Bad Medicine

(9:01:51 PM) Kadmus: “Michael McDuff, Veshara, Athene and Cy Greywold to the mission room, please,” the intercom says. It repeats twice more, then falls silent.
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(9:04:58 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael stretches and puts his books away. Anouther mission. Had to be on a weekend to….Oh well. He stopped by his room to pick up some gear, and made his way to the mission room.
(9:05:31 PM) AzuraSarah: The Vampire is currently relaxing on one of the rooftops around campus when the announcement is made. The mission room? What? Why? …Where? She slowly comes to her feet on the roof and spreads her wings in search of answers to these questions. Well, in search of one in particular. The 'What' and 'Why' will probably be answered when she's at the 'where'.
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(9:07:02 PM) MobileSilvors: Veshara blinks her cyclopian eye, the other ten and their tendrils currently concealed in the girls absurdly long and thick hair. The girl went forward, floating down the hall before she started asking for directions, eventually finding her way there.
(9:07:08 PM) Antichthon: By name. Athene never liked it when it was by name; sort of implied it wasn't something you had a choice about. Sure, Athene knew better, but new students wouldn't. She'd have to have a talk with the administration on that. Athene suited up, put on her axe bag, and went to the…Gym? Another thing she had to have a talk with the administration about.
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(9:12:20 PM) Kadmus: There are a couple of people in the gym waiting for the kids - a man in a Canadian police uniform, and someone from the school administration, who smiles at the arrivals. "Good, you're all here. Miss Greywold, I'm afraid we asked for you because you may have a unique insight into the
(9:12:20 PM) Kadmus: issue at hand; the rest of you are either experienced hands or also have unique inputs that may prove valuable." He nods to the police officer, and steps to the side. The officer nods back, and adjusts her hat before talking. "We've had a number of deaths in a hospital in Vancouver that may be caused
(9:12:20 PM) Kadmus: by an anomalous source. Due to the manner of death - drained of blood - we suspect that a vampire may be responsible for these deaths. We don't have the experience on hand to look into this issue, so we've requested help from Sanctum."
(9:15:30 PM) Antichthon: Athene was midway through her usual song and dance. A warm smile and a wave to Michael and Cy, an introduction and handshake to Veshara, all that. It wasn't the mention of a vampire that robbed Athene of her usual friendly aura. It was the mention of a hospital.
(9:16:17 PM) Silvy: Veshara's eyes went wide. This was a mission! A real mission! She would get to use her death ray for the first time ever! And a vampire! This would be just like that time she went to a library and systematically disintegrated every copy of twilight! Except, well, that had been in a dream. But whatever! She looked at Athene curiously with her one visible eye and nodded to introduce herself back.
(9:16:41 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael listens patiently, and of course waves towards athene. He didn't know the other two, but introductions could be made soon enough. Vampires seemed cool, but he was content to let the others speak first.
(9:19:18 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy, who would be the last one of the group to be in attendance, gives a nod back at Athene and paying only sideways glances at the others from the corners of her eyes, not moving her head. She seems relatively unimpressed at the explanation, crossing her arms, both due to being called to deal with a vampire and because of the crimes in question. Tch, what an amateur.
(9:19:18 PM) AzuraSarah: Draining blood and killing multiple people in the same location? Way to be subtle about it. Assuming it was actually a vampire in question, and just the one, they were either incredibly cocky or incredibly new to the whole 'vampire' thing. Cy's brows furrow slightly. This, alongside her crossed arms, are the only indication that she's acknowledging what is being said.
(9:20:54 PM) Kadmus: "Do any of you have any questions? If not, we can get moving. The train's waiting in the station whenever you are ready," says the school administrator.
(9:21:36 PM) Silvy: Veshara raised her hand and a single tendril rose up from being hidden in her hair. "Can I use my death ray? I really wanna use my death ray."
(9:21:59 PM) Silvy: The end of the tendril opened to reveal an eye. Because you know, those are things on tendrils.
(9:22:32 PM) Antichthon: "What makes you think it's a vampire?" Athene crossed her arms.
(9:23:17 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael raises an eyebrow but sayd nothing. The eyes didn't bother him, even if the tendrils were kinda wierd, but anyone eager to use a death ray was gonna be trouble. Michael didn't have any questions, and would wait for the others to finish before heading out towards the train station.
(9:25:55 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy remains silent, waiting for Athene's question to be answered, using the time to consider whether or not she should speak up and object to going or simply go with the flow and ride this one out.
(9:26:31 PM) Kadmus: "Miss Veshara, we would very much prefer you didn't use the death ray. It hopefully shouldn't be necessary," the administrator replies. The police officer looks to Athene. "It's just our best guess. That's why we're having you investigate; we don't have an enormous anomalous investigation team,
(9:26:31 PM) Kadmus: and they all have bigger things to worry about than a few elderly patients dying a couple of weeks early, to be brutally honest with you."
(9:27:23 PM) Antichthon: "Yes, but why is it your best guess?" Athene wasn't accepting just randomly blaming vampires.
(9:27:59 PM) Silvy: Veshara frowns at the denial of the death ray before raising her hand again, "What about bombardment from a high altitude above the building with a disintegration ray?" A second tendril-like eyestalk rose from her hair. "No problem is unsolvable with enough lasers."
(9:28:10 PM) AzuraSarah: "At least they are ethical." Cy comments dryly.
(9:31:06 PM) Kadmus: The police officer looks confused at this line of questioning. "If you kids have better ideas, we'd be glad to hear them. As I said, we don't have our experts available for more than a half-hour glance over the case, and they said 'probably vampires'. Please don't use anything called a death ray or a disnintegration
(9:31:06 PM) Kadmus: beam, either," she says, looking hard at Veshara. "Or you'll end up in a cell."
(9:31:35 PM) Antichthon: "I'll make sure she doesn't." Still crossed arms. Still stone-faced.
(9:33:20 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael goes from a calm expression, to adoping a smile with just a hint of nervousness. "Well, nothing to do then but get started." He looked around and got up to head towards the train.
(9:33:38 PM) Silvy: Two more eyes pulled out of her hair to look at Athene. "… Can I use my sleep ray?" Veshara sounded grumpy, the sort of 'dejected to the point of boredness and 'this shit sucks'' kind of voice.
(9:34:17 PM) Antichthon: "If I say you can." Athene followed Michael.
(9:34:47 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy agrees with Michael, though not verbally. She simply just turns around and starts following him at her grandmotherly frail and slow pace of a walk.
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(9:35:46 PM) Kadmus: The police officer follows them to the train. The station isn't a long walk away, and the train is indeed already there, with the doors open and ready to accept students. The police officer immediately enters the train and sits at the far end of the carriage.
(9:36:32 PM) Antichthon: As usual, Athene just about took up an entire car by herself. There was just enough room left for the others, though.
(9:37:54 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy stands instead of taking a seat. Train seats aren't exactly accommodating of her wings.
(9:38:06 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael Finds an empty seat and settles in, closing his eyes and starts to control his breathing. he could be sleeping or meditating.
(9:38:08 PM) Silvy: "You aren't my boss." Veshara stated as she floated along after the officer. Her primary eye was closed as she floated up to lay against the ceiling. "I'll make people sleep if I want them to. I won't death or disintegrate though, because cells suck."
(9:39:11 PM) Antichthon: Michael was the only one of the four train seats were actually designed to accomodate. Such is Sanctum.
(9:39:48 PM) Kadmus: The officer looks as though she already regrets this, and rubs the bridge of her nose. The train starts up with the shudder-jerk motion of a classic steam engine, and they're on their way. If anyone wants to discuss things on the short journey, do so , otherwise simply indicate that you're ready to
(9:39:48 PM) Kadmus: continue.
(9:40:07 PM) Antichthon: (Continue!)
(9:40:08 PM) AzuraSarah: Was tentacle lady going to be a problem? Probably. Did Cy care? Probably not. So long as she isn't going to cop a laser.
(9:40:18 PM) Silvy: Continue!
(9:40:34 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: (mikey's ready to go)
(9:40:47 PM) AzuraSarah: (Continue.)
(9:44:43 PM) Kadmus: It doesn't take very long for the train to arrive, pulling into a Vancouver station in what feels like minutes, despite the hundreds of miles it has to travel to get there. The police officer leads you through the streets - where you're getting a few stares, but not so many as you'd get in, say, New York -
(9:44:43 PM) Kadmus: and before you know it, you're at the hospital. She turns to the group and crosses her arms. "Okay. I know you're all some sort of super-human weird monster kids, but this is a hospital. It's full of people who are ill or dying. Please, /please/ do not cause a ruckus, do not pin people against walls and
(9:44:43 PM) Kadmus: interrogate them, and don't bother anyone too much, okay?"
(9:48:45 PM) Antichthon: Stares were something Athene was so used to she didn't really even notice anymore. To her, it was basically the standard greeting from anyone, no stranger or offensive to her than a wave. Now, being called a "weird monster kid," that was a different issue, but Athene kept it to herself. Her hard gaze did soften when the police officer reminde them that this was an active hospital.
(9:48:46 PM) Antichthon: Her feelings towards Hospitals weren't something poor patients should have to suffer for. To Veshara, "And no using any ray unless I say it's alright." She gave the girl a faint smile. "Okay?"
(9:49:03 PM) Silvy: As if Veshara would pin someone… well she might with her telekinesis, but that would be rude. Still, the beholdergirl let all ten of her tendrils pull out of her hair and look around with them. She needed the depth perception. Plus eleven eyes would let her see more! Two heads are better than one, so eleven eyes must be better than two!
(9:49:51 PM) AzuraSarah: "We prefer the term 'young adults'." Cy, ever in her dry voice, sarcastically responds.
(9:50:28 PM) Antichthon: To the police officer, "Did you at least warn the patients we'd be coming?"
(9:51:05 PM) AzuraSarah: "Why would they?" Cy questions Athene, looking at her with a hint of confusion.
(9:51:20 PM) AzuraSarah: That would simply be admitting there's a problem they can't deal with and cause panic.
(9:51:56 PM) Antichthon: She regarded Cy. "Because I don't want to give some poor elderly patient a heart attack."
