Shrouded in Mist

<Kioku> Another late morning to visit Claire and hang out for a couple hours of spellcraft! Akemi comes knocking on the girl's door, hoping she's expected due to their seeming routine. Today she's interested in something a little different… and maybe spending some time inside her, or blended again to keep seeing how things go along that vein. It doesn't help that her resistance to the idea of becoming Claire's familiar has been getting
<Kioku> worn down by spending so much time together, /especially/ the first time they blended, where she kept making her think about it… stupid tempting Claire.
<FakemixRed> Claire doesn't tempt, Claire is a good girl! She quickly gets to the door "Akemi….is that you?" Claire says expectantly, her room was cleaner than usual and her stuff moved to accommodate for the spell crafting, waking up early is quite good for prepping for guests after all
<Kioku> "Mhmm!" Akemi's voice comes from the hall. "It's me."
<FakemixRed> Claire quickly unlocks the door to let Akemi in "Good Morning….Akemi. Here…..for the usual?" Claire says /I wish I could offer her a better catalyst…though the one I can get will probably disgust her./
<Kioku> "I wanted to talk a while first actually! And maybe try a couple of new things. You don't mind maybe spending a little extra time together, right~?" Akemi gigles, clearly teasing with the last line, as she steps in.
<FakemixRed> Claire blushes "Of course….I wouldn't mind. So what….did you want to talk….about." Claire says sitting on the bed /At this point I should just get another seat if Akemi comes over often enough, When we go to town./
<Kioku> Akemi sits next to Claire, oblivious to her thoughts. "I've been thinking of ways I could alter the effects and strength of my lust curse. Until now I've just been putting the mist in and preserving it, but using it the same way I would for that. But there's more it can do, I tested it a little…" Akemi pauses and waits for the go-ahead to continue, or for questions.
<FakemixRed> Claire tilts her head a little "What…do you mean by…..tested?" Claire says her tail resting on the bed while her headwings are taut
<Kioku> "A friend wanted to know what it was like, what I could do with it, since she was going to buy some of them… I managed to make it a lot more mild for her, and some of the things in her room got me thinking about how else I could change it. It seems more like the mist is like… a more limited, weaker version of my innate abilities with emotion. And things like that are what I feel like I'd be best at changing the effects of, and
<Kioku> judging the best, so…"
<FakemixRed> Claire tilts her head but lets Akemi go on. /Buying some of her spells? I assume it's probably quite the lucrative business model….then again mom does that and I don't think I should follow in her footsteps so…I'll just leave it to Akemi./
<Kioku> "That reminds me, I keep on meaning to give you… there aren't very many people I find trustworthy anymore, /really/ close friends, and I don't have much use myself for most of the things we make together, you know? Since I can just do it myself. They're for giving to allies, for some, or just for friends, for others. I don't think I'd trust many people with those kind…" Akemi shakes off the thought. "Anyway, what do you think?
<Kioku> I feel like I could make some of these ideas work… a stick of incense with the same scent and power behind it, though much more diluted, maybe? Or perfume that works similarly, but attracts people to the wearer? There are some kinks to work out with the latter, but I think I could do it with your help. And I wanted to know if you had ideas! The curse ofuda are handy and such, but I want to experiment, try new things! It's so much
<Kioku> more fun to work things out with you!"
<FakemixRed> Claire fiddles with her fingers as Akemi talks "I…usually don't like experimenting….it scares me quite a bit…..but I'm….willing to try it…..if it's….with you. Though….I don't have many ideas….other than perhaps….putting your curses….in bombs or something. Perhaps….gems, those are good…at holding mana." Claire says quietly
<Kioku> Akemi looks worried, and hugs Claire. "I won't ask you to if it scares you! I'm sorry…" \Though it would be nice if I could use a curse on several people more reliably. When I do it now, it feels less potent, harder to make it stick unless I focus a lot before-hand.<FakemixRed> Claire gasps a bit at the unexpected hug "It's fine…I don't want to trouble you…Akemi. I'm the one….who should be saying sorry." /Oh no…I made her sad again. I don't want to hold her back like this…Master has been oddly quiet as of late and with Akemi's increased presence…it might be a bad sign/ Claire frowns as her headwings droop.
