<gumbal1> -now baby i'm the scener, your baby dady's worst nightmare-
<Nemi> It hasn't been a wonderful few- months, really, for Andrey Maijala. But at least Pandora's back. So, sitting on the couch in his and Pandora's shared apartment, almost like things are normal again, Andrey idly prods at a bowl full of Ben and Jerry's New York Fudge Chunk ice cream whilst watching reruns of Gravity Falls on the television. Lazy days mean normalcy, so if he tries to be
<Nemi> lazy hard enough it might stick. Right?

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<gumbal1> Ah, Gravity Falls. It's one of those shows that you only realize had certain shit go down in aftre reruns. Like that one weird couple that appeared in later seasons, you know. The blonde…something and her tall, pink-haired girlfriend…oddly familiar, that.
<Nemi> No- wait. Blonde, and a pink-haired gi- Andrey doesn't remember either of those, and he saw this episode just a week ago. Or maybe he's just forgetful- things have left him so scattered and sleepless that even incidental resemblance to people long in the past (by a month, at least!) might just be his mind playing tricks, or mismemory. Andrey nonetheless shifts uncomfortably before
<Nemi> putting a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth. It's just- brain being dumb.
<gumbal1> Just a brain being dumb. Eventually, once the episode gets to the halfway point, standard non-premium cable channel procedure dictates that the episode is followed by a commercial break. It's how cartoons have been paced for years now. Oh, well, Andrey's not sure what someone needs a car wash robot for fi they're watching Disney channel. Kinda of a narrow demographic. Oh, KFC has its new fried owl special, presented by a bearded, tan man
<gumbal1> . Some local guy is selling some stuffed tropical bird with an oddly familiar feather color pattern.And then there's some PSA playing about amnesia's irreversible effects. Then the episode starts back up.
<Nemi> Just brain being dumb. Just brain being dumb. Just coincidence. Andrey tenses nonetheless- a robot girl. Fried owls. And- what's this about Amnesia, or..? Okay, no, this wasn't okay. That ghost, or whatever it was that was haunting him and Pandora, that had to be it. Andrey very slowly sits up, clutching the pint container with nervous, cold fingers, just to look around the darkened
<Nemi> living room. Everything's fine. Coincidence, or- someone's messing with him. His attention shifts back to the screen. Silly surrealism, that's what he needs.
<gumbal1> Oh no, ghosts don't exist. What's dead is dead, forever. The tv's turned off, right now.
<Nemi> Andrey blinks. He must have blacked out, or something. Just what he needed, to nod off, accidentally hit the power switch with a stray thought or something, plunge the room into darkness. Andrey reaches to fumble for the remote, spoon in his mouth and pint still close at hand.
<gumbal1> The thing about total darkness is how hard it is to fumble around with nothing to lead you to what you seek. However, some things are useful. Sound, for instance, like the sound the door's currently making. A rythmatic knocking.
<Nemi> At least Andrey's aware enough of his surroundings to figure out where the lamp is. He'll fumble for that before rising. "Hold on- hold on, I'll be right there.." Man, was this a power failure instead or what?
<gumbal1> The light turns on and this is not Andrey's room. It's an apartment, with a simpe living room connected to a kitchen, and two doors presumable leading into a bedroom. It's oh boy this is really familiar for some reason.
<gumbal1> …wait, no, it's just his and Panda's apartment. Huh, must be the late night fatigue.
<gumbal1> The knocking goes on.

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<Nemi> Yeah. Just late night fatigue. Or he's hallucinating the old nightmare again. Andrey rubs at his head with a groan and heads to the door, spoon still in his mouth and pint still in one hand. He'll open the door. ".. hey?"
<gumbal1> It's…well, Andrey has a visitor. It's Lisa, dressed in some dark blue jeans, a t-shirt for some obscure Japanese metal band, and a leather jacket, currently bawling her eyes out but trying to stay composed nonetheless. "…m-mind if I stay the n-night? I…don't w-want to be in my room r-right n-now."
<Nemi> ".. Lisa..? Oh, shit, um- yeah, definitely, come in-" He offers a hand to lead her in. "Uh, you got the couch, you uh, need me to get blankets and pillows and stuff? What /happened/? And uh.." He didn't really want to ask about how she was dressed, so completely unlike the usual Lisa, but figured it was just- whatever happened affecting her badly.
<gumbal1> It doesn't take long for Lisa to come in and flop down on the couch. At least she's comfortable enough to do it, it's the mark of a good friendship that one of them can just come up whenever to cry on the other's couch. "I-i-it's Kat(h)." Her are jumbled right now, so it almost sounds like she's using a th when she meant for a hard t. "Sh-she and W-wilhelm are…"

