Affection Connection

<Antichthon> Sometimes Athene wished she still had a physical ring, to represent the connection she shared with Akemi. It would make contemplating the connection so much more theatric. Ah, well. Laying on your bed and staring at the ceiling was cliche enough. ~Hey, Akemi?~
<Kioku> ~Mm? Yes~?~ Akemi, meanwhile, does have said ring, and has contemplated said connection many a time. It's just… something that makes her happy whenever things seem like they might crumble.
<Antichthon> ~What all can we do with this connection? Can you make me a list or something?~ It was high time she learned the limits of this arcane power.
<Kioku> ~What do you mean? We talk to each other, we get to give each other company~ And I've felt… something, a couple of times, when I was wishing I could share more with you, but I don't know if it was real or… huh.~ There's a long pause. ~You're… you're right. There might be more, and I don't actually know what. I know I can find you, and tell how you're feeling, and I've been thinking about whether I might be able to make it so you can do
<Kioku> the same, make it more fair, but beyond that…~
<Antichthon> ~Wait, you don't even know?~ That was a surprise. ~I figured you knew it all, but with how busy I've been and everything I never really asked you.~
<Kioku> ~I know /how/ it works, but I've never really gotten to try and find out /what/ it can be used for beyond that… I know enough to be able to say there's no chance of negative side effects, but I'm not actually sure about positive ones…~
<Antichthon> ~Well, I have a few hours free today. Which is really weird for me, after all.~ She laughed out loud in her own room, even if Akemi couldn't hear it. ~Is there anything we can do to test it?~
<Kioku> ~There always is! I don't know where to start, but maybe just nudging the link 'open' a little 'wider' would be a good place? Maybe you could see if any of your own abilities act differently? You know how the core of my being is, so if it affected anything, I'm sure you know just what it'd be…~
<Antichthon> ~Um.~ Athene was having a hard time following. Try some of her abilities, that much she got. She thought. She closed her eyes and focused, drawing on her fairly recently agained ability to detect and locate minds. If Akemi was in her room, she'd be pretty easy to find.
<Kioku> Akemi is indeed not in her room, but she's pretty nearby! Just outside the suite, actually, and she radiates emotion enough to probably be found and recognized if Athene can concentrate in general rather than on a location. ~I'll see if I can 'flood' the connection a bit, maybe it'll help. Tell me if you feel any different~!~ She doesn't know Athene is looking for her, so she has no qualms with this. And then it feels almost like Akemi is right
<Kioku> there in the room, pushing noticably with her allure but not /quite/ trying to Charm her serpentine companion.
<Antichthon> The first step was detecting minds, the nect was zeroing in on them; the fact Akemi wasn't where Athene expected didn't matter much. Akemi's mind was very distinctive, anyway. Now, when Akemi flooded the connection, Athene was well-latched on to Akemi's mind, and the effect was a bit like putting a mirror in front of a mirror. It didn't only feel like Akemi was in the room with her, it
<Antichthon> felt like infinite Akemis wre in infinite rooms with her, and Akemi probably felt the same thing. ~Woah,~ Athene said, giggling. ~Trippy.~
<Kioku> Akemi wobbles a little as she comes through the door into the lounge, and smiles. ~Yeah… I didn't expect feedback or anything, what did you do? I just kind of pushed my presence at it a bit.~ She knocks lightly on Athene's door.
<Antichthon> ~I found your mind, I was about to try my powers out a little bit like you suggested.~ Athene opened her door with her tail and waved Akemi in, still laying on her bed, Hope sleeping on her stomach.
