Doll House

<SavanahHolland> Wendy and Aiko arrive to the gate finally
May 07 17:56:45 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith has made her way over towards the gate, after grabbing a few things from her room and checking to make sure everything with her school work is lined up for the next day.
May 07 17:56:47 <Rose27> Rose arrives at the gate panting
May 07 17:56:50 <Uracilo> Ju was already there before you were born.
May 07 17:57:31 <SavanahHolland> "Hey rose!" Wendy looks to the girlish looking boy "Uh hi! Who are you?"
May 07 17:58:37 <SirGoldfish> A tall man is at the front of the gate. He's holding a briefcase. "Hello, everyone, how are you all doing?"
May 07 17:58:57 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith looks at Ju with some curiosity, thinking if she remembers the boy's face.
May 07 17:59:07 <Uracilo> Ju turns and runs his eyes over her, running his fingers through his own hair. "Name's Ju. You?"
May 07 17:59:19 <Rose27> Rose stands there quietly
May 07 17:59:19 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods at the man "Good! And you?"
May 07 17:59:22 <Uracilo> over Wendy*
May 07 17:59:50 <SavanahHolland> "Wendy!" She smiles
May 07 18:00:25 <SirGoldfish> "I am doing fine. So, before I continue you all understand what this is for, right?"
May 07 18:00:45 <SirGoldfish> "Well, what an assignment is."
May 07 18:01:19 <Kioku> Aiko nods tentatively.
May 07 18:01:32 <Uracilo> "Yes, yes, just want details. What's the payout? Equipment we're being given? Target?"
May 07 18:01:40 <FullMetalBitch> "To be a dog of war for the orginization," Lilith adds on.
May 07 18:01:50 <Rose27> Rose nods as she moves to stand next to Aiko
May 07 18:02:16 <SavanahHolland> Wendy moves next to Lilith just to stay near by in case
May 07 18:03:28 <Kioku> Aiko's ears prick. \So that's his attitude. Interesting…May 07 18:04:36 <SirGoldfish> "You'll be paid 75 dollars per hour, your powers should be suficent. You'll be going to an abandon hotel." He answers Ju. He looks towards Lilth. "These are voluntary. You do not have to go."
May 07 18:05:25 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith shrugs the comment off, as she digs through her backpack to make sure she has packed everything she thinks she'll need. Including snacks, those are important.
May 07 18:06:08 <Uracilo> "Hey! My power isn't a catch-all, man! If you want a job well done, give me a proper load-out."
May 07 18:06:22 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gasps at the sound of 75 dollar PER HOUR and whisper under her breath in excitement "75 dollars.. woah"
May 07 18:06:52 <Kioku> Aiko thinks a few seconds, converting it to Yen.
May 07 18:07:20 <Rose27> Rose grabs Aiko's hand
May 07 18:07:35 <Kioku> Once done, she looks mildly impressed.
May 07 18:08:10 <SirGoldfish> "You'll need to work as a team." He answers Ju. "I do not think you'll find mundane weapons we could provide. Effective."
May 07 18:08:19 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Lilith "Do you plan on comming..?"
May 07 18:09:33 <Uracilo> "At least give us radios!"
May 07 18:10:06 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith glances over at Wendy with a smile. She leans in and lowers her voice, "I must make sure you are safe."
May 07 18:11:18 <SavanahHolland> Wendy blushes ever so slightly and smiles warmly saying back "Then we make eachother safe"
May 07 18:13:19 <Kioku> Aiko tilts her head and squeezes Rose's hand. \An abandoned hotel… sounds like it'll have creeky floors at least.\ "I agree with radios, truth be told. Or any similar such device, just in case."
May 07 18:13:47 <SirGoldfish> "I was getting to that. You will all be given a variant of a… containment patch that can be worn where ever. this'll allow you to comunicate with one another and Bryce. Just tap the Patch to listen and speak. You'll also have to wear leg braces these will make sure you don't go 15 miles away from Bryce."
May 07 18:14:17 <Rose27> "W-w-what if we get seprated from Bryce?"
May 07 18:14:49 <FullMetalBitch> "Is there no trust for us volunteers?" Lilith snidely comments.
May 07 18:15:38 <Uracilo> Ju takes a moment to appreciate Bryce's bulk, wondering if knocking him out and dragging him along could make escape possible.
May 07 18:15:41 <SavanahHolland> Wendy laughs "What will we be doing there?"
May 07 18:16:06 <Uracilo> Or if such an attempt was feasible at all.
May 07 18:16:46 <SirGoldfish> It would not be a good idea. "Just policy. Bryce wont be with you during the mission…"
May 07 18:16:54 <SirGoldfish> Bryce groans at the comment.
May 07 18:18:24 <SirGoldfish> "He'll be by the building, but not in it."
May 07 18:19:17 <Uracilo> "And he's getting a weapon? What if there are hostiles in the building?"
May 07 18:19:31 <Uracilo> "Sounds pretty shady. Sure you're not sending us out there to get rid of us?"
May 07 18:20:00 <Kioku> Aiko sighs. \If they wanted to get rid of us, they know where we sleep…May 07 18:20:01 <Rose27> "Why are you so paranoid?"
May 07 18:20:56 <SirGoldfish> "Again, mundane weapons would be ineffective against this force. Whatever these creatures are they're not from our reality."
May 07 18:20:59 <Kioku> "It's elaborate, and they called for 'any' students. It doesn't make sense to 'get rid of us' this way."
May 07 18:21:22 <SirGoldfish> (Did she say that outloud?)
May 07 18:21:35 <Kioku> (In response to Ju, yes.)
May 07 18:23:36 <Uracilo> "Unless they just have a weekly quota or something. Who knows with these guys? Remember, PR is their game, after all."
May 07 18:24:04 <SirGoldfish> "We're not trying to get rid of students. This is dangerous, we only do this because we are spread out as it is, if you wish to not go. You do not have to."
May 07 18:24:33 <SirGoldfish> "And besides… adults can't get in the buliding.'
May 07 18:25:14 <SavanahHolland> "Why?"
May 07 18:25:35 <SirGoldfish> "They just end up on the outside of the building."
May 07 18:25:52 <SavanahHolland> "That's really strange."
May 07 18:26:32 <Uracilo> Ju wonders if the kid they tested that on is still stuck inside the building, though not out loud.
May 07 18:26:37 <Kioku> "You believe non-adults can?"
May 07 18:26:45 <Uracilo> "Fine, whatever. I'll go."
May 07 18:26:57 <FullMetalBitch> "Let us not wait any more longer," Lilith says as she tugs on the straps of her backpack.
May 07 18:27:19 <Uracilo> "What she said."
May 07 18:27:29 <SirGoldfish> "Yes, we've seen one child go into the building and make it out."
May 07 18:27:58 <SavanahHolland> "How do we get there?"
May 07 18:29:24 <SirGoldfish> "Bryce will drive you. The hotel in question is about 4 hours away."
May 07 18:29:29 <Kioku> Aiko hums. \Child. Pre-pubecent. Irrelevant if we can make it in. When is does it become a barrier? Why?\ She nods slowly.
May 07 18:29:32 * SavanahHolland has quit (Broken pipe)
May 07 18:30:09 * SavanahHolland (~ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS#ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS) has joined #FireFighters
May 07 18:30:23 <Rose27> Rose raises her hand
May 07 18:30:30 <SirGoldfish> "Yes?"
May 07 18:31:34 <Rose27> "Can mature c-c-children get through?"
May 07 18:32:11 <SavanahHolland> Mature? Wendy looks at herself.
May 07 18:32:33 <SirGoldfish> "We're about to test that theory."
May 07 18:32:41 <SirGoldfish> The man smiles
May 07 18:33:24 <Uracilo> "Are we getting paid for travel time?"
May 07 18:33:33 <FullMetalBitch> "Let us go," Lilith says as she glances towards the gate. "Mister Bryce will have to treat us to dinner afterwards, as he is kind."
May 07 18:34:02 <Rose27> "C-c-can we get Burger King?!" Rose asks to Lilith's statement
May 07 18:34:43 <SavanahHolland> Wendy laughs at Roses statement "Why Burger King of all places?"
May 07 18:34:54 <Uracilo> Ju's palm meets his face. He'll never understand the west's obsession with greasy fast food.
May 07 18:34:54 <Rose27> "I-i-i like burger king…."
May 07 18:35:14 <SirGoldfish> "Sorry, no you'll start getting paid by the hour when you enter the building."
May 07 18:36:02 <SavanahHolland> "How long do you expect us to be?"
May 07 18:36:49 <SirGoldfish> "We just want you to get to the top and leave."
May 07 18:37:54 <Uracilo> "We're scouting? You made it sound like there were ghosts to bust, or something."
May 07 18:38:19 <FullMetalBitch> "Hurry now," Lilith addresses the group, "we may ask questions on the way. It is a long ride, and we are standing idle with a job to do."
May 07 18:38:38 <Kioku> Aiko hums in agreement.
May 07 18:39:15 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods her head slowly
May 07 18:39:29 <Rose27> Rose looks at the ground
May 07 18:40:13 <Uracilo> "Do you really think that big lug is going to know enough to answer questions?"
May 07 18:40:15 <SirGoldfish> "If you can get anything out alive you there will be a 100 dollar bonus." The jeep is parked in the front for anyone to jump in.
May 07 18:40:36 <Rose27> Rose drags Aiko to the jeep
May 07 18:40:46 <Uracilo> Ju suddenly gets serious. "There are victims?"
May 07 18:40:49 <SavanahHolland> Wendy grabs Liliths wrists and walks to the jeep as well
May 07 18:40:55 <Kioku> Aiko tries to be as far away from the engine as possible.
May 07 18:41:04 <SirGoldfish> Bryce grunt at the comment.
May 07 18:41:19 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith is tugged along, content to make her way to the jeep. She wonders how they'll all fit, and if the ride will be comfortable in such a vehicle.
May 07 18:41:28 <SirGoldfish> "We are unsure."
May 07 18:44:05 <SirGoldfish> Bryce jumps into the front of the car.
May 07 18:44:07 <Uracilo> "There better not be…" Ju climbs into the jeep's back and sits on one of the round protusions that keep the spinning tires out of the vehicle.
May 07 18:44:57 <SavanahHolland> Wendy sits awkwardly in between rose and lilith slighty squished
May 07 18:45:25 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith sits in the backseat next to Wendy, the cramped conditions pushing them close. "Tell me of your classes today, to make use of the time."