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<Nemi> It's something Andrey's done a few times before, emotional wreckage the otherwise-sunny Finn can be. So he doesn't think much of it. Nor does he think much of the slurring words, instead holding a hand to Lisa's shoulder with concern. He knew her tears would burn furrows into her skin, but he'd try to be there- wait, Wilhelm? ".. What're they doing?"
<gumbal1> "…something after them. It's trying to eat them."
<Nemi> ".. what- WHAT? WHERE?" Andrey immediately freaks out. He didn't know Kat very well, sort of a messed-up-friend-of-a-friend kind of deal, but /anyone/ being pursued by some kind of monster.. Andrey nearly springs to stand. "Where?!"
<gumbal1> "I-i…I d-don't know. It's on m-my dorm floor, and it's…I don't w-want to think about wh-what it looked like." Ouch. Whatever made Lisa act like that has got to be bad.
<Nemi> Andrey nods and steels himself. What's even doing? Andrey has no idea- blind bravery and wanting to help always seemed to mark the Finn, except when the situation actually hit and he fell apart. But he wasn't thinking about that. "Okay- okay stay here-" He offers the ice cream. "I'm gonna go and try and help! Uh- call security or something!" And with that, Andrey turns and sprints out,
<Nemi> heading for Lisa's floor, in naught but tank top and pajama pants.
<gumbal1> Her floor's oddly quiet. Not many people are out right now, and there air conditioner's might be busted right now. An empty bottle is present on the floor, chipped in some places, but aside from that, nothing much seems to be going *BZZT BZZT* Andrey's phone begins ringing.
<Nemi> Andrey, tense and expecting danger, steps swiftly if clumsily on. A bottle? Andrey pauses by the bottle, straining his ears and- the phone makes him jump. He fishes in his top a moment to pull the phone free and glance at the number before tapping the big green icon. "Hello?"
<gumbal1> "I'm sorry but right now I need to rant." It's…Lisa. That's distinctly her voice and delivery. "Fuck my dad. He just forced my sister to get rid of Pebbles. Pebbles, the one fucking thing besides my sister herself that kept our family together. Fucking gone. My sister's crying now. What kind of dad does he think he is?!"
<Nemi> ".. what..? Lisa-? I, I mean, that's awful, but.." Now Andrey was just confused. She was a crying mess a moment ago, and now she sounds so different and sharing things Andrey hadn't known at all, things she'd never mentioned to him. ".. I'm sorry, I uh, I'll let you vent. I'm really sorry that all happened." Andrey glances down to the chipped bottle, idly looking for the label, not sure
<Nemi> of where to go now.
<gumbal1> "I don't fucking need. I'm over here recovering from a hangover after this one fucking mission, this one boy I like turns out to be gay, good for him but it means I've wasted a hell of a lot of time, and I don't need any more frustration. Look, I'll call you back later, alright? I'm talking with Anna on skype and she's really not in a good place."
<Nemi> "I uh- uhm- o-okay? You uh, do that, keep her company, okay? Talk to you later?" Andrey's now just hopelessly lost, staring at the screen and the contact name on the call. ".. who's Anna?" He whispers, mostly to himself, still surprised at how soft and musical his voice really is.
<gumbal1> Likely her sister.
<gumbal1> The halls remain quiet.