(9:52:16 PM) Silvy: "If I want to use one of my rays, I'll use one of my rays. I won't kill or disintegrate anyone, since that would be rude, but I'll use my rays if I want to." Veshara said calmly before nodding her head, "I'm a monster kid, I'm still going through monster puberty, some of my monster eyes aren't monster functioning correctly." Veshara stated as she hovered there. "A monster heart attack." Veshara seemed to smile at that, as if
(9:52:16 PM) Silvy: it were some funny joke.
(9:52:54 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy glances to Veshara and narrows her eyes, silently questioning if she's done.
(9:53:03 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael sighed and kept his face impassive. "Let's just try to get this done as soon as we can. Do you know where the victims are so we can look around? Any witnesses or leads at all we can start with?"
(9:53:38 PM) Silvy: "Didn't she say the victims had died?"
(9:54:02 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy mentally facepalms.
(9:54:25 PM) Antichthon: Athene also gave Veshara a rather bewildered stare.
(9:54:35 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael sighed. "Yes. Yes he did. We still need to look at them." He does his best to put on a patient smile.
(9:55:01 PM) Kadmus: "Yeah, they know we're bringing in some consultants, and that you're unusual looking," the police officer says, nodding to Athene. "We may be more used to the, ah, anomalous, here, but you're still pretty unusual. We don't want to kill anyone else, please, so avoiding heart attacks would be ideal."
(9:55:01 PM) Kadmus: She shoots Veshara a look that indicates there will be multiple sets of handcuffs in her future, if she isn't carefull. "We have a couple of staff who were the last to see the victims, but no witnesses. The victims are in the morgue, so we can go and see them if you would like." She leans back a little, eyeing the lot of you.
(9:55:45 PM) Antichthon: Athene nodded. "I'd like to see the bodies first."
(9:56:15 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy also nods. "It would be the fastest way to identify if a vampire is in play or not."
(9:57:12 PM) Silvy: "Oh. I thought you could talk to dead people. I was going to even talk about that movie, you know the one." Veshara says with a frown before eyeing the officer back. A lot of eyeing. "I've read Dracula, so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to tell." Exposition!
(9:58:35 PM) AzuraSarah: "As everything, fiction does not convey the entire truth. Novels take some liberties."
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(9:59:55 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael looks towards the officer. "We're all in agreement then. Morgue first."
(10:00:18 PM) Kadmus: The officer uncrosses her arms, and gestures for the kids to follow her. "We'll go around the back entrance. There's a way into the morgue that doesn't go through the rest of the hospital." She pauses, and looks back over her shoulder. "Hope you kids have strong stomachs. Morgues always stink."
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(10:01:08 PM) Antichthon: Athene pressed her lips together and made no comment on that.
(10:01:41 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael as well keeps silent, following the officer.
(10:01:43 PM) Silv: "I don't even have a stomach, probably." Veshara states calmly as she floats along. "Plus my parent always said I needed more human in my diet." Beat. "That was a joke." Another beat. "Sort of."
(10:02:04 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy also remains silent.
(10:02:17 PM) Antichthon: Athene did, however, try to puzzle out why Veshara was called by name to this mission.
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(10:06:52 PM) Kadmus: You can almost /hear/ the officer roll her eyes. She leads you around the hospital, down a wide ramp and through a set of double doors. Down here, the corridors are just as well lit and clean as you'd expect from a hospital, and the smell of antiseptic and bleach is thick in the air, with the expected undertone
(10:06:52 PM) Kadmus: of sickness, blood, and human waste. There's somethinge else, here, though, for those of you who can smell better than humans - the unmistakable stink of dead human, in varying stages of decay. It gets stronger and stronger as you move through the corridors, until it's almost a physical
(10:06:52 PM) Kadmus: force as you go through the last doors and enter the morgue. It's just like you'd expect, if you've ever watched a CSI show - white tiles, stainless steel basins and tables - but it's much less clean than you'd expect. Or like. There's dried blood on almost everything.
(10:08:58 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: "Uh…mabey it's just me as an ignorant high school kid, but is there supposed to blood on everything?" Michael asked, looking slightly concerned.
(10:08:59 PM) Antichthon: Athene's stomach gurgled quite audibly. She pretended it didn't happen, focusing on the nuances of the smells her flicking tongue was picking up.
(10:09:49 PM) Antichthon: "It's dirtier than I would have expected," Athene said in agreement with Micheal.
(10:11:14 PM) Kadmus: The officer shrugs at Michael's question. "Dead people don't catch diseases. Most morgues look like this. Or worse." She seems unbothered by the smell. "Not like the TV, eh?" She moves to one of the drawers, tugging on a pair of blue rubber gloves as she goes, and pulls it open, revealing a…
(10:11:14 PM) Kadmus: well, it's a very dead old person, with the standard Y-incision on his chest. "Here's the first one, come have a look."
(10:11:51 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy stops momentarily as that undertone of blood hits her nose, closing her eyes briefly. She hadn't smelt blood since she'd been in attendance at Sanctum. It was intoxicating. She pushes past it, shaking her head minutely before continuing to walk. The smell of dead people is the more problematic of the two smells, though. It's repulsive, and pungent. Cy stops again.
(10:12:42 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael shrugs. As long as the blood was normal he didn't really care. He wasn't exactly totaly unmoved by the bodies or the smell, but whatever he felt he was able to hide well enough. he walked over to look at the body.
(10:12:44 PM) Silv: Veshara floated over and all eleven of her eyes look at the dead person, her primary one going to snuff out any anomalous activity in the body. One thing worst than old people smell? Vampire old people. Twilight's pedophilic undertones would go to a whole new level if Ol' Eddy Weddy looked like he was kickin' it in his late 80s.
(10:15:40 PM) Antichthon: Athene, always the aware one, noticed Cy's response. She gave the girl an encouraging smile, though she doubted Cy was one to accept such things. Outwardly, at least. Cy must have heard Athene's stomach; hopefully knowing she wasn't alone would mean something to the girl. Athene joined the others at the body, her three foot tongue collecting data from all around the corpse. To
(10:15:40 PM) Antichthon: Cy, "Think you can tell if a vampire did this?"
(10:18:47 PM) Kadmus: "They really fuck you kids up, don't they?" The police officer mutters, glancing at the almost total lack of reaction from the others. The corpse you're studying looks very very pale, very very dead, and sort of… deflated. Michael, you can tell that this old man is dead, and you can't see any signs of him
(10:18:47 PM) Kadmus: fighting against whatever did this to him. Veshara, you can see that there's the classic vampire puncture wounds on his neck - a pair of what looks like fang marks right on his carotid artery. Athene can't smell much beyond the stink of death and blood and hospital, but she can tell that the man
(10:18:47 PM) Kadmus: would have been a poor meal even before his death - he was definitely dying of something already, likely cancer.
(10:18:48 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy pushes past the horrible, overpowering smell of death and decay by focusing on the smell of blood, which was perhaps a bad move for her sanity. Her pupils dilate slightly and her cheeks twitch a few times as she continues into the room, approaching the corpse. She begins to study the corpse.
(10:19:40 PM) Kadmus: Cy, you can see that the puncture wounds look off. They might bear further inspection; also, you really, really like that smell of blood. Wow, there's a couple of warm meals right next to you right now and they have no idea.
(10:20:18 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: "No struggle by the look of it, But iguess that's no surprise really." Michael comments passivly.
(10:21:09 PM) Silv: "He's an old man. He's got the little bitemarks." Veshara points to some invisible book. "Just like ol' Stoker said."
(10:21:46 PM) Antichthon: Athene stroked her chin. "Are all the victims this old?"
(10:22:04 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy is still in control of herself enough to not consider eating the people in the room with her, plus having a task to focus on also helps. Cy leans in close, looking at those puncture marks in particular.
(10:24:15 PM) Antichthon: Athene had a stray thought about maybe getting a job at a hospital to help "dispose" of the dead bodies. You know, one of those thoughts that happens for a split second before your brain catches up and realizes that 1) that's not how things work, and 2) Holy shit that's fucked up.
(10:25:07 PM) Kadmus: The police officer nods to Athene. "They're not all this old, but they were all dying," she says. The punture marks… usually you'd expect there to be some bruising around the neck, where the other teeth pressed against the skin, possibly even futher bite injuries from the 'human' teeth. There was no struggle
(10:25:07 PM) Kadmus: here, just two very precise holes that you can tell the man's blood was drained through. Athene, this room is full of bodies. Warm ones, cold ones, human ones, inhuman ones… Buffet central.
(10:26:15 PM) Silv: Veshara was having a similar thought to Athene, but hers was more so 'I want to shoot lasers at these things.' The girl floated towards the nearest spot of blood and started idly using her disintegration ray to get rid of the blood, having it low-power enough to avoid damaging whatever the blood was on. "You know, I read online about 'angels of death' or something where nurses intentionally kill patients that are going
(10:26:15 PM) Silv: to die to put them out of their misery."
(10:26:52 PM) Antichthon: Ooooh…Athene closed her eyes briefly, took a breath. When she opened them, she was back to business. "Could we see the other victims? Maybe they have something else in common."
(10:27:29 PM) Antichthon: And Veshara voiced a possibility that had been on Athene's mind since the beginning. Good, it meant she didn't have to.
(10:33:10 PM) AzuraSarah: For a vampire like Cy, who relies on brute force to get her blood, she would certainly expect bruising and extensive damage. She's aware of other vampires who are able to coerce their targets into willingly allowing the feeding, which perhaps might explain the lack of bruising and damage. She leans back from the corpse, starting to explain. "If this was a vampire's doing…Then…" Cy sniffs at the air at the blood Vesh is
(10:33:10 PM) AzuraSarah: disintegrating into a fine mist. She sniffs again, and once more, her pupils dilating a little bit further. She reaches one hand up for her nose and plants her other against the side of the metal bed the corpse is on, grasping at it quite tightly, lowering her head and letting out a brief, low growl. Sure, it may be old, sickly, dried blood, though even shitty blood when powderized might as well be cocaine.
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(10:35:33 PM) Antichthon: Yeah, Athene put two and two together. Athene took a gentle, but firm grasp on Veshara's disintegration eye. The look she gave the girl was pretty clear. Stop it.
(10:35:48 PM) Kadmus: The police officer takes a few slow, careful steps back, eyes fixed on Cy.
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(10:39:01 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael looks towards Cy and shifts nervously. He waits to see what will happen before saying or doing anything.