May 07 18:45:57 <Rose27> Rose falls asleep and her head is up aginst Wendy's shoulder
May 07 18:47:03 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes a moment to remember "I think I went to history class then another I'm unsure of" then turns to Lilith "What classes did you?" she says smiling
May 07 18:47:41 <SirGoldfish> Assuming everyone is in the jeep and secure. Bryce starts driving!
May 07 18:47:59 <Rose27> Rose snores a little
May 07 18:48:12 <SavanahHolland> Wendy is lurched forward slighty as he starts moving
May 07 18:53:36 <SirGoldfish> After 3 and a half hours of Bryce driving a little bit over the speed limit, you arrive at the location at the 'lil' Star-Cross hotel. The outside of the hotel seems to have a small force of GWU guards. The hotel itself looks to have not been touched in many years, the blue paint has peeled and the face's on the stars have all been smeared off.
May 07 18:53:57 <Rose27> Rose is still sleeping on Wendy
May 07 18:54:15 <SavanahHolland> Wendy shakes rose a little to wake her up
May 07 18:54:23 <SavanahHolland> "We're here"
May 07 18:54:42 <Rose27> "W-w-where?" ROse asks half asleep
May 07 18:55:06 <SavanahHolland> "Uh Here?" Wendy laughs at how quickly she had forgotten
May 07 18:55:22 <Rose27> "Huh? Oh yeah! The hotel!"
May 07 18:55:50 <SirGoldfish> Bryce puts a headset. "You'll always be in contact with me. Don't be afraid of asking questions."
May 07 18:55:51 <Uracilo> The car trip was uneventful, but actually quite good for everyone involved, Ju deciding he'd rather use his power than listen to a chorus of "Are we there yet?"s
May 07 18:55:59 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Lilith whoshe cant tell is awake or asleep "You alwake Lilith?"
May 07 18:56:05 <SavanahHolland> (*awake)
May 07 18:56:20 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith starts to put away a book she had been reading for English class in her bag, she shakes Andrea to wake him up in her lap. "I am awake," she says with a smile.
May 07 18:56:37 <SavanahHolland> Wendy smiles "Good!"
May 07 18:56:44 <Kioku> Aiko rocks at the stop and climbs out carefully, testing the ground.
May 07 18:56:57 <SirGoldfish> It might be suprisng to some of you to see that Bryce is looking a tad bit anxious.
May 07 18:57:16 <Rose27> Rose steps out the jeep "Something wrong Bryce?"
May 07 18:57:40 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith steps out of the jeep and steps aside to make sure Wendy can get out. Her eyes dart towards the guards and their weapons, memories of the security theatre back home flashing in her mind.
May 07 18:58:26 <SavanahHolland> Wendy jumps out after Lilith letting everyone else out
May 07 18:58:51 <SirGoldfish> "I don't like you kidos not being safe…" He answers Rose.
May 07 18:59:19 <Rose27> "We'll be fine Mr.Bryce!" Rose says cheerfully
May 07 19:00:03 <SirGoldfish> "Better be."
May 07 19:00:21 * You are now known as SirGMs
May 07 19:00:42 <SirGMs> Two guards at the entrance open the door for you guys to go through.
May 07 19:01:15 <Rose27> Rose starts walking to the door dragging Aiko along
May 07 19:01:16 <FullMetalBitch> "Let us decide now," Lilith says as she stops by the door, "who is in charge."
May 07 19:01:23 <Kioku> Aiko is dragged.
May 07 19:01:35 <Rose27> Rose raises her hand at Lilith's statement
May 07 19:02:02 <SavanahHolland> Wendy then raises her hand in confusion
May 07 19:03:35 <SirGMs> You hear Bryce come from where ever you put the patch, Wendy. "Yes?"
May 07 19:03:54 <Uracilo> "Thanks for voting for me." Ju eyes the patch with distaste. "We're moving in," he mutters.
May 07 19:04:31 <Uracilo> "Let's go, we're wasting the money of the average american tax-payer." he snorts in derision.
May 07 19:04:35 <SavanahHolland> Wendy shakes her head "I-I meant to what Lilith said" Then looking at Jan confused
May 07 19:04:52 <Rose27> "I-i-i was gonna vote for Aiko…."
May 07 19:04:56 <SavanahHolland> (*Ju)
May 07 19:04:59 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith nods her head towards Ju, "then it is decided."
May 07 19:05:02 <SirGMs> "That's global tax payer." He correct's Ju.
May 07 19:05:20 <Rose27> Rose looks confused
May 07 19:05:54 <Kioku> Aiko tilts her head and looks a little uncomfortable. "Ju, have you experience in matters such as this?"
May 07 19:06:01 <SavanahHolland> "We should go in then?"
May 07 19:06:30 <Rose27> "I have no idea w-w-what's happening….."
May 07 19:07:42 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith digs through her backpack and pulls out a shemagh, the color slightly off from her hijab. She pulls it around her neck and begins to pull it on as a face cover before she enters the building. "I will take the rear with Wendy, is this acceptable?"
May 07 19:09:04 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods her head in agreement hoping the group is fine with it
May 07 19:09:06 <Uracilo> "I have experience walking into horribly decrepit buildings, thanks for noticing." Ju clips the radio to his coat and begins to walk towards the entrance. "Feel free to take whichever position you like. I'll intercede if need be."
May 07 19:09:56 <Kioku> Aiko pulls down her hood and shakes her head, but follows after taking out a phone.
May 07 19:09:59 <SirGMs> *Patch
May 07 19:10:51 <Rose27> Rose having no clue what just happened starts walking towards the building
May 07 19:11:19 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith gives Wendy a warm look with her eyes, the only part of her face visible with her coverings. Andrea stays still in her arms, only curiously looking around. She has kept her backpack unzipped partially at the top.
May 07 19:11:52 <SavanahHolland> Wendy smiles back staying next to her as they walk
May 07 19:14:21 <SirGMs> The inside is a poorly lobbyroom, the smell of water-rot being ever present. The front is an elevator that has an order of sign on it and towards your right is a stair case.
May 07 19:15:28 <SavanahHolland> Wendy crumples her nose at the horrible smell "Should we go up the stairs?"
May 07 19:15:42 <Kioku> Aiko rocks her foot against the floor a few times, flicking her wrist back and forth with the camera as well.
May 07 19:15:58 <Kioku> "Well, they did want us to reach the top…"
May 07 19:16:14 * Uradice2 (ra.ten.amirp.bac.BE735457-CRInys|olicarU#ra.ten.amirp.bac.BE735457-CRInys|olicarU) has joined #FireFighters
May 07 19:16:18 <Rose27> "Would you l-l-like me t-to hold the p-phone Aiko?"
May 07 19:16:24 * Uradice2 is now known as Uradice
May 07 19:17:06 <Kioku> "It might be better to keep a book out, just in case…"
May 07 19:17:30 <Uracilo> "Brief me on your powers while we climb." Ju flexes his fingers, testing his hands after days of being confined in gloves.
May 07 19:17:45 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith spends a moment feeling the world around her, trying to catch anything that is more out of place than the rest of the building.
May 07 19:18:39 <SavanahHolland> Wendy holds Liliths wrist as they climb and looks to Ju "I can produce fire for things"
May 07 19:18:41 <Uracilo> "Don't hurry. Staying alive is more important than efficiency." And we get paid more, he thinks.
May 07 19:18:50 <Rose27> "o-o-ok" Rose takes out a book
May 07 19:19:23 <SirGMs> Lilth finds nothing out of order except for a weird feeling in the air.
May 07 19:19:28 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith slips her hand up, taking Wendy's hand to hold it like she would a friend back in Amman. Keeping them a little behind the rest of the group and keeping an eye behind them.
May 07 19:21:06 <Kioku> "As far as is relevant? I can effectively be a transmitter if our communications short out, keep an eye on two parties if we split, and… erm… shock things."
May 07 19:21:28 <Uracilo> "Okay, we've got a torch-carrier, then. Keep it bright and sunny. What else?"
May 07 19:21:29 <SirGMs> The room uptop is a straight hallway lined with doors most are as delabadated as the rest of the building but some seem oddly out of place. Almost brand new.
May 07 19:22:37 <SavanahHolland> Wendy produces a white flame in her hand at hearing Ju's words. The light acting like a bright flashlight of sorts.
May 07 19:23:06 <Uracilo> "Try not to burn down the building," he says, turning to look at Wendy in the eye. He turns to Aiko. "Does your electricity work at long ranges?"
May 07 19:23:34 <Kioku> "Haven't done it on purpose yet, but yes."
May 07 19:24:16 <FullMetalBitch> "Leader boy," Lilith asks from the back, "are we not to look for survivors?"
May 07 19:24:55 <Rose27> "Should we look in the rooms?"
May 07 19:25:09 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks slighty mad at ju's accusation, and decides to hold her words.
May 07 19:25:22 <Uracilo> "Yes. Survivors are priority." He concentrates, trying to feel out any people outside of the group, fearing his range might not be enough.
May 07 19:25:53 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+1
May 07 19:25:54 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{1}
May 07 19:26:10 <SirGMs> He senses nothing.
May 07 19:26:54 <Uracilo> "We're checking the rooms in two groups. Give me names."
May 07 19:27:18 <Kioku> Aiko takes out her second phone. "Minami."
May 07 19:27:19 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith looks down the hall, and dips into the other world. She looks for the strings holding the doors in place and reaches out. Trying to pull them open one by one with a thought.
May 07 19:27:26 <FullMetalBitch> roll 4d3-8+2
May 07 19:27:26 <Uradice> FullMetalBitch rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=4 ]{-2}
May 07 19:27:38 <Rose27> "Rose"
May 07 19:28:02 <FullMetalBitch> "I am Lilith Al'Khoury."
May 07 19:28:10 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Lilith for confirmation before saying "Wendy, but I think I told you already."
May 07 19:28:19 <SirGMs> (what's Lilth trying to do?)
May 07 19:29:31 <SirGMs> A strange force pushes back at Lilth….. Give me mental defense.