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<Nemi> Andrey stows the phone down his top again, regrettably pocketless on these pajamas, and shuffles idly about the corridor, as if it'd somehow vomit up an explanation. If that fails, he'll just leave the chipped bottle behind and head back down to his and Panda's room.
<gumbal1> Nope, nothing. There's an errant Tyler slumped up against the wall, but he looks like he's sleeeping. He snores loudly. Meanwhile, back at Andrey's apartment…the door's open. All of the doors are open. Everything in the kitchen, both Andrey and Panda's room, all open. Lisa is nowhere to be found on the couch.
<Nemi> Andrey figures he'd better let Tyler rest. He looked peaceful. And so, it's a slow amble back to the room- and alarm to see everything left in disarray like that. He sprints back in to shut the freezer and refrigerator doors, and slowly works his way out from there, shutting drawers in the kitchen and then on to dresser drawers in his bedroom and on. ".. what the hell, Lisa, the fuck
<Nemi> are you up to..?" Hungover? Was Lisa just completely high?

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<gumbal1> Nothing's been taken. Just rearranged completely. The TV's been flipped upside down. All the instruments in Andrey's room have been stacked into an admittedly impressive instrument tower. Andrey's posters have been rolled up and stuffed into the corner. Finally, someone dumped some leftover chinese takout into the sink, using some noodles to spell out 'YOU REALLY ARE AN IDIOT'…but that's everywhere but Pan's room. Does he enter her's?
<Nemi> "What the fuck..?" Andrey spends a while getting everything reordered- easy enough with his powers, and only consuming a little time. The posters- well, that can wait. Once satisfied, Andrey dares to poke his head into Panda's room. "Hey, Panda, you in..?"

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<gumbal1> Panda's in, out like a light. And so is something else. Short, blonde, andogynous, with Japanese features, dressed in the same clothes Lisa was previously wearing. "You know, this was surprisingly easy to do."
<Nemi> Andrey stares at the someone else, eyes going huge. ".. M-Mitsy..? What's- y-you survived! Oh thank God I was.. I thought for sure I'd, when I screamed- what're you, what're you /doing/ here?"
<gumbal1> "Ha ha ha ha, no." Mitsy turns to face Andrey, revealing the side of their face that was previously facing away. It's…not pretty. Banged up, bloodied, and something black is leaking out of it. "You know what it's like to die at nineteen?"
<Nemi> Andrey recoils, horrified. "I- nnno no no I don't I didn't /mean/ she /shot/ me I /screamed/ I didn't I couldn't-!" He's a stammering mess. This was a nightmare come to wake. Where repeating the scenario again and again in his head was bad enough, this was somehow worse.
<gumbal1> "Course you don't. Cause you're not nineteen…oh, no, don't apologize to me." Mitsuru takes a step forward. "Apologize to Lyanna." Mitsuru's features shift, and suddenly she's that tall, pink-haired broad-shouldered girl with a strong jawline. "I could…really easily kill you. Consume your soul entirely, then go one to your friends. But…there's something more poetic about it all if I start with Panda, don't I?"