<Kioku> ~Mm, then go ahead!~ Akemi smiles, giving a little wave as she comes in. ~I'll try to keep as close a watch on things as possible, but I can only guess at what to expect~~
<Antichthon> Athene flashed a smile, then closed her eyes and concentrated. She'd plant a simple suggestion in Akemi's mind, something inoffensive and easy to resist. /Come boop Hope's nose./
<Kioku> Well, Akemi was going to come over anyway, so Hope will be right in booping range! And it's always entertaining, so she giggles at Athene and does it. ~Didn't feel much different to me.~
<Antichthon> Hope opened her eyes, stretched, went back to sleep. ~Yeah.~ Athene giggled again. ~Funny we're still using our mind thing when we're in talking range. But, uh. Should I try something heavier? Or something else? I really don't know what to do.~
<Kioku> Akemi shrugs. ~I'm just glad you're so comfortable talking this way~! But I don't know… I would /imagine/ that anything a connection with me might 'lead to' would be emotion or influence-related. I wonder if I got anything from you, too? I haven't noticed any scales, dietary changes, or being unbelievably nice to basically everyone yet though.~
<Antichthon> ~Oh, gosh, Hope you don't get anything from me. I'd be afraid it would be the, y'know, unfiltered me. So like, Hate and hunger. Also why I'm kiiiinda scared to try anything heavier on you. I mean, you remember what happened last time.~
<Kioku> ~We /exchanged soul fragments/, or as close a thing to that as exists. When I commune with you this way, I'm taking advantage of the quantum entanglement that the bonding made sure to keep intact, and I'm actually communicating with that part of myself, inside of you. Essetially that little piece is inhabiting you the same way I would when I jump in.~ Akemi bumps her hip lightly against Athene's and lays down next to her, as well as she can.
<Kioku> ~Since my essence naturally creates this sort of link while I'm 'in' someone, it makes sense that you might get something more from me. But unless you can secretly possess people or lend them your power in a similar way… I don't think I'd have /actually/ gotten anything from you. Sadly.~
<Antichthon> Uh oh. As soon as Akemi mentioned the word "Quantum," Athene gave up any hopes she had of understanding what she was talking about. Athene scooted over to leave room for Akemi, and Hope took the opportunity to squish into the crevice between them. ~Uh, no, I can't possess people. Well. I mean. Maybe I can. That's kinda what the power is used for, slaving an Echidnean's children to her
<Antichthon> will, using them like 'hands,' I guess. But I haven't learned to do that yet. So, you're thinking all we can do is talk and I can get some of your powers once in a while?~
<Kioku> Akemi cuddles against Athene's side while making sure not to squish Hope. ~I'm just saying it's /likely/ that you'll get /some/ part of me as a result of this, or I'll be able to channel my power through you or something, while the nature of the link probably wouldn't work the other way. It was designed for my specific energy and anatomy. I just want to know how to trigger it, if you did get something… how to let you tap into me if that's how it
<Kioku> works. And if nothing else, at least we can talk and I can sense you~~
<Antichthon> Athene frowned. ~Well, that's too bad. I wish I could let you get as much out of it as I do. But, okay. Let's try it. Maybe if I open myself to you more.~ Athene took a deep breath and let down a few of her walls. She grew more composed, elegant, monsterous; regal. No longer a high school girl, but a serpentine queen of Queens.
<Kioku> ~I get a lot out of it. I get to always be with you in some way~~ The flirtiness is strong in that particular sending. And meanwhile, Athene can probably feel something inside, something that feels blissful to observe and think about, something loving and calming and a little bit desire inducing, and most of all wanting to be held on to and kept close to her heart no matter what. It becomes clearer the more Athene opens up, and it seems to call
<Kioku> out, asking her to just 'touch' it, let it fill her. It wants to be tapped into, to help her complete this persona.
<Antichthon> Athene fixed Akemi with an aloof smile, deigning her worthy of her her attention. She put her arm around the girl, closed her eyes, and let that feeling touch her.