May 07 19:29:46 <FullMetalBitch> (what stat)
May 07 19:29:55 <SirGMs> (Brains)
May 07 19:29:56 <Rose27> (Brain)
May 07 19:30:09 <FullMetalBitch> roll 4d3-8-2
May 07 19:30:10 <Uradice> FullMetalBitch rolled : 4d3-8-2 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{0}
May 07 19:30:27 <SirGMs> roll 4d3+3
May 07 19:30:28 <Uradice> SirGMs rolled : 4d3+3 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{12}
May 07 19:30:30 <Kioku> ('twas a 4)
May 07 19:30:36 <Kioku> (that was -2 instead of +2)
May 07 19:30:44 <FullMetalBitch> (it should be a negetive)
May 07 19:30:50 <FullMetalBitch> (due to her weakness)
May 07 19:30:57 <Kioku> (Ah. My mistake.)
May 07 19:32:08 <SirGMs> Lilth hears the voice of a very strange child yelling in her brain! "THIS IS MINE MINE MINE! NO TOUCHING!" Take three mental damage.
May 07 19:33:17 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith let's out a scream, as she reaches up to grab her head. She drops Andrea to the floor as she feels the pain.
May 07 19:33:35 <SavanahHolland> Wendys fire is extinguished seeing Lilith scream
May 07 19:34:08 <SavanahHolland> "Lilith???"
May 07 19:34:15 <Uracilo> "Keep the fire up! I'm moving to assist!"
May 07 19:34:22 <Kioku> Aiko whips around and holds her 'eyes' perpendicular to each other with both sides of each active.
May 07 19:35:15 <Kioku> She grimaces and turns on the screens for light.
May 07 19:35:55 <SavanahHolland> Wendy moves her hand to Lilith's shoulder, looking extremely worried "Lilith?"
May 07 19:36:20 <Uracilo> Ju runs over to Lilith and, after rubbing his on his coat to get rid of the sweat, takes her hand, slowly releasing the proper neurotransmitters to lessen her pain and boost her confidence.
May 07 19:36:49 <Uracilo> She might feel a little giddy and silly after this, but it should get her back on her feet.
May 07 19:37:04 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks at Ju quickly "What- What did you do?"
May 07 19:37:32 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith stops her shrill cry after a moment, but continues to hold her head as it throbs in an unseen pain. Her breathing is labored and she doesn't want to move much at all. "I am fine," she assures the group as she would assure her parents it was alright to stay up late, "I am fine." She takes a deep breath as Ju holds her hand and feels the relief rush over her. As she feels the
May 07 19:37:32 <FullMetalBitch> reinvigoriation she uses the time to tell her team, "there is a cruel soul here. A child who does not seem to like our intrusion."
May 07 19:37:51 <Uracilo> 4d3-8+3
May 07 19:37:56 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 19:37:57 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{4}
May 07 19:38:46 <SavanahHolland> Wendy moves to hug Lilith lighty, still worried
May 07 19:39:06 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith returns the hug, "I am fine."
May 07 19:39:25 <Rose27> (Rose wants to pull out a gun with silver bullets from the book "Division 51")
May 07 19:39:39 <SirGMs> Roll
May 07 19:39:40 <Uradice> SirGMs rolled : —> error: malformed expression
May 07 19:39:56 <Rose27> Roll 4d3-8+4
May 07 19:39:56 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
May 07 19:40:37 <Rose27> (Not sure if this changes anything but the gun in question has a flashlight attachment)
May 07 19:41:09 <SirGMs> Lilth can some of the pain leaving her mind. Her head is still throabing but you should be better. heal for 2 psyche.
May 07 19:42:24 <SirGMs> *Lilth can feel
May 07 19:43:05 <SavanahHolland> Wendy pulls away from the hug and grabs she hand trusting that Lilith is okay
May 07 19:43:10 <Uracilo> "Did you do anything to piss it off?"
May 07 19:44:05 <FullMetalBitch> "I tried to open the doors," Lilith answers, "perhaps you will have more luck."
May 07 19:46:07 <Kioku> Aiko lets out a long breath and loses some of her tension.
May 07 19:47:50 <SirGMs> After a while of reaching into the book Rose pulls out a gun! good for two shots!
May 07 19:48:23 <Rose27> Rose turns the flashlight on and approaches the closest room
May 07 19:48:29 <Uracilo> "I assume you used your power? Okay people, no using your powers on the place. We don't want anybody else getting hurt." He moves to check one of the doors. "Gun girl with me! Any limits to that power I should know about?"
May 07 19:48:45 <Rose27> "10 minute lifespan"
May 07 19:49:05 <SavanahHolland> Wendy tugs on Liliths hand "We should probably find a room to search"
May 07 19:49:25 <Rose27> Rose goes with Ju "Aiko go with Lilith and Wendy"
May 07 19:49:31 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith nods her head at Ju's instruction, glancing over at Wendy. "Okay, let us go."
May 07 19:49:37 <Kioku> Aiko passes Ju or Rose one of her phones.
May 07 19:50:07 <Kioku> "I've got them set for the screen to show what the other one's cameras are looking at."
May 07 19:50:34 <Uracilo> "I'll take it."
May 07 19:50:59 <SirGMs> (How many phones does she have?)
May 07 19:51:05 <Uracilo> Ju opens the door and quickly moves out of the way.
May 07 19:51:45 <Kioku> (Two)
May 07 19:51:52 <Rose27> Rose point the gun inside the doorway with the flashlight
May 07 19:52:01 <SavanahHolland> Wendy moves to a closed door the others arnt searching for and calls out to ju "We can take this room"
May 07 19:52:21 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith follows along by the hand, sure Aiko can find her own way.
May 07 19:52:37 <SirGMs> The door comes undone to reveal. what appears to be a pure white horse with a horn in the center of its head.
May 07 19:53:01 <SirGMs> "What do ya want?" The horse says in a brooklyin accent.
May 07 19:53:17 <Rose27> "Ummm….Hello"
May 07 19:53:30 <Uracilo> "What the fuck!"
May 07 19:53:50 <SavanahHolland> Wendy opens the door that Her and Lilith plan to take
May 07 19:53:51 <Rose27> (2 completely diffrent reactions)
May 07 19:53:54 <SirGMs> "What, you've never seen a unicorn?"
May 07 19:54:01 <Kioku> Aiko follows along, holding line of sight just over her shoulder. She grimaces. "Should have mentioned there's audio."
May 07 19:54:01 <Rose27> "Nope"
May 07 19:54:02 <SirGMs> "Racist!"
May 07 19:54:12 <Rose27> "But you're really cool looking!"
May 07 19:54:28 <SirGMs> "Nah, I am talkin' to your buddy over there."
May 07 19:54:38 <SirGMs> "Now what'cha kids doin' here?"
May 07 19:55:10 <Rose27> "We got some complaints about some kid makin a mess of this place." Rose says remembering what Lilith said
May 07 19:57:35 <SirGMs> "Some kid, eh. I don't remember walkin' out of this door so I do not know what that's about."
May 07 19:58:18 <Rose27> "There might be some problems inside for awhile would you mind stepping outside the building?"
May 07 19:58:58 <SirGMs> "Eh, no. I don't know what you kids are selling but I don't want it."
May 07 19:59:20 <Uracilo> "We're evacuating the building, head on out."
May 07 19:59:41 <Uracilo> Ju feels like the center of stupidity in the world decided to focus on him for the time being.
May 07 20:00:14 <SirGMs> "That's not a good idea."
May 07 20:00:55 <Uracilo> "What do you mean, not a good idea? It's dangerous in here."
May 07 20:01:28 <Rose27> "You could be in great danger here. I would like to avoid any civilian casualties"
May 07 20:01:49 <SirGMs> "Yous might not be from around here, but that idea is god awful."
May 07 20:02:27 <Rose27> "We have people downstairs blocking the public. They'll protect you and pay you for any damages."
May 07 20:02:48 <Uracilo> "That sounds racist to me. Are you a racist?"
May 07 20:03:19 <SirGMs> "Ah, fack you, kid."
May 07 20:03:23 <Rose27> Rose punches Ju's arm "We're tryin to be civil not jerks"
May 07 20:03:52 <SirGMs> "Yeah! You show em' what for."
May 07 20:04:27 <Rose27> "i'm deeply sorry for my friend. He's not exactly the politest."
May 07 20:04:33 <Rose27> *I'm
May 07 20:05:08 <SavanahHolland> Wendy knocks on the door holding Lucette's hand
May 07 20:05:10 <Uracilo> Ju frowns at Rose, rubbing his arm. "I-I apologize sir. I was blinded by your beauty, and could not think straight for a second. Could you please come out? I would hate it for you to get hurt.".
May 07 20:05:15 <SavanahHolland> (*Liliths)
May 07 20:06:10 <SirGMs> "Look, I don't want no monsters to come for me, so no."
May 07 20:06:38 <Rose27> "We'll excort you out if that'll make you feel better."
May 07 20:06:42 <Rose27> *escort
May 07 20:07:58 <Uracilo> "There's nothing to be afraid of, right now, but it could get ugly in a few minutes. We need to hurry, sir."
May 07 20:08:28 <SirGMs> Roll perusation to get him out then (brains)
May 07 20:08:29 <Uradice> SirGMs rolled : perusation to get him out then (brains) —> error: malformed expression
May 07 20:08:53 <Rose27> Roll 3d4-8+3
May 07 20:08:54 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 3d4-8+3 —> [ 3d4=8 ]{3}
May 07 20:09:37 <SirGMs> roll 4d3+1
May 07 20:09:37 <Uradice> SirGMs rolled : 4d3+1 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{11}
May 07 20:09:50 <SirGMs> (Sorry)
May 07 20:09:51 <Rose27> (No -8?)
May 07 20:10:15 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+6
May 07 20:10:15 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+6 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{7}
May 07 20:10:48 <SirGMs> roll 4d3-8
May 07 20:10:49 <Uradice> SirGMs rolled : 4d3-8 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{-1}
May 07 20:11:04 <SirGMs> Ah fine, but my blood is not on your hands.
May 07 20:11:32 <Rose27> Rose salutes and moves out of the doorway to allow him to get out
May 07 20:11:52 <SirGMs> He begins to walk out when. you hear skittering coming from where you were.
May 07 20:12:04 <Rose27> Rose points her gun at the direction
May 07 20:14:18 <SirGMs> Out from where you came is a wooden spider spider like creature that has doll-like hands for apendages and a wooden baby's face for a head. IT SCREACHES at you.
May 07 20:14:38 <Rose27> (Toy Story?)