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<Nemi> "I- w- NO! Leave her out of this she's got nothing to /do/ with this!" If Andrey were more sensible, he'd realize this was far from either of their powersets. Here and now, though, he's just panicking, hands balling into silvery fists almost on their own.
<gumbal1> "Oh, don't worry. She'll come back as long as her soul is intact…oh wait." 'Lyanna' gets this really goofy look on her face, suited more for some terrible joke your friend made than tormenting a poor Finn accused of manslaughter. "I'm pretty sure that's how she's gonna go."
<Nemi> "/WHY/? What do you /want/ who /are/ you?" So defiant. So frightened.
<gumbal1> "I'm gonna be honest, not being alive blows. So I eat living people to alleviate that. And…well, I'm just a Remnant of the past, after all."
<Nemi> "Then /fine/! Take me just- leave everyone else out of it! Please! They don't deserve this!"
<Nemi> So noble. So stupid. As if your one screwup makes you somehow less valuable than anyone else- people who've probably done far worse in less time.
<Nemi> Or maybe Andrey just cares vastly for anyone but him?
<gumbal1> "You know," The Remnant takes another step forward. "I could do just that. But…truth be told, you have no way of knowing if I'll break that promise…hah, just kidding. Course you will. You'll be kept safe inside me for as long as I don't feel like leaving your essence in a ditch."
<gumbal1> And, very suddenly, Andrey feels as if something is being drained from him. Something…self-ish.
<Nemi> Andrey recoils, but.. He knows he's not really a fighter. Sure, kickboxing was fun, but he couldn't bear to actually fight someone. Even something sapping his very self. And- maybe this Lyanna-thing would actually follow through? Leave everyone alone with his sacrifice? It's not as if he'd be missed. And it's not as if he wasn't quietly looking for a way out from the comical hell his
<Nemi> life had become ever since the day he manifested his powers.
<gumbal1> Things leave him slowly. Memories, feelings, even the third letter of his name seems forgotten to him. Eventually, Andrey becomes but a husk, barely keeping onto this odd, metallic body he has. Dysphoria goes away, as his…no, their very notion of their gender disappates. That he could ever play an instrument, let along that he was in a band, slowly crumbles to the ground. Soon, only a thread, the realization that he exists, keeps on…
<gumbal1> and then, very suddenly, the scene changes back to what it was a few minutes ago. The very much sapient Andrey, who once ate a pinecone in 6th grade and loves that one sushi place down 5th street, stares at an oddly Mitsuru-like entity staring down at Panda. "You know, this was surprisingly…wait, what? What just happened?"
<Nemi> A sentiment echoed by the strange, empty, Mitsuru-like entity staring at Andrey. ".. what just happened?" It tries to think- figure out /anything/ of what it was, what had just happened.
<gumbal1> The strange…no, Andrey is Andrey. Why wouldn't he be? "Did you jus-" A blur suddenly comes through the room, knocking the entity onto its knees. "What the fuck is happening?!"
<Nemi> The Mitsuru-like entity just watches, right until it's bowled over. "What the fuck is happening?!"
<Nemi> Andrey, rather, echoes the entity. "What the fuck is happening? What's even- what's /that/?"
<gumbal1> The entity stands, and…it also resembles Mitsuru a lot. Like, a hell of a lot. Without the facial scarring, sure, but still. "God, is this why I got kept on the planet?"
<gumbal1> "Cause like. Shit."
<Nemi> Andrey, blank-faced, takes a step back. "What are you even talking about? What in- voi luoja- what the FUCK is going on?"
<gumbal1> Then entity gets up, holding its head, before staring at the other Misturu and…laughing. "Holy shit. I'm really feasting tonight, aren't I? Hey, after I'm done with both of you, should I go after Wilhelm or Lya-" The Remnant is interrupted by a punch to the face.
<Nemi> Andrey stands like the lemon. ".. wait- are you /actually/ Mitsuru there and- I am /completely/ lost right now." He works his mouth, trying to figure out what to do, what ANYTHING is right now, why there's two Mitsuru Miyamotos in a fistfight over his best friend's bed and why the television's upside-down.
<gumbal1> The scene changes again, back to what it changed to before. "Oh god da-" The Remnant is once again interrupted by a Mitsuru rushing over to punch it in the face. "Does the reload answer your question?"
<Nemi> "/Holyfuckit'sactuallyyou/. How many savestates do you have /what is this thing/ how do we stop-" Okay punching it seems to work pretty well. The vague Mitsuru-entity rushes itself over to join in on the punching while it can, before ANOTHER reload happens.
<gumbal1> Andrey's fists go right through the Remnant. Must be a ghost thing. Meanwhile, the Remnant takes that time to steal the feeling from the part of Andrey's fist currently inside it.
<Nemi> "Gah-" Andrey recoils. "Okay I CAN'T punch it! How're YOU punching it-" Oh a ghost thing. Why is Mitsuru a ghost. Why is Mitsuru even here.