(10:39:59 PM) Silvy: Veshara just shrugged and stopped. "Well that happened." Veshara stated calmly with a single laugh. "I'll refrain from helping in the future." Veshara's eleven eyes were all alight in amusement despite that.
(10:42:13 PM) Antichthon: Athene released Veshara's eye, but not before her glare got across that the girl was on very thin ice. She repeated herself to the police officer. "Can we see the other victims?"
(10:44:01 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy continues to grip that metal super hard, possibly even buckling it if it's flimsy enough relative to her vampiric strength. After a moment, she removes herself from the table and looks up at the party and the cop, especially the cop, growling at him and stalking him with her eyes. Why attack the super-powered kids when she can attack the non-super powered adult? His blood would be much better too.
(10:44:01 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy visibly struggles to keep herself in check, having to forcibly remove herself from the room, wordlessly, via the way they had come in to remove herself from the stimulus.
(10:44:56 PM) Antichthon: Athene was respecting her diginity by ignoring it, and hopefully the others would do the same.
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(10:46:49 PM) Silvy: "It's rude to touch a girl's eye on the first date you know." Veshara commented with a slight grin at Athene. "Live and learn." The girl said calmly before she goes back to inspecting the body for any remaining clues.
(10:46:55 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael steps out of his stance and looks to the officer, hoping to look at the next body sooner rather than later.
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(10:47:35 PM) Kadmus: The officer looks to the others, concerned, and raises an eyebrow, eyes flicking to the doorway. "The pediatric ward is one floor up," she murmurs, eyes narrowing. "Other bodies, right." She removes her hand from her nightstick, and opens two more drawers. One contains an elderly lady in
(10:47:35 PM) Kadmus: much the same condition as the old man, and the other contains a young, healthy-looking man. Both of them are pale and obviously drained of blood.
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(10:50:44 PM) Silvy: Veshara uses her main eye on both of them to ensure they weren't denizens of the night secretly pretending to be corpses. Or that they weren't going to turn. She didn't want getrified vampires.
(10:52:02 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael will look for anything different on the bodies, or for any kind of pattern.
(10:52:27 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy remains within earshot of the group, which is pretty easy considering her hearing, while she collects herself some fresh air.
(10:53:16 PM) Antichthon: Athene left the the other two to look at the next body while she headed into the hallway after Cy. Don't worry, you all have plenty of massive snake coils clogging up the morgue to keep you company. "What do you think?" she asked Cy. Her tone was all business.
(10:54:56 PM) Kadmus: The bodies show the same damage patterns - two punctures in the neck, no blood remaining, smell like sickness, even over the odours of the morgue, to those of you with the right senses. There's no sign of struggle on either of them.
(10:56:35 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy is leant up against the wall on one hand, her other rubbing the bridge of her nose, taking in deep breaths. She keeps her head down when Athene speaks. Conversation was hard, though focusing on it helps. "If…It was…A vampire…" Cy starts, raising her head and removing her hand from her nose, looking at Athene. "Then they took what they needed without the use of force. Through coercion, verbal or…Otherwise."
(10:58:00 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: "I think we've seen what we will from these ones. We should go see what Cy had to say. then head to see what the staff who saw them last have to say."
(10:59:05 PM) Antichthon: Athene raised a brow. she called back into the room at the cop. "Were they tested for drugs?"
(10:59:12 PM) Silvy: "We could get all the nurses together and put a big puddle of blood in the center and see who wants it the most."
(11:01:01 PM) AzuraSarah: "Drugs…May not have been involved. Some vampires…Even weaker ones…Can mentally dominate weak-willed mortals." Cy offers Athene.
(11:01:44 PM) Kadmus: The police officer just… stares at Veshara for a moment, mutters something about serial killers, and rubs the bridge of her nose. "We can go and talk to the staff, sure. They tested them for drugs, though, and nothing out of the normal was found. You've got to remember, though, the victims were all
(11:01:44 PM) Kadmus: on so many drugs to keep them alive that you probably wouldn't be able to tell."
(11:02:03 PM) Antichthon: Wait. Veshara's inappropriate comment made Athene think of something. "Hospitals store blood, right? Blood bags? Have they gone missing?"
(11:02:35 PM) Antichthon: She nodded at the suggested to talk to the staff, squeezing into the hall so the others could follow. They could walk and talk.
(11:03:22 PM) Kadmus: The officer shakes her head at Athene's suggestion. "No missing blood bags." She leaves the morgue to wait for the kids to resolve whatever they need to before she leads them up to the staff.
(11:04:09 PM) AzuraSarah: Hopefully they didn't have to travel through the morgue to head upstairs. Cy sticks with Athene.
(11:05:23 PM) Antichthon: Hmm. "Cy, would a vampire choose drugged-up weak blood from dying people over good, cold blood?"
(11:05:55 PM) Silvy: "Are there any common links between the victims? Did they share a nurse or doctor or something?" Veshara adds in, trying to get a bit more information.
(11:06:03 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael follows athene, and listens to the conversation, trying to keep an eye on Veshera and cy.
(11:06:45 PM) AzuraSarah: "Absolutely." Cy replies without hesitation to Athene and with a but-of-course undertone.
(11:07:31 PM) Silvy: "I wonder if a vampire would feel any negative effects from taking drugged blood."
(11:08:50 PM) Antichthon: Yeah, Athene was afraid of that. She too preferred warm, living prey. Was too much to hope that vampires were more pragmatic.
(11:08:54 PM) AzuraSarah: "They can." More lack of hesitation. "All of the morphine and other painkillers…Would just add to the high…" Cy licks her lips.
(11:10:54 PM) Kadmus: The officer's face is currently set to 'resigned'. "So this really could be a vampire?" she asks. "I thought we were looking for a crazy nurse, personally. Didn't think the vampire thing was an actual possibility."
(11:11:46 PM) Antichthon: Athene put a gentle hand on Cy's shoulder, a gesture of solidarity. "I still think there's something fishy about this," Athene said. "It seems way too obvious."
(11:12:50 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: "I agree, we need to keep open minds about this. We still don't have nearly enough information." Michael says, nodding at athene.
(11:13:39 PM) Kadmus: "Okay, staff," the officer says, and starts walking. "There's two you should talk to; Doctor Wells, and Senior Nurse Ocampo." She pulls out a notebook and double-checks. "Yeah, Wells is the head of the terminal adults ward, and Ocampo is the head nurse there."
(11:13:39 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy looks to the officer. "If it is a vampire, then we are dealing with one with a conscience." She glances to Athene when that shoulder hits. "And perhaps. If it is a vampire…Then they are likely new. If not…Then we are dealing with someone who knows how to make it look good."
(11:14:08 PM) AzuraSarah: When that hand hits her shoulder*
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(11:19:28 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael nods. "I don't suppose they have a file we'd be allowed to look at?" Michael says politely towards the officer.
(11:20:08 PM) Antichthon: Athene wished they had Tessa, or Ellie, or Lisa along. All of her most monstrous friends, and all of them were better at this sort of thing than Athene was. "I don't know. Everything I've seen looks like something a movie vampire would do." Beat. One could just about see the lightbulb turn on over her head. "That's it! Cy, what's something that a real vampire would do that someone
(11:20:08 PM) Antichthon: who only knows vampires from movies wouldn't think of?"
(11:23:10 PM) Silvy: Veshara didn't miss a beat, "Not sparkle."
(11:23:33 PM) Kadmus: You hear the officer's palm collide with her own face.
(11:25:03 PM) Silvy: "Are there any links between the victims other than them being near death and going to this hospital? Did they ever share a nurse or doctor? Did the suspects have any links to the victims other than working in the same building?"
(11:25:26 PM) AzuraSarah: "…Sorry, I am not particularly familiar with vampire movies." Cy blankly replies. "Unless you are expecting me to mention anything like garlic or not being able to enter places without permission…"
(11:27:03 PM) Kadmus: "They all shared the same medical staff," the officer says, slightly muffled by the hand still on the bridge of her nose. "The terminal ward has the same staff that care for most of the people there. There are no staff dossiers for you; we've done background checks, and they're all clean. if something weird
(11:27:03 PM) Kadmus: has happened to one of them, it'd have to be recent."
(11:28:38 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael shrugs. "So i guess mabey we talk to the doctor then?" he looks around at the group "What do y'all think?"
(11:29:24 PM) Antichthon: Athene didn't like feeling like an idiot. It didn't reflect well on her repuation to keep thinking she had these great ideas and then having them fall flat. "Yeah. Let's talk to Doctor Wells first." Athene was simmering, but trying not to show it.
(11:30:00 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy nods, agreeing with Michael.
(11:33:43 PM) Silvy: "Should we bring some blood cocaine? If they're a vampire they'd go wild for it." Veshara was all about baiting, yo.
(11:35:22 PM) Kadmus: It takes a little while to get up to the doctor, because you have to take the stairs. Athene's not going to fit in any elevators, and only the cargo ones would be rated to carry that much weight. The doctor is sat in her office, working through shat looks like her body weight in paperwork. She's an older
(11:35:22 PM) Kadmus: woman, her short-cropped hair grey, her dark skin lined, and her brown eyes tired and resigned. She looks up as the officer pushes open the door, and sighs. "Well, come in. May as well get this over with. I'm Doctor Wells. Make it quick, please, I have a lot of work. More, with all these deaths."
(11:35:52 PM) AzuraSarah: That idea isn't /completely/ terrible. "I mean…Assuming they are a fledgling vampire…And are even still around…We could try to lure them out with the smell of freshly drawn blood." Cy comments before reaching the office. "Though that is a big if."
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(11:41:21 PM) Antichthon: "It's a hospital. If this was actually done by a new vampire, I don't see how they could control themselves well enough to not be caught yet, but still so badly as to leave such obvious clues." Everything Athene knew about vampires came from books and TV, though. She had a big vampire phase when she was younger. Like, from 12-14. So not that much younger. Athene stopped the chatter
(11:41:21 PM) Antichthon: once they reached the doctor's office. She gave the doctor a warm, understanding smile, opting to stay in the hall because the office was way too small. "Hello. I'm Athene. This is Cy, Veshara, and MIcheal." She introduced each of them in turn.
(11:42:35 PM) Antichthon: "Sorry to bother you Dr. Wells, but we need to know if anything has been amiss these last few days."
