Cleaning Up - With Magic!

<Antichthon> Not only wasn't the scent of rotten blood coming off, her backup jacket was starting to stink with it, too. No more putting it off. As awkward as it would be, she needed to take up Akemi on her offer. <akemi you said you know how to get the smell out of my clothes?> She changed as she waited for the answer.
<Kioku> Akemi knocks a few times on Athene's door instead of answering the text, hoping that's where she is.
<Antichthon> It was indeed where she was. She finished changing, put back on her stinky, figure-hiding black fur jacket, and opened the door. She didn't expect to find Akemi. "Oh! Um. That was fast," she giggled, and quickly looked her up and down.
<Kioku> "I didn't think it'd be long after we got back before you got sick of all that~" Akemi likewise looks Athene over. She's still wearing what she was for the mission, minus the gloves, jacket and footwear. "Come on; body first, then laundry. Even if you washed already, I bet you don't feel totally clean, right?"
<Antichthon> Scale-tight jean skirt, thick, flashy belt, and a black fur-lined jacket. Just the standard, excessively modest Athene fashion, sans fingerless gloves and ruby necklace. "U-um. My human half is clean enough. I guess I could use help getting the stuff out of my scales. I don't shed for months." Her favorite fur-lined jacketthe tan onewas on the floor, crumpled and bloody. "Should I,
<Antichthon> um, bring my laundry, or will we come back for it?"
<Kioku> "We'll come back. It'll be easier that way, if you feel it's just your scales that need cleaning." Akemi winks. "You know, the easiest thing to do might be go outside and use a hose to pressure spray… nnm, I imagine you'd be too sensitive for that. Come on, into the bathroom just down the hall. It has a tub, and we're going to do a lot of scrubbing."
<Antichthon> Akemi winked, and Athene looked away as her lips quivered "…okay." She put her hands in her pockets and followed Akemi. "I hope you have some sort of magic. I mean, um, I guess my scales will get clean eventually with enough scrubbing, but my clothes are ruined. Especially my jackets, I have to wash both."
<Kioku> Akemi hums. "You know, I've never tried it before, but… I /do/ have a way to give water healing propreties - it cleans out wounds too while it heals them, so it might include purifying properties, that would help you get clean. I'm willing to try it! And even if not, don't worry; I've had to get blood out of clothes before, plenty."
<Antichthon> "Well, um, good. Because these are my favorite jackets." And no one at sunnybrook had ever seen her without a jacket; they were that important to her. And, uh, thanks for this," she giggled. "Really. If it came down to like, not having ajacket or wearing a horribly bloody, stinky one? I'd choose that last one."
<Antichthon> ((Quotation mark before the "And, uh, thanks"))
<Kioku> "Oh?" Akemi blinks and flicks her eyebrows upward. "If… if they get torn up or anything, I'll be glad to mend them. Or make you a new one maybe. If it isn't about sentimental value, I mean… there's a guy that makes incredibly durable jackets actually, even says he'll fix or replace them if they somehow get worn out, so… but that doesn't matter right now! We'll get them and you cleaned up, just wait and see!"
<Antichthon> Athene followed Akemi, just behind and to her right, peeking over her shoulder. "Well. I mean, its…uh, yeah, it doesn't matter right now. How big is the, um, tub we're talking about?"
<Kioku> "Only big enough for a few feet at a time, but if I /can/ make the water cleansing the same way it heals, you might be able to just go right in and out in one long streak instead of going a little in, scrubbing, then going a little further and having to change the water several times - or more likely just not fill the tub to begin with. Here, I'll get it started…" She pushes the bathroom door open and hurries in to start the water running in the
<Kioku> pretty-much-normal-sized bathtub. "Good thing they have one of these down here. There's only one in each of the shower rooms upstairs, so I was a little worried since it's a combination room down here."
<Antichthon> "That would be really nice, yes." The idea of being bathed by Akemi was freaking her out enough as it was, without it being a sensual scrubfest. She followed Kio into the bathroom, but only part way. "I don't think this room is big enough for all of me," she said. Actually the room probably was, but it'd involve rubbing all up on Akemi.
<Kioku> "Would you rather trail out the door, then have to pass yourself again going out?" Akemi hooks her arm around Athene's waist and gently guides her to the tub. "Don't worry. If this works, we'll be out again in no time! And if it doesn't, well, then things might take a while and you may have to just try to squeeze in."
<Antichthon> Her cheeks always felt a bit flushed when she was around Akemi. Now, even moreso. "Uh, y-yeah. Okay." She allowed Akemi to guide her into the tub. The rest of her body squeezed into the room, curling all around Akemi. When the door closed, there was just enough room for Akemi to do her work. Everything else was crammed full of snakeflesh. "Cozy, huh?" she giggled.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles with her and nods. "Mhmm~! Can't say that I mind~" She turns off the water as Athene displaces it a little more than expected, but not quite making the tub overflow. "Now let me just…" Her eyes go unfocused for a moment and she dips a finger in the water, which seems to luminesce faintly for a few seconds before becoming perfectly clear, like the freshest water ever seen - despite the flakes of blood rapidly dissolving in it.