<Kioku> Akemi gives a small shiver and scoots into the hold more, putting her arms around Athene as well. A light blush touches her cheeks. ~I feel it… I feel the tug on my power, and I feel… drawn to you~~ \I just want to be near her, earn that attention. She's always been hot too, but it's like that's magnified, I can hardly look away! What did she do? I've felt all this from others when they looked at me or someone I possessed, but never so
<Kioku> directly!<Antichthon> All the more regal, all the more dominant, all the more awe-inspiring. As if she could ask for the world, and the people would scramble to give it to her on a silver platter. Arm around Akemi, as if the girl was the crown jewel of her harem, companion beside her on the throne. And it felt so right. The feeling ebbed as Athene blinked and gently put up her walls again. ~…Wow,~ she
<Antichthon> grinned, squeezed Akemi, once again just an exotic high school girl. ~I felt like I owned everything. I mean…I always feel like I should own everything, it's my instinct. But I felt like I actually did. Like the universe was mine, and everything in it subject to my will.~
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and kisses Athene's cheek. ~That's wonderful~! And out here, it… it felt like you were essentially projecting my… me-ness. I'm not sure how to describe it, but I felt what I feel other people feel when I let myself 'out' around them. You know? … That was most certainly not the best way to describe it, but I don't care. We've figured something out~!~
<Antichthon> ~Yeah!~ Athene giggled at the kiss and squeezed Akemi again. ~Honestly I don't think anyone could resist me at all when I'm like that. I could make anyone do anything.~ A bit of that instinctive greed for power was peeking out of her, there.
<Kioku> ~I don't know if anyone would want to~ But then, I'm biased already…~ \You should try it around someone who /isn't/ already very attracted to you…\ ~I wonder how else you could apply it? Shape it? I look forward to finding out! You'll tell me how it goes, right~?~
<Antichthon> "Mm!" Athene said with a bright nod. ~I'll be careful though. This sort of power could really go to my head.~
<Kioku> ~Yeah, I understand how it really could. Don't worry, I'll be there to brush your mind and remind you of yourself whenever you feel at risk of that~~ Akemi gives a serene smile. ~And if I ever figure out how to alter the bond further, maybe I'll even be able to come to your side at a moment's notice~!~ \Like with the other ring's bond… why should that one be any more stable or strong than this?<Antichthon> ~Yeah, that could be useful. Together we really could take on anything.~ Grin. ~I'm going to nap for a little bit. I need to cool off, that got all my Echidnean desires really going.~ Yes, all of them, which was why she kept checking Akemi out.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and nuzzles Athene lightly. ~Want me to stay with you for that? I haven't much else to do~~
<Antichthon> Athene laughed. ~I wouldn't be able to sleep with you around.~ She'd hid a section of her snake body under the bed, because…well. Akemi knew why. ~But I don't want to kick you out either. Can you put me to sleep?~
<Kioku> Akemi's smile shifts into the sly spectrum. ~Of course~~ She leans up and over Athene, caressing her cheek with a hand while staring down into her eyes. ~I'll help ensure you have a wonderful rest~~
<Antichthon> Athene's smile faded, and by the way her tongue was quivering in her partly open mouth, she was resisting the urge to lick her lips. Boundaries; they were firmly established at this point, and Athene trusted neither of them would cross them. But the desire would always be there. The desire to kiss those lips, so close…Athene closed her eyes to keep from getting any more hot and
<Antichthon> bothered, and waited for Akemi's magic to drift her to sleep.
<Kioku> Akemi rests her forehead against Athene's as her eyes close, and gently weaves suggestions together, carried on waves of influence and brief glimpses at her inner nature to encourage Athene to accept them, to want what she nudges into her mind to be true. Feelings of calm and relaxation mix with feelings of desire to do what Akemi asks next, a soft haze that would fade by the time she wakes up. Then one push of the request she's built up for,
<Kioku> accompanied by enthrallingly sweet whispered words. "Sleep for me~" Akemi leans back after lingering there a few seconds to taste for the reaction, then - if it went well - scoots off the bed, brushes her hand over Hope (must pet kitty!), and slips away to the door.
<Antichthon> And of course it went well. Athene, more than most, knew how to be most receptive to Akemi's suggestions. That, on top of the fact virtually no one could resist her suggestions even if they wanted to, well. Athene was out like a light, in the midst of pleasant dreams of world domination.
<Kioku> ~Scene~

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