(11:47:20 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael walks into the room as athene speaks, gives a polite wave and then leans against the wall to let her continue.
(11:47:25 PM) Silvy: "Should we do like a good cop bad cop style thing?" Veshara asks as she floats in and watches the doctor with all eleven eyes, her ten eyestalks fanned out to add a bit of width for intimidation purposes.
(11:47:36 PM) Kadmus: The doctor looks at Athene, and raises an eyebrow. "Kids, you'll need to be a little more specific," she says, still writing. "The whole 'patients dead, drained of blood' thing is very amiss. What exactly do you want to know?"
(11:49:13 PM) AzuraSarah: Cy remains at the back of the room, silent.
(11:49:54 PM) Antichthon: Athene was doing a very good job hiding the 'I don't know wtf I'm doing' from her expression, but she certainly felt like that dog sitting in front of a computer. "Well, before the murders happened, were any of the staff acting differently?"
(11:54:05 PM) Kadmus: Doctor Wells looks thoughtful at that question. "Sylvia - Nurse Ocampo, that is - has seemed like she's under more stress than normal, recently," she finally says, reluctantly. "She may just be having problems at home, though, or the job may be getting to her. It's not a good place to work for
(11:54:05 PM) Kadmus: extended periods of time. Not if people dying in pain and alone bothers you, and it bothers all of us." She looks down and moves some paper. "The other staff… no, none of them have been noticeably different. Sylvia would know more, though, she's in charge of the day-to-day operations here."
(11:56:08 PM) Inebriated_Lobster: "How long has she worked here for?" Michael asked quietly.
(11:59:19 PM) Antichthon: Athene's tongue flicked, trying to pick up the scent of Dr. Wells' emotional responses. Unfortunate that stress was to be expected from an overworked doctor anyway.
(12:01:14 AM) Kadmus: "Six and a half years," Wells says. She smells of stress and guilt and sickness - but then so does every other doctor you've ever smelled. Bt if compassion has a taste, this woman is soaked in it. "It's hard, but she's extremely good at her job, and the patients all love her. She's managed well so far,
(12:01:14 AM) Kadmus: and she's been here almost as long as I have. I wouldn't think she's who you're looking for. I hope to God it isn't her."
(12:04:21 AM) Antichthon: Athene looked down, considering. After a few moments, "Doctor, I'm sorry, I really don't know as much about the law. Out of curiosity, what does the hospital do if a patient wants to die?"
(12:04:46 AM) Silvy: Veshara used her primary eye to try and feel any powers on the man getting cut off. Because that'd be helpful right? Vampires probably have powers.
(12:08:51 AM) Kadmus: The woman has no powers to speak of. "We do what we're allowed to, by law," she says to Athene. "We can stop providing life-extending medication, and simply provide palliative care - morphine, usually, so they don't feel too much pain. After that it's just a matter of waiting, I'm afraid. I'd prefer
(12:08:51 AM) Kadmus: it if we could do more for them."
(12:12:20 AM) Antichthon: Athene subtly nudged Cy. She had the feeling the vampire might have some interesting and illuminating questions, but she needed to be coaxed to actually say anything.
(12:14:27 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy doesn't particularly have anything to say, even when nudged. There was nothing spoken that has provided Cy with any further insight. She shoots a glance at Athene.
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(12:19:13 AM) Silvy: "So what's your opinon on the person killing patients who are soon to die?"
(12:19:28 AM) Antichthon: Athene closed her eyes. Goddamnit, Vashara.
(12:21:30 AM) Kadmus: "I'm glad they aren't killing patients who would otherwise walk out of here?" Wells says, eyeing the beholder-girl. "I hope they're comfortable, too, wherever they are. The deceased patients, that is. At least their pain is over. And at least the killer isn't preying on the kids in the other terminal ward."
(12:22:07 AM) Savior_On_A_Stick is now known as SaviorOnAStick
(12:24:37 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy nods. "Noble, though given that the suspect is a vampire, it seems like it would be better to simply turn the dying into vampires to save them from death."
(12:26:45 AM) Silvy: "But then they'd risk people finding out about them. One is more discreet than four. Plus they'd need more blood to survive off of." Veshara points out.
(12:27:22 AM) DarcellJermaine [moc.duolccri.nevahenots.612673-fd|042761diu#moc.duolccri.nevahenots.612673-fd|042761diu] entered the room.
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(12:29:17 AM) Antichthon: Athene couldn't think of any more questions for the good doctor, and politely waited for the others to say their bit.
(12:30:36 AM) Kadmus: The doctor looks shocked at the mention of vampires. "Vam- what the hell are you kids talking about? Vampires?" She shakes her head. "That's madness. Vampires, indeed. On my ward? No. Never, not ever." She shakes her head again. "And we'd notice if there was someone walking around with
(12:30:36 AM) Kadmus: fangs and red smeared around their mouth!"
(12:32:32 AM) Antichthon: Wait. "What…what did the police tell you we were here about?"
(12:35:38 AM) Kadmus: "The dead patients?" She says, looking the kids over. "You don't really think it was vampires, right? I'm pretty sure we would have noticed when they-" She's cut off by a high-pitched, loud drone, and suddenly the corridor outside fills with the sound of rushing feet. The doctor stands herself, and
(12:35:38 AM) Kadmus: moves to try and get past the kids out into the ward. "Move! MOVE! Someone's dying!" She shouts, trying to shove past.
(12:36:32 AM) AzuraSarah: Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud. Cy covers her sensitive ears from the high-pitched loud whine.
(12:36:56 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael quickly gets out of the way, and watches with interest, and will follow behind the doctor, though at a slower place.
(12:37:55 AM) Silvy: Veshara flies out, all eleven of her eyes fanning out and looking at everything in an attempt to catch anyone fleeing towards or away from the rush.
(12:38:25 AM) Neon [vpz.xro.9.741|noeN#vpz.xro.9.741|noeN] entered the room.
(12:38:42 AM) Antichthon: Well, good thing Athene hadn't stuck herself through the door, that'd be a real mess getting out of the doctor's way. She squeezed to the side to let the doctor pass, then doubled over herself to follow once the others were ahead of her. Faster than backing up, and she didn't trust the doctor's office to be big enough for her to turn around without knocking over a lamp or something.
(12:40:02 AM) Kadmus: Athene and Veshara notice something /wrong/. There's something - something you can't /see/ so much as /feel/, something that rubs against the senses you have which regular humans don't. It's moving away from you - and away from the direction all the nurses and the doctor are heading.
(12:40:50 AM) Silvy: Veshara opens her main eye wide and casts her anti-power vision down the hall, floating up to see over the sea of people.
(12:41:57 AM) AzuraSarah: Siren. Please. Have mercy. Cy is but a poor vampire with excellent hearing. Too excellent. Cy follows the party though even with her hands glued to her ears she's still impaired by the sound.
(12:43:28 AM) Wisdom [moc.duolccri.notlrahc.64417-bo|07426diu#moc.duolccri.notlrahc.64417-bo|07426diu] entered the room.
(12:46:44 AM) Antichthon: Athene noticed poor Cy in pain, but this wasn't something she could do anything about. She bit her lip in sympathy and was about to suggest she head outside for a bit when she felt it. Something…was it even a something? Was it her imagination? Her gut? Well, Athene had long learned to trust her gut, at least whenever it wasn't screaming at her to eat her friends. Athene moved
(12:46:44 AM) Antichthon: towards the odd sense, away from the others. She didn't want to disrupt the others when this might not be anything.
(12:48:44 AM) Kadmus: The thing - whatever it is - appears briefly at the end of the hallway. You catch a gimpse of doctor's scrubs and deathly pale skin before it rounds the corner, moving awkwardly.
(12:49:03 AM) Kadmus: It obviously didn't like that nullification beam.
(12:50:07 AM) AzuraSarah: If only Cy had access to her hands! Or this hallway was bigger so she could fly down it! Curse you siren! Curse you hospital!
(12:50:58 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael continues to follow the doctors, hoping to see if the deat his related to the others around the hospital. He notcies the others split off but figures he can just text them if he runs into anything.
(12:51:05 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: *eath
(12:51:08 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: *death
(12:51:23 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: *death is
(12:52:18 AM) Silvy: Oh yes. Veshara charges forward, floating above any people as she went to pull out one of her rays and scanned over the crowd, going to focus on the pale doctor before raising her sleep ray to fire off at it, if she got a clear enough line of sight and actually managed to catch the thing. If not, she just shone her main-eye on it and pointed at it with her hand to indicate.
(12:53:16 AM) Antichthon: Okay, it definitely was something. Now was the time Athene should get the attention of her friends and go after it, right? So obviously right. …Way, way too perfect. "Micheal, Cy, continue with the doctors," Athene said loudly over the siren. "Veshara, with me." Veshara was already off. Athene followed. This was way too suspicious.
(12:54:13 AM) AzuraSarah: Whaaaaaat?
(12:54:47 AM) Silvy: "Actually I'm ahead of you so you're with me." Veshara shouted. Her mouth didn't interfere with her powers.
(1:01:35 AM) Kadmus: Miachael, you follow the small stream of medical staff into the terminal ward. There's a number of very ill looking people, lying in beds, and one of them is surrounded by the medical staff, who are checking monitors and examining the… well, it's very obviously a corpse. You recognise the signs
(1:01:35 AM) Kadmus: from the ones down in the morgue - dessicated, pale, and, if you push close enough, you can spot the puncture marks on her neck. Athene and Veshara, you can follow the figure through the halls. Every time you round a corner, Veshara's beam catches it and renders it visible once more, and it lands
(1:01:35 AM) Kadmus: heavily and seems to be cradling its abdomen. It looks swollen and bloated - like you'd expect something that just drank a human dry to look. If you pay attention to the signs, you can tell you're headed towards the pediatric ward. Cy, you'll see either of those, depending on which you choose to follow,
(1:01:35 AM) Kadmus: or you may be stood in the hall trying to shut out the noise.
(1:03:14 AM) Kadmus: *Michael
(1:07:19 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy continues to follow Athene and Veshara. Her instinct is to shut down the vampire, perhaps even reason with them. 'Course the siren would make that difficult. As would Athene taking up the hallway in front of her. She would then decide to simply just to get away from the noise as best she can, which is probably the nearest stairwell and heading up to the roof.
