the spell takes. If they do not, it damages whatever passes for such… which may sometimes do nothing. Perhaps it would be best to have it act as it does most of the time, but reverse the effect when it comes to spirits…" Akemi hums and glances appraisingly at Daniel. "That was the thought that led me to consider a soul magic component, really, and we've only just gotten to it."
<Silvors> "It would've been faster if you would've mentioned that first." Daniel says with a smile before a Wisp floats from the board. "I can give you test dummies while we test it out." Daniel says, looking at the Wisp and then to Akemi. "Worst case scenario, it hits me instead and is just annoying." Hooray for immortality? Well, it won't kill him, at least.
<Kioku> Akemi flicks an eyebrow up. "I… suppose, once we have the part of the spell isolated. Actually, I can add in the spirit target condition easily enough, since I know what part governs that… it's changing the effect and defining /how/ the transfer works the other way that'll be tricky."
<Silvors> Daniel nods his head. "So, I have a spell that deals damage to people's minds. Maybe you could check out its formula and try to cannibalize it into your spell?" Daniel suggests, going ahead and taking the initiative to have a few Wisps spell out the spell's formula in the air, some connecting parts of characters to minimize the number of needed Wisps. "There. See what you can make out of it."
<Kioku> \Asami, do you…\ Akemi smiles slightly as she studies it, nodding in a couple of places. "And I already did a lot of research with healing in order to create my rejuvenation charm… it's quite weak, but if the mental attack were used to fuel the regeneration, then… linking those both with the transferrence could work!" She turns and grins brilliantly at Daniel, then pounces and hugs him.
<Silvors> Daniel falls back into his chair and winces. "Ow. Ow. My wings." He complains, sounding, well, not in a ton of pain but he wasn't really one to put a ton of emotion into his voice. "Cool. Rejuvenation charm and that. Uh. Write it down? Or I can give you an ice slate with it if you need to get going… though I do have a question."
<Kioku> Akemi shakes her head. No need to write it, Asami is holding on to it as she does with all the spell formulae. "Sorry! What's the question~?" She doesn't let go,but does shift them so that his back isn't being crushed against the chair.
<Silvors> "It's about… permeancy? Well, more so that I got to thinking about a way to keep my ice from melting. Maybe a way to infuse it with my spell that lowers temperature to keep it below freezing? The problem is that my spell to lower temp is something I cast over time, not all at once." With the exception of his ofuda. "Know of any way to extend the effect?"
<Kioku> Akemi blinks and lets go of the hug, thinking. "Must it stay ice, once it's been given whatever shape you want it in? Would you want it to ever melt in the future? Or… hmm… I don't doubt that there's /some/ way to keep something frozen long-term, even if it's using free magic to apply the effect rather than a spell. It might be workable for something like that even though you're used to defined outcomes, you know? Maybe with the right
<Kioku> material to power the initial effect, and a feedback loop to keep it charged…"
<Silvors> "Or if I could just infuse the ice with magic." Daniel says with a nod. "A feedback loop or some kind of mana charger to keep it constantly supplied. Hrm…" Daniel says, considering this. It wasn't outside the realm of possibility. "I could always try to just keep energy from reaching it. Then It would stay cold." Well, minus friction. He means heat like heat from flames or air conditioning.
<Kioku> "I suppose you could try to. It depends on whether this is something you plan on moving a lot, or mass producing, or…" Akemi shrugs. "And there's no reason you can't combine types of magic to make it work, right?"
<Silvors> Daniel shrugs and nods his head. "Yeah. I just need to find a way to keep the effect working autonomously. Hm. I'll figure it out, anyways, you're welcome for the help."
<Kioku> "I'll be sure to let you know if I think of something. I've managed to keep things charged for up to a day or so at a time, but there were eight of them working in concert, and I haven't yet done anything that lasts longer, that I can think of…"
<Silvors> Daniel nods his head in understanding. "How did you manage to get it to last a day?" Was it a question of effiencieny, or one of supply? "Alright, you've actually been a ton of help by the way. So, uh, we're even in the help department?" Daniel says, another faint smile on his face.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles. "If you want to call us such~ I designed the array for high efficiency storage, but also to siphon off a little magic over time so that they wouldn't drain out as quickly. If they're under low stress, the source of magic probably isn't there, but they aren't expending energy quickly, so they persist. If they're under high stress, a source of magic is certainly nearby, and they can draw on it just a tiny bit to convert what's
<Kioku> creating the stress into more energy to supplement what I initially gave them. They're silence wards, by the way, a set of eight that go in the corners of a room and prevent sound from leaving it. You could probably do something similar with temperature, if you needed it sustained in a set area, but siphoning off magic over time is a good way to prolong lifespan, it seems like."
<Silvors> Daniel nods his head. Yeah? Well that makes sense. "I see. I can probably manage from there on my own. Thanks. Absorbing ambient magic and high efficency storage." Filling that storage would be easy enough, hell, he could probably recharge it at a decent enough rate to keep it going. Yeah, this was feasible. "Alright. Yeah. This information is really helpful." Daniel smiles again, the Wisps floating back into him.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles. "Glad I could return the favor~ I'm going to go hermit for however long it takes to get this spell modified. Do let me know how it turns out, tomorrow?"
<Silvors> Daniel nods his head. "Yeah. Will do." Daniel agrees with a nod. Daniel would seem to have plans. "You tell me how your ribbons two point oh or whatever you want to call it works out."
<Kioku> "Naturally~ Hmm… too bad Max isn't around, or I could test it on him…" Akemi exits the room - through the window this time - with a mad cackle. Okay, not really, it's more of a quiet laugh, but close enough.
<Silvors> -Scene "Hey, Hey, Hey It's magic'd"-

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