<Kioku> "You don't need to apologize," Akemi murmurs. "You're no trouble at all, you're a wonderful help and a wonderful friend. I'm really glad to know you…"
<FakemixRed> Claire isn't sure how to respond besides madly blushing, and letting her tail wrap around Akemi of course. So she simply accepts the hug, and totally isn't tearing up a slight bit
<Kioku> Akemi scoots closer to Claire and… the blush is just too cute. She has to kiss the cheek it's on. So she does, then giggles. "I want to try to do this, but if you're worried, I can work on it somewhere else or some other time, make sure it's not experimenting anymore by the time it gets here… I actually wish I could reach out to people and touch their hearts more thoroughly too~ You remember what it felt like to do that for
<Kioku> Nadia~?"
<FakemixRed> Claire squeaks at the kiss "Meep!" her blush only gets brighter, though her tail swishes if that is any indication of her thoughts on the matter "I just….don't want you getting hurt… the experiments. It'll be safer….if I overseer it. And yes….I do remember. it was….quite nice." /So was being with you…so thoroughly/
<Kioku> "I always wonder how it feels… for the other person…" Akemi muses. "Or how it felt for you, since it might be different than it did for me. I guess I could always try to use one of our creations on myself though…" No Akemi, that's a bad line of thought.
<FakemixRed> "That sounds….really dangerous. I wouldn't recommend….cursing yourself Akemi. I don't….really know how it felt….I was mostly going off instinct." Claire says in a whisper
<Kioku> Akemi nods and her hold loosens. "I guess… I can always tell what they like anyway, and how they feel, how it makes them feel. And it /is/ instinct for me, so I guess it's good that it felt like that for you too." She smiles and leans against the girl.
<FakemixRed> "Though I…don't think it was….to that extent. I…just acted more….natural to people…I think. More confident….I guess?" Claire says as she moves in closer so it's easier for Akemi to lean on her
<Kioku> "You mean…" Akemi blushes a little. "With me? I know, I… well, we were one, weren't we? We felt all the same things… I'm glad I could help you be more confident and natural though…"
<FakemixRed> "It was….quite amazing…with someone there I could….rely on. I just felt…less scared because…. I wasn't alone….even though I'm never alone….it always feels like it." Claire looks to Akemi with wetness in her eyes "With you though…I could be more…than I ever was."
<Kioku> Akemi takes a deep breath and whispers, barely audible. "I want to help give you that feeling all the time…"
<FakemixRed> Claire's body shudders at that, her wings flapping "I couldn't….I bothered you…enough as it is…with the familiar talk…" Claire says her soft voice wavering /It would help Akemi too right? i'm doing it to help her…/
<Kioku> "It's okay… I… you're too kind, too good. Nobody should have to be alone, especially you. I want to be there for you, always in touch, always there to offer my support…"
<FakemixRed> Claire shakes her head "You're….wrong about me…'re the one who is too kind….for wanting to do that….for me." Claire says tears streaming down her face /I…can't stand the fact someone like me got a savior like you./
<Kioku> Akemi boops Claire's nose and tries to wipe away her tears with a hand. "I'll have you know, I'm a good judge of people. And you're a very special kind of person. Someone I can trust, someone I can show my true self, someone who cares, someone I can call a true, close friend without any reservations. I… I like that I can help you, be there for you…"
<FakemixRed> Just then Claire's bluetooth lights up and Claire is silent as she listens to whatever Master has to say while her eyes are wide as dinner plates "No…Master….not again." Claire says as her body shakes /Oh no please tell me! no just don't!!/
<Kioku> Akemi's eyes widen and she holds Claire tighter. "Can you tell me what it is? Please?"
<FakemixRed> Claire bites her lip and pushes Akemi away "Master says…the only reason….that he's not bothering me….getting close to you is because….you are supposed to be…Miss Nadia's back up. and that…I'm meant to feel….like this towards you." She looks away from Akemi, sniffling a bit
<Kioku> Akemi nearly falls off the bed at the unexpected push. \Strong!\ "Then why would he tell you that, if he wanted that 'backup plan' to work out at all? Are you sure he isn't just trying to hurt you, or make you push me away out of worry for that?"
<Kioku> \Her boss is either incredibly dumb for revealing something like that, incredibly arrogant and overconfident, or just plain mean and possibly afraid of me. Or all three…<FakemixRed> "Well…I mean maybe you are….dangerous to him and so….being a back up plan isn't….worth the risk. Or…he just wants me to…suffer." /I'm glad…she didn't get angry from that./ Claire still can't will herself to face Akemi
<Kioku> Akemi scoots back over to Claire and nabs her, namely clapsing one of her hands between both of her own. "I don't want you to suffer. Especially not over me."