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<gumbal1> "I'm sorry, but you," "Can't fucking hurt me. I'm not physical, idiot. You know what is physical, though?" Suddenly, all the metal in Panda's room, save Andrey, begins to distort.
<Nemi> "Wah hey! That's /my/ power!" Andrey, alarmed, tries to counter it, use that native feel and power over metal to counter the distortions, force the Remnant that's stealing his very identity back, tax it to the limit. Assuming he's even able.
<gumbal1> What fucking limit? Andrey can feel that whatever this thing is, the power it's drawing on to copy Andrey's exceeds Andrey's own by a slight margin. And, very suddenly, jagged bits of twisted, sometimes blunted metal burst out of the surfaces. Hey, it's better than straight up spikes!
<gumbal1> Mitsuru gets stabbed through the ear, cutting that right off. "Gah! Andrey, what makes you happy?!"
<Nemi> "Gah- holy fuck- aah, ahh, friends, good music, ice cream, shitty movies!"
<gumbal1> "Think of something spe-" An ear-piercing, haunting scream is heard, and Mitsuru slips once more and impales her neck on a spike jutting from the corner of an end table. "…not again…"
<Nemi> "Oh- /fuck-/" Andrey's useless here. The thing's sapped his powers and now his protector- whom he killed- has been impaled. Andrey panicks and looks for a glass ball- that's how it worked, right? Smash them and pop back in savestate!
<gumbal1> No glass balls here. Neither of them really collect them, and Mitsuru isn't really physical. "…hey. You know this thing's…just a bunch of bad ener-" Mitsuru is promptly slapped by the Remnant. "Bad. Bad. Corpses shouldn't talk."
<Nemi> "Bad energy- /hey/! What do I do? Good things? Shitty movies, ice cream, sing a song?!" Alas, confused and helpless teenager, entirely unprepared for any of this, visited by some soul-eating monster and by a ghost.
<gumbal1> "What the fuck do you think some song will do for you?" The Remnant's approach is slow. "This isn't some SNES rpg. There's no clapping your hands if you believe. The truth is," Something in the walls begin ringing. "you'll die here, tonight." "He's…lying, An-" Mitsuru is once again interrupted, this time with a kick to the head. "No, shut up. Stop prolonging this. Only I get to prolong this."
<Nemi> ".. well, fuck it, if I'm gonna die at least I'm gonna die with music on my lips." And so, as the Remnant kicks Mitsy in the head, Andrey starts to sing, a soft sing-song that graduates into a mournful tune of Finnish lyric, a tune about loss and rebirth and failure and continuing to strive on no matter what, even if you're consigned to defeat. It's lovely- Andrey's a wonderful singer,
<Nemi> in an Ashley Barrett kind of way.
<gumbal1> "…you are the dumbest person I have ever had the misfortune of eating, and I really hope that I don't become dumber for it. Now," The ringing gets far louder, as something knocks against the walls. "Die." The metal in the foundation bursts from the walls, heading over to impale Andrey…
<Nemi> Andrey spreads his arms wide. So be it.
<gumbal1> …and yet, all of them stop right before Andrey, ringing in a soft, comforting tune. "…oh no. Oh no."
<Nemi> Andrey continues the song, arms still wide, but now smiling faintly. Music was in the Finn's blood, in the Finn's mythology, and if you were one like Andrey Maijala, you might even suspect it writes reality. That he'd sing with every use of hiw powers was no coincidence. "Oh yes.."
<gumbal1> "No. No no no no." The Remnant rushes to strike at Andrey, but draws back near immediatley as its fist touches Andrey and subsequently begins melting. "Stop it. Stop it! Do you really believe anything you're doing?! You're life's a joke! You will die unloved! You fucking , what future do you even fucking have?!"
<Nemi> Even Andrey's speech is singsong, as it always was. "I have the future I make, whatever that is.. My life's a joke, sure, but at least I can /laugh/!"
<gumbal1> The Remnant goes for another sonic scream, but all that comes out is a wimper. "What does that even mean?! I don't understand! I don't understand!" The Remnant's form begins fading into an ill-defined, dark cloud. "I don't understand! I DON'T UNDERSTAND! I DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Soon enough, the cloud begins growing thinner and thinner. "I DON'T UNDERSTAND! I DON'T UNDERSTAND **I DON'T UNDERSTAND!
" Soon, however, it's gone, and all
<gumbal1> that's left are a few last words. "i just don't understand…"
<gumbal1> …silence. Andrey and Panda's apartment is a mess of twisted metal and broken plaster, and Mitsuru is currently trying to untangle herself from the spike from earlier. Harder than it looks.

