Artifact Skill Tutor J/W

<Kioku> <Come out to the shrine. Magic stuff. Bring notebook and pen. Graph paper if you have it.> The text is sent to both Wilhelm and Jinx, at around 8:25 am, nice and direct.
<Endorb> <where the hell is that> came the reply from Jinx.
<Imp-Kitsu> <On my way> Wilhelm responded as he gathered his things and ran that way as best he could. Wings made running upright difficult.
<Kioku> <Out behind the school building. Just go around the east side and you'll notice it a bit past the corner to the north face.> Akemi replies to Jinx alone. <Looking forward to it~> is what Wilhelm gets, though Akemi isn't exactly a fast texter, so it might take a bit.
<Endorb> Jinx follows the directions, not really hurrying.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm's phone went off just as he stepped in. He checked it "I'm here." he said with a smile, paper tucked under his arm.
<Kioku> Akemi turns to see Wilhelm, laughs a little and grins. "Good timing, I guess~! Come on over, feel free to sit or to stand. We're waiting on one more person."
<Endorb> Jinx comes in about 2 minutes later, and looks at this other guy. "Well, hi." She says neutrally.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm moved to stand near her, putting off sitting as long as possible.
<Kioku> Akemi gives a small wave to Jinx, talking to Wilhelm a little about how he's been doing for those two minutes and just catching up. "Ah, good. And now that means we can begin. You both wanted to flex your magic, work out how to push it into something else, right~? Well I do that /every day/, and I'm always interested in helping my friends with something~!" The smile flickers a little and she shoots a brief glare at Jinx. "Provided they don't
<Kioku> hurt my other friends with it, that is."
<Endorb> Jinx sighs. "I already said I'm sorry, and that I didn't mean it to happen like that! If people aren't going to forgive me, just say it. This is kinda getting annoying."
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm listened, his eyebrows going up at the thinly veiled threat. He didn't comment. "I would like to learn, I think. I've practiced some. To no great effect but I have practiced"
<Kioku> "Did you? I didn't hear about it. Well, that's that then. Now get over here. I know you both already understand what you're working with, so that cuts out a lot of trying to make sure of background information for all those involved." The smile returns. "Now do you want the fast way, or the not-getting-possessed-in-order-to-seek-out-and-feel-how-the-magic-flows way?"
<Endorb> "Possessed? That sounds bad…"
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm blinked "Fast way" he voted.
<Kioku> "The fast way is I hop inside you and show you. I won't actually take control, since that would leave you… well… unable to actually notice how it feels, but I could guide you and amplify it so you can find the feeling easier." She raises her hand up and nips her thumb sharply, drawing blood that she then lets fall into a small bowl of ink she had prepared. "What we'll do first is what has so far been one of the simpler ways to get magic out
<Kioku> like this - inscription. It helps to have energetic or conductive material in the ink, preferably from yourself but it can work otherwise if you don't have anything like that." She pulls out an ofuda and focuses, then with both an effort of will and several quick strokes of an inkpen, writes a kanji on it that glows momentarily before it subsides. "Much like that, but something with your own magic, a spell you know or something you can shape it
<Kioku> to do already. Who's first?"
<EndPhone> "Uh, what do we write?"
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm was feeling fairly well ready to try anything. "So we just have to write with the ink?" he asked.
<Kioku> "Nnm." Akemi shakes her head. "It doesn't matter what, but it helps if it gets you in the right mindset, if it's something associated with what you're going for. But it's not as simple as that. You have to shape the power you put into it, feel it. You have to push it through as if you were using the magic already, but you have to make it attach itself to the ink, and the paper. You have to focus on it, hold in your mind exactly what you want
<Kioku> it to do, and only then pour it out." She runs a finger over Wilhelm's wrist, then across his palm and down a finger, and something, an illusion, makes it feel like something follows her finger being drawn along its path even past the end of the finger. Then the feeling vanishes and she steps back. "Recognizing that feeling is the hard part, that and staying concentrated on your goal."
<EndPhone> "Ooookay?" Jinx goes for the ink pen. She writes down the letters JX on the paper. "Like this?"
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm tried to analyze the feeling and remember it. "Alright. I think I can do that" he said, trying to decide what he was going to do. The phasing ability- though it was his poorest, was probably the best for something like this as it wasn't dangerous- like heat was- and it did have to be activated. It'd also be good to have available. He tried to think of what he would write. Then it came to him. He waited his turn.
<Kioku> "It won't work as well with mine, like I said." Akemi pulls two other small bowls of ink from under the table, along with a large stack of ofuda. "Here; let me show you." She moves over to Jinx and stands just behind her, running a hand along her arm. "Think of a spell. I know you know at least a certain one. Think about how it feels when you cast it. Build up the energy for it, prepare it, but don't release it. Try to hold it there, then…
<Kioku> play with it~ Find the part of you keeping the magic in check and the part where it waits for that slight push to let it break free. Let it die down without casting, then call it up again. Feel yourself bring it to the surface, become intimately familiar with everything about it. Then shape it, alter it, make it so it won't just burn itself up when you let it out. Make it so that it will lie in wait, dormant, malleable enough to move and
<Kioku> capture in something but firm enough to keep its purpose."
<EndPhone> "That sounds… crazy hard…" Jinx tries to follow the instructions, failing the first few times.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm frowned "Can I use something other than blood? Mine's anti-magic" he asked, that part had immediately caught his attention and he had kind of focused on it a bit.