(1:08:57 AM) Antichthon: Okay, Athene was starting to get suspicious of her own suspicion, now that she saw there was some sort of invisibility involved. Unless her initial suspicions were right and this was, in fact, just an illusion and a decoy. Agh. Thinking was hard. How did the all the brainiacs like Tessa make it look so easy? "Keep them lit up, Veshara!" Athene pushed forward, probably breaking a
(1:08:57 AM) Antichthon: few of the walls with the strength of the coils pressing against them speed. If she could, she'd trap the vampire in a cage of coils, not crushing the thing or even touching it, but assuredly trapping it.
(1:09:06 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Unless he notices anything unusual about the setting, or the corpse, he would head up to Nurse Ocampo's office to see if she was there. He would also text Athene "Body was just like the others, heading to nurse Ocampo office."
(1:09:34 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: "Whats happening on your side?"
(1:10:14 AM) Silvy: "You know, I have rays to make people fall asleep or temporarily paralyze them." Veshara comments before raising both as she focused her sight entirely on the pale bloated figure.
(1:15:06 AM) Antichthon: …Veshara brought up a good point, but Athene pretended she didn't.
(1:18:18 AM) Kadmus: The thing is completely unaffected by her other beams, as she well knows; her main eye does have that annoying effect. The figure keeps moving, shoving open the door to the terminal pediatric ward and staggering inside. Now you've had a chance to see it better, you realise it doesn't have
(1:18:18 AM) Kadmus: any facial features at all, and a snatched glance at its hand show that its fingers are tipped with thick hypodermics. Athene's attempt to ensnare it almost worked, but it managed to slip out of the loops with the help of a slippery layer of blood, emitted from its skin. Michael, you find Nurse Ocampo's office.
(1:18:18 AM) Kadmus: It's empty, since you're pretty sure you spotted her attending to the body. You could have a poke around inside, though, if you'd like. Cy, you find your way to the roof easily enough. It's a roof, it's cold, and the air feels like snow, but it's much quieter.
(1:20:37 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael will in fact poke around, starting with anything resembling personal items, and then searching through medical records. and of course anything else that looks out of place. One never knows what they will find.
(1:20:47 AM) Silvy: "Geez, Athene. Coil it all good like." Veshara states, focusing on it with her main eye and using her telekinetic one to watch where it was going before shooting at the door, using her telekinetic ray to hold the door shut in an attempt to trap it.
(1:20:48 AM) AzuraSarah: Fuckin' Sirens man. While she's here taking refuge, Cy might as well stretch out her wings and take to the skies, getting herself a vantage point overlooking the hospital. She keeps her eyes and ears looking out for anyone trying to leave the hospital.
(1:22:51 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Side-note:Michael will use his phone to take pictures of anything he finds to relevant/intresting. Forgot to put that there.
(1:23:19 AM) Antichthon: Shit. That's what Athene gets for trying to be nice. Also the odds that this was the only entrance and exit to the terminal pediatric ward was slim to none. Athene ushered Veshara through first, because it would take time for Athene to squeeze through the door. "After it, and use those paralyzing or sleep or whatever not-deadly rays you have on it!" Athene didn't know about
(1:23:19 AM) Antichthon: Veshara's limitations.
(1:25:28 AM) Silvy: "Firepower, max! I'm at your captain, command." Veshara said in random gibberish before laughing a tad and waiting for a long path before shutting her main eye and firing her sleep and paralyzing beams down the hall, drawing shapes and trying to just layer beams across the hall, adding in her telekinetic one after. Even if the creature turned invisible now that Veshara's primary eye was closed, the beholder was more intent
(1:25:28 AM) Silvy: on just filling the whole hall with lasers to cause sleep, paralysis, and pick up the running creature. Eventually one had to hit, right?
(1:26:44 AM) Antichthon: Maybe sending the Beholder Shotgun ahead wasn't the best idea.
(1:31:04 AM) Kadmus: The thing bumps into the door, once, then staggers at it again, visibly deflating as it passes /through/ the door without bothering to interact with the physical matter in its way. Veshara feels the push against her main eye as it force its powers against hers, and overcomes them for the instant it takes
(1:31:04 AM) Kadmus: to get through the matter. There are screams of panic from inside the ward, and people start hammering against the door, trying to get /out/. Once you get inside, you can see it stood over a sickly child's bed, the hypodermics in its right hand inserted into the kid's neck, but it's… deflating further?
(1:31:04 AM) Kadmus: It's /giving/ something to the kid, not taking it away. Although that might not matter, considering the destruction Veshara intends to unleash on this ward filled with fragile equipment and dying children. Michael, you find Ocampo's diary, and the only thing that jumps out at you is the entry a few
(1:31:04 AM) Kadmus: weeks ago - Ocampo walked in on Wells performing some sort of ritual, something involving what looked like a magic circle of some sort, and ever since then the bad stuff has started happening. Cy, the rooftop is pretty peaceful. You hear the siren stop, below you.
(1:32:27 AM) Silvy: Well in that case Veshara wouldn't fire her laser armageddon tactic. She just used her telekinetic ray to try and stop the creature's legs and hold it there. Maybe holding it in kid-range was a bad idea, but ripping a needle out of a child is probably a worse one.
(1:34:49 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael exits the room clamly, and when he is in the hallway, makes his way quickly towards Dr. Wells Office. "Dr. Wells is involved somehow, heading to their office" He texts athene on his way.
(1:37:54 AM) Antichthon: Athene entered the ward behind Veshara, and it was a good thing the girl wasn't actually doing her impression of a disco ball, because Athene probably would have eaten her then and there. "Stop, it's a kid!" She yelped, both at Veshara and at the creature latched onto the poor child, in her desperation hoping to appeal to any sense of compassion it might have. Athene's phone was
(1:37:54 AM) Antichthon: buzzing, but she was a bit distracted to read the texts out on her AR glasses. Only then did she realize the thing was pumping something /into/ the child. There, half-in and half-out of the terminal pediatrics ward, things started to click into place in Athene's slow but decent mind.
(1:39:59 AM) Silvy: "I'm just holding his feet… her feet? Its feet. Their feet. Our feet." Veshara says as she keeps her telekinetic ray on the thing's lower half. "I think it's some kind of… reverse vampire. OOooh. I wonder if it's like… donating old people blood? It's pumping something in the kid, right? And it was taking blood from the old people."
(1:40:03 AM) AzuraSarah: Thank fuck the siren has stopped. Still, with Cy out of the picture, she figures it's best to keep her vantage point for now, at least until she's able to figure out where the perp is. While she could probably find the group with her hearing if she re-entered the building, it's not worth giving up her current position. They should have it covered.
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(1:44:35 AM) Kadmus: Athene and Veshara, the thing has pretty much no reactions, now that it’s stopped running. All it does is stand there, over the terrified child, completely motionless except for the steady deflation as it keeps pumping something into the child; the kid doesn't seem to be swelling up, though, just
(1:44:35 AM) Kadmus: lying there and staring wide-eyed at everything. Michael, Doctor Wells' office is also abandoned; you passed the hustling ward and the staff were still all busy at work, calming the other patients and removing the body. A check of the inside reveals a set of… contracts? In one of her drawers. They
(1:44:35 AM) Kadmus: are interesting reading - each one is almost a will, except it's also a business deal? The signees are trading their lives for the health of another, from what you can tell. There are four signed contracts, and a handfull of blank ones.
(1:46:00 AM) Silvy: Veshara looks at Athene then the creature then back at Athene. "Uh… pull the needle out of the kid?"
(1:46:34 AM) Antichthon: Leave it to Veshara to completely ignore the poor, terrified children. "It's okay, it's okay," Athene said, putting on her best "Mom" face and going to each of the children in turn, trying to calm them down. Granted it was very much not okay, and even on the off chance the children weren't terrified of this creature, the beholder girl and the colossal snake the size of a small
(1:46:35 AM) Antichthon: elephant that would be stressing them the fuck out. "Calm down, me and her, we're here as friends, we'll - we'll help him, we - " Veshara was alone in this, Athene's priority was clearly the children.
(1:46:47 AM) Jo‘ [moc.rr.ser.dairt.290-92-70-95-hni|gra#moc.rr.ser.dairt.290-92-70-95-hni|gra] entered the room.
(1:47:13 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael will take a picture of the documents. Mabey someone else will be able to make more of them. If he doesn’t find anything else interesting, he will head in the direction he last saw athene and the others go.
(1:48:39 AM) Silvy: "Athennnne. Get the needle out of the kid." Veshara wasn't ignoring the terrified children, she was sort of focused on the currently terrified one that was having something pumped into it and she knew that her tiny arms couldn't pull that out and that it could run if she lifted her beam.
(1:50:48 AM) Kadmus: One of the oldest kids there - one who looks like a bald, living skeleton - glowers at Athene. "Let the angel finish," she rasps, too-big eyes rolling back to the needle-fingered thing. "Chrissie was going to die this week. Let the angel save her."
(1:55:28 AM) Antichthon: Okay, to be fair, Athene was just overloaded with mother instincts at the moment. But also one of those instincts was that the child with the monster's syringe in his neck wasn't actually in any danger. By the older kid's reaction, her instincts were spot on. Athene didn't interrupt the "angel," just continuing to try to calm the children with all of her mighty warmth. Granted
(1:55:28 AM) Antichthon: there was only so much you could do as a monster girl after having burst into their room, but kids could handle a lot.
(1:57:49 AM) Silvy: Veshara rose one of her eyes. "You know, I do have a sleep ray. Kids can't be scared if they're gone night-night." Veshara pointed out as she waited, sitting there and holding the 'angel' in place.
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(2:00:37 AM) Antichthon: If it wasn’t for the fact it would scare the kids to death all over again, Athene would have shot Veshara the most venomous glare yet.
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(2:01:20 AM) Silvy: Veshara just grinned a bit smugly as she waited, holding the creature's legs still.
(2:02:07 AM) Kadmus: "Or you could not accidentally kill one of us," the spokeskid rasps, glaring for Athene. "We aren't in here because we're well, you weirdo. I have brain cancer. Jake has a heart condition. Kelly's got leukaemia. We'd appreciate it if you didn't cut us any shorter than we already are."
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(2:03:24 AM) Kadmus: Michael, you've followed the trail of disturbed people and Athene-wreckage to the ward, and hav enow rejoined the group.