<Antichthon> Akemi was being her usual flirtatious self, and Athene let out a wavering sigh. Being with Akemi was a bit like a drug trip, mostly because it was; she got Athene's endorphines flowing. The sensation of the magic water mader her eep, but it was doing its job. "That feels, um. really weird." she pressed down on each of her flat, long belly scales in turn, letting the water soak the inner
<Antichthon> surface. "That's like, where most of the stink is, I think. Hard to get in there."
<Kioku> "Mmm. Want to take care of making sure the water gets in yourself, or should I…?" Akemi slowly brings her hand toward a scale.
<Antichthon> "Uh." she swallowed. "You can do it, for, like, the first three-fourths. I'll do the last part myself." she hoped she didn't need to explain why. Slowly she traced her body through the water, section by section, letting Akemi do the work. "Kinda feels like an, um, assembly line, doesn't it? Makin' snakegirls." More giggling.
<Kioku> "It does a little, doesn't it~?" Akemi carefully cleans every spot, figuring more that Athene can easily reach the part that's further back, but would have a harder time with her front area since bodies don't twist that way easily unless she was upside-down.
<Antichthon> She smiled and patted Akemi's shoulder. She felt a little weird, watching Akemi fondle her from over her shoulder, but there wasn't anywhere else for her human half to go. Eventually they reached the point where Athene was no longer comfortable with Akemi touching any lower, and she gently moved the girl aside to finish off herself. "Hey, uh. Don't look, okay?" She stuck out her tongue
<Antichthon> to try and make it silly, but the request was genuine.
<Kioku> Akemi blinks at Athene, then smiles and hugs her with one arm. "Alright. I still have to be touching the water, but I'll just sit on the edge of the tub and close my eyes, okay?"
<Antichthon> "Yeah, sure." And she trusted Akemi, really. She still glanced her way a few times, making sure her eyes were closed. The last part of her body cleaned up quickly, and they were done. Athene gave a great sigh. "That was…actually pretty soothing."
<Kioku> Akemi did exactly as she said, even making sure to always face away from the tub. She withdraws her hand from the water and it seems normal again. "I'm glad. And so much easier! It's so great that you asked about magic methods, because I'd never even thought of using the spell that way before! Mmm… think it'll work on your clothes too? They aren't alive, so it might not be able to distinguish… but we can try!"
<Antichthon> "Maybe! should I go get my laundry?" She maneuvered to try to get to the door, but Akemi was in the way. "You might have to, um, ride me if we want to get out," she said, grinning.
<Kioku> "Oh~? Well, if you insist~" Akemi giggles and follows through with the idea, hugging Athene's human torso from behind. "Let's get it then!"
<Kioku> "Towels too…"
<Antichthon> "Oh, uh, towels. right. We should do that, first. Think you could dry me off from back there?" If Akemi worked her way down, she could dry Athene as she went through the door. She passed the girl a towel and slowly started into the hall. "Same thing, I'll do the last fourth myself." And after a bit, "Say, uh. About the mission. I'm sorry I snapped at you. It was…a lot to deal with."
<Kioku> "Mmh, no problem." Akemi climbs off and… basically positions a towel so that Athene will just go over it, no additional effort needed besides holding it down so it won't be dragged along. Scales don't trap much water, right? "Ah… don't worry about what happened on the mission too much. It's… it's okay. It was your first time, so there was a lot of stress and pressure. I understand."
<Antichthon> "No, they don't, but, um. Still kinda douchey to get the floor wet, right?" And, actually, the way Akemi positioned the towel Athene was happy to dry off the last fourth of her body without making the fox girl look away. "Thank you. For, um, being understanding. I felt so horrible. I like you, and I wouldn't want you to, um, think I don't want you as a friend. Wait here." She left, and
<Antichthon> soon returned with a pile of clothes. "We'll have to wash the jacket I'm wearing too, but this should be all of it."
<Kioku> "I just hope it didn't soak through and get on anything under the jacket…" Akemi murmurs, putting her hand into the water again and channeling the same spell. It feels a little weird using it this way, but hey, experimentation for the win, right?
<Antichthon> "It shouldn't. I mean, this jacket, the one I'm wearing, just absorbed stink like, second-hand. This one," she said, holding up the blood-coated jacket, "Is the one I was, uh. Wearing. If that wasn't obvious, right?" She tossed the jacket into the water, followed by a few cute shirtsone with a ponyand two jean skirts. Her gloves, too. "Oh, and my belt." She took it off and added
<Antichthon> it. She didn't add her current jacket, not yet.