<FakemixRed> Claire slowly turns to face Akemi, her headwings flapping "You aren't…angry that I've….been using you for….a selfish goal…even if it's not my own it's still….wrong." Claire says almost inaudibly
<Kioku> "You haven't meant to, have you?" Akemi squeezes the girl's hand. "Then it isn't a selfish goal, since you never even had the goal. You're not at fault for being another's instrument. Which I hope you won't have to be for very long…"
<Kioku> "Besides," a small smirk comes over Akemi's face. "He must realize that I'm probably his best shot at trading your contract for another, someone more powerful that isn't precious to me…" Coming from anyone else that might be scary. From her, maybe because of her aura and all the time you've spent together, it's more endearing instead…
<FakemixRed> Claire doesn't speak, instead simply moving in closer to have Akemi nearer…"Fuse…with me. I want….to feel confident in….our relationship. Know for….sure it's not….something I'm lying to myself about." Her boss is probably regretting making Akemi his second choice, she;s meddlesome
<Kioku> Akemi rests her forehead against Claire's. "Okay…" And just like that, she slips in, taking a few moments to settle and let the girl get used to the sensations that accompany her. ~Are you sure this isn't enough? Just having me as within, staying close, knowing I'm here?~
<UltimixRed> Claire is silent and simply accepts Akemi's presence for a while before speaking again "You're right…. This is… Enough for me to… Feel comfortable." /I don't think I could let you into me so easily if it was all a lie…. I hope. /
<Kioku> "I'm glad… I like it too. Though we can merge again if you'd still like~"
<UltimixRed> Claire takes a moment to consider /we don't need to but… It does feel quite nice. /
<Kioku> Akemi starts filling up Claire's senses as she wraps up her mind. ~Then let's, for a little while~ The blending is a little smoother than the last time, since they've done it before and can keep that absolute trust - at least Akemi can. It helps to know what lies ahead too, probably…
<UltimixRed> Claire lends herself completely to Akemi, she's in her hands, which are now one and the same as hers as Demon Fox awakens and her wings relaxes "this is always rather… Pleasant."
<Kioku> \It is…\ the shared thoughts come forth. \I like it with you, a lot…<UltimixRed> Demon Fox lays with her back against the wall, enjoying the company before having a very important thought "I want… Some ice cream." /even though I haven't had lunch yet…/
<Kioku> \Ice cream? Sure, we can get some!\ Akemi /really/ wanted to work out this power and artifact stuff though…
<UltimixRed> Claire side feels guilty that she's thinking of ice cream instead of helping Akemi. /compromise. We do power stuff, and then get ice cream. /
<Kioku> \I'll buy it for you! And we'll get a bucket to bring back and put in the freezer! Oh! Will this be your first time going to town? I can't wait!\ And just like that, she's back. She didn't want Claire to feel guilty though… so now she feels guilty too.
<UltimixRed> Claire falters for a second before making up her mind /No! We will work first! Ice cream should be earned through sweet and blood/ Claire made a typo with ice cream on the mind
<Kioku> \Wakata, wakata. After then. We'll have plenty of sweetness going around for the next little while though~ Should we separate and start experi- working?<UltimixRed> Demon Fox nods /speaking of town I should probably see Dr Taylor again about that volunteer work. /
<Kioku> Akemi carefully disentwines them from each other and slips away after a few seconds, then jumps out to land in front of Claire. Umm, Akemi, your tails are showing.
<Kioku> Then again, they usually are when doing the work she and Claire are about to, so it's nothing unusual!
<UltimixRed> Claire didn't really mind the tails as she walked over to the table, which was already set up for their usual work. "Maybe… If we combined our blood… It might work better?"
<Kioku> Akemi tilts her head. "You think so? It couldn't hurt to try. And it might help you to help me control the effects better… I think that would be good for the curses, not as good for the mist. I wasn't actually going to write any ofuda today I think, unless you'd like one to see how that works out?" \If I can make at least an incense stick, a more subtle orb, and maybe a perfume today, I'll be happy. I want to test them all out
<Kioku> to see how it goes!<UltimixRed> "It's fine… We'll save it for…. A rainy day. Well it's… Raining today but…. You know what I mean." Claire says as her tail swishes behind her
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and runs a hand through Claire's hair. "Well, now I want to know how it would go! But okay, next time~ I wonder if a familiar bond would help that even further…" She murmurs the last part before shaking off the thought. "I think I already know how to do one of the things I want… but not the other two so much. But what you mentioned about blood… Claire, do you know a way to make something so that the user's
<Kioku> blood will change the effects? Like if someone added their blood to a bottle of the mist, is there a way to make it change the properties to not affect them, and make the effects more specific?"