May 07 20:14:55 <SirGMs> (Not far)
May 07 20:15:00 <Rose27> Rose shoots at it
May 07 20:15:28 <Rose27> Roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 20:15:28 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{2}
May 07 20:15:38 <Uracilo> "Everyone, move to attack! I'm escorting the unicorn to the exit!"
May 07 20:16:31 <Rose27> (Should I reroll?)
May 07 20:16:53 <Kioku> (I'd just add what you forgot to that roll. >.<)
May 07 20:17:00 <Uracilo> He gives everyone a boost of adrenaline but manages it with endorphins, boosting their confidence and focus.
May 07 20:17:10 <Rose27> (2+4=6)
May 07 20:17:11 <SirGMs> (Everyone turn at a time starting with whoever has the highest speed)
May 07 20:17:18 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 20:17:18 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
May 07 20:17:29 * You are now known as Sirgoldfish
May 07 20:17:31 <Rose27> (My speed is 4)
May 07 20:17:59 <FullMetalBitch> (4)
May 07 20:19:07 <Sirgoldfish> (Waiting for everyone to say there speed)
May 07 20:19:36 <Rose27> (Ura Kio and Savy)
May 07 20:19:42 <Kioku> (Those back in time and away from that room too?)
May 07 20:19:54 <Uracilo> (Ju's agility is 3)
May 07 20:20:03 <Sirgoldfish> Yes
May 07 20:20:04 <SavanahHolland> (I am waiting to open the stupid door smh)
May 07 20:20:55 <Rose27> (Who goes first in ties?)
May 07 20:21:09 <Sirgoldfish> Rose since she wanted to act first!
May 07 20:21:26 <Rose27> (Oh boy! I'm gonna miss my shot! I can feel it!)
May 07 20:21:48 <Sirgoldfish> No! You hit its chest but it keeps going after you!
May 07 20:21:55 <Sirgoldfish> Next would be Lilth.
May 07 20:22:09 <Rose27> (my roll was a 6 btw)
May 07 20:22:58 <Sirgoldfish> I know
May 07 20:23:11 <SavanahHolland> (If Liliths fighting Then ill probably be in too Wendys agility is 1)
May 07 20:23:14 <Rose27> (ok sorry…)
May 07 20:24:53 <Sirgoldfish> In that case next is Ju.
May 07 20:25:25 <Rose27> (What about Lilith?)
May 07 20:25:36 <Sirgoldfish> (She seems to not want to go)
May 07 20:25:47 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith tries and grabs the things string and fling it against the wall.
May 07 20:25:55 <Uracilo> (I already said what Ju does. He leads the unicorn down the stairs)
May 07 20:26:02 <FullMetalBitch> roll 4d3-8+2
May 07 20:26:03 <Uradice> FullMetalBitch rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=12 ]{6}
May 07 20:26:14 <Rose27> (That's a crit!)
May 07 20:26:14 <Kioku> (So… all the doors we check have empty rooms while they're up to this?)
May 07 20:26:32 <Rose27> (Shhhhh)
May 07 20:26:49 <Sirgoldfish> Woo! Lilth grabs at all the limbs of its body and pulls the thing apart!
May 07 20:26:53 <Rose27> (It happened before you opened the door)
May 07 20:26:59 <Sirgoldfish> It is no more
May 07 20:27:12 <Rose27> "Good job Lilith!"
May 07 20:27:15 <SavanahHolland> "What was that??"
May 07 20:27:21 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith looks as the strings go flying around, limp parts flinging around and scattering on the floor.
May 07 20:27:29 <Rose27> "That one toy from toy sotry!"
May 07 20:27:34 <Rose27> *Toy
May 07 20:27:38 <Rose27> *Story
May 07 20:27:42 <Sirgoldfish> Ju finds that the exit is blocked by a brick wall.
May 07 20:28:03 <Sirgoldfish> "Look, I knew this was a bad idea. I am just gonna go back before another one of those things comes." The thing gallops away.
May 07 20:28:10 <FullMetalBitch> "An abomination," Lilith mutters into her shemagh as she makes sure all the strings are snipped.
May 07 20:28:11 <Sirgoldfish> The only way left is up!
May 07 20:28:37 <Rose27> (What about other doors?)
May 07 20:28:57 <SavanahHolland> Wendy holds on to Liliths arm
May 07 20:29:04 <Sirgoldfish> All the doors had nothing but life like dolls watching static.
May 07 20:29:19 <Kioku> Aiko sighs. \Maybe this'll give her some perspective at least.May 07 20:29:36 <Rose27> Rose takes the lead upstairs trying to summon a backup gun
May 07 20:29:40 <Kioku> Is there any power running through the sources of the static?
May 07 20:29:54 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 07 20:29:55 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
May 07 20:31:26 <Sirgoldfish> She pulls another one from her book!
May 07 20:32:11 <Sirgoldfish> Aiko there is in fact power, but all of seems to be coming from above.
May 07 20:32:20 <Rose27> Rose puts the other one in the back of her pants and proceeds upstairs
May 07 20:32:39 <Kioku> Not through cords? o_o
May 07 20:32:49 <SavanahHolland> Wendy pulls Lilith to follow Rose
May 07 20:33:03 <Sirgoldfish> Aiko, yup, no cords.
May 07 20:33:07 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith follows along with her, holding Andrea close to her chest.
May 07 20:33:16 <Rose27> Rose looks like a nerdy cop
May 07 20:33:52 <Kioku> Aiko heads up after them.
May 07 20:34:06 <Uracilo> Ju curses his look as he follows them, leading the horse up as well.
May 07 20:34:23 <Kioku> (He caught it after it fled?)
May 07 20:34:23 <Rose27> (The unicorn ran off!)
May 07 20:34:35 <Sirgoldfish> (It went back to its room)
May 07 20:37:25 <Uracilo> "Look, mr. unicorn, we need to go up, so follow me already."
May 07 20:37:44 <Uracilo> "We've already shown you that we are competent."
May 07 20:37:50 <Rose27> (Take him down! Ju you're on rescue!)
May 07 20:38:07 <Sirgoldfish> The door is locked this time. "NO, ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID!"
May 07 20:38:53 <Sirgoldfish> The next room is very similar to the last except all the rooms are boarded and in the center is a man in boxers, holding a shotgun holding. The man is looking every which way. He spots the group… "What. what are you doing here?!" he says in a panicked tone.
May 07 20:39:36 <Rose27> Rose lowers her gun "We're here to rescue everyone in the building sir!"
May 07 20:39:41 <SavanahHolland> "Uh we are here to help!" Wendy says looking slightly scared
May 07 20:40:31 <Sirgoldfish> "It, it wont let me leave. What the hell are you children doing here."
May 07 20:41:05 <SavanahHolland> "It?"
May 07 20:41:35 <Kioku> "Perhaps we can reason with it. You /want/ to leave?"
May 07 20:41:38 <Rose27> "We're a task force here to stop it. We have people downstairs to protect civilians and make sure the public doesn't see this place. Please proceed down ]. we can escort you if y-you'd like"
May 07 20:42:07 <Kioku> "Up-" Aiko tries to interject. "We must proceed up."
May 07 20:42:31 <Rose27> "We have to help the civilians Aiko."
May 07 20:42:42 <FullMetalBitch> "You are wasting time," Lilith snaps at Rose, "we need to get to the child."
May 07 20:43:07 <Sirgoldfish> "IT, it controls this place… You children need to leave if you can…. Look, kid this is not a fucking game! I was part of the ACTUAL task force to deal with this."
May 07 20:43:09 <Kioku> "The door is blocked," she leans in and mutters. "Ju saw it."
May 07 20:43:22 <Kioku> (And Ju had the other phone)
May 07 20:43:34 <Rose27> (The unicorns door is locked!)
May 07 20:43:46 <Kioku> (… No, the front door of the building.)
May 07 20:43:58 <Kioku> (Oh. Yes. That also.)
May 07 20:44:00 <Rose27> (No the unicorn's door -_-)
May 07 20:44:54 <SavanahHolland> "We should continue up, that might resolve this.."
May 07 20:45:23 <Sirgoldfish> "No, you're gonna go back if you can, Kid. Do any of you have a phone?"
May 07 20:45:40 <FullMetalBitch> "It is like children's play," Lilith comments as she squeezes Wendy's hand. "Let us fix what the adults can not."
May 07 20:45:49 <Kioku> "Yes! Yes, we do, but there's no reception and the door collapsed after we got in. We must reach the roof."
May 07 20:46:06 <Kioku> "Please, won't you come with us? You want to see us out safe, don't you?"
May 07 20:46:18 <Sirgoldfish> "… I know people who can help. Give me your phone."
May 07 20:46:36 <Rose27> "Who are you gonna call?" Rose asks
May 07 20:46:47 <FullMetalBitch> "Do not do that," Lilith says, "he is as much a curse as the doll."
May 07 20:46:57 <SavanahHolland> Wendy squeezes back and mutters under her breath "Ghost busters."
May 07 20:47:16 <Rose27> "Proof Lilith?"
May 07 20:47:49 <Kioku> "Did I not say there was no reception? It seems whatever keeps you here is preventing any calls from getting out."
May 07 20:47:50 <Sirgoldfish> *Sigh* "Your gonna forget anyways. I am part of an organization that deals with things like this, The Bureau."
May 07 20:48:12 <Sirgoldfish> "They can help us if you give me the phone."
May 07 20:48:16 <Kioku> (Were we briefed on them?)
May 07 20:48:21 <Sirgoldfish> (Yup)
May 07 20:48:22 <Rose27> "Let me guess a silver stick?"
May 07 20:48:45 <Kioku> The moment he says Bureau, Aiko tries to launch a bolt of electricity at him.
May 07 20:48:48 <Rose27> Rose raises her gun at the man "Put the gun down"
May 07 20:48:53 <Rose27> *down!
May 07 20:49:31 <Sirgoldfish> Aio, roll to hit em'.
May 07 20:49:39 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+1
May 07 20:49:40 <Uradice> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{1}
May 07 20:50:00 <Rose27> (He's gonna shoot us now)
May 07 20:50:04 <Kioku> (Goal being to paralyze a la taser)
May 07 20:50:26 <Sirgoldfish> roll 4d3+2-8
May 07 20:50:26 <Uradice> Sirgoldfish rolled : 4d3+2-8 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{0}
May 07 20:50:36 * SavanahHolland has quit (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
May 07 20:51:16 * SavanahHolland (~ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS#ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS) has joined #FireFighters
May 07 20:51:53 <Sirgoldfish> Aiko hits the man in the chest. doing no damage, but shocking him. "AHHH!" He drops the gun and puts his hands up. "You're… you're monsters."