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<gumbal1> *theirself
<Nemi> "Y'know.." As it finally disappears, and Andrey's left to near silence with a dreaming Panda and a skewered Mitsuru, he looks around with a shrug. "I don't really understand much either, but I try and roll with it sometimes. Uh- lemme just.. fix this." And Andrey hums a tune to draw the metal back, to set things to right and make the apartment a little less of a forest of metal and
<Nemi> hate.
<gumbal1> "Gahk…thanks." Mitsuru dusts some of the dried blood off of their clothes. "So…I don't know what comes next. Whatever happens, I think I'll be going to the afterlife. Huh."
<Nemi> And now, at least, a chance to sit and talk. ".. before you go, can we, uh.." Andrey waves a last chunk of metal back into the wall before walking over to crouch beside Mitsuru. ".. talk, a little? I mean.. about- you? And Lyanna? And, uh.. the things."
<gumbal1> "…yeah, sure." Mitsuru flops down on the couch, pulling a cigarette carton from their jacket pocket, taking out a joint, and lighting up. "…I've been following you for a few weeks. Lye was…I didn't want to see her suffer. It hurt."
<Nemi> ".. really? All the .. shit that.." Andrey follows Mitsuru to the couch and plops down as well. ".. wonder what happened to that ice cream.." And he straightens again. ".. sorry you had to see what a pathetic piece of shit I am. And- for.. You know. Doing it." Andrey makes a vague gesture to Mitsy with a hand. ".. but, uh. What'd you- following me tell you?"
<gumbal1> "At first I…wanted revenge. Whispering death in the night while you slept. That sort of stuff. Then…I noticed you and Hyacinth. And Wilhelm." Mitsuru takes a puff, before offering the phantom blunt to Andrey. "They…reminded me of Lyanna and Bradley."
<gumbal1> "Then I got to thinking, maybe you weren't bad. Maybe you were just…I dunno."
<Nemi> Andrey tries to take the phantom blunt, shrinking a touch at the whispering of death. ".. that I was.. what? Just some scared idiot who's all in a fucked up way all the time and didn't even want to be there? I mean.. I can't imagine what it was like for Lyanna, but.." Andrey slumps down into himself. "I'm sure you probably picked up a lotta the stupid shit about me too."
<gumbal1> "Whatever. You have your life ahead of you." The blunt is…well, it's ghostly, so Andrey passes right through it. "…do me a favor. If you see her, tell her it wasn't her fault. Tell her I'm okay. Tell her I'm waiting for her, but still want her to live a full, nice life. Tell her I won't get mad if she takes a husband. And tell her 'Your dad can suck a dick', exact words. She'll know."
<Nemi> ".. I hope you're right." Andrey gives the blunt a bland look and goes back to hugging his elbows. ".. I, uh. Yah. I can do that. I'll do that. 'Your dad can suck a dick.' Got it."
<gumbal1> "…tell her I love her." Mitsuru uses her free hand to wipe something grom her eyes. "With all my heart."
<gumbal1> *their
<Nemi> And that was the last straw. Sitting with a girl you killed after a monstrosity tried to devour everything you were, sure. But that little corny, genuine line's enough that Andrey bursts into tears. Something he ruined. It wasn't self-defense. It was just a scream, angry, afraid, uncontrolled. 'You killed Mitsy!' That's what Lyanna had said, three words that would never leave Andrey
<Nemi> alone. "I will. I will." And Andrey cries.

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<gumbal1> "Don't cry." Mitsuru's form becomes blurry as they ignore their own advice. "Death isn't so bad." Just as they're about to vanish, they give one last, goofy smile. "You're a good man, Andrey Maijala."
<gumbal1> …and silence, in a ruined, debris-filled room.

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<Nemi> ".. that's fucking bullshit, Mitsuru, but.. goodbye." Andrey, left completely alone, hugs his knees to his chest and lets out a long, sullen sigh. He'd better start cleaning this mess up before Panda wakes. Keep yourself distracted, keep yourself with a project, like you always do, Andrey Maijala.
<gumbal1> There's a lot of the mess. Plaster, metal, broken bits of furniture. And, sitting on the coffee table, a little glass seashell, cleanly cracked in two, with a folded piece of paper inside it.