<FakemixRed> Claire's hair is nice and silky, she takes great care of it after all "Well….you could probably use…their blood to….exclude them from….the effects of the….spell. Or do the…opposite and target them…though they require a bit…of rituals to do….a bit more than…our makeshift workstation would….be able to handle…efficiently."
<Kioku> Akemi nods thoughtfully and smiles. "I want to do both, but with different components of it. I guess it would be easier if it actually were a spell…" She runs a finger along her own neck. "What sort of setup do you think we'd need? The effects already seem to change a bit based on my intent when I produce it, I think I might even be able to leave a few things open to be filled in, but making that be able to fill it in…"
<FakemixRed> "Well a powersource….that isn't the either of us….would be a very good start. A bigger….work space would be….good for any circles we have…to make. Also…something we can leave….safely overnight while it runs…would be rather….useful." Claire says thinking of any potential spots, though they were none coming to mind
<Kioku> "The shrine…" Akemi murmurs to herself. \It was made for me, right? But I never got back in touch with Warren after he left… he seemed angry, I don't understand why, but if he finished whatever he was doing there, maybe I could even secure it against intruders, make it a safe haven…<FakemixRed> Claire perks her head wings up "Shrine? What do….you mean by shrine." Claire says confuses /They were rumors about a mirage shrine but I didn't think they would be true…/
<Kioku> "Ah, there's… umm… a shrine outside, kind of tucked away. Warren built a Shinto shrine for… for me. He wanted to see if he could enshrine me as a kami or something, from what I gathered. I'm still not sure what that all entails… but we could maybe go there, find a way to secure it against intrusion or detection, and use it as a haven and ritual site?"
<Kioku> \Right, she might not know Warren.\ "A magician. Well. Sort of."
<FakemixRed> "That sounds like….it would be good. And if it's….far away from prying eyes….protecting it will be paramount…..if we start doing….delicate spells." /Sort of magician? How do you sort of be a magician??/
<Kioku> Akemi hums in agreement. "I'm still trying to get better with illusions… that would probably be useful. And maybe being enshrined would let me imbue it with my essence or… something." \But that would attract people to it probably. And make them want to worship~ I don't need to be worshipped, but I guess I wouldn't mind if they really want to~ Maybe I could bind a suggestion to it? If they love me and I ask them not to go
<Kioku> inside, they won't be able to help themselves~<FakemixRed> Claire giggles a bit at the thought of Akemi being a god and doing all sorts of godly things /Though if she's a god….she'll have less time to spend with me. No don't be selfish Claire!/ "I'll help…set it up….as much as i can." Claire says quietly
<Kioku> Akemi kisses the top of Claire's head and hugs her. "We'll see what happens~ Maybe we'll see about that after ice cream, or later on? For now though…"
<FakemixRed> "We should…probably get to work….on your….experiments." Claire says as she leans into the hug "Otherwise…we might not finish….until classes start."
<Kioku> "Mhmm." Akemi rubs the girl's back and glances over at the desk. "The other thing I'm not sure how to do is make it… well… solid. And let it seep out gradually, but keep its form instead of dissipating. Maybe I need to bind it to something else… I want to try making incense. Got the idea from a friend."
<FakemixRed> "You…could make it a gel….or a soap or something." Claire says as she blushes, one magical receptacle coming to mind /It'd even fit her lust curse…she has that? I remember from the fusion I think../
<Kioku> Akemi blinks. That's pretty good too… "Now I want to try that too… the incense is a bit of a priority to figure out, but it might follow similar principles." She's not in a position to see the blush, but she can still taste what Claire is feeling~
<FakemixRed> "Well…if it's a gel….you could make it…a sort of candle couldn't you? It would….be killing two birds….with one stone." Claire says twiddling her thumbd
<FakemixRed> thumbs
<Kioku> "You're right… I like that… still don't know how to coalesce or bind it though…" She hums and giggles at Claire, squeezing her and then leaning back to look down and see her.