(2:04:15 AM) Kadmus: Cy, the rooftop is still cold, but there's all sorts of interesting sounds coming from below, and from the city around you. It's pretty nice up here, all things considered.
(2:05:29 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: "Athene you been getting my…What the hell is that?" He says concerned about the thing pumping something into that kid. "What happened here?" He asked calmly as he drops into his fighting stance.
(2:05:31 AM) Silvy: "Pffft. It's a sleep ray, it induces sleep." Veshara said, before humming to herself and then looking at Athene with a sort of look that conveyed revelation. She floated towards Athene, eyebeam pointed at the creature still to hold it before she whispered, "Why doesn't someone like… sell health potions from the school? Or sell healing services to help kids like these?"
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(2:05:43 AM) Silvy: "You've been at the school longer than me, so that's why I'm asking you."
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(2:07:10 AM) Antichthon: The girl seemed to speak for all of them, and a quick glance at each of the children probably confirmed it; you could tell who people regarded as the leader if you knew what to look for. One last kind smile to each of the children in turn, before turning her attention on the spokeskid. Athene sensed Michael near her coils outside the ward; the boy would have a hard time getting
(2:07:11 AM) Antichthon: in with Athene wedged in the door. She ignored Veshara. "We're sorry, we didn't know what was going on, we thought you were in danger, and to be perfectly honest I'm still rather scared, and I'd really appreciate it if you could fill us in on what's going on."
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(2:10:03 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy mentally blots out the distractions from the city, picking out the faint conversation from the ward the main group is in. She hovers closer down to the school to be able to listen to the conversation better, though once she realises the team isn't in danger, she begins to try and pick out anything else that might sound odd from the hospital, albeit still keeping partial tabs on the conversation.
(2:11:13 AM) Kadmus: "The angel comes and heals the sickest kid. It's done it a couple of times now," the spokeskid says, then coughs into her hands, a long set of tearing coughs that leave flecks of blood on her lips. "We normally only see it at the end. It was scary, at first, but it's an angel. They say 'be not afraid' in the
(2:11:13 AM) Kadmus: bible a lot, right? So they must be scary looking. And every kid it touches walks out of the hospital a few days later, completely cured."
(2:12:43 AM) Kadmus: The police officer has disappeared; she went with the medical staff to inspect the fresh body, if anyone was wondering, and I definitely didn't forget she existed.
(2:14:02 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Since Michael is aparently blocked entry by several tons of snek, He will get bored and search for the police officer.
(2:17:31 AM) Antichthon: Athene shot a glance over her shoulder, just so that Micheal would know she knew he was there and he wasn't forgotten, it was just a bit too much of a delicate situation to through through the trouble of making room for him right now. When he turned away, Athene caught up on his messages and sent him one in return, something she could do hands-free thanks to her super AR glasses.
(2:17:31 AM) Antichthon: <understood. weve got it handled in here. i think. the thing has been taking blood from terminally ill adults and curing children with it.> Her attention went to the "angel." "And can you talk?"
(2:19:09 AM) Silvy: "Despite being lawful evil, I can't really object to this." Veshara stated, crossing her arms as she kept its feet held. "Children deserve to live more than adults if both are terminally ill. If it was just like… keeping them alive on life support I'd object but I do have morals." The beholdergirl states as it looks at Athene.
(2:24:29 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael texts her back as he continues his search. <that makes sense, I found these in Dr wells desk> he sends one of the contract images.
(2:26:54 AM) Antichthon: Athene didn't expect to feel the emotion she felt at seeing that contract: Relief. But no, too soon. <michael, find the doctor. bring her to me>
(2:27:32 AM) Kadmus: The 'angel' doesn't react to any of this. It appears to have finished with whatever it was doing, and withdraws the needles from the child's neck. The wounds seal instantly, and the 'angel' simply stands there, not doing anything. It starts to fade from view, now that Veshara's stopped anti-magic-eyeing
(2:27:32 AM) Kadmus: it, and now that it's done with the treatment. No, not fade from view - more like it's dissolving, now that its task is done. The child it was treating looks ecstatic, although she doesn't look any healthier. If either of you know anything about magic, it occurs to you that it may be some sort of
(2:27:32 AM) Kadmus: construct, created to do a single task before disappearing. Michael, you know where the doctor is; you saw her still attending the body when you passed the ward on your way here.
(2:29:07 AM) Silvy: Veshara turned to Athene, "I can't morally object to this. It makes sense logistically."
(2:30:50 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael Will go back to where he last saw the doctor then, and prepare for a really awkward conversation. He had to think about how to get her to come tothe Pediactrics ward without spooking her away. He sighed and shook his head. He'd never been too good at lying.
(2:31:27 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy remains on lookout!
(2:31:47 AM) Antichthon: Athene's knowledge of magic was that of a dabbler, she only really knew how to do two things. To Veshara Athene said, "Great, good for you, I'm proud of you." The "angel" starting to fade away put her right back into business mode, however. "Don't go. We just need to talk. Stay visible and I'll have Veshara release you." She looked to the spokeskid for help translating, if need
(2:31:47 AM) Antichthon: be.
(2:33:11 AM) Antichthon: Athene wasn't putting two and two together on the construct thing.
(2:33:26 AM) Silvy: "Maybe it's just a dream thing. You know, dreams. Or uh… better term, not real? Projection? Construct? Homonculous? Illusion? Robot? No. Not a robot." Veshara offered, "Mindless, is what I'm getting at though."
(2:33:41 AM) Kadmus: The doctor is there, stood back from the bustle around the body, looking /tired/. She looks over to see Michael, and raises an eyebrow, then gestures him over. "What are you after, kid?" She asks, wearily.
(2:33:41 AM) Kadmus: Athene and Veshara, the spokeskid shrugs at you. "The angel always goes away," she says, watching it with something close to reverence. "It's done its job, and now it returns to heaven. It never speaks."
(2:36:32 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: "look I'm sorry to bother you, but the other people with me spotted something odd happening in the pediactrics ward with one of the kids there. I'm not a doctor or anything, but we figured you'd want to see it, get your proffesional opinion." Michael says calmy.
(2:38:05 AM) Antichthon: Well. Okay. Seemed about as much as they were going to get out of the children. Athene swallowed her distress, put her arms together in respect and hug her head apologetically. "We're very sorry for scaring all of you. I hope you can forgive us. We'll, uh. …We'll knock next time." Athene squirmed backwards through the door, gesturing for Veshara to follow.
(2:38:38 AM) Kadmus: Wells looks at him, and sighs. "Alright. Come on, then. Let's get over there," she says. She knows exactly what Michael is really asking, he can tell, but she seems willing to go with him.
(2:39:47 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael will let wells walk ahead of him, but he stays close. <we're on our way> he texts athene
(2:40:24 AM) Antichthon: "And thank you for putting up with a pair of dumb big kids." Athene squeezed the shoulder of the youngest of the children before backing out entirely and breathing a sigh of relief. It was always the hardest when they were snack-sized.
(2:40:35 AM) Silvy: Veshara follows! Woosh!
(2:42:41 AM) Antichthon: Not for the first time Athene really appeciated how the corridors in fifth sanctum almost always looped around. wiggle-worming backwards through a hallway was very undignified.
(2:43:29 AM) Kadmus: The gang is all back together. Minus Cy, who can listen in from the roof, should she want to. The doctor sees Athene and Veshara standing in front of the pediatrics ward, and nods wearily. "Can we do this somewhere a little more private?" She asks, still straight-backed and upright despite her obvious
(2:43:29 AM) Kadmus: tiredness. "There's a staff kitchen just around the corner. We can talk in there. It'll also mean we aren't blocking vital, life-saving work from happening by taking up a hallway."
(2:44:59 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy does indeed listen in from the roof!
(2:45:41 AM) Antichthon: Athene finally got turned around by the time the doctor joined them. Juuuust in time for Doctor Wells to suggest they meet in the staff kitchen, around the corner from the direction she'd just been facing. Fuck.
(2:46:28 AM) Antichthon: But she stayed quiet, nodded, and doubled back on herself to head for the staff kitchen.
(2:49:30 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael agrees and lets Wells lead the way.
(2:50:58 AM) Silvy: Veshara gives a thumbs up before floating towards wherever that is.
(2:50:58 AM) Kadmus: Wells leads them into the small staff kitchen - small enough Athene's still going to have to be mostly outside, but the others can cram in there with her, if they choose to. She pours herself a cup of coffee, offers one to the others, and leans against the counter. She takes a long drink, her eyes closed,
(2:50:58 AM) Kadmus: and sighs. "Okay. What do you want to know?"
(2:54:21 AM) Antichthon: Athene stayed in the hall to give Wells, Veshara and Micheal the most room. When she spoke, it was very quietly. "Every patient that died so that the children could live. Did they do it of their own free will? All of them?" Yes, she'd seen the contract Micheal sent her, but Athene wanted to hear it from Dr. Wells. Hear it where she might smell her lies.
(2:59:36 AM) Kadmus: "Every one of them," Wells says, equally softly, staring down into her mug. She isn't lying, so far as any of you can tell, and between you you'd certainly be able to. "They knew precisely what they were doing, and they were all mentally capable of accepting the offer."
(3:02:48 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: "Start from the begining please. I want to hear the whole story. when did you start this. how?" Michael asked, his eyes seeming distracted in thought.
(3:03:38 AM) Antichthon: Well, to be perfectly honest Athene would have a hard time telling a lying doctor Wells from the stressed burnt-out truthful doctor Wells, but she liked to think she could. She was happy to let MIcheal take over here.
(3:09:54 AM) Kadmus: "I got the ritual off the internet," she says, shrugging and taking another sip. "Well, the basics. It wasn't hard to modify to get the right result; magic isn't really complicated, once you've taken a good look at it. I only started this a few weeks ago. Once I was sure it would work, you know?" She swirls
(3:09:54 AM) Kadmus: her coffee. "I tested it with rats, first. Cliche, sure, but we do it for a good reason. I talked to the patients, told them exactly what I wanted from them. Most of them jumped at the chance." She sighs again, tired eyes darting up to look at the gathered kids. "They'd have jumped at the chance if
(3:09:54 AM) Kadmus: I'd been offering them a loaded gun, too. No-one wants to die the way we make them. The chance to do one last good thing, and to finally escape the prison their bodies had become? Yeah, they jumped at it."