May 07 20:51:58 <Sirgoldfish> "Just like it."
May 07 20:52:22 <Rose27> "Nah we're kids mate. Now put your hands behind your head."
May 07 20:52:52 <Sirgoldfish> He complies. "I have a family and kids… please don't hurt me.."
May 07 20:53:06 <Kioku> "Rose. Handcuffs?"
May 07 20:53:14 <SavanahHolland> "We arn't going to hurt you?"
May 07 20:53:26 <Rose27> Rose tries to summon handcuffs
May 07 20:53:36 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 07 20:53:37 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 07 20:53:37 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith tugs Wendy back into the hall so they can watch out for anything coming up on the group.
May 07 20:53:40 <Kioku> "His group hunts and kills us and all like us. Genocidal maniacs."
May 07 20:54:06 <Kioku> A rare expression of hatred is all over Aiko's face.
May 07 20:54:11 <SavanahHolland> Wendy steps back in the hall with Lilith
May 07 20:54:34 <Sirgoldfish> "… Look, I just get paychecks."
May 07 20:54:38 <FullMetalBitch> "Are you doing alright Miss Wendy?" Lilith asks her as she glances up and down the hallway.
May 07 20:54:53 <Rose27> (I get handcuffs?)
May 07 20:54:59 <Sirgoldfish> Rose pulls em out!
May 07 20:55:07 <Uracilo> "Everyone calm down!"
May 07 20:55:25 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 20:55:25 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{4}
May 07 20:55:34 <Rose27> "Aiko cuff him."
May 07 20:55:46 <Rose27> (The fuck? Why are you doin this Ura?"
May 07 20:55:48 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods her head "I am alright, the question is are you ok?" Wendy looks at her with a small amount of concern
May 07 20:55:48 <Rose27> )
May 07 20:56:13 <FullMetalBitch> "I am fine, we must be strong."
May 07 20:56:27 <Sirgoldfish> Ura, I don't know what you're rolling for.
May 07 20:56:58 <Rose27> (To calm us down apparently? For like no reason.)
May 07 20:57:04 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods her head, concern still on her feature but saying nothing.
May 07 20:57:15 <Uracilo> (To calm everyone down, including the man)
May 07 20:57:47 <Rose27> (We have the situation under control though? What would be the point? He defnesless currently….)
May 07 20:57:56 <Uracilo> "Cuff him and bring him over. This is who the GWU actually wanted."
May 07 20:58:09 <Rose27> "Evidence?"
May 07 20:58:11 <Sirgoldfish> "Look, please, just don't hurt Dr. Hellsing."
May 07 20:58:15 <FullMetalBitch> (ya'll just tased a man outta no where, calm yo)
May 07 20:58:17 <Kioku> "Would someone with their hands free come back in here?"
May 07 20:58:36 <Rose27> )
May 07 20:58:56 <Uracilo> Ju touches the man's forehead and floods his brain with the neurotransmitters that signal sleep.
May 07 20:59:10 <Uracilo> "They want someone to interrogate."
May 07 20:59:33 <Rose27> "Ok Mr.Know-it-all how do you know this?"
May 07 20:59:57 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith waits outside in the hall with Wendy, she periodically checks to see if anything has changed in the unseen world that might signal trouble. Her mind pondering the boy's voice and wondering where he is.
May 07 20:59:57 <Sirgoldfish> Roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 20:59:57 <Uradice> Sirgoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{5}
May 07 21:00:43 <Sirgoldfish> The man shakes becomes drowsy for a momment before coming to. "No, no."
May 07 21:00:53 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Lilith "Should we help them?"
May 07 21:01:23 <Uracilo> "Sleep."
May 07 21:01:32 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 21:01:33 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
May 07 21:01:39 <Uracilo> (Fuck)
May 07 21:02:15 <Sirgoldfish> roll 4d3-8+4
May 07 21:02:16 <Uradice> Sirgoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=11 ]{7}
May 07 21:02:29 <FullMetalBitch> "They will bicker for a while," Lilith says, "we will wait to deal with the poisonous root of this for now."
May 07 21:02:32 <Sirgoldfish> (Harder because he's doing it back to back)
May 07 21:02:53 <Rose27> "It's clearly not working on him Ju why don't you let people who pay attention do cuff him and then you go watch for enemies."
May 07 21:02:56 <Sirgoldfish> He is barely effected by Ju's touch. "Stop touching me. You monster."
May 07 21:03:13 <Rose27> *go
May 07 21:03:14 <SavanahHolland> Wendy seems confused at the ending of Lilith's sentence but nods anyways
May 07 21:03:49 <Kioku> Aiko sighs and goes to step on the gun, pushing it out toward the door.
May 07 21:04:07 <Rose27> "Wait Aiko! I want the gun!"
May 07 21:04:32 <Sirgoldfish> (Guys don't want to question him or anything?)
May 07 21:05:00 <Rose27> (We would if Ju wasn't bein a jerk and tryin to make him sleep)
May 07 21:05:08 <Rose27> (Or at least Rose would)
May 07 21:05:29 <Uracilo> "Fine, if you want to stay awake, we'll just have to interrogate you ourselves."
May 07 21:05:42 <Sirgoldfish> "Oh god…."
May 07 21:05:54 <Sirgoldfish> "What, what do you want?"
May 07 21:06:14 <Uracilo> "What was the bureau's objective in sending you here?"
May 07 21:06:38 <Rose27> Rose goes and picks up the fallen shotgun
May 07 21:07:22 <Sirgoldfish> Rose gets the shotgun!
May 07 21:07:30 <Sirgoldfish> "We think there is a reality bender here."
May 07 21:09:02 <SavanahHolland> Wendy hears from the hallways reality bender "Reality bender..?"
May 07 21:09:44 <FullMetalBitch> "The source of these abominations."
May 07 21:10:21 <SavanahHolland> She looks to Lilith and then Tilts her head down
May 07 21:11:23 <Sirgoldfish> (BRB)
May 07 21:11:34 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith squeezes her hand as she looks the girl in the eyes, "why not give us some light, Miss Wendy?"
May 07 21:12:16 <SavanahHolland> Wendy blushes slightly and produces a red flame that fades to white.
May 07 21:13:20 <Uracilo> "What's your organization's designation for the anomaly?"
May 07 21:13:22 <Sirgoldfish> (Back)
May 07 21:13:43 <Rose27> (Wb!)
May 07 21:15:01 <Rose27> "Ju I don't think you're getting anywhere." Rose says as she looks around for anyway up
May 07 21:15:56 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith waits in the hallway with Wendy, waiting to head up stairs.
May 07 21:17:03 <Sirgoldfish> Does Rose and Ju go with them?
May 07 21:17:24 <Rose27> (They're waiting we don't even see the stairs yet)
May 07 21:17:47 <Sirgoldfish> They did. I said same as the other room.
May 07 21:18:35 <Rose27> (Oh)
May 07 21:19:19 <Uracilo> Ju, after not getting a straight answer, grabs the man by the shoulder and drags him along. "You'll follow us, if you want to survive this place."
May 07 21:19:48 <Rose27> "You do remeber what I said right Ju?"
May 07 21:19:49 <Sirgoldfish> "I told you. It's a reality bender."
May 07 21:19:59 <Sirgoldfish> *He told you it's a reality bender
May 07 21:20:25 <Sirgoldfish> "What else do you want?"
May 07 21:20:28 <Kioku> Aiko mentally whispers into the wavelength her patch is on, "Bryce. Bureau."
May 07 21:21:46 <Rose27> Rose lets Ju do whatever he wants and starts heading upstairs
May 07 21:21:57 <Uracilo> "Their name, for one." he drags the man up the stairs.
May 07 21:22:13 <Sirgoldfish> "We don't know."
May 07 21:22:41 <Kioku> Aiko bites her tongue and does a final sweep of the room before leaving, half expecting something like that spider to come out.
May 07 21:22:42 <Uracilo> "What do you know about their powers? is it a human-like anomaly?"
May 07 21:22:44 <Sirgoldfish> Ju, roll to carry him.
May 07 21:23:23 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 21:23:23 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{5}
May 07 21:23:42 <Sirgoldfish> Oh yeah he Carrys him.
May 07 21:23:48 <Sirgoldfish> Aiko hears a panicking Bryce and gun fire in the backround. "YEAH WE KNOW." *BAM*
May 07 21:23:48 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith walks with Wendy, Andrea playfully messing with the edge of her shemagh as it hangs down her chest.
May 07 21:24:13 <Kioku> Aiko hisses. "Hurry. Bryce is in trouble."
May 07 21:24:25 <Kioku> "We need to prioritize him over the people in here."
May 07 21:24:45 <SavanahHolland> "We should hurry upstairs."
May 07 21:24:52 <Kioku> (Was that to all of the patches?)
May 07 21:24:57 <FullMetalBitch> "They are able to handle themselves," Lilith says.
May 07 21:25:01 <Rose27> Rose runs up the stairs
May 07 21:25:07 <Sirgoldfish> Only Aiko's
May 07 21:25:23 <SavanahHolland> Wendys nods to Liliths words and follows her
May 07 21:25:24 <Kioku> And she had it muted, if possible…
May 07 21:25:32 <Uracilo> Ju hurries, sending a sense of urgency to everyone's psyche.
May 07 21:25:35 <Kioku> "He's heading to the back. Do we have an exit?"
May 07 21:25:47 <Kioku> "… Can we make one?"
May 07 21:26:22 <Uracilo> Ju turns to Rose. "Can you make us a ladder? A parachute?"
May 07 21:26:26 <Rose27> "Probably not if the reality bender can make a brick wall appear."
May 07 21:26:45 <Rose27> "Yeah let me do all that when we're inside!"
May 07 21:27:01 <Sirgoldfish> "Look, you wont get the monster. If Dr. Hellsing has anything to say about it!"
May 07 21:27:03 <FullMetalBitch> "We will deal with the child first," Lilith snaps, "this is our job."
May 07 21:27:15 <Rose27> "I agree with Lilith on this one."
May 07 21:27:26 <SavanahHolland> "We should."
May 07 21:28:39 <Uracilo> "We are going to, and for that we're heading up. Once we reach the roof, we're goign to need a way down, however.