<FakemixRed> Claire blushes "I could get….you an appropriate….substance to distill….the curse in….with 3 or 4 days…don't ask how." Claire says that last part quickly
<Kioku> Akemi raises an eyebrow. "Now I wonder though… are you sure I shouldn't ask~?"
<FakemixRed> Claire blushes and looks down at her hands "Yes…you would be….against the….idea then."
<Kioku> Akemi takes Claire's hands and swings them a little. "Why would I be against it~? Will it hurt you?"
<FakemixRed> "No…it wouldn't exactly…hurt." /Though I would be pretty sore./ "It
<FakemixRed> it's just not….the go to option…for most magicians."
<Kioku> Akemi's other eyebrow raises, but she shrugs. "I'll trust you, if you think it's best. Until then, we can work out the rest~?" Akemi, you're unusually focused today!
<FakemixRed> Claire nods "Yes you….are correct we should….probably work hard." /Then we can have lunch and maybe ice cream! I wonder what other flavors they are,….Focus Claire!/
<Kioku> "Could I…" Akemi bites her lip cutely and glances away, then back at Claire. "Maybe… try a few things… on you? To be sure how they work… I'll make sure it's as little as possible and doesn't last more than a couple minutes, if I can figure out how!"
<FakemixRed> Claire bites her lip and makes her tail wrap around herself "Alright but… I trust you…won't hurt me Akemi. Go…ahead." Claire says as she goes to sit on the bed kneeling style, might as well get comfy if she's going to be a guinea pig
<Kioku> Akemi takes a deep breath and nods, smiling more softly as she stands in front of Claire and leans toward her, caressing her cheeks with her thumbs before a familiar mist starts emitting from her. It's more faint than usual, and she's clearly trying to create as little as possible. It… well… it smells much like she does, but stronger, and sweeter. It's almost like it does nothing at first… and on a concious level, it doesn't,
<Kioku> almost like it's suggesting that you not notice the effects as they take hold. If Akemi did it right, it should be a very insidious effect, inconspicuous but beguiling.
<Kioku> \It's strange to make it take form instead of doing it more directly… but it's easier to lessen the effects this way, I think.<FakemixRed> Claire fidgets as she stares at Akemi rather intensely, almost uncharacteristically so "Did it…work? I'm not…..entirely feeling it….or was that….the point." Claire says as she starts absentmindedly fiddling with Akemi's fingers
<Kioku> Akemi smiles slightly and leans toward her more, winking. "We'll see~" she whispers before leaning back again.
<FakemixRed> Claire leans forward to get a bit closer to Akemi for no reason in particular, at least to her "What…do you mean….we'll see?" Claire squeaks out
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and sits on the bed next to Claire, but leaving a little space between them. "No telling how well it worked without watching~ Don't worry about it, okay? Please~? We can just spend the next few minutes relaxing…"
<FakemixRed> Claire frowns before leaning to rest her head on Akemi's shoulder "Alright…I'll….do that." /Woah Claire aren't you being a bit too aggressive today? Must be the thoughts of ice cream…./
<Kioku> Akemi puts an arm around Claire and rests the other hand on her thigh. \Now to just wait and see~ Though she seems to already be feeling the effects some…<FakemixRed> Claire does the usual process of wrapping her tail around Akemi "Is it…working?" Claire speaks in a hushed voice /Claire I think you're being a bit too forward, time to pull it back some/
<Kioku> This, of course, prompts Akemi to scoot closer, so that their legs are touching. "Don't worry about it~ Why don't you just think about something else? Maybe we could talk, get to know each other better~?"
<FakemixRed> Claire rubs her leg a bit against Akemi's thigh, "Um…sure…what would you like….to know Akemi? I don't….exactly have much….to say." Claire says /Fuwa~ her legs are always so soft/
<Kioku> "You know, I can't believe I've never asked some things before… like maybe your birthday?" Akemi smiles more at the leg rubbing, and leans her head on Claire's.
<FakemixRed> "My birthday…is June 22nd, though….you don't need to….do anything for it." Claire says as she lets her travel and poke at Akemi's thigh /Hehe squishy…Oh my god Claire control yourself/
<Kioku> "I'd like to though… it's a good day, since it means you're here with me~" Akemi, that was a little too flirty.
<FakemixRed> *finger
<FakemixRed> Claire blushes "You really…give me too much credit….I'm not really…."