(3:10:43 AM) Silvy: Veshara watches her and then shrugs. "I can't morally object to this."
(3:11:25 AM) Antichthon: That's because you have no morals. Athene wanted to say that, but didn't.
(3:14:44 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: "So i guess it comes down to the why. I want to hear your motivation. Only then can we come to any decision about…." He grimaces "What to do about all this"
(3:15:55 AM) Antichthon: Again, Athene stayed silent. Micheal might catch the faintest of smiles sent his way, though. Athene tired of always taking point, it was a bit of a relief when someone else took up the mantle for a bit.
(3:19:31 AM) Kadmus: "It's… I've heard it called 'the dreadful algebra of necessity'. When you take a life in each hand and weigh them against each other. When you look at two people, and one can live, but the other will die." She drops her eyes back to her mug, and the smell of guilt intensifies. "If you had to choose between
(3:19:31 AM) Kadmus: two dead, or one, the choice is easy. If you have that power, the choice is /necessary/. I knew this wouldn't go on for long, that I'd be found sooner or later, but I had to act. I've saved four and killed four. Without me, there'd be eight dead. I can live with that on my conscience."
(3:21:11 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael smiled, but still managed to look sad. He understood this woman. he understood exactly why she did this. He nodded. "I….Understand." He looked to athene. "I think we should talk about how we go about this."
(3:26:55 AM) Silvy: Athene isn't wrong about Veshara's lack of moral compass. "I agree with the doctor here. I think we should just leave." Veshara states, "Mathmatically, it makes sense. Plus she's saving people's lives. The dead were given a choice and they chose to sacrifice themselves. If doc was forcing this on them, I think it'd be a different story. But as is, I guess the vampire slipped away." Veshara shrugs.
(3:30:35 AM) Antichthon: "You're forgetting the most important part," Athene said. "You didn't make the decision. That would be wrong. They made the decision." She met Dr. Wells' gaze, followed by Micheal's, and very briefly Veshara's. "I've had to deal with…issues like this all my life." It didn't take much reading between the lines to know what 'issue' Athene meant. "So I've had a lot of time to think
(3:30:35 AM) Antichthon: about the morality of it. And I think people have the right to choose when they die. That their deaths saved the lives of kids…it doesn't even matter. Not in terms of whether it's right or wrong." A longer gaze on Veshara now. "But we can't just leave. The police know something is wrong here, and they're going to keep on it until they find out what." Gaze back on Dr. Wells now.
(3:30:35 AM) Antichthon: "That thing you make, that steals the blood. It isn't a person, is it?"
(3:31:23 AM) AzuraSarah: At this point Cy decides to land on the roof and come in via a staircase. She has something to add to the conversation! Though Athene seems to be asking the question that Cy wants to ask anyway. None-the-less! Cy approaches! She'll be there in a minute.
(3:32:02 AM) Coraline [||eM] entered the room.
(3:33:02 AM) Kadmus: "No," Wells says, shaking her head. "It's- if the kids keep worshipping it the way some of them seem to, it might become more, eventually. But at the moment, it's a non-sapient construct that's basically just a walking set of spells. Invisibility, intangibility, a few more. It's just the best way to deliver the
(3:33:02 AM) Kadmus: solution."
(3:34:30 AM) Antichthon: "Then I have an idea."
(3:34:46 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael nods in agreement with Athene. "If we are in agreement then, we need to figure out how to keep the police away from this." he shook his head "and I'm at a loss as far as that goes. But I can't in good conscience put a stop to what is going on here." He looks towards athene "What have you got?"
(3:35:38 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy arrives in the room! Though she remains silent. It seems Athene and Micheal are pointing out what she was going to point out. Maybe she'll add extra details if need be.
(3:38:19 AM) Antichthon: No, Athene saw that glimmer in Cy's eye. She gave a nod, ever so faint, for the girl to continue; it was important to Athene at the very least for Cy to feel included. Also, Cy must have /really/ good hearing. That explaine the siren incident.
(3:39:09 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy nods back to Athene. She is a patient woman and can wait until others have finished speaking. Are the two of them about to get into a nodding contest…?
(3:39:48 AM) Kadmus: Wells looks up, a glimmer of hope in her eyes. "Anything you can think of."
(3:42:33 AM) Antichthon: Huh. Well, nonverbal cues can't always be perfect. If they were, there would be no need for words. "First I want to know: The people who give their lives, would they want to die even if they weren't saving lives?"
(3:51:01 AM) Kadmus: "If they had to choose between a quick, painless death and the slow, painful one they had waiting for them, they would choose the painless death," she says, her voice certain. "The fact it helps others is just a pleasant side-benefit to them, frankly."
(3:52:19 AM) Antichthon: "Do you think with time you could figure out how to make it look natural?"
(3:53:07 AM) Antichthon: "The deaths, I mean. It's not going to work if people just start dying strangely again."
(3:54:11 AM) Kadmus: "I think I might be able to. It would- so many people would die in the mean time, though."
(3:55:15 AM) AzuraSarah: This is where Cy interjects. "Regardless…We cannot report this as a failure. If we blame it on a vampire and state that we lost them…Then this will become yet another place teeming with investigations and questions. The hospital will look bad, as will Fifth and by extension, us will look like fools." Cy muses. Cy does have an idea yet, though she withholds it for now.
(3:55:31 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy does have an idea*
(3:56:31 AM) Silvy: "I have another idea." Veshara states. "Why don't we have a compromise then? Do potions fix illnesses? I'm not really too sure." Veshara asks before looking at the others. "Or, another question, could we somehow make this legal?"
(3:57:12 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy chuckles a little. "Laws do not change over night."
(3:57:29 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: "unless you can change the laws in the next 5 minutes, its not going to do us any good." Michael pipes in. "you have any ideas cy?"
(3:57:38 AM) Antichthon: Athene nodded in agreement with Cy, furthering the nod wars. She also gave Dr. Wells a pained, sympathetic look. "I know, but I don't see how else we can do this." Veshara was ignored entirely.
(3:57:45 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy nods. Of course. She wouldn't bring it up if she didn't have ideas.
(3:58:13 AM) Antichthon: "Let's hear it, Cy." No more relying on those traitorous nods.
(4:03:50 AM) AzuraSarah: "We give the police what they are expecting. They are expecting a vampire. I turn someone into a vampire. They do not necessarily need to be a patient of the hospital. We put a bullet through their head or drive a stake through their heart, behead them if that is what you really want. It does not particularly matter how…And we give the vampire corpse to the police."
(4:03:51 AM) AzuraSarah: "The Police - And Sanctum - Think that we stopped the culprit, figure that the vampire was here for some easy fix to extend their life but cannot exactly question the dude to contradict our truth. The hospital is cleared temporarily and we do not have to look like fools." Dark.
(4:04:52 AM) Kadmus: The doctor blinks at that, and just stares at Cy. "I- I was going to suggest I summon up the construct, and have you kids destroy it."
(4:06:06 AM) Antichthon: Athene stared. "Uh, yeah, I was going to suggest what she said." Athene pointed at Dr. Wells.
(4:06:14 AM) AzuraSarah: "It is easier to fool someone when they are given what they are expecting. Give them something new and they are likely to question it."
(4:06:25 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: "That one sounds a bit simpler. I imagine it would take some time for them to change into a vampire anyway, and we don't have a whole lot of time." Michael said.
(4:09:07 AM) Kadmus: "And the ethical issues involved are… staggering," the doctor adds. "You'd be giving life to someone just to kill them, basically. That- that's literally the oppsite of everything I've been doing here."
(4:12:06 AM) AzuraSarah: "I would argue that you are already knee-deep in ethical issues, Doctor." Cy shrugs. Not her hospital, plus the sting of looking foolish would fade away in time. If everyone involved wants to take, in her opinion, the less convincing option, then she will not stop them. She doesn't a construct might fool the Police, though Sanctum is sure to wonder where it came from.
(4:13:03 AM) AzuraSarah: A construct might(
(4:13:04 AM) AzuraSarah: *
(4:15:57 AM) Antichthon: Athene took a deep breath. She almost preferred the missions that involved beating people up, at least those game immediate feedback and didn't involve long, tedious conversations. And give her a mission where she could take out her fury on robots all day and she'd be in heaven. Cartoon Network Samurai Jack had the life. "We'll do that. Summon the construct, we'll destroy it in
(4:15:57 AM) Antichthon: sight of the police officer that brought us here. We'll say it was a vampire spirit. Or something."
(4:16:29 AM) SaviorOnAStick left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
(4:17:07 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael looks towards Athene and Wells. "Where we gonna play this out then?"
(4:20:31 AM) Kadmus: Wells drains the rest of her coffee. "The terminal care ward seems sensible. That's where the bodies turn up."
(4:21:41 AM) AzuraSarah: So they're doing a stage play? Well, hopefully the cop buys it.
(4:24:20 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael stands up. "Well, no time like the present." beat. "Lets go find a cop. how much time you gonna need for the ritual?"
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(4:25:59 AM) Silvy: "Can I fire my death ray? It can't die if it's not real."
(4:28:02 AM) Antichthon: "How about we don't shoot off death rays in a hospital?"
(4:29:49 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy silently tags along with the group again.
(4:30:48 AM) Silvy: "You guys are no fun." Veshara states as she floats along.
(4:37:03 AM) Kadmus: It's not an enormously long trek back to the original ward. They've removed the body, now, and the police officer is stood in the hallway, talking on her phone, and glares at you all when you arrive. "Yeha, they're back. Yeah. Okay, we're good. No need to send out SWAT." She ends the call,
(4:37:03 AM) Kadmus: and stands there, arms crossed, watching you approach. "So. Subtle! You kids are not that. At least you found the thing, right? The vampire? I've had people coming up to me for the past half an hour, telling me about a 'needle-fingered slenderman', whatever that is, and, let me see…" she opens her notebook
(4:37:03 AM) Kadmus: and reads from it. "'A snake that had a woman's body growing out of its head', 'the hentai monster I've always dreamed about', and, my personal favourite, 'the end is come! pray for forgiveness!'. Please tell me you got the monster?"
(4:39:32 AM) Silvy: Veshara crosses her arms, "I'll have you know that I'm a snake growing out of a woman's body."
(4:39:44 AM) Silvy: "But seriously, which one am I?"