May 07 21:28:40 <Uracilo> "
May 07 21:29:17 <Rose27> "we can walk down once the reality bender is taken care of."
May 07 21:29:17 <Uracilo> "We will lower only the prisoner, if we haven't found the anomaly by then."
May 07 21:29:39 <Rose27> (have we reached the 2nd floor yet?)
May 07 21:30:46 <Kioku> Aiko grits her teeth. "Worry about getting down once we've gotten up. There's nothing we can do then that we can't do already." Aiko finds a solid-feeling section of floor and stomps, hoping that at least some of the vibrations will give her an idea of what's through the doors on this floor.
May 07 21:34:05 <Sirgoldfish> The next is the final floor. When they reach the top they do not find a room. They find a meadow with light green grass and a light blue sky. In the center is a girl swinging on a swing set, bunnies at her feet.
May 07 21:34:17 <Sirgoldfish> She speaks softly. "What are you doing here?"
May 07 21:34:28 <SavanahHolland> Wendy speaks softly "Hello"
May 07 21:34:30 <Kioku> (Well, redact the stomp it looks like, thought we were between staircases)
May 07 21:34:45 <Rose27> "Well….that's not what I was expecting…."
May 07 21:35:31 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith looks around the room, taking it all in. She squeezes Wendy's hand as she looks around the room in fear and with more than a bit of reservation.
May 07 21:35:42 <Rose27> Rose approaches the girl "Hi I'm Rose what's your name?"
May 07 21:35:46 <Kioku> \She's… … of course. Did she want people to play with or something? Friends? Is that why no adults could come in?May 07 21:36:17 <Sirgoldfish> Aiko also realizes that the power… the power is coming from her.
May 07 21:36:21 <SavanahHolland> Wendy squeezes back in reasurance and approaches the young girl with rose and Lilith
May 07 21:36:27 <Kioku> (She's electric?)
May 07 21:36:45 <Sirgoldfish> No, it seems the power is just from her.
May 07 21:36:50 <Kioku> (Ah. Giving it off.)
May 07 21:37:10 <Sirgoldfish> "What are you doing here?"
May 07 21:37:34 <Rose27> "We came to see you."
May 07 21:37:36 <SavanahHolland> "We came to find you" Wendy says with a small smile
May 07 21:38:33 <Sirgoldfish> "Oh, hello."
May 07 21:38:39 <Uracilo> Ju attempts to read the emotional state of the girl.
May 07 21:38:46 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+1
May 07 21:38:46 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{3}
May 07 21:38:57 <FullMetalBitch> "You have fun toys," Lilith adds from behind.
May 07 21:39:11 <SavanahHolland> "So what are you doing here?" She asks the girl
May 07 21:39:12 <Rose27> "What's your name?"
May 07 21:39:13 <Sirgoldfish> "It's overall pleasent. She is clearly very vulnerable."
May 07 21:39:22 <Sirgoldfish> "My name is Elizibeth."
May 07 21:39:46 <Rose27> "It's a pleasure to meet you Elizibeth."
May 07 21:39:50 <Sirgoldfish> "I am here to have fun."
May 07 21:40:10 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks around "This place looks very pretty"
May 07 21:40:22 <Sirgoldfish> "I think, so do you want to play any games?"
May 07 21:40:31 <Kioku> \Bryce is still in trouble… but this doesn't seem like something that can be rushed…\ Aiko bites her lip and breathes a little faster, half-panicked. \If she comes with us, they'll lock her up. If she doesn't, those monsters will keep hunting her. What… do we…\ She swallows hard and tries to examine the rest of the room, leaving the others to do the talking.
May 07 21:40:40 <Rose27> "What game do you want to play?"
May 07 21:40:49 <Sirgoldfish> Everyone roll precp.
May 07 21:41:09 <Uracilo> "Don't make any sudden moves…" Ju mutters, under his breath.
May 07 21:41:14 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+9
May 07 21:41:14 <Uradice> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+9 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{10}
May 07 21:41:28 <Rose27> (What's precp?)
May 07 21:41:28 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 07 21:41:28 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 21:41:28 <Uradice> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
May 07 21:41:29 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{4}
May 07 21:41:35 <Uracilo> (perception)
May 07 21:41:48 <Rose27> (I meant what do you roll for it)
May 07 21:41:48 <Uracilo> (I assume. So Brains if you don't have a skill)
May 07 21:41:58 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith slip out of Wendy's grip and starts to walk around the room.
May 07 21:42:04 <FullMetalBitch> 4d3+8+4
May 07 21:42:12 <FullMetalBitch> roll 4d3-8+4
May 07 21:42:12 <Uradice> FullMetalBitch rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 07 21:42:17 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 21:42:17 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
May 07 21:43:28 <Sirgoldfish> Aiko while exploring you feel a figure on a hill aiming something at the little girl.
May 07 21:44:09 <Sirgoldfish> It's long and metal.
May 07 21:45:25 <Kioku> Aiko takes a sharp breath and grits her teeth. "Hellsing, I presume." With no time get in the way, other actions have to speak louder. \Please act as a lightning rod!May 07 21:45:29 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+1
May 07 21:45:30 <Uradice> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{2}
May 07 21:45:33 <SavanahHolland> Wendy notices Lilith leaves her hand but decides to let her roam
May 07 21:46:33 <Sirgoldfish> roll 3d4+8-8
May 07 21:46:34 <Uradice> Sirgoldfish rolled : 3d4+8-8 —> [ 3d4=10 ]{10}
May 07 21:46:52 <Sirgoldfish> The man simply raises his arm and the lighting is absorbed.
May 07 21:47:04 <Sirgoldfish> *his right arm
May 07 21:47:09 <Rose27> (Do we all see him now?)
May 07 21:47:09 <Kioku> (It achieved its real purpose of pointing him out.)
May 07 21:47:34 <Kioku> Wait.
May 07 21:47:37 <Kioku> That was 3d4
May 07 21:47:40 <SavanahHolland> Wendy sees the man with a gun looking at the girl
May 07 21:47:41 <Sirgoldfish> He then starts walking towards the group, and yes everyone sees him.
May 07 21:47:50 <SavanahHolland> "Lets move over here!"
May 07 21:48:02 <Rose27> Rose points the shotgun at the man
May 07 21:48:03 <FullMetalBitch> "Wendy," Lilith says looking at her, "ready?"
May 07 21:48:04 <SavanahHolland> Wendy tries to get the little girl to move out a sight
May 07 21:48:09 <Sirgoldfish> (Same range)
May 07 21:48:25 <SavanahHolland> Remembering wendy nods her head at Liliths words
May 07 21:48:33 <Rose27> (Same range)
May 07 21:48:49 <Rose27> *range?
May 07 21:49:04 <Uracilo> (Is he still pointing his metal rod at the girl?)
May 07 21:49:11 <Sirgoldfish> (The dice have the same range)
May 07 21:49:22 <Kioku> (but completely the wrong distribution)
May 07 21:49:41 <Sirgoldfish> I'll reroll it if you wish
May 07 21:49:44 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith looks through the etheral plane and picks a string she tucked away a while ago. A sleep cylinder flips out of her back pack and holds above her. "Three, two," she counts down to Wendy as she winds up the throw in her mind. She hurls the hairspray can towards the approaching man, "one!"
May 07 21:49:45 <Uracilo> (Reroll)
May 07 21:49:53 <FullMetalBitch> roll 4d3-8+2
May 07 21:49:54 <Uradice> FullMetalBitch rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=11 ]{5}
May 07 21:50:13 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 07 21:50:14 <Uradice> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
May 07 21:50:31 <Sirgoldfish> Pause
May 07 21:54:17 <Sirgoldfish> Dr. Hellsing himself is a man in a trench coat. His hat is large and shadows most of his face. His right arm has a metal, clawed gauntlet. The metal rod that you guys saw is clearly a sniper rifle.
May 07 21:54:31 <Sirgoldfish> 4d3-8+8
May 07 21:54:43 <Sirgoldfish> roll 4d3-8+8
May 07 21:54:44 <Uradice> Sirgoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+8 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{10}
May 07 21:55:31 <Sirgoldfish> Again, he merely just blocks the the shot with his gauntled arm.
May 07 21:56:17 <Kioku> (Again?)
May 07 21:56:28 <Sirgoldfish> (Well, I am saying he does it still)
May 07 21:56:28 <Uracilo> Ju sprints towards the girl, his power reaching for the man's mind and slowing it, affecting his aim and perception of reality.
May 07 21:56:46 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 21:56:47 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
May 07 21:56:53 <SavanahHolland> (Did wendy and lilith thing do anything?)
May 07 21:57:03 <FullMetalBitch> (he hasnt rolled against it
May 07 21:57:13 <Sirgoldfish> (Gimme a sec)
May 07 21:58:43 <Sirgoldfish> For Wendy and Lilth:
May 07 21:59:14 <Sirgoldfish> Roll 4d3-8+4
May 07 21:59:15 <Uradice> Sirgoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{2}
May 07 22:00:17 <Sirgoldfish> The man is knocked off his feet granting you guys more time.
May 07 22:00:37 <Rose27> Rose shoots the man
May 07 22:00:51 <Sirgoldfish> 4d3-8+8
May 07 22:00:55 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+7
May 07 22:00:55 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{9}
May 07 22:00:56 <SavanahHolland> Wendy moves to the gilr trying to get her to move into hiding
May 07 22:00:58 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith smiles as Wendy throws a fireball at the hairspray can. As it connects in front of the man it explodes into a fireball.
May 07 22:01:13 <Sirgoldfish> Roll 4d3-8+8
May 07 22:01:13 <Uradice> Sirgoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+8 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{8}
May 07 22:01:19 <Sirgoldfish> You're unable to touch his mind.
May 07 22:01:40 <Sirgoldfish> Roll 4d3-8+8
May 07 22:01:40 <Uradice> Sirgoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+8 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{7}
May 07 22:01:53 <Uracilo> He continues to run towards the girl, regardless.
May 07 22:02:16 <Rose27> (Of being shot?)
May 07 22:02:34 <Sirgoldfish> Rose manages to shoot him!
May 07 22:02:37 <SavanahHolland> "Little girl we need to get you safe"
May 07 22:02:54 <Sirgoldfish> "I don't wanna."
May 07 22:03:43 <SavanahHolland> Wendy dons a soft yet worried smile "Pretty Please? We need you safe"
May 07 22:04:03 <FullMetalBitch> (whose turn~)
May 07 22:04:28 <Rose27> (I shot a man hold on)
May 07 22:04:42 <Sirgoldfish> Hellsing!