<Kioku> Akemi nuzzles against Claire's head. "You really are~ Your'e important to me. I love having you here, as my trustworthy, close friend~"
<Kioku> "And whe- if we make a familiar bond…" Akemi blushes slightly at her near-slip. "Then I'll never have to worry about you leaving…"
<FakemixRed> Claire lets her hand rest on Akemi's leg as her tail squeezes the fox "I wouldn't…have to be alone….again if that….happened." /When? Why did she say…./
<Kioku> "I want to do it…" Akemi whispers. "I want to make sure you're never alone again. I want to find out everything there is to know about the bond, learn the best way to make it the best it can be for both of us, and then…" Akemi, you've been spending too much time with Claire, letting her slowly get to you. Stahp!
<FakemixRed> Spend too much time with Claire, what an absurd notion! "That's really…too much of a burden…to have you take…on my behalf Akemi…but hypothetically….then what?"
<Kioku> "Then… then maybe I'd like to be…" she trails off. Akemi being your familiar sounds like a really nice idea! Then you could spend even more time together with this wonderfully attractive girl that the sweet mist is ensuring you develop a crush on at the very least. And you'd be able to summon her… and whisper sweet things to her subconcious, maybe convince her to fall in love with you… the subtle effects of the mist are at
<Kioku> full strength by now, encouraging whatever sorts of thoughts might lead Claire to fall for Akemi and want to be around her more. "Why do you think you'd be a burden…?"
<FakemixRed> "Because I'm weak…and I would have to….rely on your strength!" Claire says, and having a crush on Akemi is par for the course, no mist needed /I want to be with her a lot but…no I should not, There's always Wendy to think about, plus trying to date your saviour would be a bad idea/
<Kioku> "I could help you become stronger…" Akemi murmurs. The effects should only last another minute or two with how little she let get to Claire… hopefully. "I want to help you become stronger!"
<FakemixRed> "How would…you suppose I get…stronger Akemi?" Claire's pretty weak willed, who knows how long the effect will last /Oh Akemi…you're wasting your time on me, there's not much you could improve…/
<Kioku> "Maybe it's not just demons who can share their power," Akemi whispers. "And with practice too, you'll get better, I think. I'll help you…"
<FakemixRed> "No….I don't mean that….kind of strength. I want….to be strong….in the real way!" Claire says, more focused on this rather than the lust curse "I'm…strong physically but….I'm weak….in mind and spirit."
<Kioku> Akemi runs her tongue along her teeth and smiles, even though Claire can't see it from where she is. "Then I'll help you there too. I'll be there for you, I'll show you that you're worth it! Just trust in me, I'll be sure to show you how to trust your spirit, build your confidence…"
<FakemixRed> "I do…trust in you Akemi. I'll believe in you…." Claire says /Though i can't believe in myself/ "I just don't….know if I can ever be…strong enough…in the real way."
<Kioku> "I'm believeing you can be, you will be. I've /been/ you, so please have faith in yourself when I say, I promise I'll do my best to bring you where you want to be."
<FakemixRed> "Where…do i want to be….I'm not entirely sure myself." /I want to be strong enough to be free…under my own will and way but that's…impossible./
<Kioku> \It's probably worn off by now… though it makes sense that she'd be more open with me under the influence, so maybe not? Though, she's usually open with me… I guess there's no telling~ But I think it worked as intended~\ Akemi squeezes Claire. "It's okay. You have time to figure it out. And we have time to get you there, together."
<UltimixRed> "yeah… Time…we have that." Claire doesn't notice the passing of the effects. She was always open to Akemi, just not so forward
<Kioku> Akemi lifts her head to look down at Claire. "Don't worry, okay? You're not a burden. Please don't feel like one. And see how much you're helping me right now? I think I've learned what I wanted to… though I'd still like to try something else, if you're willing~"
<UltimixRed> Claire just nods /I'm not really helping all that much/ "sure.. I'm willing to… Try whatever… You need Akemi."
<Kioku> Akemi keeps holding Claire, not wanting to move away… though maybe the tail wrapped around her has something to do with that. Just out of sight, the mist starts generating again, but unusually, it spreads out quickly and disperses enough to be invisible. Slowly, the scent fills the whole room, but the more it's breathed in, the less it's noticed and the more pronounced the effects. Once again she means for it not to do more than a
<Kioku> certain amount, but in this case it's… well… more of an aphrodisiac than anything else. She'll stop forming it after about a minute and let it dissipate on its own afterward, curious to see how long it takes to lose potency, but until then…
<UltimixRed> Claire is starting to feel hot and bothered, her blush growing "Akemi… Is this what…. I think it is?" Claire says as she starts stroking Akemi's thigh with a. Finger while she rubbed her head wings on Akemi's neck "nya~"
<Kioku> "What do you think it is~?" Akemi nuzzles against her head wings in return.