(4:41:31 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael shakes his head. "We don't have it yet, but we think it might be on it's way back here." he said
(4:43:41 AM) AzuraSarah: "I would suggest getting your gun out." Cy dryly comments to the officer. Might as well try to have them be the one to put the construct down, or at the very least sell the danger. If that wasn't how she spoke in general, then it would almost certainly be detected as being forced and uninterested.
(4:43:53 AM) Antichthon: Athene feigned being super-alert. The very inhuman stare she gave the policewoman got across one thing very well: Shut. Up. Outside of being the look of a monstrous predator that was probably considering having you for a snack, it was also the sort of look that made you think you had very good reason to shut up. Even outside of the let's-not-make-the-maneater-mad motivation. It
(4:43:53 AM) Antichthon: was the sort of look that made people who hadn't even seen her go quiet, a sort of sixth sense that they'd be best served being very, very quiet, very, very still. Athene in hunt mode was a sight to behold, for sure. Also yes, it was an act, but it was also cathartic knowing that you were probably going to make the heart of the woman who called you a monster skip a beat and almost
(4:43:53 AM) Antichthon: wet herself.
(4:47:13 AM) Kadmus: Well, /that's/ going in the report. 'Dangerously unstable'. Poor Athene. The officer stops herself from taking a step back, but she does draw her gun as Cy suggests. Wells takes the opportunity to slip into her office, while the officer's distracted. "Okay, then. You think you know where it's headed? Let's
(4:47:13 AM) Kadmus: get going. We want to stop this thing before it kills again."
(4:52:13 AM) Silvy: Veshara's eyes had fanned out to inspect the room. They were being twitchy too, like they were on a hair-trigger.
(4:52:15 AM) Antichthon: Okay, apparently the police officer didn't get the message. She was being hunted, but not by Athene. At least, that was the fiction she was trying to get across. Humans prey sense was worthless. Athene slithered carefully down the hall, watching for the construct. A construct she really hoped was going to jump out of nowhere or something very soon, otherwise Athene was going to
(4:52:16 AM) Antichthon: look, well. "Dangerously Unstable" instead of "Alert and protective."
(4:53:29 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michaels arms turn to steel and he watches his suroundings, dropping to his fighting stance, seeming ready for anything. It was fake sure, but that don't mean it would be easy.
(4:53:54 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy hopes the construct is going to make this look good. She feigns preparing herself, her left hand crackling with electrical arcs as she tenses up.
(4:58:07 AM) Kadmus: Wells seems to have a knack for the theatrical. There's a slow, unnerving scraping sound, coming down the corridor towards the ward. Nothing is visible, not at first, but those with keen eyes can make out a set of flecks of paint being scratched off the wall by what has to be a set of thick hypodermics
(4:58:07 AM) Kadmus: being dragged along it. There's a pause in the sound, and then it starts again, closer and closer, slow and relentless. It's letting you know it's approaching, even though it doesn't have to. It's a good job you know this is a set-up, because it'd be pretty creepy, otherwise. THe light overhead flickers.
(5:01:33 AM) Antichthon: Yesss, justify my behavior, Wells. Justify it! …okay this shouldn't be Athene's biggest issue with this situation, but she'd worked extremely, extremely hard to show the world that she wasn't dangerously unstable even if she had her problems. What's an Echidnean without her reputation?
(5:03:21 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy suppresses the desire to roll her eyes and remains at the ready, waiting to fry the construct. Also a realisation just struck her. They were in a hallway. Next to an officer ready to fire their pistol. While Cy had amazingly sensitive ears. Where are earplugs when she needs them?
(5:05:00 AM) Silvy: Veshara's ten eyes focused on the girl. This was cool, like a horror movie.
(5:05:14 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael focuses his mind, just like he would in any other combat. He ready's himself to strike when the creature apears.
(5:09:27 AM) Kadmus: The thing comes into view, slowly, like it's fading into reality. It's in full sight, now, a pale, skeletal thing with long, many-jointed fingers tipped in hypodermics, a completely smooth, featureless face, and a set of doctors scrubs hanging awkwardly on its lanky frame. It's hunched and moves with a
(5:09:27 AM) Kadmus: limping, awkward gait, approaching with surprising speed despite that. The cop lines up her shot, standing in a solid shooting position, and waits. Effective range on a pistol in combat conditions is much shorter than you'd think, and she doesn't want to miss.
(5:14:33 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy makes the opening shot, sending forth a crackling flash of electricity at the target from her left hand! A non-lethal bolt, mind you. She doesn't need it arcing off somewhere and frying someone by accident, especially if the electricity decides to hit a teammate instead. Sometimes it has a mind of it's own. This was something to slow the creature down.
(5:15:23 AM) AzuraSarah: Also because she doesn't want to destroy her own ears with a stronger bolt in a closed hallway. The pistol's gonna do a good enough job of that most likely.
(5:15:51 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael waits beside the cop, for her to take her shot, and ready to intercept any attack from the creature. He will then reach out his hand, and picture the metal that makes up the syringes bending, rendering their poke level obsolete.
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(5:17:00 AM) Antichthon: "You can sit this one out," Athene said to the policewoman, predatory mask momentarily replaced with kindness and warmth. Or maybe the kindness and warmth was the mask. Oh yeah, real mystery that one. The creature slowed by Cy, needles rendered harmless by Micheal, Athene shot forward and caught the thing in an impossibly muscular coil. "Finish it, Veshara!"
(5:17:45 AM) Antichthon: Athene held the thing very still because let's face it, Veshara was probably going to use her disintigration ray and Athene didn't want to lose a few dozen feet of tail.
(5:19:56 AM) Silvy: Veshara did do taht! She fired her disintegration ray and missed completely, intentionally, carving a slight gouge out of the floor next to and behind the creature.
(5:22:09 AM) Kadmus: The creature loses an arm to Cy's bolt, the limb blasted off at the shoulder, and starts leaking a sort of black jelly-like substance. Michael's poke-intercept is on-point, twisting the needles into uselessness, and Athene's muscular tail ensnares the thing with the practised ease you'd expect. Then Veshara
(5:22:09 AM) Kadmus: misses. Whoops. Uh, want to try that again, Vesh?
(5:25:41 AM) Antichthon: Crushination is exactly what Athene did, but she was looking at Veshara at the time.
(5:25:43 AM) Antichthon: Right at Veshara.
(5:25:47 AM) Antichthon: Straaaaight at Veshara.
(5:26:16 AM) Antichthon: Just total, complete, superhuman snake strength crushing.
(5:26:22 AM) Antichthon: Glaaaaaare.
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(5:27:56 AM) Silvy: Veshara blinks a few times with all of her eyes… and hits it with the disintegration laser.
(5:28:12 AM) Kadmus: It's exactly as pleasant as crushing a vaguely humanoid figure made of oozing black tar and stinking ichor ever is. The thing struggles against Athene's coils for a moment, but is quicky squashed into a sort of oily, sticky paste. Except for the few parts outside of Athene's coils, which tumble to the
(5:28:12 AM) Kadmus: floor with a set of wet, nauseating splats. Then Veshara vaporises them.
(5:28:47 AM) AzuraSarah: Well that was that. Cy 'relaxes', or rather feigns it, given she was already fairly relaxed.
(5:29:50 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael lowers his stance, the metal receding from his arms. He lets out a sigh of relief, that was very much genuine. He hated interparty tension like nobodies bussiness.
(5:33:47 AM) Antichthon: Athene continued to glare at Veshara for way too long, but eventually tore her eyes away and addressed the policewoman, pleasant once more. "It's fortunate Veshara enraged it into showing itself. Who knows how many more people an invisible vampiric monster like that could have killed." Beat. "I, uh, never got your name." Bright smile.
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(5:35:55 AM) Silvy: "Sorry, my lasers have a charge up time and I can only see through my main eye. Horrible depth perception." Veshara lies. Straight up. Lies and no reaction.
(5:39:02 AM) Kadmus: The officer slowly holsters her gun, and walks over to look at the thoroughly squashed remains of the thing, which are currently smeared across a not-insignificant portion of Athene's tail. Gross. "I'm- uh- Sergeant Angela DuValle." She nods to Athene. "And, uh, holy shit. You kids destroyed that thing.
(5:39:02 AM) Kadmus: I'm glad we brought you in. Invisible vampires. You see something new every day." She starts taking photos of the scene, holding out her hand so she has a frame of reference. "Think that was the only one?"
(5:40:17 AM) AzuraSarah: Cy lets the others field that question. She's ready to go back home and study some more. She never wanted to be part of this mission stuff.
(5:40:45 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: Michael nods. "We believe so." beat. "We ready to go home?" he says looking around to everyone.
(5:44:37 AM) Antichthon: "We know it was the only one," Athene said. "What do you think we were doing while you and the doctors were crowded around the newest victim?" It actually wasn't meant to be a combative thing to say, but Athene was currently looking at the mess of her scales with a profoundly disgusted, disdainful look on her face and calculating how many bottles of body wash she was going to have
(5:44:37 AM) Antichthon: to use this time.
(5:49:00 AM) Antichthon‘ [ten.ocdim.fgskzlt-455-569-6-97|nohthcitnA#ten.ocdim.fgskzlt-455-569-6-97|nohthcitnA] entered the room.
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(5:52:09 AM) Kadmus: "If you kids think that’s the only one, then you can go, sure," Sergeant DuValle says, still examining the scene. "I'll write up my report. We'll need one from each of you, too, but the school will sort that." She nods to the four of you. "Thank you for your help with this. Don't think we could have done it
(5:52:09 AM) Kadmus: without you."
(5:52:09 AM) Kadmus: If you're ready to finish, say so! If there are any last things you'd like to do, let me know!
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(5:52:59 AM) AzuraSarah: Finish fucking sleep tyvm okay bye Cy doesn’t talk much anyway
(5:53:04 AM) Inebriated_Lobster: when the cop is out of sight, michael deletes the images he took of the offices. then he is ready to go.
(5:53:59 AM) Antichthon: Athene took a deep breath. This was a day she'd be glad to have over with. She led the group out and back towards the train; they'd get their stories straight on the ride home.
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(5:58:08 AM) Kadmus: — RUN COMPLETE: BAD MEDICINE —
(5:58:08 AM) Kadmus: — 4XP —
(5:58:08 AM) Kadmus: — $300 —

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