May 07 22:05:24 <Rose27> (Is that boxer's man?)
May 07 22:06:01 <Sirgoldfish> (No, that's the man with the gauntlet)
May 07 22:06:02 <Rose27> (Or are you mad I shot him?)
May 07 22:06:04 <Sirgoldfish> (BRB)
May 07 22:06:39 <Rose27> (I know that's gauntlet man. I meant why did you just yell Hellsing?)
May 07 22:07:40 <Sirgoldfish> I meant it was his turn
May 07 22:07:47 <Sirgoldfish> There were no quote marks
May 07 22:12:14 <Sirgoldfish> The girl, seeing him breifly turn the gun into a clutch of butterflies. Hellsing grabs the butterflies before it turns back into a gun.
May 07 22:12:33 <Sirgoldfish> He keeps walkin' towards them. "What the hell are you bixbies doing here with that Monster?"
May 07 22:13:01 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to the girl "Pleaseeee?"
May 07 22:14:00 <Rose27> "Takin her to school" Rose says to Hellsing
May 07 22:14:08 <Sirgoldfish> Roll charm!
May 07 22:14:09 <Uradice> Sirgoldfish rolled : charm! —> error: malformed expression
May 07 22:14:30 <Uracilo> Once he reaches the girl, he drops to one knee, his back to Hellsing.
May 07 22:14:54 <Uracilo> "P-princess! We must flee from this place!"
May 07 22:14:54 <Rose27> (I thought you meant me for a minute!)
May 07 22:15:03 <Rose27> (I wanna charm Hellsing!)
May 07 22:15:07 <Kioku> (So did I)
May 07 22:15:07 <Rose27> (Jk)May 07 22:15:11 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+6
May 07 22:15:12 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+6 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{6}
May 07 22:15:29 <Sirgoldfish> What are you trying to do, Ura.
May 07 22:15:30 <Sirgoldfish> ?
May 07 22:15:40 <Rose27> (charm)
May 07 22:16:45 <Sirgoldfish> (Ohh.)
May 07 22:16:51 <Sirgoldfish> "Whh-ere?"
May 07 22:17:49 <Uracilo> "Out of here, in my arms!"
May 07 22:18:17 <Rose27> (I change my opinion of Ju)
May 07 22:18:56 <Uracilo> (In his mind, Ju's going "Fuuck Thiis Shiiiiit")
May 07 22:19:29 <Rose27> (Still love Ju for this)
May 07 22:21:49 <Sirgoldfish> Elizbeth closes her eyes and eyes and within a half a second you all end up right behind Bryce's jeep. He appears to be shooting while ducking.
May 07 22:22:06 <Sirgoldfish> He looks behind him to you guys. "GET IN HERE!"
May 07 22:22:23 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith glances around, grabbing Wendy's hand and taking her to the jeep.
May 07 22:22:25 <SavanahHolland> Wendy grabs Lilith and runs into the Jeep quickly
May 07 22:22:49 <Rose27> Rose grabs Elizabeth and runs into the jeep
May 07 22:23:17 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks over Lilith once theyre in "Are you ok??"
May 07 22:23:36 <FullMetalBitch> "Yes," Lilith says as she glances at the reality-bender in their midst.
May 07 22:23:40 <Rose27> "Aiko get in here!"
May 07 22:23:43 <Kioku> Aiko is very startled at the sudden change in position, and freezes.
May 07 22:23:55 <Sirgoldfish> "YOU, WENDY GRAB THE WHEEL." At this point Elizbeth is crying and a storm is starting to appear over them.
May 07 22:24:21 <Sirgoldfish> Bryce said the first part.
May 07 22:24:52 <SavanahHolland> Wendy moves to grab the wheel
May 07 22:25:07 <Rose27> Rose puts Elizbeth down next her and Rose rushes out and grabs Aiko and brings her into the jeep
May 07 22:25:10 <SavanahHolland> Unsure how to drive she just hits the gas
May 07 22:25:11 <Uracilo> Ju commands a discharge of positive feelings in Elizabeth's mind, managing the growing storm. He lays his hand on her forehead to do this.
May 07 22:25:33 <Uracilo> "Someone lift the prisoner into the jeep!"
May 07 22:25:44 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 22:25:44 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{3}
May 07 22:26:01 <Rose27> (Too late Rose and Aiko are left outside in a crossfire)
May 07 22:26:12 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith turns towards Elizabeth, "hold my bear! He gets scared in the car!" She offers Andrea to Elizabeth, the teddy bear holds his arms out and looks at her like a child wanting to be held.
May 07 22:26:36 <Rose27> (With the Prisoner)
May 07 22:27:02 <SavanahHolland> (Redacted wendy waits for everyone :p)
May 07 22:27:27 <Kioku> Aiko lets herself be pulled, and her brain seems to reboot when her hand touches the jeep. She climbs in after Rose.
May 07 22:27:52 <SavanahHolland> "Everyone in!?"
May 07 22:28:06 <Sirgoldfish> Elizibeth stops crying with Ju's touch and the rain cloud goes away before Bryce grabs a needle from the overhead compartment and stabs it into her neck!
May 07 22:28:14 <Rose27> Rose runs abck and grabs the prisoner
May 07 22:28:30 <Rose27> Rose brings the prisoner into the jeep "We're good!"
May 07 22:29:15 <Sirgoldfish> Bryce pushes Wendy off the wheel and starts to book it!
May 07 22:29:38 <Rose27> "Bryce! Why'd you do that?!"
May 07 22:29:41 <Sirgoldfish> Elizbeth falls asleep.
May 07 22:29:48 <SavanahHolland> Wendy is pushed back and hits her head "Ow!"
May 07 22:29:48 <Kioku> Aiko shakes her head quickly and angles the camera behind the jeep.
May 07 22:29:49 <Sirgoldfish> "Put her to sleep."
May 07 22:29:54 <Sirgoldfish> *!!
May 07 22:30:37 <FullMetalBitch> "We do not work that well as a team," Lilith comments as she squeezes Wendy's hand, "that will not receive us a good grade."
May 07 22:30:47 <Rose27> "Do we get grades?"
May 07 22:31:19 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks at Lilith in confusion and sadness "What?"
May 07 22:31:32 <Rose27> Rose sits next to Aiko "Are you ok?"
May 07 22:31:33 <Kioku> Aiko almost laughs. "We're all alive, and so are two people we pulled out."
May 07 22:31:45 <Kioku> "I'd call that a win, as long as we don't get followed."
May 07 22:31:51 <Sirgoldfish> "YOU DID WHAT YOU WERE SENT TO DO!" Bryce shoot out from the jeep.
May 07 22:32:11 <Kioku> (Can we see what he's shooting at?)
May 07 22:32:19 <FullMetalBitch> "It was done with needless bickering," Lilith says.
May 07 22:32:28 <Kioku> "… True."
May 07 22:32:31 <Rose27> (Is it Aliens?! It's always aliens!)
May 07 22:32:40 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks down thinking it was her fault
May 07 22:32:47 <Rose27> "Bickering is important!"
May 07 22:32:59 <Sirgoldfish> He's shooting at soilders not GWU.
May 07 22:33:13 <Kioku> Vehicle?
May 07 22:33:25 <Sirgoldfish> A bit of both.
May 07 22:33:30 <Uracilo> "I take full responsibility as leader." He grabs Rose's new shotgun, checking it for remaining ammo.
May 07 22:33:34 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Lilith "Sorry"
May 07 22:33:43 <Rose27> Rose resists the grabbing
May 07 22:34:01 <Sirgoldfish> 2 bullets left.
May 07 22:34:40 <Sirgoldfish> He can roll to take it anyways.
May 07 22:34:58 <Rose27> (Roll)
May 07 22:35:33 <FullMetalBitch> "It will be better next time," Lilith says as she turns around in her seat. She flicks through all the jumbled strings around her and finds the ones holding the gascan attached to the back of the jeep. "Wendy!" She yells as she grips the string closely. "Three, two," she tries to grab the string and yank the can off the back and send it flying towards the shadowy men behind them.
May 07 22:35:44 <FullMetalBitch> roll 4d3-8+2
May 07 22:35:44 <Uradice> FullMetalBitch rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{3}
May 07 22:36:24 <Uracilo> He just checks the bullets while Rose holds it.
May 07 22:36:28 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 07 22:36:29 <Uradice> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 07 22:36:32 <Kioku> Aiko prepares to rip electricity from a nearby power line in case Wendy misses.
May 07 22:36:52 <Rose27> "Let go of my shotgun…please"
May 07 22:37:11 <Uracilo> Ju looks Rose in the eye. "If you so feel like keeping it, use it. Shoot once, aim for their tires."
May 07 22:37:42 <Rose27> "With a shotgun? While driving?"
May 07 22:37:56 <Rose27> "You sir know nothing of guns."
May 07 22:38:55 <Sirgoldfish> Wendy and Lilth both miss.
May 07 22:39:38 <Rose27> Rose tries for another pistol
May 07 22:39:41 <Sirgoldfish> "DON'T SHOOT AT EM' I WILL GET US OUT OF HERE!"
May 07 22:39:49 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks like shes about to cry from disappointing Lilith
May 07 22:39:53 <Rose27> (Nvm!)
May 07 22:40:31 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith sits back down as she watches the exploding gas can miss. She slips her hand over and grabs Wendy's hand to hold it.
May 07 22:40:43 <Sirgoldfish> "ROSE GRAB THE WHEEL!"
May 07 22:40:43 <Kioku> Aiko clenches a fist, then sags her shoulders, releasing her grip on the power line without doing anything.
May 07 22:41:02 <SavanahHolland> Wendy holds back despite feeling like a absolute failure
May 07 22:42:01 <Rose27> Rose scrambles for the wheel! "The hell do I do?!"
May 07 22:42:15 <Uracilo> "Stop screaming, oaf!"
May 07 22:42:28 <Rose27> Rose hits the gas
May 07 22:42:43 <Uracilo> He takes the wheel at the same time, then moves his hand to touch hers.
May 07 22:42:51 <Sirgoldfish> Roll agility!
May 07 22:42:51 <Uracilo> "Concentrate!"
May 07 22:42:52 <Uradice> Sirgoldfish rolled : agility! —> error: malformed expression
May 07 22:43:44 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 22:43:45 <Uradice> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{5}
May 07 22:43:47 <Uracilo> He influences her brain, boosting her awareness and perception, and her fine motor skills.