<UltimixRed> "fua~ I think… An aphrodisiac? I'm not…. Exactly a stranger to…. Them." Claire says as she squeezes Akemi with her tail
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and blushes. "Something like that~ I wasn't sure how strong to make it, but I didn't want to drive you /too/ crazy, so hopefully this is somewhere in the middle-lower range~?" Akemi, that's more like upper range, you've got to get a better understanding of how much just a little power does instead of accidentally overdoing it.
<UltimixRed> "Akemi" Claire scolds "if you… Make it too… Strong. I might just…. Pin you down… And you know you…. Aren't strong enough to fight… Back" Claire says a bit groggily
<Kioku> Akemi blushes a little more. "I-is it that strong? I didn't mean… this is why I needed to test it around someone I can trust though~"
<UltimixRed> "potentially… It could be that… Strong. You wouldn't want…. Wendy getting… Mad at the two of us… After all." Claire says fluttering her wings
<Kioku> Akemi can't resist running a finger along one of Claire's wings as they flutter. "Mmm… nothing will happen through, right? Maybe we should see if opening your window helps… it probably won't start wearing off until a little bit after you've stopped being in the room with it, after all." She giggles. "What if it got into the hall~?"
<Kioku> \It's a good thing I'm not affected by it this way… though maybe I could be, if I altered it a little more… I'm not sure if that would be a good idea, but I kind of want to find out some time. Probably not right now though!<UltimixRed> Claire gasps at that "anya~" before the Bluetooth lights up, and Claire's grips Akemi's hands and pushes down onto the bed "we can't… Let it into the… Hall or someone might… See us." Claire says licking her lips. Orders and aphrodisiac are not a good mix
<Kioku> Akemi takes a quick breath and her eyes widen… and then her smile does too. Working as intended, though still too much~ "Should I ask what he said…?"
<UltimixRed> "hmm? What… Who said?" Claire says oblivious to the orders as she gives Akemi a quick peck on the cheeks
<Kioku> \She wasn't aware of the order? If her boss actually gave one, anyway… but it lit up, so doesn't that mean…?\ "Claire~?" She tries to wiggle her hands a little. "I might just have to slip inside if you lose control~"
<UltimixRed> Sorry Akemi, Claire's a solid grip, and she doesn't seem to really mind either option. "that… Sounds fun… Or I could… Just keep going." Claire says as she gives another peck /orders? I remember something about orders but this mist is messing with my head. Making me forgetful
<Kioku> Akemi wiggles a little and manages to slip her legs out… and wrap them around Claire's waist to pull them closer together, since she can't hug her like this with her arms. "Why don't you tell me what you'd like~?" \I'll jump in if she tries something Wendy wouldn't like, but I want to know…<UltimixRed> "Just some… Kissing between friends…. Is all. You… Yourself…. Said so… First time… We met." Claire says waiting for Akemi to give the go ahead, her eyes a bit cloudy
<Kioku> Akemi breathes a bit faster - it's clear just by looking at her expression and eyes that she'd like that very much, that she doesn't see anything wrong with it. \But I can't… Wendy doesn't understand, she thinks kisses can't be friendly… and under the effects she is, they might not be that kind anyway…\ Even as she unconciously leans up and starts to nod, her thoughts make her end up tightening her grip on Claire and then start
<Kioku> to slip inside.