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<Nemi> It's almost unnoticed until the worst of the mess is squared away. Plaster work he could handle later, almost everything else he could fix with a combination of powers and ingenuity and time, and.. What's this? Andrey reaches for the paper, red-eyed but keeping busy.
<gumbal1> On the back. 'to two fucking years. you two are adorable' On the front…It's a photo of Mitsuru and LYanna, sleeping together on the couch, cuddled under a Wham! blanket. The photo was apparantly taken by Bradley, who's face occupies the left half of the frame with a 'seriously just fucking ask each other out already' expression on his face…Andrey gets the feeling its rightful owner might want it.
<Nemi> Andrey just plops on the couch on seeing that. ".. oh, /fuck/, come /on/ man I don't-" And then he shuts up. Lyanna was a technomancer, wasn't she? And a good one. And she had a link to his phone. So, conceivably, he could dig her right up by pinging the right number, right? And at least.. Arrange to meet somewhere. His heart breaks just a little more the longer he looks at the photo,
<Nemi> until finally out comes the phone from his shirt to do just what he resolved to do.
<gumbal1> Thankfully, Lyanna diid text him after all. It's mere seconds before she responds. <What the hell do you want.>

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<Nemi> < this is going to sound insane but i have something that belongs to you id like to give back. can we meet somewhere to do that? ill go alone >
<gumbal1> <Why? What more do you want from me? What more do you think you can take from me? Sullen's broken, Bradley hates me, Mitsuru's dead. You've made hell become my reality, Andrey.>
<gumbal1> <You can keep Bass Down Low. I never want to see her again.>
<Nemi> < mitsuru was here. they told me to talk to you. they said.. 'its not your fault. i'm okay. i'm waiting for you but i want you to live a full life. i won't get mad if you get a husband.' and also 'your dad can suck a dick'. i hope i got that right. and.. >
<gumbal1> Contrary to before, it's several minutes before Lyanna responds. <How? How could you know that?>
<Nemi> Andrey, in that time, managed to completely repair the TV and replace the pipes in the walls. Impressive, how dutiful one Finn can be. < mitsuru told me. they saved me from some kind of remnant and wanted me to tell you this. and that they love you with all their heart. i wish i could pass it on in person but i understand how you feel. >
<gumbal1> <You're in Haven. I'll be over in a few days. Meet me at Whitman's when I tell you. Please don't bring Bass Down Low.> What useful powers. <Misturu was the one who suggested that name, you know. I told them my dad had a cateract, like the band who made the song, and they told me what you told me.>
<Nemi> < okay. i won't. and.. really? i didnt understand when mitsuru said it. >

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<gumbal1> <We have codewords. It annoyed Bradley to hell, so we kept doing it.> A few seconds pass. <I loved them so much.>
<Nemi> < i know. they loved you. > And Andrey's careful to not mention himself. This was for Lyanna, after all. Helping her get closure, or something like it.
<gumbal1> <I'm going to sleep. I'll tell my coworker I'll be on holiday. See you soon.> Accompanied by a picture. It's…Lyanna, hair still died pink (thought the roots are showing a chestnut brown poke through), tears in her eyes, makeup smudged…smiling.
<Nemi> The picture doesn't help Andrey feel much better. Still, with deep breaths, he at least avoids falling to sobs. < ill see you soon. > After a moment, Andrey holds the phone out and snaps off a selfie. Andrey, red-eyed and a mess, in a ravaged apartment, holding a photograph. It wouldn't show well with phone camera resolution, but the blot of pink and blonde should be visible.

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<gumbal1> It's minutes later that Lyanna responds. Just a simple <I miss them so much.>
<Nemi> A few more minutes during which Andrey's managed to get the bedrooms looking alright. Some more minor damage needs picking up, but the magical custodians or whatever they have in the dorm might help. He plops down on the couch again and rolls onto one side. And he still had no idea where that ice cream went. < i know the feeling. and i'm sorry for whatever its worth. >
<gumbal1> For the rest of the night, Lyanna doesn't respond.
<Nemi> Andrey's almost grateful for that. He sets the phone on the coffeetable and shuts his eyes. That was exhausting. And now he had to gird himself to meet with Lyanna. Just what he needed.
<gumbal1> …there's his ice cream, overturned in the corner, currently melting across the floor.
<Nemi> ".. oh /fuck sake/."
<Nemi> At least it's an easy clean, and most of it's salvageable.

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