May 07 22:44:45 <Sirgoldfish> (Is waiting for roll from Rose)
May 07 22:45:05 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+3
May 07 22:45:06 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
May 07 22:45:33 <Rose27> Wait agility?
May 07 22:45:49 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 07 22:45:50 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
May 07 22:45:50 <Uracilo> (A skill for driving, if you have it)
May 07 22:46:28 <Sirgoldfish> We'll just add one to the first roll.
May 07 22:46:59 <Kioku> (Anything added from Ju's thing?)
May 07 22:47:08 <Sirgoldfish> I'll say that Ju's roll adds one to roll.
May 07 22:47:49 <Sirgoldfish> So the total ends up being 3 which is enough to let her control the car.
May 07 22:48:22 <Sirgoldfish> (In a striaght line)
May 07 22:49:02 <Kioku> Aiko takes a few shallow breaths, and tries to connect to the battery of the nearest car behind them, then ground it out.
May 07 22:49:14 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+1
May 07 22:49:14 <Uradice> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{1}
May 07 22:49:21 <Sirgoldfish> Bryce picks up the girl and while the car is still moving drops the girl in the arms of a GWU member.
May 07 22:49:29 <Sirgoldfish> Not enough.
May 07 22:49:35 <Kioku> Worth a try!
May 07 22:49:43 <Rose27> (How does he do that?!)
May 07 22:49:59 <Sirgoldfish> Bryce takes back the wheel.
May 07 22:50:25 <FullMetalBitch> "You will put her in the basement," Lilith asks Bryce, "or somewhere worse?"
May 07 22:51:09 <Rose27> Rose sits with her shotgun at shotgun
May 07 22:51:15 <SavanahHolland> Wendy grips Liliths hand "Is she going to be ok?"
May 07 22:51:40 <Sirgoldfish> "Not in the basement too dangerous."
May 07 22:53:08 <FullMetalBitch> "She will never know freedom," Lilith says more as a statement, "a worse fate than ours."
May 07 22:53:46 <Uracilo> "We could knock out the big guy and drive back."
May 07 22:53:50 <Rose27> (The handcuffs on Bureau guy would dissappear by now)
May 07 22:54:11 <Uracilo> "We just have to keep him in the car."
May 07 22:54:30 <Rose27> Rose points the shotgun at Ju "Shut up"
May 07 22:54:42 <Uracilo> "Nice."
May 07 22:54:58 <Kioku> Aiko pants a little and ducks down, limbs tingling as though with pins and needles. She looks a bit tired as she puts her phone away, and checks over the Bureau guy for any devices.
May 07 22:55:14 <Sirgoldfish> "You really gonna threaten me?"
May 07 22:55:16 <FullMetalBitch> Lilith reaches forward, smacking Rose, "don't you dare!"
May 07 22:55:24 <FullMetalBitch> (or attempting)
May 07 22:55:40 <FullMetalBitch> roll 4d3-8+1
May 07 22:55:41 <Uradice> FullMetalBitch rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=5 ]{-2}
May 07 22:55:44 <Rose27> (Can I roll Agi to dodge?)
May 07 22:55:50 <Rose27> (nvm)
May 07 22:56:05 <Uracilo> "Nah, I'll do worse if you don't explain yourself. Where are they taking her?"
May 07 22:56:21 <Sirgoldfish> "I don't know."
May 07 22:56:27 <Rose27> "Pluto" Rose jokes
May 07 22:56:38 <Uracilo> "I could make you hallucinate right now, and make us crash into a tree. No gloves, remember?"
May 07 22:56:42 <Kioku> Aiko covers her ears with her hands.
May 07 22:56:50 <Uracilo> "So tell me, where are they taking her?"
May 07 22:57:24 <Uracilo> "You must know at least something."
May 07 22:57:52 <Sirgoldfish> "Try it. I dare you."
May 07 22:58:06 <Sirgoldfish> "I don't know anything."
May 07 22:58:17 <Uracilo> "Then you'll drive back and find out."
May 07 22:58:18 <FullMetalBitch> "We have saved a girl from death," Lilith says, "only to curse her to a pitiful life."
May 07 22:58:46 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks down
May 07 22:58:47 <Kioku> "STOP!"
May 07 22:58:55 <Kioku> "Please… just stop…"
May 07 22:59:02 <Uracilo> "Otherwise… I have till you get fifteen miles away, right? I should stop talking."
May 07 22:59:08 <Sirgoldfish> "Now if you don't try or say anything stupid I wont report you."
May 07 22:59:18 <Uracilo> Ju stands, and walks to the back end of the jeep.
May 07 22:59:29 <FullMetalBitch> "Would you do the same to us Mister Bryce?"
May 07 22:59:37 <Uracilo> "You've got ten seconds, before I jump and drag my sorry carcass to that GWU agent."
May 07 23:00:21 <Uracilo> "Nine."
May 07 23:00:40 <Rose27> Rose goes into the back (and you have 15 feet) and sits next to Aiko "I-i-i'm sorry…."
May 07 23:01:23 <Sirgoldfish> "Try it. You don't scare me."
May 07 23:02:18 <Uracilo> "Maybe not, but I sometimes scare myself. Five"
May 07 23:03:03 <Sirgoldfish> "If any of you kidos wanna stop em', try. I need to drive." Bryce steps up the speed.
May 07 23:03:14 <Kioku> Aiko puts a trembling hand on Ju's knee. "T-this won't solve anything. Get answers when we return."
May 07 23:03:55 <Kioku> "Please… your chances will be better than with the people back there…"
May 07 23:04:39 <Uracilo> "Do you really think they'll give you anything back there? They stuck an electrified recording device on me for calling a out a woman for discrimination.
May 07 23:05:06 <Rose27> "Uh-hu. Evidence of that?"
May 07 23:05:25 <Rose27> "Or any conspiracies you got brewin up there?"
May 07 23:05:26 <Uracilo> He pulls the patch from his pocket, throws it at her.
May 07 23:05:40 <Uracilo> "Two."
May 07 23:05:46 <Kioku> "… No. I don't think they will." Aiko's head is buried against Rose's knees.
May 07 23:05:58 <Rose27> (They took the patch didn't they?)
May 07 23:06:07 <Uracilo> (No, it just fell off)
May 07 23:06:13 <Sirgoldfish> ^
May 07 23:06:16 <FullMetalBitch> "You should all listen to Miss Aiko," Lilith says as she leans against Wendy and pulls her close. "We should all just stop. If not for them, then for each other. We are all each other has now."
May 07 23:06:27 <Sirgoldfish> "That device does not record, ya dumb ass. Now sit down."
May 07 23:07:04 <Uracilo> "One."
May 07 23:07:35 <SavanahHolland> Wendy lays her head on Liliths shoulder a blank yet sad expression on her face
May 07 23:07:37 <Uracilo> Inside Ju a battle rages, for dominance and its unnamed opposite.
May 07 23:07:57 <Rose27> (Common Sense?)
May 07 23:08:10 <Uracilo> Ju turns to look out the back of the jeep.
May 07 23:08:11 <Rose27> (Self preservation?)
May 07 23:08:15 <Kioku> "NO!" Aiko tugs her cane off it's clip and thumbs the switch to telescope it out, across the space in front of where she hopes Ju is, wanting to pin him to the seat if someone can grab the other side.
May 07 23:08:34 <Sirgoldfish> "If you're gonna kill your self because you have no paitence, your a coward and you let me win."
May 07 23:08:36 <Rose27> Rose grabs the otherside
May 07 23:09:31 <Uracilo> Bryce's words are what decide the battle in the end.
May 07 23:09:59 <FullMetalBitch> "Just let us ride in peace Mister Bryce," Lilith says as she slips an arm around Wendy to comfort her. "This is just another trauma for broken children like us."
May 07 23:10:07 <Uracilo> "You know, Bryce, I know all about losing."
May 07 23:10:31 <Uracilo> "But I've never met a loser bigger than you."
May 07 23:10:47 <Rose27> "never looked in a mirror then?"
May 07 23:10:49 <Rose27> *Never
May 07 23:11:13 <Uracilo> He sits down, grabs aiko's cane, and pulls instead of pushing.
May 07 23:11:52 <Uracilo> Then lets it fly back and smack Rose across the face.
May 07 23:12:50 <Rose27> (You pulled the middle of a cane?or did you grab my end to do that cause if not that's impossible)
May 07 23:14:12 <Uracilo> (If Aiko is right next to Rose how are they holding both ends of the cane across Ju?)
May 07 23:14:54 <Rose27> (Rose grabs the otherside)
May 07 23:14:55 <Kioku> (I assume Rose dove across to the other side or something)
May 07 23:15:27 <Uracilo> (If they were holding it between him and the outside of the jeep, he just has to pull back near one of the ends
May 07 23:15:28 <Kioku> (But that might put her on top of Wendy and Lilith.)
May 07 23:15:56 <Uracilo> (Actually let's just ignore that)
May 07 23:16:11 <Uracilo> Ju pretends to ignore Rose's words.
May 07 23:16:19 <Uracilo> "I hope the pain never leaves you." He bites out, his expression unreadably bland.
May 07 23:16:59 <Sirgoldfish> "Whatever, Damien."
May 07 23:17:37 <Kioku> Aiko just looks sorrowful and pained, and curls up on herself absently looping the cane's strap around her wrist and letting go so she can fold her arms under her head.
May 07 23:18:19 <Rose27> Rose also lets go and sits net to Aiko
May 07 23:18:23 <Uracilo> "I like that name. Is that someone you've lost to? Maybe husband of your ex-wife?"
May 07 23:18:52 <SavanahHolland> (O snap)
May 07 23:18:57 <Uracilo> "Or just someone, anyone, who wouldn't hand over a little girl to a life of prisons."
May 07 23:19:10 <Sirgoldfish> "You've never seemed the Omen?"
May 07 23:19:14 <Sirgoldfish> "Kids these days."
May 07 23:20:39 <Uracilo> (Are we timeskipping)
May 07 23:21:09 <Sirgoldfish> Yup, unless someone says something within 30 seconds.
May 07 23:21:34 <Rose27> Rose has the urge to shout potatoe
May 07 23:23:23 <Sirgoldfish> Within a few hours of awkward silence. they come by the gate Go to #Sunnybrook-ic1
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