<UltimixRed> Claire lets Akemi in easily, in her addled mind it was quite the win win. Either she makes out with Akemi, or Akemi goes inside of her which feels pretty nice as well. Claire's lucky today
<Kioku> ~It's a good thing I didn't use something more addictive! You'll be okay, right~?~ Akemi isn't cruel, she has an idea of how Claire is feeling and what she might want… so she nuzzles up against her mind, increasing the pleasure that her mere presence inside usually brings even on its own. ~Just ride it out, it probably won't take too long.~ And by too long, she means about half an hour to fade from the room, and maybe ten more
<Kioku> minutes for Claire to stop feeling the effects so strongly… ~Are you sure you don't want to open a window, let it out faster?~
<Kioku> \I've got to get better at making things shorter lived for testing purposes…<UltimixRed> Claire lays on the bed face first /yes… We should open the window. I'm sorry I am not thinking straight./ Claire summons. Alert the gargoyle who she orders to open the windows while Claire holds off on the effects of the mist
<Kioku> ~Don't be sorry, it's my fault! I should be thanking you for helping me figure this out, letting me try it with you… thank you!~
<UltimixRed> After Alert opens the window, Claire beckons it open so she can pet its head for a job well done. /I'm sorry for… Kissing you and being… A terrible test subject/ trying to keep the effects of the curse to a minimum
<Kioku> ~It's okay, you didn't do anything wrong! I think Wendy just doesn't like lip kisses, even though she knows I wouldn't mind if you gave me one… but you didn't even do that, so there's nothing to apologize for! You were a wonderful test subject, you showed me what I needed to change, gave me a sense of scale!~
<FakemixRed> Claire continues petting Alert as she talks /I'm sorry I keep….doing things that would make….Wendy mad. Really I am….I'm not trying….to ruin anything./
<Kioku> ~You haven't been doing anything like that though! And I know you wouldn't try that, please don't worry so much?~
<FakemixRed> Claire wishes she could but…. /I don't know if I can stop worrying about it it's just really….scary knowing I might hurt her like last time. Like in the kitchen./
<Kioku> ~We could talk to her together… I'd like to anyway about… about the familiar bond…~
<FakemixRed> Claire nods /I hope she understands that….it's helpful.. it would even….better if we could….somehow include Wendy in the telepathy link…but I don't know….how to do that./
<Kioku> ~Well… if you think you can focus enough through the haze, want to work on figuring out the details more until I can leave without being pounced on?~ Akemi's giggle echoes alongside the teasing question. ~Then we can make a few things using what I've learned from all this, and then go for ice cream!~
<FakemixRed> \Yeah we out details. and then make stuff….yeah that sounds fine./ Claire thinks as she dismisses Alert /Though for the gel candles it'll take 4 days to produce that much liquid…shit I thought that aloud/
<Kioku> Akemi giggles again. ~I won't pry, don't worry. Can I help?~
<FakemixRed> \Wendy would definitely….not be ok with you helping so….don't worry about it.\ Claire thinks as she starts working on contract ideas \We'll need…to make sure that you're command phrase is impossible to guess\
<Kioku> ~If we're equals, there won't /be/ a command phrase though, will there?~
<FakemixRed> \My idea was just for you…to have my command phrase as well….so it's even.
<Kioku> ~Is… is there another way though? I want to be close, keep in touch, share… but even if you'd never use it, having something like that exist… and your boss could make you tell someone…~
<FakemixRed> \I guess….I never really considered just not….having a command phrase. Mainly because you usually….need it to assert dominance. I don't know…./
<Kioku> ~Mmm? Do you feel like you need to dominate me?~ So mean, Akemi!
<UltimixRed> \no it's not! It's more of… It makes it official…. I think? /
<Kioku> Akemi giggles again and quasai-kisses the girl she's in. As if she weren't affecting her senses enough already? ~Well, we can find another way… can't we? Or at least try!~
<UltimixRed> \it wouldn't hurt to try…. Yes. / Claire thinks as she blushes at the mental kiss
<Kioku> Akemi purrs and starts instinctively curling up and getting more comfortable in Claire. She /barely/ avoids thinking of her as 'her Claire' this time. \She'll come to me on her own, after all. They all will.\ ~I want to just relax like this for a while… you don't mind, right? I can make it feel even better if you like… though it might make the aphrodisiac stay in you longer.~
<FakemixRed> \No I don't mind…you relaxing in here, though i would prefer the aphrodsiac leaving as soon as possilble\ She could become your Claire if you became her mistress~
<Kioku> ~I'll try to help it along then. Maybe I can turn it into sensation instead, and get it almost all over with at once?~
<FakemixRed> ~As…tempting as that sounds….I think it would be best to just wait it out….all at once sounds scary.<Kioku> Akemi purrs and winds her way around Claire's mind, enjoying the feeling of being together so closely. At least it's not totally debilitating to thought and reason quite yet at this point. ~Okay. I'll try going in about half an hour, then we can do all of those other things. Thank you /so/ much for helping me learn and experiment with you~~
<Kioku> -Scene Fogged-

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