<Kioku> "Malissa uses pixie dust. Daniel doesn't /have/ blood, but he finds alternatives too." Akemi raises her free hand and twirls a finger in her hair. "In truth, I think you have options that would be far /better/ than my blood is for me~" She winks over Jinx's shoulder. "Not to mention that you might want different purpose for different things… some might benefit from lasting longer, or some might be best off with a bit of extra straight
<Kioku> power… there's a lot of room for experimentation!" She pats Jinx's arm. "Do you have anything that's both renewable and holds magic innately? If not, pixie dust is /pretty/ straightforward and simple to use, hard to really go wrong with it. I have a lot stashed around… here it is. So you can use a pinch or so of that when you're ready, if you need to."
<Endorb> "I'm honestly not sure if I have anything that'll help, if you need magic /in/ the blood… How can I tell if I did this right?"
<Imp-Kitsu> "Everything on me is magic." he said. He wished he could call up tears instantly. That'd be nice. He pulled up some of his hairs and decided to give it a go mixing that in, partially because he didn't feel like spitting in front of everyone. "This might work" he said.
<Kioku> "Probably! Well, it worked when I tried it, but I /also/ had blood present at the time and the hairs sort of… dissolved in the mixture." Akemi blinks a couple times. "Anyway - I can't say for sure that you /can/ tell if you did it right, but it's the sort of feeling you'll get used to. One that once you've done it a few times, you're sure to recognize and know it, and then you'll know when it works. And then you've got even more room to
<Kioku> experiment~ Things that don't involve such direct usage as just making a one use carrier for your magic that activates as something so simple as a spell. If you have other abilities, you'll learn to apply them as well, focus that energy with purpose even without any sort of formulae and even though it's not quite magic."
<Endorb> "I guess? So, how do I test these?" Jinx writes out a few more.
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm listened and then nodded "Ok. I think I can do this" he said- taking a pen and drawing a very rough kanji- meaning 'nothing' It was a simple set of lines- one of a couple handfuls of kanji he remembered. It seemed appropriate to go with the phasing. He tried to focus as he wrote on the phasing ability and the dizzy, nauseated feeling he always got when it happened. He picked it up and examined it, trying to see if
<Imp-Kitsu> seemed different from any other paper
<Kioku> "Just be sure it has meaning to you. And if you couldn't tell from feeling it, test it like this!" Akemi grabs Jinx's latest attempt and tears it in half, letting the magic - if any was in it - pool and then release as she thrusts a hand forward.
<Endorb> And a tiny, single purple wave comes out. "Hey, it worked!" I didn't thing it would! Could use work, but…"
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm tore his first one and… fuck all happened. So he wrote another, focusing harder- less on the dizzy that happened and more on what usually triggered it.
<Kioku> "Just sticking them to someone - or something, really - works for most of them too. Sometimes better than the tear, actually. But it's easier to see this way unless we have a convenient target that'll react." Akemi smiles. "Honestly, I think the /best/ part is how this sort of trains you to get a better feel for what you're doing when you put this effort into it. It helps you get a better feel for your magic, makes it easier to predict what
<Kioku> it'll do based on the feel. Makes it easier to come up with new spells and applications, even identify those of others." She nods a few times and hums. "It's really a matter of practice, there. On that note, I /do/ meet up here with a couple of friends just about every day at 9:30. We help each other out a bit, do this sort of thing, build a bit of a stockpile really. Feel free to drop by~!"
<Endorb> "Uh… Why not, I guess?" Jinx tries again. She /might/ have felt something that time…
<Imp-Kitsu> Wilhelm listened, nodding as he finished the character painfully slowly. When he was done he sat up and felt it again "I'll be sure to drop In. Every other day perhaps?" He said. He did have some commitments, largely his desire for sleep and one class. "Ok, this one…." he ripped it and… visually he'd go a bit fuzzy as he phased. Internally. he almost threw up "Oh fuck shit" he said "I hate that. I forgot how much I hate that" he said.
<Kioku> Akemi's eyes widen a little. "Oh my. I'd forgotten you mentioned you could do that. Why would you start with something that takes more energy than /almost anything else/?" She shoots around the table to comfort Wilhelm, rubbing his arm and patting his back. "Well, at least now you know you can do /that/. I thought you were going to like… make one you could attach to a jug so it wouldn't run out until whatever volume limit the magic was able
<Kioku> to handle, or something. Bleh, that would take a lot of energy too, matter creation is even more absurd than phasing." She lets Jinx work things out on her end and practice for now.
<Endorb> Jinx tries ripping that one, and… nope. "Damn it" she mutters to herself, and then tries again.
<Imp-Kitsu> "I think I'm done for today." he said, holding his stomach. "Unless you think one of…. the four spells I have are easier" he said. "I just forgot how much I hate that" he repeated. "Is that why it sucks so bad?" That would make more sense as to why it made him feel ridicuously sick.
<Kioku> Akemi thinks for a few second, trying to remember what Wilhelm could do. "Heat." She nods. "Heat is easy. /Really/ easy. It shouldn't take much out of you, and it's easy to tell if it works." She gives a patient smile to Jinx. "Don't get frustrated~ You're doing well, take your time~"
<Kioku> -Pause-

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