<Kioku> Akemi watches as… nothing happens. She frowns. "We… we may have to use my other methods. I wonder why…"
<Antichthon> "Aw, dang. …probably should have just tried it on the jacket first, huh?" now all her clothes were wet.
<Kioku> "Probably. Still… why do you think it worked when it was on you, but not like this? There was nothing on you to actually heal, so it wasn't a contaminent risk, right? Wakarimasen…"
<Antichthon> "Uh…I'm like, probably the worst person to ask stuff like that," Athene giggled. "All empty up here, remember?" she pointed at her head. "But, um. You said it tells the difference between like, living stuff and dead stuff? I mean, my scales are alive. I think."
<Kioku> "Nonsense." Akemi sticks her tongue out. "You let me be your friend, so clearly you can't be as dumb as you say." She eyes the objects in the water, then reaches down to rub her thumb over a blood splotch. It comes away remarkably easily, and disappears as fast as before. "Err-" Blink blink.
<Antichthon> She stuck her tongue out in return and laughed. "Well thanks." Oh. Blink blink indeed. "Guess we have to rub 'em around a little." She put her hands in the water and got to it.
<Kioku> It turns out to mostly need a bit of swishing and scrubbing, but not nearly as much as conventional washing would have taken. "Who would have thought that hand washing clothes would ever work better than machine in the modern age…?"
<Antichthon> "Well, there's magic, so. Not really fair to the machines." She plucked out her sopping wet, but clean, jacket. "You don't have any magic ways to dry them, do you?" she giggled.
<Kioku> "I think I'll leave /that/ to the machines." Akemi giggles back. "I'm sure some people around here can control water and could dehydrate it for you, but it might be more trouble looking for them than just taking the normal way out on this one. Come on, jacket in." She gestures to what Athene is still wearing.
<Antichthon> "Uh. Yeah, right." She grew instantly uncomfortable, but after a moment's hesitation she unzipped her jacket, took it off. The t-shirt she wore underneath was plain and purple. Most notably, however, was that she'd been using her jacket to hide a very large bust. She tossed the jacket in, crossed her arms under her chest. "Yeah, guess the machines would be easier right?" she said,
<Antichthon> nervously.
<Kioku> Akemi blinks and pulls her gaze away almost fast enough to make it seem like she wasn't staring for a moment there. Almost. "Y-yeah. We'll go straight to the dryer once this one is done." She blushes a little.
<Antichthon> Holy shit, Athene was making Akemi blush, for once. It was a sign of the end times. "Yeah, uh, thank you," she said, her voice a bit dry. "…I don't feel comfortable staying like this for any longer than I need to."
<Kioku> There's just one thing to do when someone makes Akemi blush. Make them blush even more. "I'll take care of drying these if you want to go back to your room. They'll be done in a little under an hour…" Wait, what? Akemi, what are you doing, that's not going to make her blush! "I could wait with you there, if you'd like~ I don't want you to be uncomfortable or anything, but maybe I can help you feel better~?" Ah.
<Antichthon> Yep, that did the trick. Blushes for everyone. "Um…yeah, I guess? I mean, um. You can come over a little bit, see my cat, but, um. To tell the truth I'm not comfortable looking like this with you, either. It's nothing personal!" she ammended instantly. "Just…y'know. I got issues." Nervous laughter. She'd turned to face away from Akemi.
<Kioku> Akemi reaches over to rub Athene's back. "Don't worry. I'd like to help you get used to it, maybe become comfortable with it~ But I won't push or anything. That's all I meant, help you acclimate, even if it means keeping my eyes shut the whole time."
<Antichthon> She looked over her shoulder, smiled. "…Sure. you gotta meet my new kitten, anyway." She felt a bit guilty, like she needed to explain. "It's just…'oh, the monster girl with big tits.' like being a 'monster girl' isn't like, anime enough. Bugs me. Anyway, um, could you take my clothes to the drier? I'll meet you back in my room."
<Kioku> Akemi nods. "I already met her, silly… I was there, remember?" She collects the laundry and slips by, not commenting on the 'monster girl' stuff - that can wait until they're back in her room. "Yeah, I'll be right back." Akemi jogs down the hall, through the common room and to the laundry room by the kitchen to hunt down an empty dryer.
<Antichthon> "Uh." Wow. That was a total brain fart. "…Yeah, duh, sorry. Ignore me, I'm clearly not home." She parted ways with another giggle, and waited for Akemi back in her room.
<Kioku> Akemi returns once the dryer is running, knocking of course before coming in if she's allowed and settling down to just… talk. About whatever comes up. She just plans to relax and spend some time with a friend.
<Antichthon> And so talk they would. For the whole time, Athene didn't uncross her arms. Still, when Akemi left, she felt a little better than when they started.
<Kioku> -Scene Washed!-

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